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Best Yoga Mat To Buy

How To Choose A Yoga Mat

The Best Yoga Mat to Buy – How to Choose

Long hailed for its positive effects on the mind and body, yoga helps build strength and flexibility, can help relieve stress and can improve overall mental and physical wellness.

Compared to other fitness activities, yoga requires minimal gear to get started. While most studios provide everything a beginner needs, investing in your own personal mat, yoga-specific clothes and a few other items can make your experience with yoga even more enjoyable.

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What Our Editors Say

“This mat has been my go-to for over a decade, and while I don’t specifically practice hot yoga, I can really work up a sweat in vinyasa classes. It’s easy to clean and the weight makes it easy to carry around the city. Plus, Jade plants a tree for every mat sold!” Nicole Kwan, Editorial Director, Verywell Health

  • No chemical smell or harsh odor

  • Easy to tote around

  • Edges remain slightly curled after unrolling

  • Stains more easily than other options

While most rubber yoga mats can be a pain to lug around, the IUGA Pro mat weighs only 2.5 pounds while still providing 5-millimeter-thick cushioning. Made from sustainably harvested tree rubber, the eco-friendly yoga mat is both PVC-free and latex-free, and it doesn’t have that unpleasant chemical odor that many other mats do.

The mat’s polyurethane top layer provides excellent traction and grip along with sweat absorption for a slip-free yoga session. Meanwhile, the textured bottom adheres to any surface, keeping you safe and secured. The IUGA Pro Non-Slip Yoga Mat includes a carrying strap and comes in five fun and classic colors.

Thickness: 5 mm | Material: Sustainably harvested tree rubber | Size: 72 x 26 in | Weight: 2.5 lbs | Style: Closed-cell

The 10 Best Yoga Mats For 2021

Whether youre a newbie or an expert, these superlative mats will support you through any practice.

This definitive guide provides information on the 10 best yoga mats available based on features like thickness, material, texture, grip, durability and price. In it, we offer suggestions on which yoga to buy for different practices based on our own testing as well as input from professional yoga instructors.

Of all the mats we tested and asked experts about, Decathlon’s Kimjaly 8mm Yoga Mat offers the best balance of features for the most approachable price. It’ll suit yogis of all types with its grip, and at eight-millimeters, it’s very comfortable but doesn’t sacrifice much stability and remains lightweight.


  • Comes with a shoulder strap
  • Not made from eco-friendly material
  • Experts might favor less cushioning

Manduka’s Pro yoga mat has six millimeters of high-density foam to prop up your poses. It forms an incredibly sturdy platform that isn’t too squishy but does keep you comfortable. The material also stands up to sweat and bacteria, so it won’t get grimy over its long lifetime . Manduka backs that up with a lifetime wear-and-tear guarantee.


  • Material is easy to keep clean
  • More durable and lasts longer than cheaper mats
  • Heavy at 7.5 pounds


  • Won’t last as long as other mats

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Whats The Best Yoga Mat For People Who Work Out A Lot

The best mats will support you during your home workout. They will offer just the right amount of cushioning to protect your joints, anywhere from 4 mm to 6 mm, while you move through your practice, whether that be yoga, pilates, or barre. The thickness of your mat will depend on what you need during your practice. A thinner mat will help with balancing and holding poses for longer periods of time. On the other hand, if your mat is too thick, you may lose that grounded feeling and could sink into your mat.

Best yoga mat: Gaiam Yoga Mat Premium

Best Nonslip Yoga Mat: Manduka Eko Superlite Yoga And Pilates Travel Mat

The Best Yoga Mats To Buy Online, According To Expert Yogis

What we love most about the Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga and Pilates Travel Mat is that if you took away its portability selling points , its a superior nonslip mat. Heres why: While its light enough to travel with, the mat still maintains enough weight to stick to the floor and stay put, whether its on hard surfaces or carpet which is rare for a thinner, lightweight mat. But the mats chief asset is the excellent grip provided by its tightly woven surface. With a slightly dimpled appearance and a tacky texture, the mat provided tons of traction and stability during even our sweatiest workouts.

