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Best Yin Yoga Class Online

Yoga Streaming Classes With Myyogaworks

Top Yin Yoga Classes on YouTube in May 2019

YogaWorks features 1,000+ premium yoga classes and is continuously growing its platform. For instance, you can search for yoga streaming classes by teacher, duration, and style to find what you need. Similarly, classes come in all shapes and varieties, from traditional Hatha & Vinyasa yoga to classes that target specific regions.

Moreover, you can take an hour class or a 3-minute class to tailor your yoga to your schedule. The site boasts tons of free content for you to get the YogaWorks experience for free. Whats even better is their free 14-day unlimited access to their classes. Youre sure to start your daily practice, wherever you see fit.

Trial: 14-Day Free Trial

Monthly Fee: $15/ month for unlimited access

Considerations Before You Begin Yin Yoga

Before you start a yin yoga practice, there are a few things to keep in mind.

To ensure safety and comfort, Greenspoon advises, Its essential to ensure the spine is always in alignment and that the joints are not overextended. For example, the shoulders, knees, and ankles should always move in their natural range of motion.

Greenspoon encourages her students to focus on maintaining a smooth, even breathing pattern.

She explains, Finding it difficult to breathe deeply is a clear indication that youve gone too far in a posture. You need to pull yourself back or use more props to find that sweet spot of tolerable discomfort.

Yogarenew 20 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Online

YogaRenew online Yin yoga teacher training

YogaRenews online Yin YTT will teach you how to bring your class into stillness. This 20 hour online Yin yoga teacher training offered by YogaRenew is completely self-paced and will enlighten you on the philosophy, practice, and history of Yin yoga. The curriculum of YogaRenews popular Yin training delves into anatomy and the unique practice of Yin yoga and its benefits. Holding a Yin teacher training certification from YogaRenew will enable you to guide your students in a peaceful and deep practice.

Be taken through your Yin learning journey odyssey by Kate Lombardo who is an E-RYT500 certified teacher, certified Yin Yoga teacher, and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Instructor. Besides being an experienced yoga teacher, Kate also holds a certificate in Positive Psychology.

You may be familiar with YogaRenew as they are one of the most well-known online yoga schools. They are known for their low-cost courses and having graduated thousands of students over the years. YogaRenew is one of the pioneers in the online yoga space and theyve created exceptional online yoga courses over the years.

YogaRenew’s Online Yin YTT Course Features:

  • Yoga Alliance accredited

For further Yin reading check out our detailed post about the Yin yoga props you’ll need to embark upon your Yin journey as a teacher or a student. And to discover how to create that perfect Zen space for your Yin practice, check out our tips!

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Heres What You Need For This Yin Yoga Practice

For todays Yin Yoga practice, you will need: a yoga bolster , and ideally two yoga blocks. If you dont have blocks, you can substitute books, water bottles, or opt to practice without them. Finally, keep a yoga strap and blanket nearby as well. Meet YogiApproved teacher Carrie Varela on your mat and prepare for a wonderful full body stretch, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Youll come away feeling refreshed, calm, and peaceful. Plus your body will thank you! Enjoy your Yin Yoga practice, and feel free to reach out with comments, feedback, questions or requests in the comments below we love hearing from you! Peace and namaste, yogis.

In Your Element On Demand

Yin Yoga Class

Dreaming of yoga on the beach in Bali? Teleport yourself to sunnier climes through new wellness platform In Your Element On Demand, which offers a range of holistic classes based around the four elements: fire, air, earth and water. Designed to create an international wellbeing community, the platform includes everything from yoga to meditation to sophrology, plus inspirational talks and workshops on managing anxiety.

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What Is Yin Yoga And Why Do We Need It Now More Than Ever

Yin yoga is the opposite of Yang, the invigorating style of yoga that many of us practice regularly like Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Mind Body Green elaborates on the topic of Yin being the opposite of Yang styles Yin yoga is more meditative and gentle. Yin yoga targets fascia, ligaments, deep connective tissue, joints, and bones. Whereas Yang styles of yoga target the muscles.

The practice of yin yoga is based on Taoist philosophy based on the concept of Qi that runs through our bodies. By holding Yin postures for say 3-5 minutes as is typical in the practice, you can release blockages and help the Qi, or the energy, flow more freely. Yin yoga also has physical benefits too like the lengthening of connective tissues and of course the ability to achieve deeper flexibility from the long holds in the postures.

Alo Moves has recently begun releasing some great online Yin yoga classes, and YogaDownload offers some free LIVE Yin online yoga classes if you’d like to experience some online Yin classes for yourself to find out what Yin classes online can be like.

Work On The Deepest Tissues Of Your Body And Improve Your Energy Flow

Yin yoga works on your ligaments, joints, bones and our deep fascia networks in the body. It enhances the flow of chi or energy through the body. In Yin yoga poses are held for longer than in other styles of yoga. It is a very relaxing form of yoga for any time of day.

This program of Yin yoga classes includes a selection of classes from EkhartYoga focused on specific target areas in the body including the neck and shoulders, spine, hips and lower back, and the feet.

