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Best Yoga Mat In The World

How Thick Should A Yoga Mat Be

Best Yoga Mat | in the World | Must Try This

The best yoga mat thickness will vary from person to person, though a standard mat is about 1/8 of an inch thick. Thinner mats will provide more stability, making them ideal for those attempting to master balancing postures, while thicker mats may be better for inversions or those who need extra cushioning for their joints.

Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat $95

This mat is recommended by teachers around the world, and with such great specs, its easy to see why. Its cushioning and top-tier support make it truly one of a kind.

My favorite mat hands down is the Manduka Pro Lite provided I dont lose it, it will last me a lifetime! Plus perfect cushion under my knees, world-renowned yoga teacher Kia Miller told The Post.

Best Cushioned Mat: Manduka Pro Mat

Mandy Ingber, a Los Angeles-based celebrity yoga instructor, has taught clients including Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence. Her favorite mat, the Manduka PRO, is a tried-and-true pick thats great for many yogis. Ingber likes that this comfortable mat is fairly light, but the best part about it is that it doesnt leave a rubbery smell on your hands and has a slight cush without being too slippery.A bonus: Its latex-free for those of you that might be allergic.

Reviewer rave: “I love that it is dense and firm. Ive typically used thinner mats as I like to feel the floor and was worried that this would feel too cushiony but not so. It is beautifully supportive and works well for my balancing poses too. All around very happy with this purchase and the colour is lovely.” Sammy,

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Best Natural Rubber Mat: Lululemon Reversible Mat Lightweight Travel

Lulus mat is incredibly durable and perfect for sweaty classes,” says CorePower Yoga‘s Claire Ewing. “My hands and feet dont slip when I’m practicing and it’s super easy to clean. Lululemon’s Reversible Mat may not be as pretty as some of the other picks, but if you’re looking for a great hybrid of form and function, you can’t go wrong with a solid natural rubber with an antimicrobial additive that also easily hangs dry.

Reviewer rave: “Has a slight rubber smell but overall the mat is great! You dont slip at all during your work out and you really feel the support because of the thickness of the mat. So happy with my purchase!” Jena,

Yoga Mat Combo Yoga Design Lab

9 best yoga mats of 2021 and where to buy them

This quality Yoga Design Lab matis 2-in-1: a biodegradable natural rubber mat a microfiber towel. The microfiber top was designed with recycled plastic bottles and printed with water-based ink. No need to use a yoga mat and towel that keeps moving while making your asanas. An original floor mat perfect for yogis sweating from hands, as its surface is very absorbent. For a safe practice! This yoga accessory,178 cm long and 61 cm wide , is non-slip, lightweight and very comfortable with a thickness of 3.5 mm. But, above all, it is respectful of the planet, because it is durable, recyclable and chemical-free . Prefer it for dynamic yogas, hot, bikram.

Different designs are sold on the Tayronalife storePrice: 74

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Manduka Ekolite: Best Ultralight Yoga Mat

Planning to hit the gym or studio in your lunch-break or after work? Then you need a commuter-friendly exercise mat like this one by Manduka eKolite. The best lightweight yoga mat weve come across, its less than half a kilogram and ideal for toting across town.

Despite its lightness, it still has enough cushioning to be comfortable and the natural rubber grip will stop you from slipping. Its also made of non-Amazon harvested and biodegradable natural tree rubber and the company has taken measures to ensure a zero-waste production process.

Dont let working out weigh you downliterallywith this ultra-portable Manduka eKolite gym mat.

Best for: Trouble-free transportation from street to studio.

Material: RubberThickness: 3 mm Dimensions: 173 cm x 61 cm Colours: A range including blue, lilac, and black

Sweaty Betty: Best No

Trust Sweaty Betty to make a slip-resistant yoga mat like the Super Gripperfectly optimised for stability and steadiness.

Whether youre looking for more solidity in your Goddess squats or more balance in your Bikram sessions, this mat ensures youre not going anywhere with a natural latex that gives unparalleled grip for a totally secure practice.

Weighing just 2 kg and 4 mm in thickness, its both portable and protective. Its also biodegradable.

