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Best Yoga Mat Bag For Manduka Pro

Explore Land Oxford Yoga Mat Storage Bag

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Unpretentious and perfectly casual, the Explore Land Oxford Yoga Mat Storage Bag does its job without being too flashy. Its made from tear-resistant oxford material and boasts reinforced stitching. Rather than a zipper, this top-loading bag boasts a folding buckle closure for a sportier look. But, the best part of this bag is the mesh window which provides air circulation to help dry your mat and prevent stink after a sweaty practice. Add that to the pop-out exterior pocket and hidden interior zip pocket, and youve got one of the best yoga mat bags on the market.

Manduka Yoga Mat Vs Lululemon

Another of the leading yoga mat brands out there is Lululemon. In truth, hobbyist yogis should find that the Lululemon offers all they need. It is light-wearing, good-quality and comes with an affordable price tag. However, if youre serious about the practice of yoga, you should get one of the Manduka mats instead. As durable as they are attractive, these renowned mats will stay in mint condition, regardless of how often you use them.

Measure Your Yoga Mat

Most of the yoga bags in the market will fit standard-sized yoga mats .

That said, dont be lazy. Check the measurements of the carrier you set your eyes on so that you wouldnt sweat trying to squeeze your yoga mat into it after the class or when in a hurry.

Those who have extra thick or extra long yoga mats should be even more attentive as many bags are just not sturdy enough to carry a heavy mat, such as Manduka Pro XL. They will either break soon or simply wont fit it in.

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The Eko Series For A Grounding Experience

Now on to the eKo®. Each one is hand made with natural non-Amazon harvested tree rubber which gives a unique pattern to every mat. This is the next generation of eco-friendly yoga mats. The closed-cell surface provides a stable practice with dry-grip. We are proud to say that Mandukas eKO mat is manufactured without any toxic glues or foaming agents and is more durable than other natural rubber mats found in the marketplace.

The eKO® Series has a nice firm grip, does not need to be broken in, and is a bit softer for the joints making its beginner friendly. However, the trade-off is that since it is natural, it will not have as long of a lifespan as the PRO mats. The natural rubber will oxidize and break down with time, so youll also need to be more careful with the way you treat and store these mats. Use rubber friendly cleaning agents and never store your mat in the sun.

The eKO mat provides a perfect balance of grip and drag with a springy responsive ride. Perfect for anyone looking for a connections to earth during their practice. Our eKO mats are made of natural tree rubber and are more sensitive compared to mats that are made of synthetic materials, we therefore do not recommend this mat series for Ashtanga or intense Vinyasa practices as the mat will wear out faster. We recommend that Ashtanga practitioners look towards a PRO or PROlite mat, as it is designed to withstand vigorous flows lasting a lifetime.

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Open Road Goods Yoga Mat Bag

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat


If youre all about looking after the environment, then this yoga mat bag from Open Road Goods is a great choice. The brand is certified fair trade which means you can count on all the materials having been ethically-sourced, that the employees receive a fair wage and the products created are environmentally-friendly. This bag is made from 100% G.O.T.S-certified cotton and fits all mats up to 26 wide. It has three ergonomic pockets designed to hold devices, wallets and other important valuables during class, and it has an easy zipper closure.

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Manduka Go Light Yoga Mat Carrier Bag

This is a lightweight design yoga mat carry bag with a unique design to carry different sizes of yoga mats. It is a top-quality mat with easy carrying shoulder straps. The shoulder straps easily adjust to give a comfortable carrying position. This bag also features a sturdy carry handle for easy and comfortable side carrying. It is a great bag with internal pockets for valuables. The bag features a durable and weather resistant fabric construction for long-lasting durability. It is a versatile choice that fits most medium sized yoga mats. It is also pretty easy to clean with spot cleaning.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable carrying
  • Sturdy side handles for easy side carrying
  • Durable and weather-resistant fabric material

Why Do You Need Yoga Mat Bag

Yoga Mat Bag is a great tool to carry yoga mats, yoga blocks and other accessories. It is also a great way to protect your mat from getting dirty. and washable.

The bag is equipped with a large zipper, so you can store your yoga mats comfortably, while they are folded.

t has an adjustable shoulder strap so that you can carry it easily even when your shoulder aches. Yoga Mat Bag is made of durable canvas and cotton fabrics and fits bags of all sizes.

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Top 18 Best Yoga Mat Bag 2022

Top Best Yoga Mat Bag

With hundreds of colorful yoga mat bags of the same size and price, it doesnt matter choosing a yoga mat bag is not too costly for us.

Sometimes you buy a yoga set that will come complete with a Yoga Mat Bag, but the old one is broken, or if you want to change the color to match your favorite fashion style, it is the right thing to do.

