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Best Paddle Boards For Yoga

Best Overall Yoga Paddle Board

BEST YOGA PADDLE BOARDS: 5 Yoga SUP Boards (2022 Buying Guide)

10 Airtech Inflatable Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board by Isle

A cause of hesitation for many yogis when it comes to using an inflatable paddleboard is whether or not it can support the weight of someone who may be a bit on the larger size. With the 10 Isle Airtech Inflatable SUP for Yoga, that isnt going to be much of a concern with a weight capacity of up to 240 lbs. With an inflated weight of just 20 pounds, carrying the ISUP board to the water isnt a hassle.

Designed with stability in mind to help you achieve your fitness goals, the Airtech board has a wide nose and tail outline to give you the best surface for every SUP yoga session you take part in. Made from military-grade PVC, the board is six inches thick, which will keep the little dings and any damage you may cause during your workout at a minimum. The board also comes equipped with a rail and deck mounted bungee system that can keep your things within arms reach.

The 10 Airtech Inflatable board from Isle surf includes an accessory bundle that provides you with the essentials that you need including a 3-piece adjustable aluminum travel paddle, a high-pressure air pump with pressure gauge, which inflates to 15 psi, as well as a removable travel fin system and carry-all backpack to take it anywhere with you.

All of the work that goes into creating the board results in you getting an iSUP board that is lighter, stiffer, and more durable without any extra weight added on.

Best Paddle Boards For Yoga That Are Fantastic To Start Right Now

With an enormous amount of paddle board brands and stores out there, you might feel overwhelmed if you´re looking for the best paddle boards for Yoga.

There are so many features to take into consideration before buying the proper SUP for you! The shape, weight, width

Still, there are also the reviews of avid paddle boarders and Yoga lovers that might make you want to run to the nearest Yoga paddle board Costco section, and buy one right away.

But before you do so, let us give you some suggestions so your purchase is worth every penny.

The last thing you want is to buy an advertised SUP yoga board thats not at all suitable for Yoga and regret getting into this beneficial and relaxing exercise.

  • Peak 10´ Yoga Fitness Inflatable

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    Q: Why Do Yoga On A Paddle Board

    A: Both SUP and yoga have tremendous health benefits. When you combine them, you get one amazing exercise.

    You will develop an improved sense of mindfulness because you have to be really present to avoid losing balance. Even simple yoga poses will give you this benefit.

    You will learn how to smoothly and gracefully transition from one pose to another.

    Finally, it is a full-body workout that challenges all your muscles in a different way.

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    Just A Paddleboard Is Not Enough:

    Many people assume that they are all set to go when they get a board. However, what they dont know is that they also require other necessary accessories. A leash, whistle and a PDF are also required. A leash will save you in case you fall in the water, the PFD is for safety and is also mandatory in some areas.

    Top Tips For Sup Yoga

    The best Paddle Boards for Yoga in 2020

    Once you get your own board and are ready to give SUP yoga a go, its helpful to keep some useful tips in mind for a better experience.

    • Stay low and don’t be afraid
    • Find a point on the horizon to focus on look straight in front of you
    • Focus on yourself and don’t push yourself too hard we all have to start somewhere
    • Choose a peaceful location to practice SUP yoga
    • Use an anchor to keep your board in one place throughout your practice
    • Wear the right clothes and dont forget to use sunscreen
    • Always check the weather conditions before going out safety always comes first
    • Remember to smile, have fun, and enjoy yourself

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    Serenelife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board With Premium Sup Accessories

    The SereneLife Inflatable SUP is a 10-foot board built from PVC with a classic leisure style. It has a width of 6 inches that helps to keep the board steady on the water while your practicing yoga.

    Product Highlights

    The non-slip friction pad on top of the board prevents the yogi from sliding. The SereneLife Inflatable paddleboard is reinforced with PVC plastic covering a wide area and measures 10 feet and 6 inches thick. PVC is corrosion resistant and helps water to flow straight down. It also comes with 9 D-rings around the boar. There are 4 D-rings with bungee cords at the front that you can use for holding or while in transport.

    The Good

    The handle is directly connected to the board, thus making it suitable for traveling. The SereneLife Paddleboard comes with a hand pump, a paddle, a board harness, a repair kit, and a storage bag. You may move the paddleboard up or down to fit paddlers of differing sizes. The SereneLife SUP weighs only 19lbs and is one of the lightest inflatable SUPs currently on the market.

    The Bad

    The SereneLife inflatable paddleboard has a narrower frame than other SUPs. Most consumers worry about the failure of the third fin connection and may come off when on the water.


    Factors To Consider When Choosing A Paddle Board For Yoga

    1. An Inflatable or a Solid Paddleboard?

    A quick answer would be that an inflatable paddleboard is the best. However, a small number of people may disagree.

