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Best Yoga Gifts For Him

Wireless Headphones Beats By Dre

lululemon Gifts for Him | Reviews with Kelly Yager

Hands-free phone talks and wire-free music/podcast listening enjoyment are two amazing things that are solved with these headphones. Ive used these for workouts at the gym, yoga workouts, podcast interviews, and almost all of my phone conversations. They have a great battery life , are extremely simple to connect, and the quality is great as well. If you dont have wireless headphones yet, these are a good pair to get you started. Prices are getting lower every month!

Brass Feng Shui Desktop Gong

The strength and power of the sound of a gong resonates deeply in the soul. Announce the beginning of your zen meditation with Zen Art Brass Feng Shui Desktop Gong. Believed to ward off bad spirits and evil presences, this desktop gong has a clear, purifying ring and comes with a small rammer attached to its side. More info here.

Grip Better Perform Better

Available in a wide array of bold and fascinating prints is the yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel.

This yoga mat towel boasts a better grip with Skidless Technology, using 100% silicon nubs. Its soft and absorbent, handling sweat without it impacting on your grip.

The towel is eco-friendly and has been partly created from at least four plastic water bottles.

Dyes used in the product are free of AZO, lead and heavy-metals so you know youre getting a beautifully unique gift that will really reflect the values of the recipient.

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Let A Roll Of The Dice Add A Little Fun To Their Yoga Practice

Help your loved one keep their exercise interesting by treating them to a set of yoga dice.

Inside the box youll find seven wooden dice, each covered with small sketches of different poses.

Yogis who purchased the dice loved the way it encouraged them to vary their daily routine, and experiment with different asanas.

Yoga is also thought to really help nuture the parent-child relationship, and this is a great way to capture the interest of mini yogis and play as a family.

Help Your Yogi Enter An Even Deeper State Of Relaxation

Gift Basket Ideas for Yoga Teachers  YOGABYCANDACE

As your loved one winds down and reflects during their savasana, they could pop on their Happy Wraps Namaste Yoga Eye Pillows.

Filled with lavender and organic flaxseeds, the weighted pillow lays over your eyes to help soothe and relax them.

It can also help to relieve pressure in your sinuses, that could be contributing to tension, headaches or migraines.

Place the eye pillow in the microwave for 30 seconds and enjoy it warm, or if you prefer a little cool relief you can place it in the freezer for a few hours.

Yogis raved about this product, and said they loved them so much, they kept giving them away to other people to experience.

Luckily you get four pillows in the pack, so why not share the love with a few yogis youre shopping for?

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A Stylish And Practical Yoga Bag From A Trusted Brand

Give the person youre shopping for a stylish place to keep all their yoga essentials.

This Lululemon All Day Duffel has plenty of interior pockets to help separate clean and sweaty clothes!

You get a strap to hold your yoga mat, plus a neat pocket for your laptop.

Its easy to keep clean, too

Made from a water-repellent fabric, it can be wiped clean when they leave the yoga studio.

Lululemon is trusted among the yoga community for its practical and thoughtful design, and deep understanding of the practice.

It will be a brand your yogi will recognize and the contemporary and trend-led design make it one of the best gifts for yoga lovers.

Wherever You Go There You Are

Mindfulness meditation is explored in-depth in this sequel from Jon Kabat-Zinn called Wherever You Go, There You Are. This meditation guide carefully instructs the reader on how to practice mindfulness, which focuses on simply being in and focusing on the here and now. This observational and healing meditation method will bring relaxation and focus to your daily life. Buy it here.

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Om Nava Shiva Tingsha Cymbals

The Om Nava Shiva Tingsha Cymbals are beautifully designed with the Buddhist meditation chant om nava shiva, which means adoration to Shiva, engraved into shining bronze metal.This chant is used to promote healing for physical and mental ailments, and the cymbals clear tone is long and lasting. Heres more about the Nama Shiva Tingsha Cymbals.

Newme Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell Handle

lululemon Holiday Gift Ideas For Him & Her! Try-on Haul!

Kettlebells are amazingly versatile, especially for home workouts, but they can be quite expensive. And having variety in your workouts means acquiring several different sizes making for a cumbersome set. This adjustable handle solves all that using weights he probably already has on hand. Load it up heavy for big moves like kettlebell swings and goblet squats, then drop it down lighter for smaller isolation moves with minimal transition.

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Take Care Of Their Joints During Yoga Practice

Some yoga postures can put a little stress on the knees, elbows and wrists.

If youre shopping for a yogi who struggles with daily pain, give them a little cushioning to protect their joints with the Heathyoga Yoga Knee Pad.

Made from eco-friendly materials, it has a textured surface for grip and a closed-cell foam structure.

Want to know why closed-cell foam is useful?

It doesnt absorb sweat and can be easily cleaned, which meant many users had found other uses for the mat such as gardening.

Though its well-cushioned, its still lightweight and ships with a free carry strap to make it as travel-friendly as possible.

