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Best Yoga Mat For Planks

Iuga Pro Non Slip Yoga Mat

10 Minute Yoga Flow w/ the Plank Yoga Mat | Review Yoga Workout

Weighing only 2.5 pounds, the IUGA Pro Non Slip Yoga Mat is a great option for HIIT-lovers who like to take their quick 20-minute workouts on-the-go. Made of biodegradable and sustainably harvested tree rubber, this mat offers a 5 mm base for extra comfort and stability when youre hitting those squat jumps and burpees. Plus, the polyurethane top layer ensures youve got a good grip and wont slip away when the sweat hits. At 72 inches long by 26 inches wide, this mat has a little extra space than your average yoga mat, but if youre hitting any intense lateral jumps, you may still want a little more length than this mat offers.

This yoga mat is designed with a polyurethane top layer to better ensure a slip-free experience. It is manufactured with biodegradable and sustainably harvested tree rubber to be entirely eco-friendly. It is available in five different color options.

Best Weight Lifting Mat: Prosourcefit Puzzle Exercise Mat

If you want to weight lift with a mat underneath you, then you need to get a mat that will offer you plenty of traction so you dont fall, a lot of support so you dont pull a muscle, and a lot of space to work with. Which is why you should pick up this ProsourceFit set, which allows you to puzzle piece together a mat based on your work area. That way you can set up a whole little home gym for yourself to make all your equipment surrounded by a workout mat that is incredibly thick and durable. And for weightlifting purposes, it wont take any damage from any equipment being dropped. It might be a bit pricey, but its worth it if you got the space and the need.

How To Clean Your Workout Mat:

For those who answered yes to the anti-bac point above, you may be wondering what the best way to clean your workout mat really is.

Wipes or a cleaning spray applied in circular motions to both sides of the yoga mat with a towel are a good call for a quick fix between classes, but at some stage you are going to want to give your exercise mat a deep clean. The best course of action depends on the workout mat you have so check the label or instructions it comes with.

Some workout mats are machine washable , in which case giving it a deep clean is as easy as throwing it in the machine, putting it on a cold gentle cycle with mild detergent and air drying it afterwards.

Other yoga mats require just a bit more effort. The safest way to deep clean a yoga mat is by using a gentle cloth and warm water with either dishwashing soap or a mild detergent. Once you have cleaned both sides, make sure to use clean water and rinse the surface of the mat with the cloth before giving it a quick dry with a towel and leaving it to air dry.

Now that you know how to care for one, it’s time to get purchasing. We’ve done our best to source yoga mats, exercise mats, workout mats that not only fit every budget but that are also definitively great. From luxe athletic brands to more affordable options it’s time to shop and ship your new yoga pal.

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What Is The Difference Between Yoga Mat And Exercise Mat

Exercise mats are designed to provide max cushioning between your hands, knees, or spine and the floor so you can be comfortable while doing floor exercises. But too much cushioning can throw off your balance and stability.

Yoga mats are typically thinner than exercise mats so that your points of stability can make better contact with the floor, providing better balance. But they are still thick enough to help cushion your joints from the hard surface.

A yoga mat can be used as an exercise mat, but an exercise mat doesn’t work so well for yoga.

So Would 6mm Yoga Mats And Thicker Be More Comfortable

1Pcs Yoga Mat Knee Pad Anti Slip Moisture resistant Yoga ...

In terms of the comfort youll get with a 6mm yoga mat , any such mat may tend to become too cushion-y with time. Much like a bed thats way too soft, youll have a hard time feeling comfortable, especially when it comes to holding balancing poses or staying in the same pose for a long time. Your hands and feet are likely to simply sink into the mat, making it a chore to fight through so much thickness when you try to go from one pose to the next. At the end of the day, yoga is there to make us feel grounded, which may prove quite hard to achieve when you have too much of a barrier between your body and the ground itself.

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We Sell Mats Interlocking Tiles Floor Mat

  • Materials: high density foam
  • Size: available in sizes ranging from 16 square feet to 100 square feet
  • Weight: each tile weighs approximately 0.15 pounds

Price: $$$

Perfect for a home gym or playroom, this interlocking floor mat features individual tiles that fit together like puzzle pieces.

The tiles are easy to clean and made from thick foam to lessen the impact on your joints. Plus, you can easily adjust the size by adding or removing tiles.

However, customers note that the tiles arent as grippy as other mats and may separate during intense workouts.

How To Choose The Best Workout Mat

When buying a workout mat, there are several factors to consider, including:

  • Intended use. Do you need something to protect your floor from heavy gym equipment? Or are you looking for a portable mat with good grip? How you plan on using your mat will determine the features youll want to look for.
  • Materials. Some are more durable, while others offer better traction. You may also want to consider materials that are odor-resistant or easier to clean.
  • Thickness. While thicker mats provide added cushion and support, thinner ones tend to be lighter and easier to travel with.
  • Style. Many mats come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can find one that fits your personal style.
  • Customer reviews. Customer reviews are usually upfront about whether the product offers a good value for the price.