    On one hand, iSUPs have a soft top. While doing poses, different parts of your body will come into contact with the paddleboard. These include elbows and knees. The traction pad that covers most inflatable paddleboards offers a soft platform for you to rest on. They are just like yoga mats.

    Another thing, iSUPs are easy to transport. They can be deflated, folded, and packed into a bag. This means that you get to go wherever you want. If you have always wanted to go to a specific secret spot, it will be easier with an inflatable board. Additionally, iSUPs are great for whitewater. They are made using tough material that can handle things like rocks.

    On the other hand, solid paddleboards are superior to inflatable boards when it comes to stability. This is not to say that iSUPs are not stable not at all. They are, but solid boards are way better in this area. The boards stability is an important factor for yogis. Beginners, especially, can use this feature.

    An inflatable paddleboard is obviously the ideal choice here. Solid epoxy boards are only better in terms of stability. Nonetheless, you can choose a wider iSUP and enjoy awesome stability.

    2. Hull Type

    3. What Paddle Board Proportions Are Ideal for Yoga?

    4. The Volume of the Board and Weight Limit

    5. The Fin System

    Choose what will work for you.

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    Popular Paddle Board For Yoga Questions

    What is SUP Yoga?

    SUP Yoga takes your yoga practice to the next level. You will find the practice works your balance and core strength more than your typical yoga session, with the continuous task of staying on your board with the water bobbing underneath you.

    What are the benefits to SUP yoga?

    As well as being great for the soul and grabbing some vitamin D, SUP yoga works your core strength more than your average yoga session, as you will need to balance constantly to maintain on the board. Even if you dont manage to nail your yoga practice, just paddling out on the board is great for your core strength.

    Inflatable Sup Yoga Vs Sup Yoga

    Best Yoga Paddle Board 2020 – Top 5 Yoga Paddle Boards Reviews

    Advanced design features mean that nowadays, the gap between hard and inflatable SUP boards is closing fast. There are very few differences, and if an inflatable SUP is fully inflated, its almost impossible to tell it apart from a hard SUP.

    This means that SUP yoga is very similar, regardless of whether youre using a hard board or an inflatable one.

    Stability is always an important factor in SUP yoga, which can easily be overcome by choosing the correct size board. Fully inflated iSUPs are very stiff and dont buckle at all, so in this sense, theres no advantage to using a hard board.

    However, very experienced riders may notice a slight difference in the feel of the water underfoot. This may cause experienced riders to find inflatable SUP yoga disconcerting at first until they realize that being able to feel the waters movements will lead to smoother movements.

    As with most types of stand up paddling, the ultimate decision of whether to opt for the inflatable or the hardboard version comes down to convenience. Inflatable boards can be inflated and deflated in minutes and theres none of the heavy weight to carry. Furthermore, inflatable yoga boards can be rolled up and stored easily, making them the sensible choice for those who want to take SUP yoga on their travels.

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    Funwater Tiki : Budget Yoga Board

    While reading all the reviews, I soon found out that the FunWater Tiki is a masterpiece for a board with this low price. Wherever I look, this US company receives 5 star reviews. On their own websites, but also on Amazon. I know that reviews can be faked on own websites so I take them less seriously. However, it is a lot harder to fake Amazon and at the time I am writing this article, the FunWater Tiki has over 1500 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. This is crazy.

    The Best Solid Paddle Board Bote Hd Stand Up Paddle Board

    Bote HD Stand Up Paddle Board is our top pick for the best solid paddle board

    • Hull Type-displacement
    • Weight Capacity-240 pounds

    If youre looking for maneuverability and feeling up to the challenge of trying out some waves, then solid boards are definitely the way to go! What makes the HD Gatorshell one of the best paddle boards is that it offers a great middle-ground for speed and stability.

    The displacement style hull means that this board can cut through the water with much more agility and speed than other models, but mid-length width is still 32 inches, which is comparable to other planing style hull models.

    Theres a built in slot where you can secure your paddle if you need your hands to be free, plus a watertight storage pod where you can safely keep a bottle of water to stay hydrated during the day. If youre interested in fishing on your paddle board, the Gatorshell is also compatible with the Tackle and Bucket rack, and there are tie-down points along the deck for securing gear, coolers, or other equipment.

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    Do You Need A Special Deck Pad

    The deck pad characteristics are crucial for every rider, but this is especially true for Yogis, because of all the positions and stretching they do.

    Always make sure the deck pad of the SUP that catches your eyes is comfortable, has texture, and provides non-slip traction. These features will ensure you wont fall more than usual.

    If you find a board with a large/full deck pad, the better, more surface to make those poses.

