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Best Wrist Brace For Yoga

What To Look For In A Carpal Tunnel Brace

BEST Padded Workout Gloves for Pilates, Yoga, or Push Ups: Wrist Assured Gloves Product Review

Material: Many wrist braces are made from a neoprene material, but any soft, breathable fabric will do. Dr. Montero Lopez notes that you shouldnt worry too much about the material, but rather try out a few options and see which one you like best. These braces can come in many materials and whichever material you find most comfortable is the best one for you, she says. A rigid support that maintains the wrist extended it is a great option for treating carpal tunnel.

Fit: Brands that offer multiple fit sizes or adjustable braces can help you find the most comfortable fit for you. You should also pay attention to what side of the hand the brace is made for. Many brands will sell braces specifically for men and women and for both left and right hands. If you’re looking for a night brace, the same recommendations apply.

Design: Dr. Montero Lopez says to start by looking for a brace that covers the hand through the forearm, but if you look up carpal tunnel braces, youll see there are full arm braces, gloves, and even bracelets for sale.

Again, this all depends on what youre looking for. Dr. Montero Lopez says that if your wrist pain is mild, you might try a cheaper option like a basic hand and forearm brace. If you need carpal tunnel support at work or in a public place, you might want to wear something that looks a bit sleeker, like an ergonomic bracelet for carpal tunnel pain, which allows for hands-free motions .

Best Ergonomic Support: #7 Yoga Foam Wedge Blocks

  • Material Foam
  • Available Size 6W x 11.8L x 3D inches

These are made of high-density foam, and because theyre wedge-shaped, you have more height possibilities to experiment with. Theyre also a little more comfortable to hold. Youll end up with a regular, rectangular yoga block if you stack them on top of each other.

You can use them for backbends, reclining, sideways stretching, and forward bends. The soft texture is comfortable on the skin and it also offers comfort to the joints.

The ramp can be used for upper and lower body support and the wide flat bottom ensures stability.

These blocks come with a carry bag so that it is easier to travel with them.


  • The wide bottom ensures a firm grip on the floor
  • The ramp gives comfort to joints and back
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Can be made into a rectangular block when stacked


Wrist Wraps By Rip Toned

Wrist Wraps by Rip Toned have earned their place as one of the best on the market. And for yoga enthusiasts looking to up their game while keeping their wrist protected, youre welcome to give this incredible wrist support for yoga a try.

Whether youre interested in stiff or medium-stiff versions, rest assured that this blend of wrist brace has you covered. From easy to adjust velcro straps to premium stitching and more, these excellent yoga wrist guards will deliver as promised.

  • Helps with weight bearing and stress on the wrist joints


  • A little too rigid and may not be as comfortable as other wrist support braces.

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Adjustable Wrist Brace By Braceup

Every yoga session should be fun and memorable thats why getting the all amazing adjustable wrist wraps by BraceUp is a must. Made from a sturdy neoprene blend and fitted with breathable lining, this wrist brace will deliver mild support to the wrist while ensuring you perform at your best.

Designed to fit either the left or right hand, this support brace for yoga will deliver a comfortable wearing experience, thanks to the exotic materials used to make it. And because it offers mild support, it will not limit your range of motion.


  • Breathable lining that guarantees a comfortable wearing experience
  • Great for push ups, arm balances for your wrist joints


  • Comes in one size only, so you may not be sure if it will fit
  • Can exert a lot of pressure on the thumb

Best Wrist Support: #5 Wrist Buddy Yoga Blocks

Best Selling Top Best 5 yoga wrist support brace for ...
  • Material High-density EVA foam
  • Available Size 9W x 6L x 4D inches

This yoga block comes with a unique design for the placement of your hands. Comes in a set of two, one each for right and left, with markings for easy identification. The hand contours reduce wrist compression and give a firm grip. This helps in shifting the weight from the wrists to the palms.