While traveling might not be part of our current agendas, its certainly something were all hoping for in the near future, and if youre someone who loves to do yoga on the road or someone who lives in a small space and simply wants a yoga mat that can be easily tucked away look no further than this mat. Weighing only 2.2 pounds , the 1.5-millimeter-thick mat can be folded into a 10-inch-by-12-inch rectangle that can be neatly tucked into your tote, backpack or suitcase.

In terms of cushioning, there isnt much here, which is to be expected from a super-portable mat . If youre someone who loves a spongy mat with extra padding, this is not the option for you. But lots of advanced yogis prefer a thinner mat, as they provide greater stability, especially when practicing more active or focused poses.

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What Are The Best Yoga Mats

The best yoga mats are made of durable, long-lasting material thats thick enough to provide some cushion. The surface should be non-slip and sweat-resistant, as well as easily cleaned.

The best yoga mat overall is the Gaiam Premium 2-Color Yoga Mat, which is 6mm thick and made of textured PVC. Its reversible, affordable and comes in several bright, cheerful colors. Plus, Gaiam mats come with a lifetime guarantee. Thats why we also selected the Gaiam Performance Alignment Grip Yoga Mat as the best alignment yoga mat, which features markings to help with proper placement of your hands, feet and body.

If youre on a budget, the BalanceFrom GoYoga All Purpose Yoga Mat is very cheap but well-made. The double-sided non-slip surface is extra thick and moisture-resistant.

Speaking of extra thick mats, the ProsourceFit Extra Thick Yoga Mat is our pick in that category. The ½ inch thick material is easy on the joints, knees and back. If you need an extra long mat, the YOGA Accessories Extra Wide & Long Deluxe Yoga Mat is seven feet long by 3 feet wide so taller and larger people can stretch out as they work out.

The best sweat-proof yoga mat, Mandukas PROlite Yoga Mat, requires a bit of a splurge, but its worth it . The 4.7 mm mat is comfortably cushioned but also lightweight, while the closed-cell surface wicks away moisture and dirt.

Best Hot Yoga Mat: Manduka Pro Yoga Mat 6mm

One of the best overall mats we tested, the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat is just that made for pros! Specifically, pros who love nothing more than a sweatier-than-thou workout. Even if youre not a typically sweaty person, hot-yoga classes are held at temperatures ranging from 90 degrees Fahrenheit up to 108, with loads of humidity in there to boot. Point being: Youre going to be dripping, and you definitely want a no-slip mat that can withstand all that wetness. Enter: Manduka Pro Yoga Mat.

A beast in its own right, the 6-millimeter-thick mat is beloved by advanced yogis and instructors alike for its density and top and underside gripping, all of which were the reasons we felt it performed better than any other mat we tested during hot yoga. Clocking in at a whopping 7.5 pounds, the PVC mats sheer weight anchors it to the floor and ensures a stable workout. The Pros top-side texture comprises vertical and horizontal grooves that produced some of the best grip we experienced during testing, even when we had sweat dripping all over the place. The underside also has tons of grip, in the form of a rugged dot pattern that we found stayed put on both carpeted and hardwood floors.

All in all, however, we found the Manduka Pro to be an excellent mat for both hot-yoga and regular yoga devotees and thus worthy of its steep price point. Not only is it backed by a lifetime warranty from Manduka, the mat is also Oeko-Tex certified and latex-free.

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Sustainably Made In India Kosha Yoga Co’s Range Of Pure Couture Yoga Mats Benefit The Local Communities They Are Produced In A Percentage Of Each Sale Goes To Two Local Non

Pros: Sustainable, PVC-free materials, socially-conscious, colorful floral patterns, sturdy design

Cons: Expensive, initial rubber smell

Focused on sustainability and giving back to the community, Kosha Yoga Co.’s PUre Couture Yoga Mats are entirely biodegradable thanks to the mat’s recycled-PU top layer and dense, natural rubber base.