Our team ranked products from top to bottom to help you save time, money, and effort more than once.

Large Yoga Mat Bag With Pockets By Yogaaddict

Best Non Slip Yoga Mat | for Men/Woman, Home/Gym Workouts, Odorless, Lightweight | Top 5 Review 2022

This bag is available in various colors . Made of 100% polyester, it is very durable and so easy to clean. If you are always on the go and usually prefer one bag for all events to get through to the day, then this Large Yoga Mat Bag with Pockets by YogaAddict is the best choice for you as you can fit all your essentials here, like your yoga mat, clothing, yoga towel, straps, wallet, keys, etc. Additionally, this is known for its simple, convenient, and durable design, which is great when rushing around. This Yoga mat bag is 28 inches long, which fits almost any length of the mat.


  • Zippered, which secures your belongings well inside the bag without worrying about spilling or dirtying
  • Lightweight and convenient, good if youre heading home from your yoga class or the other way around
  • The zippered pocket outside the bag is handy in keeping my earphones and other stuff in place.
  • There are pockets inside, too, which are webbed, which is great to contain my socks or cards.
  • It has a ventilation opening which is great to keep my things away from much odor as much as possible.
  • The adjustable strap fits your height easily and makes it very convenient to carry it around. You can even unclip the straps and tuck them inside a bigger bag.


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How To Choose The Right Size

The simple answer is, that the bag should only be as big as you really need. If you only carry a few things with you, a bulky bag might be bulky and clumsy.

There are also simpler and smaller bags such as the Yogi bag rated above that make it easy to store yoga gear together at home, easily put it in the car, and light.

It is not necessarily a big bag if you carry more things like a block or pants. With proper organization and the use of well-placed bags, you may find that a yoga mat bag can give you the storage you need without getting big and heavy.

Top 5 Manduka Yoga Mat Reviews

Manduka is a yoga mat brand that weve come to appreciate because it is clearly invested in making professional mats. They stick to a very specific type of construction because they have understood the dangers of selling cheap PVC yoga mats. In the following paragraphs, we are going to show you what are the best Manduka mats in five separate categories, so that youll find it easier to match the product with your needs and with specific situations.

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A Manduka Yoga Mat Can Give You Your Desired Comfort

Many yoga mats require you to either wear your elbow and knee cushioning pads or fold up a towel at the bone area to prevent injury during workout!

I went through plenty of user reviews, in order to find a Mandukas mat is not good enough with the dense-cushion property. I FAILED!

Almost all the yoga mats from Manduka manufactures come up with thickness greater than 5mm. Manduka pro yoga mat 6mm is the ideal thickness for yoga mats however, 5mm can also serve well to the pro yogis!

Do not be disheartened if the Manduka Yoga Mat, you have chosen, comes up with a thickness of 5 millimetres only! If your wrists are not that sensitive and your shoulder bone does not come under a lot of pressure during yoga exercise, you can surely be benefited from the 5mm yoga mat as well!

It will not disappoint you when it is about cushioning and comfort!

I think by now you might be very happy and satisfied if you have made a choice to get your hands on a Manduka Mat. However, DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THIS MAT COMES WITH ZERO IMPERFECTIONS!

No such product has been developed yet, that is free of all faults and continues to work best for years. Some little pick points, I will like you to consider after you have purchased a Manduka Yoga Mat are as follows!

If you think Manduka Pro yoga mat doesnt fit in your requirements, no problem! Liforme Sticky Yoga Mat is another good option to go for.

Jambala Yoga Mat Bag And Grip Socks Bundle

Manduka Pro 71"  Yoga Mat

The Jambala yoga mat bag is another durable bag made of lightweight yet durable 600D polyester. It is a large bag that fits most yoga mats. The bag also leaves space for personal items and yoga accessories. It features 3 convenient pockets to store personal items like keys, money, wallet, and cell phone. This is a comfortable design yoga mat bag with an adjustable shoulder strap. It is quite easy to carry and looks stylish on you. The bag comes with a bonus of yoga griping socks. Overall, this is an excellent bag with a lifetime warranty for worry-free buying.


The Deco yoga mat carry bag is our last best yoga mat bag with exceptional features. The bag features a large interior pocket to keep your cell phone, wallet, keys, and much more. This pocket features a sturdy zipper to keep items safe and secure. It is a quality bag to consider buying right away. This bag features a full-length zipper for easy access of the mat and other gears. There is a further mesh strip which acts as an air vent allowing for excellent air circulation. The ventilation allows for sweat to escape battling bad odours. Overall, this is a pretty decent yoga mat bag to consider buying.


