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Best Yoga Mat To Use On Carpet

Here Are The Absolute Best Yoga Mats For Carpet In 2021

Tips on Yoga : How to Use a Yoga Mat on the Carpet

If you practice yoga at home and youre asking yourself, whats the best yoga mat for carpet?

Dont worry, we have you covered!

While theres no one-size-fits-all yoga mat, we have a thorough list for you. In this post, we reviewed 9 different mats for you with all the pros and cons narrowed down to help you decide which yoga mat fits your lifestyle best.

For those in a rush, we narrowed it down to our top three below. Honestly, all of the yoga mats on this list are great so it was super close and very hard to choose. But, here are our favorites:

What To Look For In A Yoga/exercise Mat

First, you need to decide on what exactly you are going to do with them. This means that you might have to fix your exercise regimen first before you opt to buy a mat. If you are keen with calisthenics and the occasional session of yoga, any general exercise mat would do provided that it has all the cushioning that you expect from it.

If you want a mat exclusively for yoga, then you should opt for a yoga mat. These are a lot thinner than general purpose exercise mats and you only need so much cushioning for yoga. They are easy to roll up and carry around while being effective at supporting you during your yoga sessions. Yoga mats also have a non-slip surface which can help you with those hot-yoga sessions. It will prevent you slipping and sliding all over the place.

Jade Fusion Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Over 260 Ratings!

This mat is the real deal

Its thick – 8mm to be exact. In the world of yoga mats, thats very thick considering most other mats are about 5mm thick.


  • If you need padding, this mats got it
  • If you need hand and feet traction, this mats got it
  • It wont bunch and it wont slide.

So why then isnt number one?

Well that comes down to one sad truth – the smell.

Sorry to say but all Jade yoga mats will have a slight rubber smell to them. Thinner mats like the Travel mat and the Voyager will smell somewhat, but that goes away with time.

This mat is a fat hunk of rubber and it will for sure smell like one. If you are highly sensitive to the smell of rubber then do not buy this mat.

However, if you can tolerate it, and can wait for about 2 weeks while you go through a couple cycles of scrubbing it and letting it air out then you wont regret your purchase. Again, youll just have to wait a while before the smell dies down.

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Best For Hot Yoga: Jade Yoga Harmony Yoga Mat

  • Great traction for sweaty workouts

  • Plenty of cushioning

  • Must clean after every use

  • Not as durable as other options

The Jade Yoga Harmony Yoga Mat is one of the best mats on the market for hot yoga due to its traction and stellar stability. This mat is highly absorbent, allowing you to keep your footing when things start heating up. Plus, it’s specifically designed for working out in the heat, so its grip on the floor increases with sweat and movement.

It’s an open-cell matmeaning it’s porousand it’s made in the United States from naturally-sourced tree rubber. With 4.7-millimeter-thick cushioning, it offers excellent support for your knees and elbows while you exercise. It’s also easy to clean using mild soap and water. The 5-pound mat comes in virtually every color of the rainbow.

Thickness: 4.7 mm | Material: Naturally-sourced tree rubber | Size: 68 x 24 in | Weight: 5 lbs | Style: Open-cell

Magic Carpet Yoga Mats Review

2019 TPE Yoga Mat with Position Line Non Slip Carpet Mat ...

Magic Carpet Yoga Mats comes from a Californian artist Sophie Leininger who has studied textile and rug designing. Shes known for making the traditional yoga mats and recently she has worked on projects that involve hand-painting designs.

Sophie works on making the yoga mats that are rich in colors but they arent technologically advanced. Magic Carpet mats are similar to those you find in a regular studio.

These colorful mats will make you create equally stunning shapes while exercising. These mats are non-toxic to avoid any allergies which are definitely a plus point.

Theres a wide range of yoga mats available on their website. You can browse the yoga mat page and find out all the stunning and colorful mats which come at great prices. However, if youre looking for a mat which is technologically advanced, you can look for other alternatives. This Magic Carpet Yoga Mat is suitable for the beginners.

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Folded Woven Blankets As Yoga Mats

Take your woven blanket or , and fold them into a rectangular shape of your preferred size this makes a wonderful yoga mat substitute.

Pros Cons
· Woven blankets are known to have cushion-like comfort. This feels amazing and complements well with a soothing yoga session.· Woven blankets are usually found in larger sizes, but smaller sizes are also easy to find. This makes it easy to choose a size that fits your yoga practice best.· The cozy aesthetics of woven blankets give out good vibes that both look and feel good this is especially great for meditations. · The lack of grip on woven blankets affects yoga pose effectiveness. It can be harder to try out certain yoga poses.· Woven blankets are not always safe for advanced positions such as headstands or handstands.· Woven blankets may slip around on certain surfaces like hardwood floors. This is not ideal for an efficient yoga routine.

Yoga On Carpet: Is It A Bad Idea

HomeBlogYoga at HomeYoga on Carpet: Is it a bad idea?

