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Best Online Yoga Classes India

Best Yoga Course Online Rishikesh India For Beginers To Advanced

Yoga for Beginners Classes | Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga Teacher Training India

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has turned our life topsy turvy and everything about our daily routine has changed to a large extent. Instead of going out and shopping, we are buying things online, schools are conducting online classes, and offices are operating out of homes.

Technology has come to our rescue big time as services are being delivered at our doorsteps as the fear of catching virus lingers on. Our fitness regimen too has been bearing the brunt of the pandemic as we no longer go out for gymming, morning walks or yoga classes. But here too internet is proving to be a boon with fitness experts conducting online live sessions and classes and helping people stick to their fitness regimen.

The fitness tribe is only growing with each passing day as the only way one can beat the Covid-19 pandemic is by increasing immunity. Even those who earlier led an active lifestyle but are now forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle are finding ways to work out, stay in the pink of their health by getting enrolled in online fitness classes.

How Do I Improve My Reputation As A Yoga Teacher

One of the best ways to become more reputable is to become a more educated teacher. To do this, you can go for a 300- or 500-hour program. Some programs such as the Online Yoga Teacher Training also includes a 1008-hour program.

These courses are much more detailed and enhance your expertise and skill further.

Apart from being able to teach the regular public, these extra courses also help you teach yoga to the special, underserved population such as those with arthritis, disabilities, pregnant women , people with special needs, or otherwise mentally challenged individuals.

Streaming Yoga Platforms Offering The Best Online Yoga Classes

You’re not alone if you’re frequenting your favorite yoga studio less often these days due to current circumstances, but that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on attending quality yoga classes or drop your standards. Because now, the best yoga teachers are teaching online! You can sweat it out and stretch it out like never before right there on your own living room floor in a virtual yoga class. We’ve got all of the stats and critical need-to-know info on the best virtual yoga studios of 2021, and we’re pretty excited to share our findings with you. If you’ve been looking for comprehensive reviews of the best streaming online yoga platforms and yoga websites, take a seat and keep scrolling to discover the 9 Best Online Yoga Classes that you need to try today.

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Yoga Teacher Training 500 Hours

The 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in India is an extensive course designed to nurture your passion for learning authentic traditional yoga. The course which is suited for Yoga students of all levels, aims to guide students on different yoga related subjects to deepen their insight and approach to yogic living.

My name is deelip kumar. I am an experienced and passionate yoga instructor with over 3 year+ of teaching experience Hath yoga. And experienced in yoga, naturopathy and Ayurveda since 5 years. I have done my master degree in yogic science and i also have done my diploma in Naturopathy & yogic science. I aim to bring a unique sense of empowerment to each of my class through Asana, Pranayama and Ayurveda and my goal is to have my student leave each class feeling refreshed and renewed. I am eager to share my expertise and passion with students.

Best Free Online Yoga Classes On Youtube

The Best Online Yoga Classes in Delhi

Sifting through thousands of yoga videos can feel overwhelming, and the last thing you want to feel is frustration during your precious Zen time. The yoga channels below are my personal favorites and wont disappoint you. There are various types of yoga practice depending on various styles, approaches, and purposes. You can find them on various websites and YouTube Channels.

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Best Yoga Online Classes With Hala Khouri Live Streaming Yoga

Another donation-based class, this one is appropriate for those familiar with basic yoga postures. The flow is slow and offers the option to pace yourself and move in a way that works best for you.

This streaming yoga class can also be sweaty and challenging since they focus on standing poses and core work, but it can also be adapted for bodies that need a gentler practice. The goal is to find presence in our bodies with compassion and also have some fun!

Users can check-in and say hi through audio and video before class starts by logging in up to 15min before the online yoga classes start.

Cost: donation-based, with a suggested donation of $10.IG: @HalaYoga

These are just some of our picks, but if youre more into the versatile style, through apps and free Youtube videos for yoga workouts at home, keep reading!

Q How Can I Become A Yoga Instructor In India

The first step is to do a 200 Hrs Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher Training in India. If you have 25 days to spare then you can attend the residential 200-Hour TTC Program. Otherwise, you can go for the weekend course. After successful completion of a 200hrs curriculum from an RYS 200 Yoga School with 200 hrs Yoga Certification, participants are eligible to get registered with Yoga Alliance, USA for a designation of RYT 200 . For more details please take a look at our article which is explaining more of How to Become a Yoga Instructor.

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Best Online Courses For Yoga

Relax and breathe: were offering you the 30 best online courses for yoga.

When you hear yoga, what do you think? Long, endurance-testing stretches? Godlike flexibility? Sure, yoga is an excellent and popular posture-based physical exercise, but theres a lot more to it than that. What we know of as yoga in the western world body postures that flow together in a single session is only one small part of yoga. Curious about the rest? We bet. Thats why were bringing you the 30 best online courses for yoga.

Anatomy Primer By Maze On Yoga

Best Meditation & Yoga Retreats In India

Sure, yoga philosophy is fascinating, but are you more concentrated on learning about the physical aspect of yoga? What is your body doing in yoga? What is yoga doing for your body? What parts are you moving and what body parts should you be careful with? In Anatomy Primer, you can learn the basics about the human body and, more specifically, the body parts you use in yoga.