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What Items Do You Need To Bring To Practice

Before deciding how much room you need and how to organize it, you should display the items you will bring often. If you have large or bulky items like blocks, youll know to find a bag with room for them.

If you have many smaller items such as towels, keys, and phones, then at least one smaller pocket is essential for those items not to get bumped and then lost in everything else. Spirit fits your items into the design of a yoga mat bag to ensure it fits your needs.

Think About The Material

Again, your choice should depend on your needs and lifestyle.

For example:

  • Do you care about the environment and try to shop locally/responsibly? Then, choose yoga bags made of jute, organic cotton, hemp, and recycled fabrics.
  • Are you practicing hot yoga or maybe you sweat a lot? Choose a yoga bag made of breathable material and equipped with special ventilation for clothes and mat to prevent the stinky smell and bacterial growth.
  • Do you walk/cycle to a studio rather than take a bus or drive? Choose water- and stain-resistant materials to protect your mat and personal belongings from rain and dirt.

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Yoga Mat Carrier Manduka Commuter

  • Yoga mat holder – carrier for yoga mat
  • For all yoga mats, no mater size
  • Padded shoulder strap for comfort
  • Metal buckle closer – simply loop it around each end of your mat and let gravity do its work
  • No Velcro, snaps, or buckles to disrupt your practice – or anybody else’s
  • Material: 100% natural cotton

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The Best Yoga Bag For Manduka Pro

LULULEMON vs MANDUKA yoga mat : Supergibzz

The Manduka Pro is an excellent yoga mat and youll want a good bag to store it in.

You can purchase a few different models, so you can decide which is best for you.

This guide will help you decide which bag is the best for your needs.

It also provides a list of things to look for in a yoga mat bag, so youll know what to look for in a bag before you make a purchase.

A yoga bag is an important part of your fitness equipment.

The Manduka Pro is a heavy yoga mat and you should get one that is lightweight but still sturdy enough to carry it around.

It has a few pockets, but theyre not very big.

Its designed for a small number of items, but its big enough to hold your other personal items, too. A good yoga bag will not cost you an arm and a leg.

A good yoga bag should protect your mat and provide protection from bumps and falls. Manduka has two types of yoga bags: the Go Play and the Prolite.

The Go Play bag is small and light and isnt intended for carrying the mat long distances. Both are made of durable materials.

This bag can be used on the beach. You can choose between a long and short mat, depending on your needs.

The Go Play yoga bag by Manduka is lightweight and makes it easier to carry an oversized Manduka mat and other personal items.

Mandukas Go Play bag is lightweight and designed for yoga enthusiasts on the go. Its not designed to carry a heavy mat. It is sturdy and water-resistant. The Go Play bag also has a zippered pocket for personal items.

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Learn A Yoga Mat Bag That Is Useful To Everyone:

If you dont know what youll really need in a yoga bag because this is the first thing you buy, its important to know what your friends and classmates find useful in themselves.

You may start to realize that you dont need pockets or you need big ones. If others have found something useful, you can look for a bag that has that feature. If theres something about their pocket that they find awkward, youll know to avoid it.

How To Use Yoga Mat Bag

A yoga mat bag is a great tool for saving your time and effort. You can use it to carry your belongings irrespective of whether you are on the road or at home.

The benefit of the Yoga Mat Bag will save you time and effort when you are going to yoga class.

You can put your stuff in it and reach your destination without any problem. It is used for carrying the items with you when you have to go for a workout or a hike. With this collection, it is also very easy to carry around.

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How Exactly Are You Going To Use It

Face it: The kind of bag you need to protect your mat while you arent using it is different from the kind of bag you need if youll be pit-stopping at the office or store first.

So, think about how often youll be taking your bag to work, on the subway, or out to coffee. If the answer is often, you probably want something thatll COMPLETELY cover your mat.

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Manduka PRO Yoga Mat  Premium 6mm Thick Mat, Eco Friendly, High ...

We have compiled this list of the best yoga bags after considering their quality, features, and designs. Numerous users on various e-commerce sites have also endorsed these bags. We have also described the features of each product in detail and added some pointers on how to choose the right one. These yoga bags will help you carry your yoga essentials and other necessary accessories with ease.

If you are a yoga enthusiast, a proper bag is essential to carry your mat, belongings, water bottles, etc. Available in various designs, these bags should be easy to clean, lightweight, and convenient for long-lasting use. If you are looking for a bag that offers alternate uses, check the amenities it may offer, like a laptop or shoe compartment. To zero down on a suitable option, look for the ones with a versatile strap that makes carrying the bag easy and hassle-free. We hope our list of the best yoga bags can help you understand your needs to make an informed decision.

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