Even though it is a high-density block, it is lightweight so that you can easily carry it to your yoga studio. It is also dense enough to support your body but soft to place under your head and back. The grooves fit almost all hand sizes. It is easy to clean and the closed-cell EVA foam assures that it is anti-slip and water repellant.

It doesnt have any unpleasant odor and is latex-free.


  • Price is on the higher side
  • The grooves may cause discomfort on the back
  • People with small hands may not find it a good fit.

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Common Yoga Injuries You Should Know

Without mincing words, yoga comes with a lot of perks you dont want to miss out on. Here is the big picture, a healthy and regular yoga routine can help lower stress levels, induce better sleep, reduce blood pressure and improve your overall flexibility and strength.

But guess what, if youre not careful when executing your favourite routines, yoga can cause some severe problems, especially to your wrist, elbows, shoulders, neck and hamstring. A study conducted in 2012 showed that yoga injuries have more than doubled between 2001 to 2014. That said, here is some common wrist injury every yoga enthusiast should know.

Effectively Ease Pain In Your Thumb Hand Or Wrist

You heavily rely on your thumb, hand and wrist not just to take part in sporting activity, but also to complete everyday tasks. Therefore, if you have damaged this part of your body, it can have a massive inconvenience on your life, lifting a kettle, writing or using cutlery can all be impacted. At PhysioRoom we have multiple products that can ease the discomfort that you experience in your wrist and also protect you from suffering further injuries, such as one of our wrist straps, splints and supports. Alternatively if you are seeking a product to support you during rehabilitation for your thumb injury, then you need to check out our range of thumb splints and supports.

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Are Wrist Supports Good

Wrist injuries depend on the nature of the joints and therefore go hand-in-hand with injuries to the thumb. Therefore, support in both wrist and thumb is an absolute necessity. Wrist supports hold your thumb and wrist at a neutral position. This in turn prevents you from pain or your injury aggravating while allowing a great deal of finger freedom.

Hirui 2 Pack Wrist Compression Strap And Wrist Brace Sport Wrist Support

Yoga for Wrist Pain: Stretches For Carpal Tunnel, Wrists & Hands
  • Designed for – athletics, basketball, volleyball, tennis, jumper, cycling, squatting, weightlifting etc.
  • 100% money-back guaranteed – buy the item with confidence! either you love the wrist support or get full refund! just let us know what the problem is and we will take care of the rest.
  • High quality material – durable neoprene-blend materials for extra support, soothing warmth, breathable and sweat, comfortable and easy to use.
  • Protect and stabilize your wrist – flexible cuff for easy wearing, providing wrist pain relief.
  • Comfortable to wear – essential lightweight protective gear for active men & women, youth & adult.

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How Do I Avoid Wrist Pain In Yoga

If you can’t afford regular yoga classes, using DVDs, apps or YouTube videos are a great way to do yoga at home. But, if you’re a beginner, doing yoga at home means that you won’t have the benefit of a professional correcting your technique. Following these simple guidelines will ensure that you avoid exacerbating any existing wrist pain:

  • Concentrate your weight on the bottom of your knuckles and base of your thumb
  • Ensure the tips of your fingers are firmly pressing down into the mat
  • Visualise the center of your palm being lifted upwards away from the mat
  • Avoid collapsing any weight on base, or ‘heel’, of your hand

Using this hand placement on the mat will ensure that you feel minimal or no wrist pain, however, you can also do some warm-ups beforehand to ensure your wrists are prepared for exercise:

  • Finger pulses: with all fingertips on the mat, bounce your hands up and down in a ‘push-up’ motion
  • Palm pulses: similar to the exercise above, place all fingers down on the mat and do the push-up motion with just your palms
  • Side-to-side wrist stretch: on all fours, place your hand palm down, face them in opposite directions and gently rock from side to side

You can find many more wrist stretches and warm-ups to suit you in this video.

Thumb & Wrist Supports For Sports

Wearing one of our sports wrist supports can help prevent a number of potential wrist injuries. This high quality range of supports are ideal for sports injuries related to tennis, golf and squash which depend heavily on repetitive wrist movements. In our range you’ll find supports that can help with conditions such as: wrist sprains, thumb sprains, wrist instability, weak and arthritic wrists and wrist pain.