Zen Dog Garden Sculpture

Eckhart Tolle calls pets guardians of being. Dogs are nonjudgmental animals that enrich your life. With some dogs you just look at them, just a little look is enough. These centering garden sculptures intend to do the same without having to walk the block in the rain or scooping poo.

Their tranquil faces, their emblematic doggy presence combined with Chinese characters etched into the back of the sculptures areate loyalty and being here now. More about these works of art by Michael Gentilucci here.

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Luxury Gift Guide For Men: How To Find The Perfect Gift For Him

Over the years, weve received many questions from our readers on how to find the best gift for men. Our first answer is always to ask who exactly the gift is for and whats your relationship with him. Is it a gift for your dad? Your husband or a boyfriend? Or just for your best friend?

Next, you need to think carefully about your relationship with the man you want to offer a present to. What does he like? Is there something that would be useful in his day to day life or bring joy to his routine but that he wouldnt buy for himself?

To help you along the way, here are our answers to the questions most often asked to our team:

What is the best gift for a man?

The best gift for a man is something thats both thoughtful and useful. Something that symbolises your relationship with him. A gift that he wouldnt buy for himself but that will be memorable and practical.

What to get a man that has everything?

The best gift for men who already have everything and for whom money is no problem is tough to find. Think about experiences and items that they wouldnt buy for themselves.

What are good small gifts for guys?

The best small gift for guys include fragrances, accessories such as belts, ties, socks, but also games or small tech gadgets such as earphones or wireless speakers.

What should I gift my boyfriend on his birthday?

A Tool To Help Them Perfect Their Backbends

Top 25 Yoga Gifts: Unique Gift Ideas for Yoga Lovers in ...

For yogis that are serious about improving their flexibility, you have to wrap up the UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel.

Designed to help refine backbends, this yoga prop is one of the strongest on the market.

It can withstand 550lbs without flexing, so your yoga lover will feel supported.

Covered in a thick foam padding, its sweat resistant, so they dont need to worry about it feeling slippery.

Though it looks like it might be a little tough on the back, those practicing yoga to help with back pain thought it was incredible.

Their back pain had been significantly improved after enjoying a daily full stretch of their spine.

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A Set Of Green Army Men That Are Doing Yoga

Promising review: “If you remember playing with little green army dudes back in your not-so-distant childhood than this is a modern peaceful spin on those dudes. Personally, my squad rests on my desk and reminds me to get up and stretch throughout the day. If you need visual stimuli to motivate you to find that moment of inner peace or humor, than buy a squad of these guys from Dan at Brogamats. Heck buy two sets, if that’s what it takes to get off your butt and enhance your calm.” Jonathan H.

Get them from Amazon for $28.

Where To Buy The Best Yoga Pants Aka Gen Z’s ‘flared Leggings’ In 2020

It has been the year of the yogi, and it makes a whole lot of sense. Studies have shown that yoga can help ease coronavirus-related depression, and now that its been a full year of being at home, its a great blood-pumping exercise that doesnt require you to leave just yet.

Whether youre a guru or a novice to the time-honored practice, yoga is an activity for all ages and ability levels. No matter your skill level, its time to take a deep breath and invest in some Zen with these unique yoga accessories. Perfect for saying thank you to your e-yoga instructor for guiding you through this past year or for your spouse , we have a pick for everyone in your newly balanced life.

Add some feng shui to your home yoga studio with this stylish and functional storage display.

From Uncommon Goods, this wooden mountable or free-standing shelving unit can turn any room in your home into the ultimate yoga space. It features a bottom compartment to fit a yoga mat, a middle shelf for yoga blocks and straps, and a top shelf for anything else that channels your inner Zen. A perfect gift for organization lovers and yogis everywhere.

Release and recover sounds like a great mantra for this upcoming holiday season.

Do just that with these post-workout tension-release balls from Lululemon. The set of three varies in size to best target any muscles, big and small. They are made of rubber and have unique indentations to work out even the most stubborn knots.

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A Yoga Mat Created For And By Yoga Enthusiasts

Manduka believe that choosing a professional quality yoga mat can make all the difference to your practice.

Theyre one of the leading names in the industry and their Pro Yoga Mat ticks all the boxes.

Its available in a range of colors and two different sizes, including extra long for more floor coverage.

The mat has a closed-cell surface meaning that sweat cant seep into the mat, plus the high-density cushion gives serious support and helps to protect your joints.

Users reviewing the product loved how much it helped to improve their balance, leaving them feeling like theyd finally found the perfect yoga mat.

A Book Guide For The Yoga Lover

lululemon Gifts for Her | Reviews with Kelly Yager

Yoga is an art, an individual journey as the Yoga lover masters the discipline. The Yoga Bible is a perfect compliment to the pursuit of yoga. Its a guide of yoga postures so if the yoga lover likes the idea of putting together their own sequences that flow easily, this book will make an awesome gift.

A great gift idea for the yoga lover who may go to a studio but also practices yoga at home.

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Zen And The Art Of Happiness By Chris Prentiss

Stress has a palpable effect on the body and your overall health. Zen and the Art of Happiness by Chris Prentiss helps us to change our state of mind in order to feel happier and healthier.