We also have a selection of Yin yoga classes from different teachers focused on the meridians or energy pathways that run through our body.

Practice them in any order you feel drawn to. A Yin Yoga class once or twice a week makes a great balance for a more active yoga practice.

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My Vinyasa Practice Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

The 20-hour, Yin yoga teacher training through My Vinyasa Practice will teach aspiring Yin yoga teachers the relationship between yin and yang. And, the course can fulfill continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance.

Although students can finish the self-paced online course in four weeks, My Vinyasa Practice believes that if students take their time, they will be able to increase their understanding of Yin yoga and improve their practice.

Students new to Yin and those who are old hats at Yin will improve their Yin practice and will understand precautions, props and sequencing. They will also learn how yin and yang philosophy is connected to a bodys tissues.

Yin teacher training students receive:

  • Pre-recorded lectures and written content
  • Instructions and practice
  • 20 non-contact continuing education credit hours with Yoga Alliance
  • Access to the My Vinyasa Practice Community
  • Yin Yoga practices with Michelle Young, owner of My Vinyasa Practice
  • Access to the online course for life

The curriculum includes:

  • History, philosophy, and purpose of Yin Yoga.
  • How to write and theme Yin Yoga sequences to promote health and well-being.
  • The relationship between Yin Yoga and the meridians.
  • Application and reflection.
  • How to leverage Yin Yoga practices in trauma-informed settings.

Grokkercom Yoga Class Online

50 min Beginner Yin Yoga Full Body Deep Stretch | Free Online Yin Yoga

Are you looking for a platform with experts to personally answer your questions and provide you with the information you need for your practice? Certainly, if you are a person who desires 1:1 communication and advice, Grokker is the best choice. With a rich website with a variety of content, Grokker users can not only access yoga videos but many other workouts and articles related to health. For example, HIIT workout sessions, plantbased diets, and delicious vegan recipes.

Above all, Grokker is free during the COVID-19 outbreak until further notice! The registration process is simple and it can be cancelled at any moment.. It also provides business plans formats for firms.

Free during COVID-19. Usually, 14-Day Free Trial. Monthly Fee: $14.99/month unlimited.Also, Read> > > How Much Do Yoga teachers Make?

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Loka Yoga School 50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Online

Learn the secrets of Yin yoga with the Internationally certified Loka Yoga School and get ready to fall in love with this Bali-based yoga school right from the start! This online Yin YTT designed by experts Taryn, a E-RYT 500, and Yann who holds a BA in Nursing offers a deep and meaningful teacher training. This dynamic duo has been working in the field for more than 20 years and they have taught Yin yoga to Olympic athletes, circus performers, corporate employees, and more.

Join this 50 hour online Yin yoga teacher training with Loka Yoga School and look forward to a deep immersion into anatomy and physiology. This fascinating and educational journey will teach you about the theory, history, and science of the Yin practice as well as how to properly sequence a Yin yoga class, proper alignment for Yin yoga poses, and how to adjust your students.

Loka Yoga School’s online learning opportunity offers you full-length pre-sequenced Yin yoga classes to bring to your studio or to your online community so that you can start teaching Yin yoga just as soon as youve completed the program. Also included is a Yin yoga teaching manual with in-depth instruction and guidance for 64 Yin yoga poses.

Loka Yoga School Online Yin YTT Course Features:

  • Yoga Alliance accredited
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • Self-paced course is available to you immediately after enrollment

Use code TheYogatique50 for $50 off tuition for Loka Yoga School’s Yin online YTT!

Yogateketcom Streaming Yoga From Sweden

Yogateket is a Sweden brand, and the name comes from the junction of Swedish words apoteket with biblioteket . It makes Yogateket a library full of remedy for healthy living where they see Yoga as the remedy accessible from anywhere.

Yogateket offers tailored options where you can plan your class according to a body part, what you want to focus on, which level suits you, style, teacher, and duration. They also offer challenges, such as 21-Meditation, programs from a variety of styles such as From Flexibility to Mobility and Prenatal Yoga.

Their most differentiated feature is the Collections, which consist of a set of classes around a specific topic, such as Yoga for Surfers or Monday Workouts. On Yogateket website, there is something for every mood and need for the moment!

Trial: 14-Day Free TrialIG: @Yogateket_

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Refund Policy For Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Upon completion of registration and payment to any of our online trainings and packages, students immediately and automatically receive full access to all purchased trainings and associated course materials, group forums and teachers contact details. Full payment is required to provide you with access to our online portal. Once your payment is made, you will have access to all modules, tools, videos and course content. For the protection and security of Loka Yoga School, a no-refund policy applies.

Examples Of A Great Yin Yoga Sequence

Online Class Yin Yoga Hips &  Low Back

Before we get into what makes a great yin yoga sequence, you want to make sure that your yoga space is comfortable.

Whether you are teaching online from your home space or youre teaching from a studio, youll want to make sure that your yoga space is warm enough. You wont be practicing with vigorous movements, so youll want to keep your body, especially your joints and muscles, warm and comfortable. These yoga pants for women might do the trick!

Youll also want to have calming music playing. Low lights. And pillows, a blanket, a yoga strap and any other props that will help you in your practice.