At 27 by 73 inches, the PUre Couture mat is broader and longer than a standard yoga mat, making it a great pick for taller yogis. I love that each mat also comes with a carrying strap, which, in a pinch, can also double as a yoga strap.

With 4.5mm of cushioning, there’s enough padding between your joints and the floor. And, thanks to its sturdy rubber base, the mat stays firmly in place during power yoga flows its non-slip top layer makes this a good choice for sweaty yogis.

To keep the floral pattern as good as new for years, keep in mind you shouldn’t use essential oil mat sprays to clean it and it should be dried and stored out of direct sunlight.

Apart from the use of eco-friendly materials in its mats and clothing, this sustainable Mumbai-based athleisure brand gives a percentage of each sale back to the local community. In addition, Kosha Yoga Co. provides career opportunities to women in Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum its line of yoga mat bags and meditation cushions are entirely handmade there.

Best For Travel: Jadeyoga Voyager Yoga Mat

The BEST yoga mat to buy in 2020! (Lululemon Reversible Mat 5mm Review)

Yoga mats arent exactly the most travel-friendly accessory. But if youre frequently on the go and plan to keep up with your practice, you want a mat that you can easily take with you. Your best bet: Jade Yogas Voyager Mat. It weighs only one and a half pounds and folds into the size of a yoga block. This mat is incredibly compact, yet durable with a great grip. I fold it to fit into my backpack or suitcase and it never creases, says Sara Clark, a YogaGlo instructor and mindfulness coach. Plus, Jade Yoga plants a tree for every mat sold.

I was shocked when I received the box from Amazon because it was so light I thought it was empty, one reviewer raves. Although it’s super-thin, it’s very durable and it provides enough padding for me to do yoga in hotel rooms without any problem.

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Why Trust Verywell Fit

Emily Stone is a Chicago-based journalist specializing in fitness and lifestyle content. Emily uses different mats for different workouts. For yoga and pilates, shes a fan of Alos Yoga Warrior Mat , as it provides excellent traction and stability. Meanwhile, she uses the BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat for non-yoga workouts because it features extra cushioning for the joints.

How We Chose Our Selection Of Yoga Mats

Brand There are countless rubber mats available on the market and many of them may even make their way into yoga supplies stores. However, we chose brands that specialize in making mats specifically for use during yoga routines. These brands have a reputation for exceptional quality yoga mats that provide lots of comfort and support while preventing injury during the various poses.

Quality A good yoga mat should be made of durable materials for lasting quality. After all, a true yogi will need a mat on a daily basis meaning it will get a lot of wear. A good quality mat will not only last for quite a while, it will not lose its shape or cushioning effect for many years. Thats why we looked at quality before any of the other selection criteria.

Durability Yoga mats see a lot of strenuous stretching and posing so you need something that is durable and made to last. The more durable and strong the materials are in the mat, the safer it is for the yogi. We looked at mats that are particularly strong and reliable for everyday use over an extended period of time.

Price When putting together this selection of yoga mats, our aim was to cater to most budgets. Some people only want a simple, convenient and well-priced exercise mat, while others want a high-end mat for more continuous and rigorous use. The price is just as important as many of the other criteria we looked at in a mat so we aimed to find a price that suited the features and quality.

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Whether You’re A Yogi Who Sweats A Lot During Workouts Or You Enjoy The Sweat

Pros: Non-slip surface, plenty of cushioning, multiple length options, multiple color options

Cons: Some may find the cushioning too much for their preference, expensive

If your yoga practice works up enough of a sweat that most mats become dangerously slippery, JadeYoga’s Harmony Mat will keep you safe. Made from natural rubber with tiny dots instead of a smooth, sleek surface, the Harmony Mat’s design provides great traction and minimizes slipping. The texture is small enough it goes unnoticed by your hands and knees, even after a 60-minute session.