A yoga mat thats just the right kind of sticky, Sweaty Bettys no-slip exercise mat is one of the best yoga mats out there.

Best for: Staying stable as you transition from arm balances to backbends.

Material: Biodegradable natural latexThickness: 4 mm Dimensions: 183 cm x 61 cm Colours: Grey or red 

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Manduka Pro: Best Yoga Mat For Carpet

While carpet is soft, it can also be super slippery, so not ideal for high-impact aerobic exercises. Best to invest in a mat like the Manduka Pro to protect the carpet and you.

The Manuka PRO is also the best yoga mat for bad knees that weve come across with an above-average cushioning of 6 mm. A closed-cell surface means you can simply wipe this gym mat clean while the high-grip PVC allows you to hold planks and master push-ups, no problem.

Work out in the living room, bedroom, or even the hallway with this Manduka Pro matthe best yoga mat for carpet.

Best for: Soft cushioning for workouts that wont leave you bruised and sore.

Material: PVCThickness: 6 mm Dimensions: 180 cm x 66 cm Colours: A range including black, green, and blue

The Best Yoga Mat 2022

The World’s BEST Yoga Mat!? The Yoga Geek Investigates

The best yoga mat right now is the Liforme Yoga Mat. Made from natural rubber with a unique eco-friendly polyurethane topper, it delivers outstanding grip straight out of the box, even when tackling the sweatiest hot yoga class. There are a series of marking on the top that are incredibly helpful in keeping you correctly aligned in your poses. They look a little abstract to begin with, but as you start your practice you’ll quickly see when and where different body parts are meant to line up. These are marked out with a textured finish, so they won’t rub off like printed markings, either. Compared to standard yoga mats, you’re getting a bit of extra width and length to give you plenty of room to move through your poses. I think the thickness is ideal: enough to keep bony bits comfortably off the hand ground, but not so much as to send you wobbling around in balance poses.

So what are the down-sides? Well, it’s at the top end of the market in terms of price. Like many rubber mats, it marks a bit with your sweat. And also because it’s rubber, it’s on the heavy side. A sturdy, zip-up carrier comes bundled in, which makes toting it around easier , but if you’re going to be travelling around with your mat a lot, you might be better going for lighter PVC. Head to our Liforme Yoga Mat review for more.

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Oncourt Offcourt Foldable Yoga Mat $6895

This eco-friendly yoga mat is a yogis dream. Its multi-use and can be used as a mat, cushion or bolster and its lightweight so you can take it wherever you go.

The foldable yoga mat from OnCourt Off Court is brilliant for supporting my knees, pelvis, even works to prop me up into a shoulder stand, yoga expert Elena Brower told The Post. I use mine all the time, also for cross-training.

What We’re Looking Forward To Trying

  • Gurus Roots Cork Yoga Mat : With an antimicrobial top thanks to cork’s natural therapeutic properties and all-natural rubber bottom , Gurus’s cork yoga mats are as sustainable as they come. Cork’s naturally non-slip surface means no yoga towels during your next hot yoga session.
  • Suga Yoga Mat : This innovative Southern California-based brand collects your old neoprene wetsuits and converts them into yoga mats. Suga’s 5mm-thick recycled mats come in two sizes, regular and extra large. It also have a 3mm travel mat for yogis on the go.

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How We Tested The Yoga Mats

To make our list of the best yoga mats, members of the Verywell Fit editorial team tested 16 yoga mats in The Verywell Testing Lab to see how they performed in key areas including unboxing padding and thickness grip and feel portability, storage, and care, and overall value. Seven testersincluding a certified yoga instructor, certified personal trainer, certified barre instructor, and four other experienced yogisspent an entire day doing more than 160 sun salutations. Prior to our first Mountain Pose, we unrolled the mats and took note of any lingering chemical smells and evaluated how well the mats laid flat. Our testers were keenly observant of how well the mat stayed flat under their hands and feet throughout the test.