Based on the principle that our thoughts and feelings directly affect our physical health, this book helps you to achieve ultimate happiness to heal your body and mind. Get one here.

Don’t Forget The Leggings

Leggings are every fit chick’s best friend, and chances are the girl you’re gifting to can never get enough of them. But if you’re going to buy your bud a pair, don’t stick with boring, basic black. Choose products with a pop of color or fun design to add life to her workout wardrobe. For instance:

  • Elephant Pants Yoga Pants: These aren’t a legging, per se, but they’re designed to be worn during yoga, and they’re about the most comfortable thing you could ever move in. With soft elastic around the waistband and ankles, these pants will stay put through every handstand and namaste. They also feature an elephant-print pocket as an added point of interest.
  • 2ist Women’s Mesh Capri Leggings: These leggings from 2ist are incredibly well made with a comfortable, double-lined waistband and mesh inlays along the leg. Not to mention, they stand out, coming in two bold patternsa bright, floral motif or a geometric black and white option. They’ll function well in yoga, but they’ll be a particular hit in barre or dance classes.

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For Male Yogis With A Sense Of Humor

I love choosing yoga gifts for men with a great sense of humor! You can experiment and get creative with your choices they will accept a fun present with gratitude. Here are a few fun yoga gift ideas:

  • a set of yoga joes that are just cute to look at
  • a hilarious yoga book so that he could color, relieve stress and laugh at the same time
  • a yoga cup with a funny quote for a positive morning every single day
  • a set of yoga wine glasses – for sophisticated yoga talks while drinking wine.

Zen Music For Balance And Relaxation

Gift Guide for Yoga Lovers

For a truly soul-soothing zen experience, the right music is a must. With music tracks named after peaceful imagery and zen philosophy, the Zen Music for Balance and Relaxation two-disc collection by Jimmy Brandmeier and Daniel May provides quiet background music to calm your spirit and settle your mind. Available here.

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Chill Gifts For The Yoga Lovers In Your Life

Searching for the best gifts for the yoga lovers in your life? While the practice embraces calmness and relaxation, we know gift-giving can feel like anything but. Which is why we’re here to offer up some health-centered gift ideas for someone special whose second home is the yoga studio. From the gear that will help them breeze through challenging classes to restorative apps, books, and other goodies that go along with her zen lifestyle, this gift guide has it all. And best of all, with a range of price points, you aren’t obligated to splurge . No matter what, these chic yogi-approved gifts will make them say namaste. Ready to flex your present-picking skills? Read on to shop 25 gifts for anyone who keeps their yoga mat in their car at all times.

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated by Anna LaPlaca.

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Start With Affordable Streaming Classes

One of the best ways to show your support for fitness-enthusiast friends is to provide a resource for affordable, do-anywhere classes. YogaGlo offers unlimited, on-demand yoga classes taught by excellent instructors available 24/7 on any laptop, tablet, or smartphone, all for just $18 a month. It’s a good deal and a great gift, particularly for the yogi who likes the flexibility of occasionally practicing at home.

If your best friend is more into barre and Pilates than traditional yoga, Booya Fitness is the way to go. The monthly subscription service features full-length boutique-style classes, including barre, yoga, Pilates, boot camps, strength training, and trampolining, all available to stream from any device. Plus, it costs just $9.99 per month, so it’s a great option for the on-the-go fitness enthusiast.

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Add Gentle Resistance To Their Workout

Gift a set of Bala Bangles and your yoga fanatic will have a little resistance as they practice their asanas.

This is a great gift if theyre looking to build strength through yoga.

The Bala Bangles arent too heavy, they weigh just 1lb each. However it adds a constant resistance that will increase the challenge of certain postures.

Available in two colors, the weighted bands look impressive and are made from a high-quality and comfortable material.

They arent just good for yoga either, you can wear them for running, aerobics and home workouts, so theyre the ideal gift for a real fitness fanatic.

The Cross Symmetry System

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2020: lululemon gifts for him and her!

Whether youre a yogi or a weight lifter this powerful at-home system can compliment anyones training regiment. Its easy to use, easy to set up , and does wonders for your shoulders. Ive struggled with shoulder problems for nearly a decade and this system was able to target the weak muscles needed to stabilize and bulletproof my shoulders.

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New In: Yogamatters X Bespoke Binny

Our latest collaboration is here! Together with London-based print homeware maker, Natalie Manima, founder of Bespoke Binny, we have created the Yogamatters x Bespoke Binny African Print Collection: a range of modern African print bolsters that not only make a perfect yoga prop but also look beautiful in your home.

  • Yogamatters x Bespoke Binny Blue Record Bolster
    Sale price
  • Yogamatters x Bespoke Binny Turquoise Waves Bolster
    Sale price
  • Yogamatters x Bespoke Binny Red Waves Bolster
    Sale price
  • Yogamatters x Bespoke Binny Red Record Bolster
    Sale price


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