The mat is incredibly comfortable, too. Featuring thick enough cushioning to protect your knees and back from getting dinged while practicing, it’s not too thick to hinder movement.

JadeYoga offers the Harmony Mat in two different sizes, as well as a dozen different colors and prints. It is on the spendy side at $85 for the longest option, but for sweaty yogis, that’s often cheaper than purchasing a mat plus absorbent towel. — Kaitlin Gates

Yoga Mat Materials And Durability

yoga mat: Buy Online at Best Price on Snapdeal

When selecting the material for your yoga mat, you can choose anything from inexpensive PVC to environmentally friendly natural rubber. Which material you choose will affect the mats price, weight, grip and durability. Generally, thicker mats last longer than thinner mats. That said, mat durability is also related to the material the mat is made from.

PVC is a plastic-based material that is highly durable, easy to clean and offers excellent floor grip. However, PVC mats are non-absorbent and can become slippery when you sweat heavily. PVC is latex-free, a benefit to those with latex allergies, however, it is not biodegradable or as environmentally friendly as other options.

TPE is a man-made blend, usually of plastic and rubber polymers. TPE mats may be more environmentally friendly than PVC, and some are fully recyclable. TPE mats are generally less durable than PVC mats of the same thickness, but still deliver good traction.

Eco / naturalmats come from a variety of sources, including natural rubber, organic cotton, and jute. Compared to other options, eco mats are slightly less grippy on the floor, but their natural texture provides traction for your body. Eco mats lack the decade-long durability of PVC, yet they top the list if sustainability is your priority.

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Sk Depot Best Yoga Mat For Wooden And Marble Floor

Are you wishing for hot yoga at home? Try SK Depots yoga mat, whose odorless exterior makes it ideal for hot yoga and other exercises.

Key Features

Its a rubber-free composition that is comfortable for people of all shapes and weights. With non-slip, super grip technology, it is full of interesting patterns on the surface. This motivates people to exercise.

Furthermore, the patterns create a texture that helps in strengthening your grip on the mat and prevent slipping. The other plain side is ideal for the floor. If you are looking for a yoga mat for a wooden or marble floors at a low price, this should be your pick.

Thanks to its lightweight which is only 940 grams, it is convenient to carry to the gym and even when you are traveling around.

In addition to weight, its portability is further increased by the shoulder strap available in the package.

With the exceptional support of 17 hours and immense color variety, it keeps its customers hooked to it. Moreover, being biodegradable makes it an even better choice in the list of yoga mats.


Final Verdict

Its an exceptional yoga mat to have at home as it will keep you fit. Even if customer support isnt available around the clock, it is still there for you for an extended period of time. Its a dream product when it comes to wooden or marble floor owners.

Your yoga mat bag is your ticket to good health. So having the right yoga mat is significant. SK Depots yoga mat is the best option for you.

Key Features


Instructions To Pick The Best Yoga Mats Online 2021

Pick one with a lot of grasps:

Numerous economically made yoga mats are tricky both on the floor and underneath, and moreover, expect you to support and hold in your stances.

You need a mat that has sufficient surface and grip, so you can undoubtedly discover your establishment without superfluous exertion. Otherwise, youll wind up zeroing in more on slipping than on working on your stances.

Realize which kind of yoga you practice:

In case youre rehearsing the Vinyasa, you should remain with a 4-mm or 5-mm thick mat so you dont sink into the mat and you can feel the floor under you.

In case youre staying with therapeutic practices, you can pull off a thicker mat. Moreover, consider how delicate you are when bearing load on your shins and knees or leaning back.

Better comfort and easy to travel with:

Great padding can feel stunning during long meetings, yet it likewise will in general be bulkier and heavier.

In the event that you for the most part practice at home, this presumably isnt an issue, however in the event that you drive or travel a great deal, you may require a more slender mator a superior method to heft yours around.

To help you find the best yoga mat for your needs, we present the list of the 12 Best yoga mats to buy online.

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