Once you have practice place set up to help you have a calm, quiet and mellow Yin Yoga practice, its time to plan your Yin Yoga sequence.

Below, were going to give you three popular postures to create the best Yin Yoga sequence possible.

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Pranamaya 50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Online

Internationally acclaimed yoga teacher and scholar, Paul Grilley is your guide through the Pranamaya onlineYin yoga teacher training and his paradigm-shifting teachings will have you understanding anatomy like you never thought possible. Paul is the perfect teacher for all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned yoga teacher or a curious practitioner, you will finish this illuminating course with a head filled with new knowledge. Paul Grilley’s online course is one of the most sought-after Yin courses and one to certainly consider. Paul’s teachings are even mentioned on Wikipedia’s Yin yoga page.

In Paul’s Functional Approach to Yin yoga you will learn about the 24 target areas of the body, the 7 archetypal pose families, and other insight that you can apply to all different styles of yoga, not just Yin. Immerse yourself in Paul’s 12-hour online workshop and join the eight practices led by Paul himself. Download and keep the 100+ page illustrated study guide with all key images, anatomical illustrations, self-quizzes, and every major point in the program for you to reference back to anytime.

Graduate with a certificate of completion and 20 hours to apply towards your Yoga Alliance continuing education credits.

Panama’ya Online Yin YTT Course Features:

  • Yoga Alliance accredited

The Purpose Of Yin Yoga And Why A Great Yin Yoga Sequence Is So Important

There are so many different types of Yoga styles out there that it can be confusing as to which one is right for you to teach.

But, if youre looking to teach a slow, serene yoga, one that will focus on deep stretches and mindfulness, then Yin Yoga may be right for you.

During a Yin Yoga sequence, compared to a Vinyasa class, you sit in a pose for up to five minutes. And, while youre deep in a pose, youre breathing oxygen into your stretching muscles, allowing your mind to become still, and stimulating and nourishing your organs.

Yin is about yielding, not about being a perfect athlete. And, by letting go, allowing your muscles to lengthen and your mind to empty, youll find that you sleep better, and you have less anxiety and depression.

In this article, well be discussing why creating a great Yin Yoga sequence is so important. Youll want to be able to write a sequence that keeps your students safe, allowing them to achieve mindfulness and allowing their muscles to stretch and lengthen without risk of injury. Your students will also need to know they can ease off of a pose if they notice discomfort.

So, below, we give you three examples of a great Yin Yoga sequence to help you when youre writing your own. And then, we compare Yin and Vinyasa Yoga styles .

But, first, read on as we talk about three important things to consider when creating a great Yin Yoga sequence.

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The Zen Yogi Master: Nora Best Online Yoga


Yogi Nora is a rare bird who doesnt just teach yoga she truly lives yoga and embodies it. She possesses this ethereal and glittering tranquility about her, comes from her deeply dedicated yoga practice . Her skill level, grace, and mysterious twinkling laugh leave you wondering, Who is Yogi Nora, and where does she come from?!.

She is ecstatic in the most serene way possible, with a glow and joy that shines through each of her videos. Although most of us arent striving for Yogi Noras level of dedication, shes an inspiration to keep at yoga and discover her secret.

Yogi Noras online yoga classes through videos are for when you genuinely want to get into your practice, not just get it over with. When you have the time to light a candle, drink some tea, and lose yourself in yoga, her deeply rejuvenating routines are the perfect fix. She also has videos about everything from eating organic to the power of prayer.

Id recommend her lessons for when you want to push yourself with a longer and more challenging practice many of her videos last a little over an hour, and they do wonders for opening the hips. Yogi Noras videos are more than just a quick sweat session but are about experiencing a richer, more spiritual connection to your practice. You will find your online yoga class here.

What Are The Best Online Yoga Classes

Yin Yoga Without Props – Full Body Yin Yoga for Beginners

Yoga classes are a mix of movement, meditation, and breathwork. A good course will include all three of those components through a series of poses, and it will challenge you both physically and spiritually. Classes can range in length from 10 minutes to over two hours, with a variety of styles offered, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundaklini, among others. Most courses will require a yoga mat, but many also encourage the use of props such as a yoga block, straps, or blankets to help modify movements or teach a restorative style of yoga.

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Yoga Today Online Yoga Classes

Yoga today streaming yoga classes are divided into what they call series, which are a collection of carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized classes that address a unique focus within the realm of yoga, meditation, and pilates. They range from classic yoga styles such as Ashtanga and Hatha Blend to more differentiated ones such as Self-Massage, Kundalini, Chair Yoga, and Yoga Sculpt.

Their classes can also be divided into mood or intent, such as For the Family, Energizing, Calm the Mind, Back relief, and many more. They are one of the only platforms that present yoga for men, focused on injury prevention, introduction to meditation, and vinyasa for athletes which, of course, can also be taken by women.

Last but not least, one of their exclusive offers are bite-size classes on specific asanas , which allow the energy to flow better within the body, enhancing the practice with more fluidity whilst building proper alignment.

Trial: 14-Day Free Trial.

IG: @YogaVibes


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