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Best Size For Yoga Mat

Practice Preference And Thickness

What Size Yoga Mat Is Standard?

The style of yoga you perform also has a big role to play when you are out searching for a yoga mat. For example, if you practice Restorative Yoga classes, you will need a thicker mat for passive poses. Using thick mats will help you seat more comfortably.

You can even continue with the reclined postures for a long time without feeling uncomfortable. If you follow the Bikram or Anusara style of yoga- which are more rigorous and involve flowing yoga poses- you will always need a thinner yoga mat.

This helps to maintain stability and balance by keeping your feet grounded to the floor. Also, wider mats are required in these types of yoga as you move more quickly in these yoga sequences.

What’s The Standard Size Of A Yoga Mat

The standard size of a yoga mat is 68 inches long and 24 inches wide.

The normal thickness of a yoga mat is 4-5 mm. Thats about 3/16ths of an inch.

How does that translate to your height is the real question here. A standard 68 inch mat should be okay for someone who is five foot eight inches right?

Its not always that simple though

This is where a lot of first-time yoga mat buyers go wrong in the process. First, we consider how tall we are. Then as long as we are not taller than the yoga mat we think, This will work! So we buy the mat and regret our decision later.

Or worse yet, perhaps youre almost six feet tall and the clerk tells you, its just the standard size so youll be fine.

Lets talk more about finding whats best for your height.

Would It Be Better To Get The 6mm Or Thicker Yoga Mat

In the beginning, the thicker yoga mat of 6mm might be comfortable. But as time goes by, it would be too soft to support you. You will feel that you are in a soft bed. When you want to hold a pose for a long time or keep balance, your hands or feet will sink into the mat. It is not easy to move using the very thick yoga mat.

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What Is The Standard Yoga Mat Size

An average yoga mat should be 24 inches wide and 68 to 72 inches long . This is the yoga mat size people feel most comfortable practicing on. To translate this into height metrics, 68 inches equals 58, while 72 inches equals 6 feet. That means that the standard yoga mat will be suitable for most of the population.

When it comes to the thickness of yoga mats, there are different categories. Lightweight yoga mats fit for carrying around are usually 1,5 mm thick. Standard yoga mats start from 3 mm of thickness. If you have back or knee pain, or just want overall better balance, there are 4 to mm thick yoga mats.

Even if you are 6 feet tall , the comfort of yoga practice will significantly increase if you get a yoga mat that is a few inches longer than your actual height.

However, the standard yoga mat size will be an excellent fit for you if your height is below 6 feet.

Gaiam Yoga Mat Classic 4mm Print Thick Non

JLL Yoga Mat 6mm + Free Carry Case

Gaiams yoga mat is one of the best. It is a classic designed mat and measures 4mm. It is also thick and made with non-slip materials. This is good for different yoga exercises as well as Pilates and floor workouts. The size of the product is 24×68 x4mm. Furthermore, it is a lightweight product and highly durable. When you use this product, it gives you the right cushioning on your joints and you need this during your yoga and fitness routine. This product is also a non-toxic and 6P free product.


  • Thick and vibrant colors
  • Slight odor

A superior quality product. it is one of the most durable. Because of the size, you can use it for all types of yoga. It is highly recommended.

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Which Yogis Need Longer Mats

The most common variation on yoga mats is the length. Just a couple extra inches can make a big difference for taller yogis. If you are practicing couples yoga or acro yoga, that may be another reason to search for a longer and wider mat.

There are also the extra long for extra tall yoga practitioners. Nobody wants their hands and feet hanging off the mat during downward facing dog or when lying flat on the mat. In some poses, this could even lead to slipping or misalignment.

Best Extra Long Mat

Long and tall, the Manduka Black Mat Pro comes in a 26 x 85 size that is great for taller yogis who want to stretch out. These are really durable, heavy mats that have a higher price point, but Manduka is known to be top-of-the-line and the most well-respected brand name for PVC mats. This mat is 6mm thick and ultra supportive for any serious yogi, pilates, or fitness aficionado.

Level And Style Of Yoga You Practice

Before you buy a yoga mat, consider your level as a yoga practitioner and the style of yoga you practice. Some yoga styles, such as Hot Yoga or Bikram, will need yoga mats with excellent grip and are very absorbent since you sweat a lot in these classes. But even if you dont sweat a lot, consider your level as well.

If youre a beginner yogi, you should also consider your grip strength and how much padding your joints need. If your grip strength is not enough yet, you will need to have a sticky mat, so you dont slip when doing Downward Dogs and other poses that require you to push the mat with your hands. Once you develop grip strength, you may not even need a mat to practice.