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Yoga Mat Eco Friendly Tpe Non Slip Yoga Mats By Sgs Certified 72×24 Extra Thick 1/4 For Yoga Pilates Fitness Exercise Mat

  • PREMIUM ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: PIDO Yoga mat is made by premium TPE eco friendly material by SGS certified ,Thermoplastic Elastomers are generally low modulus, flexible materials that can be stretched repeatedly providing superior durability, cushioning and slip-resistance.Its the latest technological improvement to traditional mats
  • EXCELLENT STICKY NON-SLIP TEXTURE AND DOUBLE LAYER ANTI TEAR :Special sticky non slip texture on both sides and density higher than ordinary yoga mats, provides excellent traction and superior grip, best suitable to practice many forms of yoga. Non slip on wood floor, tile floor, cement floor,durable, no latex, high strength of tear resistance ,Moisture resistant,
  • EXTRA THICK EXTRA LONG EXTRA WIDE:72×24 offers adequate space to fit any type of exercise like yoga, pilates, bikram and fitness exercise, Offers the most comfortable experience for all level Yogis, the 16 mm extra thick, high density provides excellent cushioning and resilience, All our mats come with a free strap for easy transport from home to yoga class
  • EXCELLENT CUSHIONING AND RESILIENCE : With 1/13 inch thickness and high resilience TPE material, protecting the safety of all levels of yoga enthusiasts
  • Care Instructions:Spot clean with damp cloth with cold water and mild detergent, Dry flat. Pls dont exposed to the sun for extended periods of time,we accept your return for full money refund with 30 days,110% satisfaction of after-sale service

Aurorae Synergy 2 In 1 Yoga Mat

Plank “Heat Activated” Yoga Mat Review – Best Yoga Mat for a Healthy Grip

If you are someone who practices more vigorous styles of yoga, such as vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, or Bikram, you likely need a mat that has some serious traction, as well as something that absorbs sweat. And if youre a senior yoga practitioner, youll also need a bit of cushioning on the joints. Luckily, you can get both of these benefits in a yoga mat thats convenient and affordable.

The Aurorae Synergy mat is a great option if you practice hot yoga because its actually a yoga mat and a towel bonded together into one super-absorbent mega-mat. Its also lightly cushioned, meaning that your joints will get a break as well. Most people have to combine a separate mat and towel to keep themselves from sliding around on the mat, so this Synergy mat is an easy-to-use alternative.

Even if you dont practice more vigorous yoga styles, this mat is great as the top towel layer helps to absorb any sweat from your hands and allows you to stay in place when youre practicing poses like downward-facing dog, and keeps your wrists and knees safely cushioned in planks, tabletop, and heros pose. Consider trying this mat out if you live in a warmer climate or just tend to have sweaty hands you wont regret trying out the unique bonded-towel technology.

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How Thick Should An Exercise Mat Be

For most people, an exercise mat around 0.5 inches thick will be the best. If you are injury prone or have sensitive joints, you might want to opt for a thicker exercise mat up to 1 inch in height. Consider your activity, as well. For lower-impact activities like certain yoga classes, you may not need as much cushioning.

Features To Look For In A Yoga Mat

Support Yoga is a wonderful way to strengthen your muscles and your bones. Its practically zero impact and the risk of injury is minimal. If your yoga mat provides you with the right support when you are practicing, you should be able to move from one position to another with relative ease and without losing your footing. More importantly, when you are lying on your back, the higher the density, the more support and cushioning you will have to support your spine. This will not only be better for your back, but it will also make the poses and stretches more comfortable to perform.

Grip The grip of a yoga mat is often referred to as the stickiness factor due to how well you can securely plant your feet into the mat during a pose. A successful yoga position like the Warrior pose depends on keeping stable for the duration of the pose, before you seamlessly shift into another one. The last thing you want to be doing is slipping and sliding or losing your balance. This can result in injury. A good workout mat for yoga has great grip so that your feet and hands feel almost glued to the mat when you plant them in the required position. This allows you to align your body perfectly into the pose to get the most benefits out of your routine.

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How To Choose The Right Yoga Mat

Finding a good mat isnt tough , but when youre shopping, keep in mind all of your specific needs. Maybe you find thicker mats more comfortable for joint pain. Maybe perfect alignment is your goal, and you want a mat that provides you with ample space to stretch your legs out in Warrior II pose. And if you sweat a lot during your practice, a mat that reduces slipping might be top of mind.

Next, consider the mats portability. If youre looking for a mat you can carry with youeven if its just into the backyard for some outdoor yogaor a mat compact enough to stow under your bed, you may want to choose one that fits in a yoga strap or rolls up easily to fit inside your yoga mat carrier.

And especially in these stressful times, it can be helpful to think outside the mats functionality for a minute and choose one that just brings a smile to your face with its design and feel. Need some inspiration? Below, yoga instructors and fitness pros walk us through what they consider the best yoga mats for all types of practices and bodies.