Whether youre on a budget and dont want to buy a mat or just looking for the added comfort of a carpet, how practical is it to do yoga on a carpet? Some things to consider are the type of yoga you wish to practice. Additionally, if you choose to practice with a yoga mat on a carpet, things to think about would be mat thickness, grip, and material to name a few. This article aims to help in your choice of whether to practice yoga on a carpet and whether to practice with or without a yoga mat.

You can practice yoga on carpet. In fact, there are two options: One is to use a mat on a carpet. To prevent any sliding, try to use a mat of a sturdy material with good grip, that is not too thin. The other option is to practice without a yoga mat, which may be great for seated practices.

There are certain advantages to practicing yoga on a carpet. One is that the carpet may be some welcome cushioning for your joints, and the other being that a carpet may provide a warmer surface, especially when compared to cold tiled floors.

And yet, if a carpet is your only option for your next yoga practice keep in mind some of the limitations this may have.

If you choose to practice with a yoga mat, you will also need to have the right mat to help make your practice as comfortable as it can be. There is also the option to use a little hack, which I will also discuss below.

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Whats The Difference Between A Yoga Mat And A Yoga Rug

The key difference between a yoga mat and a yoga rug is its material. Yoga rugs are traditionally woven from cotton, while mats are usually made of rubber . Because of its unique construction, yoga rugs feel, look, and grip differently than a traditional yoga mat.

For some yogis, a practice on a yoga rug is a totally different experience. For Monika Majvitorova and Martin Jurcisin, the owners of a yoga rug company, Leela Yoga Rugs, this is a common conversation with their customers. Many of their customers tell them it feels like starting a practice for the first time after switching from a mat to a rug, mainly due to the lack of grip on a yoga rug. Read on to learn more about the grip factor and other ways yoga rugs differ from traditional yoga mats:

Best Cushioned: Balancefrom Goyoga All

What is the best Yoga mat for home?
  • Plenty of cushion for sensitive joints

  • Less stable than other options

  • Foam stretches and imprints over time

Those who prefer to double up on yoga mats for extra cushioning need to try this mat from BalanceFrom. Made of high-density foam material, the mat safely protects and cushions the spine, hips, knees, and more while you exercise.

Along with yoga, the half-inch-thick premium mat suits a variety of activities. Its also super lightweight and portable. With dual-sided non-slip surfaces, the mat ensures a stable, balanced workout while protecting joints from hard flooring. It’s also moisture-resistant, so sweat beads right off and wont seep in. Its easy to clean using soap and water. It also comes with an adjustable strap for easy travel.

Thickness: 0.5 in | Material: High-density foam | Size: 71 x 24 in | Weight: 1.8 lbs | Style: Closed-cell

  • Cork grain can shed

  • Can be slippery when dry

Cork is an eco-friendly, renewable resource that’s hand-harvested from the outer bark of the cork oak tree every nine years. This yoga mat features a soft, fine-grain cork top from this tree, plus a foam bottom. Cork naturally provides a non-slip surface, ensuring exceptional traction and grip. It also naturally possesses antimicrobial properties, eliminating bacteria and making cleanup a breeze. Meanwhile, the closed-cell foam bottom will not absorb moisture or odor.

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Gxmmat Extra Thick & Large Yoga Mat

Another excellent choice for carpet is the Gxmmat extra-long and wide yoga mat. It is a multi-purpose mat that can be used for power yoga, stretching, foam rolling, pilates, and many other body exercises.

You are going to love the performance of this yoga mat when placing it on the carpet floor because the double-sided no-skid surfaces of the mat provide great traction and slip-resistance. On turning the yoga mat up-side-down, you will find a grooved and matrix circle pattern that prevents it from slipping or sliding on all types of flooring.

Additionally, the top layer of the mat lets you grip your hands and feet very well, and helps you in maintaining a nice body balance. Its thickness is 7mm, which ensures that the user gets the most comfortable yoga experience and is very gentle on your knees and elbows.

It is not only an ideal choice for a carpet but also one of the best yoga mats for bad knees.

If we talk about the composition of this, it is made of eco-friendly, latex and phthalate-free material. It releases bad odor when you unwrap it. It is recommended to place it in the open air for a couple of days to get rid of the smell.

You can choose from two beautiful colors, black and pink. We suggest you to go for the black one because sweat stains wont be visible on this color.

If you want to enhance the life of your yoga mat, clean it after every yoga session. A wipe of damp cloth will do the cleaning job. But being extra-large in size, cleaning takes a lot of time.

Yoga Rugs Are More Sustainable Than Most Mats

Traditional yoga mats are often made with polyvinyl chloride , a toxic plastic that ends up in oceans and landfills. Yoga rugs are constructed from sustainable, woven materialsmostly organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard and some are even hand-woven and plant-dyed.

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Keep Your Body Alignment Right

Learning the proper body alignment will help you slip less in your yoga mat. You can start by practicing to distribute your weight properly when you do a pose. Learn to move your core and align your body rightin your yoga pose. With these, you can develop your balance and grounding abilities. If you are enrolled in a yoga class, you can ask your instructor or teacher if you are doing the alignment right. If not, you can ask for more tips so you can do it right next time. It could be tiring and annoying at first, but if you continue to practice, sure it will pay-off.