    Ten Toes Board Emporium Weekender

    The best Paddle Boards for Yoga in 2020

    Who Should Buy

    The Ten Toes Board Emporium Weekender iSUP suits all riders of all skill levels. Its high quality construction and stability make it ideal for beginners who want to use it as a platform for yoga, although you can also try it out on the surf. Available in various cool, stylish colors, this board is a great all-rounder which will appeal to everyone.


    Considering its relatively low price, the build quality of this stand up paddle board is fantastic. In fact, its buckle-resistance, rigidity and durability makes this board so comparable to hard boards that when youre out on the water you probably wont even notice the difference.

    This strength and stability is essential in a yoga stand up paddle board. At ten feet long and 30 inches wide its our smallest yoga SUP board, but it still offers more than enough room for all your yoga poses.

    Not only does this board deliver space for yoga, but it also brings comfort. Along the surface of the board you will find a large textured pad to provide extra grip and to reduce the chance of slipping. These mats can show signs of wear after some time, but Ten Toes have thought of this and saved you worry, time and hassle by providing a replacement deck pad as standard with every board.

    Unlike the Red Paddle Co and Solstice boards, this Ten Toes SUP does actually come with its own paddle. The paddle is basic, but its more than sufficient if your main intention is to use this board for yoga.

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    Yoga Board Vs Yoga Studio

    Most of us have tried yoga in a studio and have found it challenging enough, why would we want to combine it with an unstable platform and water? One of the downsides of the yoga studio is that being in a confined space with a lot of other sweaty bodies can get a bit, um, pungent. Being outside means that you are breathing fresh air throughout your yoga practice.

    Yoga paddle boards give you a completely different perspective of your practice. Being out in nature as you feel the water lapping against your board is far more relaxing than being cooped up inside. You also have the added benefit of being able to get your daily dose of vitamin D.

    Freein : Another Perfect Inflatable Paddle Board For Beginners

    The Freein Inflatable paddle board is one of the best inflatable paddle boards at an affordable price. It is 6 inches thick and promises exceptional durability and stability. The price makes Freein stand out, especially given some of its advantages.

    If youre looking for a stable paddleboard, the Freein Explorer wont let you down. The Freein Inflatable paddleboard is easy to control, suitable for everyone including beginners and smaller or younger paddlers. Its an easy board to maneuver. Its not that hard to make turns, which is always good for beginners.

    Another super cool thing about this paddle board is that it has a storage area. At the front end of the board, you can store extra gear that you want to take with you.

    The material is sun resistant and there is a dedicated space to install a camera if you want to film your adventures on the water. There is also a handle on the top of the board, so you can transport it easily. Finally, the board measures 10 inches x 31 inches x 6 inches.

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    Bright Blue : The Best Inflatable Paddle Board For Intermediate Levels

    Bright Blue is a lightweight but highly durable paddle board. At 116 in length and 32 in width, the board is larger than most. Due to its large size, the Bright Blue SUP is more suitable for cruising in calmer waters.

    With a weight capacity of 325 pounds, the SUP is simlar to a hard board in terms of capacity, making it perfect for bigger or heavier people or up to two adults.

    As you can see in the image above, the paddle board comes with all the accessories youll need including a paddle, hand pump, ankle leash, repair kit and a bag for transport. The board uses Drop Stitch technology to ensure that the board is capable of withstanding high levels of pumped air pressure.

    With its pointy tip and large size, the Bright Blues SUP is best suited for intermediate to advanced paddlers.

    What To Look For In A Yoga Paddle Board

    PORTAL Stand Up Paddle Board | Best Paddle Board For Yoga | 10’x32 x6 Inflatable Paddle Board

    First and foremost, you will need to decide if you want a dedicated yoga board. Many of those practicing yoga on a paddle board start with all around SUPs. A good yoga board will be a more stable board in most cases than an all around SUP which is designed or everything from whitewater SUP to paddle board surfing.

    All around SUPs are usually more maneuverable than yoga SUPs but once you become more dedicated to your practice, you are going to want a yoga SUP board that has the more stable platform.

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    Center Fin Vs Side Fins

    Many paddle boards come with a tri fin setup these days. A tri fin setup consists of a center fin that has side fins on each side of it. The purpose of the side fins is to give a surfer more stability as they turn on the paddle boards rails while gliding down a wave.

    Anything more than a center fin, is really overkill on yoga boards. Side fins won’t help your yoga and they are just additional parts that can be lost or broken.

    The main thing that you want to look for in regards to the center fin is that the SUP brand uses a U.S. fin box. A U.S. fin box allows you to use a center fin from most center fin manufacturers on the market. A center fin will break from time to time so being able to replace it easily is important.

    If you do end up with side fins on your yoga board, make sure that they are removable fins as opposed to being welded on. This rule of thumb goes for the center fin as well. If welded on fins break, you are now stuck with a faulty yoga SUP board.

    SUP fins tend to cause quite a bit of confusion. To learn more, check out our article on: Paddle board fins: Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.


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