Wrist straps that have been designed to manage pain caused by joint or tendon overuse in the wrist or thumb are also a great option for sports. Providing adjustable compression and support, the wrist strap has been made from heat therapeutic neoprene, which helps to provide warmth and support to muscles and joints to aid weak, injured or arthritic wrists. It’s perfect to help with strain caused by repetitive wrist movements such as occupational and sporting activities.

Wrist supports that feature an adjustable wrap-around strap are easy to fit and has mesh materials to ensure of total comfort. Wrist wraps and straps help to relieve pain and provides firm support to a weakened or strained wrist as well as helping to prevent further injury and stabilisation during sporting activities.

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Yoga Props For Wrist Pain

Introducing props into your yoga routine is another tried and tested means of keeping your wrists protected during an intense workout.

On top of wearing a wrist wrap or brace, you could invest in a foam block or wedge, which takes a considerable amount of the pressure off your wrist, while also allowing you to complete the yoga move unimpeded.

Kneepads are also an essential prop if you want to ensure your wrist stays supple. Not just for your wrists, yoga mats are great to keep all your joints in check.

Props such as push-up wheels and barbell blocks could also work as suitable yoga props. These are, in fact, perfect for such positions as chaturanga and plank as they keep your wrists pressure-free and neutral for the duration.

Increase The Variety Of Your Exercise

Yoga Wrist Support Brace for Exercise

Wearing a wrist brace allows you to do movements that might have hurt you before you wear it. You can try more movements, so that your wrist and grip strength are no longer limited. With wrist brace, your workouts are more varied, intense, and challenging, allowing you to enjoy the weightlifting process even more.

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Pack 2020 New Version Profession Wrist Support Brace Adjustable Wrist Strap Reversible Wrist

  • Care for your wrist :whether it’s painful sports-related & wrist strains, post-surgery and post-cast rehabilitation, our wrist brace provides the necessary compression to keep your wrist from any sprain or break and offer a fast recovery and pain reliever..
  • Comfort & flexible :lightweight and supportive wrist wrap support are for kid, adult, elder.
  • Unique design :with its ergonomic design of our wrist support, there won’t be any pressure on your thumb but only comfort, and it boosts blood circulation around the wrist, which in turn aids the bodys natural healing process during acute injury recovery or relief from pain..
  • Durability & breathability :this wrist brace is made of soft and high quality double-sided sbr materials, durability and breathability during your wrist protecting.
  • Customer service :we are committed to providing quality products and satisfactory customer service.

Best Wrist Wrap For Beginners

Some wrist support designed for professional athletes can be stiff and uncomfortable for beginners, so it is usually a good choice for beginners to find a comfortable support band.

It has a thumb loop, which is supported by a Velcro attachment to fix it.

This kind of brace has double elasticity and higher flexibility.

The use of this kind of wristband is also very wide.

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Why Yogis Experience Wrist Pain

Like we stated earlier, wrist pain is one of the most common conditions experienced by yogis. If youve experienced some form of pain or discomfort in the wrist when performing yoga poses like downward dog or crow, then youll know for sure that wrist pain is a real issue in yoga practice. But thanks to proper modifications and progressions, this issue can be quickly addressed, and you can go back to enjoying the thing you love doing the most with the use of a wrist brace.

While yogis often experience wrist pain, this condition also affects other athletes like CrossFit athletes and weightlifters and may happen because of bad ergonomics. Here is the thing, proper alignment applies to everything we do, and that includes riding, typing, weightlifting and even when executing poses.

Simply put, when the wrist is hiked upwards, in an extended position, it exerts stress on soft tissues like tendons in the wrist. Over time, if not corrected, overstressing the soft tissues in the wrist can lead to varying cases of wrist injuries you may be needing treatment. In short term cases then a wrist support product may by in order to help with any aches.