We tested each mat twice through a guided vinyasa flow. Before the second test on each mat, each tester sprayed their hands and feet with water to see how the mats would hold up to moisture from external factors like sweat and humidity. We evaluated the padding and thickness of the mat and made note of how supportive the mat felt under our hands, feet, joints, and head throughout a series of poses during both tests. We also focused on the grip and feel of each matin both dry and wet conditionsnoting how much our hands and feet slid around in poses like Downward Facing Dog.

Verywell Fit / Nick Kova

Catherine Song / Verywell

How To Choose The Right Yoga Mat

Best Yoga Mat 2021: 6 Best Mats You Can Buy in 2021

A few things to keep in mind when starting your search. If you sweat a lot or are doing heated classes, grip is of utmost importance so you can hold your poses without slipping or sliding. On the other hand, if protecting your joints is your number one goal, look for a mat with extra cushion and support. Need a portable mat? Consider the mat’s weight, since it can range from two to six pounds. And lastly, if you have a latex sensitivity, be sure to select a mat that is rubber- and latex-free.

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Alo Yoga Warrior: Overall Best Yoga Mat

The Warrior mat by Alo Yoga is here to support you through all your sequences and flows and has been rigorously tested and optimised for perfect performance.

This yoga mat has got just enough cushioning to be comfortable without compromising on stability. Its antimicrobial, dry-wicking, and slip-resistant. Its also made of non-toxic materials and is PVC and formaldehyde-free. And the slightly bigger than average dimensions give you ample size to stretch out at the end of your session.

For all your asanas and other athletic endeavours, this Alo Yoga Warrior mat is our top choice.

Best for: A high-quality and high-performing treat for any yogi.

Material: Natural rubberThickness: 4.2 mm Dimensions: 189 cm x 67 cm Colours: A range including black, pink, and blue

Liforme Gratitude Travel Yoga Mat $13995

This limited-edition mat is a favorite for yogis everywhere. Its gratitude theme and vibrant color are the epitomai of stylish and its GripForMe material works well with any exercise routine.

has a fantastic grip which to me is key especially if your palms get sweaty and the lines to help guide with alignment and body placement,Mercedes Sieff told The Post.

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How To Clean A Yoga Mat

Depending on how often you practice and the intensity of your sessions, you can usually go a week or so before your mat needs a thorough clean. But, if you tend to sweat a lot or find that your mat retains an odour, it is best to clean it more often.

For a quick spot clean, you can buy ready-made antibacterial sprays that are designed to be used on both sides of the yoga mat to kill off any germs and eliminate odours. Alternatively, you can mix a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid and two cups of warm water into a spray bottle.

It is also important to check your mats specific cleaning recommendations. While some can be spot cleaned only, others are hand-washable and some can even be put in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

Best For Travel: Manduka Eko Superlite Travel Yoga Mat 15mm

Best Yoga Mats 2019 | According to Teachers Around the World
  • âMaterial: â100 percent non-Amazon tree rubber
  • âThickness: â1.5 mm
  • âBest-selling feature: âEasily foldable

When you’re running from a yoga class to the office, this lightweight mat is your best friend, according to McPhillips. This mat is perfect for any kind of travel because you can easily fold it into a neat little square to save space in your bag or suitcase.

The bottom also has a grippy surface so it stays put, no matter how intense your workout is. What’s more, the open-cell surface prevents sweat from absorbing, so you won’t have to worry about stashing a soggy mat into your bag.

âBuy it:â âPrice:â $45

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Best For Beginners: Heathyoga Non

Suited for yogis just starting their practices, this eco-friendly yoga mat includes alignment lines on the top layer to help you make adjustments with your hands and feet as youre moving through poses. The double layer also provides grip so you dont slip and can maintain balance. We love that it also comes with a carrying strap so you can bring it with you wherever you go.

I highly recommend this mat, whether youre a beginner or a little more seasoned, one Amazon reviewer writes. The quality and features are on par with $80+ pro mats, but at a much friendlier price point!

How Much Should I Spend On A Yoga Mat

You should spend around $50-75 to score a quality yoga mat that will keep your hands and feet from slipping and last more than a year or two. The best cheap yoga mat we’ve found is from Hugger Mugger and runs about $45, while nicer mats made from sustainable materials and with more cushion can cost upwards of $120.