All products featured on SELF are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Who Shouldnt Buy The Finer Form Exercise Mat

Gxmmat Extra Large Yoga Mat 10
  • Tall athletes who favor lateral movements and need a little extra length, so they dont step off the mat in a lateral lunge.
  • Buyers looking for a cost-effective option this mat is not the least expensive find on the market or even on this list.

While you may spend a touch more for this mat than others, its non-slip, water-resistant surface will ensure a safe and effective workout. Plus, the 6 mm of cushion definitely wont hurt anyone whos throwing a couple jump lunges into their HIIT routines.

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Gaiam: Best Fitness Mat For Beginners

With its sticky non-slip texture and extra thickness, this versatile exercise mat from Gaiam is ideal for those looking to get started on their fitness adventures.

This Gaiam yoga mat is lightweight enough to carry around but thick enough to provide cushioning. The non-toxic PVC makes it a healthy choice too. Plus, purchase includes a free downloadable yoga workout to get you off to a flying start.

Embark on a quest towards your best body ever with Gaiams exercise matthe best yoga mat for beginners.

Best for: Dream inspiration to begin your yoga journey.

Material: Natural rubberThickness: 6 mm Dimensions: 173 cm x 61 cm Colours: A range of patterns including chakras, mandalas, and mountains

Balancefrom: Best Value Exercise Mat

Looking for a gym mat that will give you cushioning and support but wont cost the Earth? Check out this bargain exercise mat from BalanceFrom.

Made of high-density foam, it provides plenty of support for spine, hips, knees, and elbows, while the double-sided non-slip surfaces mean youll stay strong and stable. Moisture resistant technology makes the mat easy to wash and clean.

If youve accidentally splashed out on a fancy gym bag, the BalanceFrom fitness mat is the accessibly priced exercise solution you need. Dont make money another reason to skip your sweat session.

Best for: Doing burpees on a budget.

Material: FoamThickness: 13 mm Dimensions: 180 cm x 60 cm Colours: A range including black, blue, and green

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How Do I Choose A Training Mat

A good exercise mat will have four key features grip, stability, comfort and durability.

Grip: Slipping of the hands, feet and forearms is the last thing you need when a lengthy plank is rocking you to your core. Find a mat with a non-slip surface that lets you plant yourself with confidence.

Stability: Look for a mat that will lie flat without curling at the corners and not budge a millimetre, no matter how furious your fitness session.

Comfort: This is important, particularly if you plan to work out on unforgiving flooring like hardwood or tiles. There should be enough cushioning to allow you to do a few crunches without crippling your spine. While the average yoga mat tends to be about 4-6mm thick, we would expect a bit more padding from an exercise mat. Look for between 8mm and 15mm for optimum comfort and performance.

Durability: While the two camps have plenty in common, this is the main difference between an exercise mat and a yoga mat. A thin yoga mat may only be designed to withstand slow, barefooted practice, while a thicker exercise mat should take dropped dumbbells and stomping shoes in its stride, without marking or denting.

Things To Consider Before Buying Gym Flooring

How to do plank pose | Yoga for beginners | 5 minute yoga

Gym flooring products may seem very similar to one another, but they do have a few elements that separate them. Remember these key features when buying one.


The thickness of the gym flooring is vital to consider. Thicker gym flooring is more expensive, but also provides better support for heavier equipment and weights. Youll need at least ¾ inches of gym flooring thickness if you want to use heavy equipment without damaging your floor.

On the other hand, thinner gym flooring may not be great for heavy lifting, but its perfect for yoga and light exercise. Choose the ideal thickness based on what type of exercise you do.


The color of the gym flooring isnt that important unless you care about the aesthetics of your gym room. Luckily, most gym flooring manufacturers sell gym flooring in either grey or black colors, so you dont have to worry too much about color matching.

There are other colors available, however. So if you want to go for a specific theme, be on the lookout for special gym flooring in different color variations.


The dimensions of the flooring are important if you want to maximize the space you cover with your mats. Larger mats cover more space, but they also leave more room for empty space, so youll need to find a good balance. Some sets come with mats of varying sizes to deal with this issue.

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Tatago Extra Large Yoga Mat For Men & Women Natural Rubber Non Slip Yoga Mat

$ as of February 20, 2022 10:53 am


  • Extra Large Yoga Mat: 84″x30″ & gives you plenty of room to stretch your limits. This extra wide yoga mat gives you the space needed to perfect your practice without worrying about you hands, feet or face on the floor again.
  • Highest Quality: Natural Rubber Mat bottom gives you cushioning and a non slip mat. PU Leather top layer absorbs moisture & gives you a secure grip.
  • Unlike cheap TPE yoga mats, this long yoga mat for men & women is made with the highest quality materials. Designed for comfort, built for size & made to last.
  • High Grade: Natural Tree Rubber and PU Investing in a Tatago non slip mat means you care for the earth by not allowing the dumping of another cheap mat into a landfill after only using a short time.
  • The Perfect Mens Yoga Mat, but also the perfect yoga mat for women & large gym mats for home workout. Also this anti slip mat makes great gym mats for exercise equipment or a work out mat. Yoga Mats for Men & Women who need a professional quality non slip yoga mat or exercise mat.


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