To know if the mat has enough grip strength for your level and yoga style, do a Downward Facing Dog and hold it for a few cycles of breaths. If you can grip it without slipping, it has an excellent grip. Then, try it again with your hands wet. This way, you know that it still has an excellent grip even when your hands are sweaty.

You can test if the mat gives you enough cushioning for your joints by doing a few rounds of cat-cows on it.

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For The Standard Height Yogis

The standard yoga mats are made for people with height around 58 or below. If you belong to the taller group of people or plus size or simply want a longer and wider mat , you will find lengths of the mats ranging from 70 to 74 inches. You will also find mats which are 84 inches long too and even beyond.

Here is a informative video on the topic.

Why Choosing A Yoga Mat Is Better For You Than A Regular Mat When Working Out

What Yoga mat should I buy? What thickness? Where to buy a good Yoga mat? Yoga mats explained here!

Many people think that the use of a yoga mat means that it is only necessary for yoga practices, the exceptional character about it is related to its sticky features that can help yogis to hold their correct poses more easily, Yoga Mats are made of synthetic materials that are used to help during exercise to avoid slipping of hands or feet during poses and exercises, like Quad Exercise and Hamstring Stretches.

That is why they are known as Non-Slip Mats. Yoga Mats are designed to provide your fitness, positively shift your exercise practice with comfort, and support stable movements.

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What Sizes Are Yoga Mats

A furtive glance around the yoga studio will show you that yoga mats are as varied as their owners. Different shapes, sizes and colors abound, so you might be wondering if your mat is the right one for you. While comfort level may dictate the thickness and material for your yoga mat, your practice will have the greatest bearing on which size will work best. By knowing what’s available, you can find the ideal mat.

Sanuk Yoga Mat White 8 B

as of March 26, 2022 6:23 am


  • MAT WASH AND REFRESH: Naturally cleans and refreshes yoga mats and fitness equipment in one easy step. Delivers a subtle yet long lasting fragrance to keep your yoga mat smelling fresh without compromising performance. Works on all yoga mat materials
  • PLANT-BASED: Made with 100% natural essential oils, and 100% naturally derived ingredients. Non-irritating and pet-friendly. Biodegradable product with recyclable bottle
  • TO USE: Use after every class or workout to keep your mat clean and odor-free. Naturally cleans and freshens mat in one step. Spray the entire top surface of the mat. Use a clean cloth to wipe the mat dry before rolling or using
  • NATURAL CLEAN: Mandukas Yoga mat refresh uses 100% naturally derived ingredients, formulated to keep your yoga mat smelling fresh and free from surface dirt and stains.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: 8 oz bottle, Lemongrass scent

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Thicker Mat Vs Thinner Mat

A standard mat thickness is around 4-5 mm . Thick yoga mats range from 5 mm to 6 mm , and thinner travel mats can be as slim as 1-3 mm .

When choosing a yoga mat, the amount of padding will ultimately determine what size yoga mat you will be carrying around. Thick mats obviously roll up quite densely and may be heavier to carry.

You should also consider where you practice most. A thinner mat works great on a carpeted floor or the beach, but thick mats give you more cushion for hard surfaces.

An extra large and wide mat may be perfect for yoga at home or in a park, but at a studio with designated mat spaces this may enroach on others space. Floor space can sometimes be a premium commodity, especially in crowded classes. Nobody is going to kick you out of yoga class for bringing a big 84 x 36 mat, but that additional foot in each direction could annoy your neighbors.

Jade Yoga Harmony Yoga Mat Yoga Mat Designed To Provide A Secure Grip To Help Hold Your Pose

Best Yoga Mat Reviews 2018

Jade yoga has interesting features that make it great. The first is that it makes for a great grip. This makes for a superior tracking level. furthermore, it is made with natural rubber which is good because it makes for a stronger grip. You can use this for yoga and other physical activities at home or the gym. The size is also great enough and in terms of quality, it is one of the best you can buy with money.


  • Highly sustainable
  • The product is expensive

It is another mat you can use for many purposes. This product is durable and highly reliable. If you are looking for the best quality, you can think of this product.

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When The Width Of Yoga Mats Matter

In addition to the standard 24-inch width, you can also find yoga mats with 28 or 30-inch widths.

These wider yoga mats are great for those who want a little more wiggle room for poses on the back of the mat.

Plus, wider mats are great, if you need extra space for poses such as gate pose, or wide legged forward fold, where hands, legs, and feet tend to go off the mat.

This is also a good option if you want more space between you and the person next to you in class since yoga classes can sometimes be jammed pack.