That being said, you can grab a basic yoga mat at a store like Target or Walmart for under $30. And if you’re just buying one to start stretching more, that’s fine. But cheaper mats will fall apart quicker and aren’t designed with features like grippiness, sweat-absorption, or cushioning to make yoga a comfortable experience.

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Best Cushioning: Manduka Pro Yoga Mat 6mm

  • âMaterial: âOEKO-TEX-certified PVC
  • âThickness: â6 mm
  • âBest-selling feature: âExtra cushioning

The best part about this Manduka mat is the thickness, according to McPhillips. In most yoga classes, you’ll spend some time kneeling, which is where the 6-millimeter thickness really comes in handy.

“I especially love this one for people who have joint sensitivity,” McPhillips says. “The thickness offers a little extra support and cushion.”

Plus, the mat’s dotted texture helps keep it in place, preventing slips during your flow.

âBuy it:â âPrice: â$129

Best For Beginners: Gaiam 2

Scoria Essential Blank Cork Yoga Mat

If youre looking for a low-commitment yoga mat, the Gaiam two-color yoga mats are for you. Its at an affordable price point but also has all of the necessary features, so this mat is a solid choice if youre a newbie or you need a quick and cost-effective way to replace a mat. This mat is made from non-toxic material and its free of latex. You can choose which color you’d like your mat to be with each new yoga class thanks to the reversible design. The material is lightweight yet durable and made to offer stability with a no-slip design. With a 4mm of thickness, this mat offers stability and comforta quality combination. Some reviewers, however, report that this yoga mat began to break down after a couple of months and didnt retain its stickiness as well as pricier models. Consider investing in a more expensive option if durability is at the top of your list.

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Balancefrom: Best Value Exercise Mat

Looking for a gym mat that will give you cushioning and support but wont cost the Earth? Check out this bargain exercise mat from BalanceFrom.

Made of high-density foam, it provides plenty of support for spine, hips, knees, and elbows, while the double-sided non-slip surfaces mean youll stay strong and stable. Moisture resistant technology makes the mat easy to wash and clean.

If youve accidentally splashed out on a fancy gym bag, the BalanceFrom fitness mat is the accessibly priced exercise solution you need. Dont make money another reason to skip your sweat session.

Best for: Doing burpees on a budget.

Material: FoamThickness: 13 mm Dimensions: 180 cm x 60 cm Colours: A range including black, blue, and green

Who Shouldnt Buy The Iuga Pro Non Slip Yoga Mat

  • Athletes who just need something basic to stretch on after a workout.
  • Anyone looking for a cheap buy this mat goes for $50, which is more expensive than other options on the market.

If flowing in a 95-degree room is your thing, this mat from IUGA will keep you from sliding for many hot yoga classes to come.

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What Else We Recommend

  • YoGo Travel Yoga Mat : This mat is lightweight, rolls up really small, and comes with durable buckles and handles. However, we prefer the Manduka Eko SuperLite as a travel mat, as it’s the same thickness and made from sustainable rubber, but $20 cheaper.
  • Liforme Travel Mat : Liforme’s travel mats come with a canvas carrying bag and offer the brand’s signature printed alignment guide, plus an incredibly grippy surface. But the Manduka Eko SuperLite is a more universal fit for traveling yogis and significantly cheaper.
  • PrAna E.C.O. Yoga Mat : Made from 100% thermoplastic elastomer, PrAna’s E.C.O. yoga mat is non-toxic, completely recyclable, and super sticky so your hands and feet won’t slide. The TPE material isn’t super cushy on your knees or back, but if you’re on a budget, this is an excellent option as it’s $39 cheaper than the Hugger Mugger Para Rubber Yoga Mat.
  • Jade Level 1 Yoga Mat : Touted as “beginner-friendly”, this mat has grippy bottom so your mat will stay put and an all-natural rubber construction. Its 4mm thickness and under $50 price tag have made this my go-to mat for cross-country road trips and short-haul travels.


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