Here is a simple logic we have put together, so you get the bigger picture. People walk with their feet and not their hands, so its imperative that when we work the hands during yoga classes, its okay to allow room for some adjustment.

Weighing All The Factors

5 min Yoga Stretches for Wrists – Best Yoga Poses for Wrists

While yoga is great for both your physical and mental wellbeing, it can put pressure on your wrists. Even if you dont suffer from any existing wrist problems, wearing wrist support during yoga sessions can prevent future problems. Rip Toneds wrist wraps are ideal for those looking for moderate to heavy-duty support. The wrist supports by Sparthos and BraceUP are two other great options for those wishing to alleviate pressure from their wrist joints and muscles.

Best Choice – Wrist Wraps by Rip Toned

Wrist wraps by Rip Toned feature reinforced thumb loops, heavy-duty stitching, and adjustable Velcro fastenings. They are available in two support levels: stiff or medium stiff.

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Tips To Protect Your Wrist When Executing Poses

Knowing yourself and your ability is the first step to protecting your hands and wrist during yoga practice. Besides getting your positioning and alignment right, wearing the right wrist brace during yoga sessions can be important to progress and switch things up according to your ability and fitness level.

More so, Its important to not compare yourself with other people in your yoga class and take things one at a time. Should you experience low-level wrist discomfort while executing your favourite poses, here are some things you can do.

  • Instead of executing a downward dog, it is better to switch to a dolphin pose instead .
  • Instead of performing a wheel pose on the floor, experiment with blocks placed at an angle against the wall. With the block in place, you can go ahead to do a wheel pose, but this time, your hands will be placed on those blocks.
  • Instead of doing a cobra or upward dog pose, you can slightly modify it to a baby cobra or sphinx pose, which can both be executed on the forearms instead of the wrist.
  • Instead of planking and putting all the pressure on your hands, we suggest you execute a plank on your forearms and take things slowly to the knees, especially if you have a weak core.

Its important that you dont mask wrist pain up by sticking to the famous mantra no pain, no gain. Doing so will amount to shooting yourself on foot, and we doubt if youll like that.

Best Budget: Wod Nation Wrist Wraps Set Of 2

  • Made of durable polyester material

  • No-slip closure and reinforced stitching

  • May feel too stiff for some

Snag these wrist wraps at an affordable price without compromising quality. The wrist wraps are made of durable polyester material that withstands lots of heavy loads. The thumb loops keep these wrist wraps in place, while the velcro closure and reinforced stitching add to their durability. These wraps are also great for helping those with weak wrists sustain intense yoga poses in yoga class, or even for bowling!

Choose between two lengths12 and 18 inchesbased on the size of your hands and your comfort level.

Material: Polyester blend| Length: 12 and 18 inches | Thumb Loop: Yes

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Best Yoga Wrist Support Wrist Wraps For Yogis

Yoga is one of the most popular mind-body therapies youll come across, and for thousands of years, this beautiful mental and physical practice has won the hearts of millions of practitioners all across the globe.

For people just starting out, we know you always feel the nudge to roll out your yoga mat and explore combinations of physical and mental exercises that will benefit you. Well, youre not alone as this beautiful practice is loved by millions of people all around the world.

The cool thing about yoga is that you dont have to be a yogini or a yogi to enjoy its many benefits. So whether youre overweight or fit, young or old, yoga has a lot of potential to calm your mind and strengthen the body.

But here is the snag, while yoga has an unscathed reputation of providing yoga enthusiasts with numerous health benefits, your wrists are always in the firing line when executing your favourite poses and applying weight on your hands, Thats why wearing wrist support yoga is super important for early wrist pain.

From popular yoga arm balances like a handstand, crow, peacock, plank to simple routines like side plank, firefly and side crow, there are tons of yoga balances that puts your wrist in harms way and if not checked soon enough could result in wrist pain or numbness in the wrist after every yoga sessions.

Looking for a wrist brace that will help with yoga but you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome then .


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