One negative of longer widths is that they will not fit in a regular yoga bag. However, a yoga mat carrier with straps on each side of the rolled yoga mat would work just fine.

Also, if youre taking a yoga class, and the teacher uses the teaching cue, bring your feet mat-width apart, take notice that you will probably need to move your feet a bit inward from the sides of the mat since your mat is wider than standard.

If you think youd benefit from a wide, yoga mat, Id love for you to check out these additional suggestions.

The first I recommend is Pranas highly reviewed, Revolution Mat, which comes in black or indigo, and is 30 inches wide and 78 inches long, perfect for yogis that are also tall.

Secondly, I have to mention that Jade Yoga makes a Fushion XW that is 28 inches long and comes in 71 or 80-inch lengths.

Sorry to sound like a broken record talking about Jade Yoga over and over, but they specialize in making yoga mats, and Jade yoga mats are amazing.

Choosing The Right Yoga Mat

Shopping for your first yoga mat or even just a new one can be an overwhelming experience. Deciding between the various materials, sizes, and thicknesses can feel like an overwhelming amount of information. This guide will cover each of these aspects and more, and should make the decision process a bit simpler.

As you read this, be mindful of who will be using this yoga mat. The yoga mat you choose should reflect your experience and dedication. Basically, if you’re new to yoga you should be looking more at basic, entry-level mats.

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Dimensions Of The Most Popular Yoga Mats

Heres a list of some of the most popular mats in use today and their sizes. You can see that theres not a ton of variation. Many are the standard yoga mat size, while others have slightly different dimensions.

Gaiam Print Yoga Mat: 24 x 68 Sivan Comfort Foam Mat: 24 x 71 Manduka PROlite: 24 x 71 , 24 x 79 Manduka Black Mat Pro: 26 x 71 , 26 x 85 TOPLUS Yoga Mat: 26 x 72Jade Harmony Pro: 24 x 68, or 24 x 71, or 24 x 74 Hugger Mugger Sattva Jute: 24 x 68

Consider The Best Thickness That Will Protect Your Joints


Your joint health also determines the yoga or Pilates mat you need to choose.

  • If you need extra cushioning and your mat is too thin, fold it under your knees or wrists when youre in a more challenging pose so that your joints are protected and you dont suffer from any pain during or after practice
  • Some mats have an extra layer of material inside them to give you that extra joint protection, such as an inner layer of antibacterial cottonthats there to for added comfort as well as to keep your mat hygienic for longer.

The above should cover you perfectly unless you have a health condition, are working out with an injury or are pregnant. Ask your yoga teacher or even your physician to make sure, especially if you are practicing with swollen ankles, sensitive joints or have certain pain points that you are trying to protect while working out. Its always best to practice extra care as there is not a one-size-fits-all in terms of yoga or Pilates gear so make sure you pick whats best for yourself.

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Ultra Thin Yoga Mats 04 To 2mm

The ultra-thin mats are designed specifically keeping in mind the travel need of practitioners. The cushioning is obviously going to be low with these mats. After few sequences of practice, during the pose hold, you will feel the ground pushing against your joints. You also must not expect much fluid or moisture absorption from these mats. The ultra-thins will quickly get sweaty.

The balance and grip will not be an issue with these mats if the material is natural and dense. On the utmost plus side, you will be able to carry these mats anywhere, in anything. Folding and bending the ultra-thin mats are the easiest, not to mention they weigh the lightest. Note the 0.4 mm mats are extremely thin, and they are only worth considering if the material is something like natural rubber or cork.

Who needs ultra thin Mats?

  • These are definitely for people who travel a lot and practice yoga on the go.
  • Someone who really wants a natural rubber or cork mat, but you are low on budget.
  • Someone with a need for a synthetic material mat, but also wants to minimize the carbon footprint.
  • People who mostly practice seated light restorative poses, seated meditative poses, and pranayama.

What Size Yoga Mat Do I Need Complete Guide

Yoga is commonly practiced across the globe, and it is one of the widely practiced types of exercise. A yoga mat is essential for a yoga beginner and a practitioner and is also one of the necessary yoga accessories for all yoga practitioners.

A yoga mat is available in a wide range of sizes. To find mats, you first need to understand the requirements you are looking for in a mat.

In this article, we will be discussing the size of the yoga mat that would be perfect for you. While looking for one, you should consider the mats brand, thickness, color, cost, and material. While size is essential, the materials used are paramount as well.

By the end of this blog, you will get all the help needed in buying a yoga mat. Even if you want to do your practice yoga mat is necessary. There is no ideal size for mats. Different brands provide yoga mats of various lengths and thicknesses depending on the demand among the customers.

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