Yoga Rugs To Check Out

Have Bad Knees? Heres The Best Yoga Mats For You

Are you ready to make the jump from your sticky mat to a yoga rug? Whether youre looking for a yoga rug that feels a bit more like a traditional mat, or youre searching for a more affordable option, here are a four yoga rugs we recommend:

This extra-large yoga rug is great if youre looking to have a bit more space during your practice. But even though its slightly bigger than traditional mats and other rugs, its also light and foldable, which makes it the perfect travel companion. Plus, its sweat-absorbent and antibacterial organic cotton will create a strong gripwithout toxic plastics. $94.48

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Choosing The Right Mat For Carpet

When practicing yoga on a carpeted floor, picking the best yoga mat could be a little complicated. You cannot simply use your existing mat or buy whatever you find available in your local sporting goods store. No, you will need a special kind of yoga mat one equipped with an underside that can grip well onto the carpet.

Getting this type of yoga mat is crucial in allowing you to move freely on a carpet without sacrificing your balance. While it is admittedly not the cheapest option, think of it as a good investment, especially if you plan on taking yoga seriously. Believe me, you will thank yourself in the end if you do.

There are many carpet-appropriate yoga mats that you could choose from. It really is just a matter of preference. Among the best yoga mat options in the market that expert practitioners recommend are the Manduka Prolite Yoga and Pilates Mat and the Prana Indigena Natural Yoga Mat .

Now, say you have tried every yoga mat available and still cannot stand doing that downward facing dog on the carpet. Is it time to call it quits and opt for a different activity instead? Do not give up just yet: you can still find that yoga bliss by purchasing a portable, flat, non-slip surface that will let you do yoga without your carpet getting in the way. An example of this product is called the LifeBoard.

Shape And Design Of Yoga Mat

The form and design of the yoga mat also hold importance to some extent. The form of the yoga mat has to be balanced and lightweight for it to fit perfectly on the carpet.

The design of the Yoga mat is outstanding because of its use on carpet. People use the mat permanently placed on a carpet. The mat needs to look good with the carpet design.

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Yogaaccessories 1/8 Lightweight Classic Yoga Mat And Exercise Pad

  • Lightweight and durable 3mm thick classic mat is the perfect mat for on-the-go yoga practitioners!
  • 68 long by 24 wide dimensions are ideal for yoga, pilates, stretching and floor exercises
  • The textured non-slip open cell surface provides excellent traction and grip to help keep your balance throughout any pose
  • Crafted with the most dense comfort foam on the market to provide years of lasting cushion and resilience
  • These easy to clean mats are made from odor and phthalate free inks

Why You Need Yoga Mats For Carpet

Yoga Mats | Best Yoga Mat to Use | Different types of Yoga Mats | Yogalates with Rashmi

Typically, Yoga exercises require a larger surface area to be used. In this case, the yoga for carpets come in. The yoga carpets generally are larger and broader as compared to the yoga mats for the floor. They can be placed on the carpet for a reliable and comfortable yoga session.

Yoga is an older tradition in the past, people did yoga on the floors and hard materials due to which there arose joint problems and pain the bones near curves.

To save oneself from this, they introduced yoga mats. They are made of rubber and plastic, making them comfortable and reliable to be used on the floor and hard materials. There are also yoga mats for carpet, which are thinner as compared to floor mats they are even more significant and broader.

Yoga mats were also called sticky mats because of their stickiness. They get attached on the carpet so that during yoga the grip and focus are not lost due to slipperiness.

Yoga mats are used for yoga so that the bones on the back and curves are not hurt doing yoga practice. They are used for yoga therapy, which is now the most trending exercise. For proper body shaping and linearity, there are yoga mats with the alignment printed on them.

And the Winner from Our 32 + Hours Research Is

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Gaiam Sticky And Non Slip Yoga Mat

Like Manduka, Gaiam is also known for producing excellent quality yoga mats. It is a perfect choice for yogis who are looking for a yoga mat that can be used at home and studio. You can use it for all types of yoga, Pilates, and workouts.

Made of 100% toxic and 6P free PVC material, this mat is 6mm thick, which is considered to be an ideal thickness for a yoga mat. Its thickness takes care of your joints and provides you a comfortable surface to workout.

Both sides of the mat have a textured design that enables the top surface to provide nice traction and grip to the user. Additionally, the same design on the back prevents the mat from slipping, which not only lets you stay focused but also makes balancing of the body easier in many yoga poses.

As it is a printed yoga mat, so expect a release of bad odor in the early days of usage. It is recommended to unwrap and place the mat in the open air for at least a couple of days to get rid of the smell.

Cleaning of Gaiam yoga mat is easy as pie, take a clean damp cloth and wipe it on the surface of the mat to clean it. If it is possible for you, do it after every yoga activity because it will keep it safe from the bad smell of sweat.

On purchase of this mat, you are going to get downloadable yoga workout for free, which will help you to kick start your yoga.


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