This $140 course comprises nine 60-minute sessions. Each session corresponds to a body part: Spine Head to Tail, Hip, or Pelvis, for example. If you want to learn about the physical body, this course is for you. Additionally, this class counts towards 20 hours of non-contact continuing-education hours.

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Best Yoga Website For Meditation

Yoga is about physical health, but also about mental health. Helping you find health and happiness is our mission here at TINT and these websites help you nurture your inner child by meditating and focusing on spirituality.

Gaiais the largest resource of consciousness expanding videos. The website focuses mainly on meditation, yoga and spirituality, but also presents you with documentaries on diverse topics. You can try the website for free for 1 week and cancel your subscription at any time.

Yoga Vidyais a website dedicated to spiritual life, providing you with videos on meditation, yoga and ayurveda. With more than 150 videos, you will surely find something that interests you. If youre an advanced practitioner of meditation, Yoga Vidya may be just the place for you.

Yoga Internationalis a great website for both yoga beginners and advanced yogis. Advanced yogis will profit from the Yoga International yoga challenges. The extensive Yoga International meditation library, which offers guided meditations and breathing exercises, is a special highlight of Yoga International. Let go of everyday troubles by finding your center through meditation.

Yoga International offers you an extensive guided meditation library.

The 15 Best Online Yoga Websites In 2020

Are you still at the very beginning of your yoga journey or are you an advanced yogi or yogini?

Are you looking to become a yoga teacher or have you been teaching yoga for years?

No matter where you currently stand on your yoga path, you deserve the best online yoga websites with content that is perfect for your unique yoga experience.

That is why this article presents you with TINTs selection of the best online yoga websites in 2020.

What Are the Best Online Yoga Websites in 2020?

Practicing yoga at home means that you can find your center and let go of your worries in the comfort of your own four walls. Not only is that practical, its also efficient online yoga can help you improve your yoga skills and overall health. This article compares 15 yoga websites alongside TINT Yoga in order to determine the best online yoga websites in 2020. To make this possible, the following categories were chosen:

  • Level of yoga
  • Lifestyle
  • Budget

Then, three websites were chosen to compete for each category. Out of these three websites, one website won the overall category. Read on to know which websites were chosen, which website won each category and which website is the best online yoga website in 2020 for your personal yoga goals.

Even if you practice yoga at home, you can still get a group experience, for example in Finlay Wilsons The Spirit Within class on TINT.

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So What Will I Learn From The 30 Best Online Courses For Yoga

Well, what do you want to learn? Do you want an expert yoga teacher to guide you through a full Hatha practice? Do you want to learn about the history of yoga? Or do you want your yoga teacher training certificate, and you heard you can get it online?

In this article, we will highlight a few courses in each category, that way youll find an online yoga course that caters to your needs.

Reviews For Top Online Yoga Classes

The Best Yoga and Meditation Retreats in Himachal Pradesh ...
  • “Hard worker. Taught me very good things and exercise. Soft spoken person. Good yoga…”


    “Either we can talk about his politeness or his knowledge sagar is the best yoga trainer…”


    “Mithun sir has very good hold on the practices of yogasanas and pranayam. He is very…”


    “He was well knowledgeable person doing hard work with sweet and helpful nature. I…”

  • N

    “Great teacher. I lost 5 kilos of weight by practicing yoga everyday for 1 hour. I…”


    Review by Vasant

    “I did not know that there is such a good and modern institute of our Indian values…”


    “I know Madhumita from the last several years, as a student, substitute teacher, and…”


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Yoga Philosophy 101 By Judith Hanson Lasater And Lizzie Lasater

Think of every Lululemon store, yoga studio, yoga podcast, and yogi you know. Now, remove the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. What do you have now? Well, nothing. The Yoga Sutras built the house of yoga and yogic philosophy. If you want to understand the Yoga Sutras and essential philosophical texts behind the practice of yoga, this course is for you.

In this $299.99 online yoga course, youll learn how to apply the Yoga Sutra to work, relationships, parenting, yoga practice, and much more. The six-week course examines each of the 196 aphorisms of the Sutra, decoding and teaching you how to apply them to your everyday life, on and off the mat.

An Introduction To The History And Philosophy Of Yoga By Yogic Studies

Where did yoga begin? What are its roots? What are the spiritual and philosophical concepts behind the practice of yoga? Where does Hatha yoga fall into all of this? In this fantastic 18-hour introductory course to the history and philosophy of yoga, youll learn the answers to these questions and much more.

For $175, youll have access to this excellent yoga history course. Youll learn about early scripture, the relationship between early Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, and Yoga, and a lot more. If youre a yoga fanatic who wants to complement their Hatha practice with intellectually stimulating material, this course is for you.

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The Best Type Of Yoga For Beginners

No matter what style of yoga you ultimately wish to practice, all beginners are advised to cover the basics and foundations of yoga at first – basic poses, techniques, and sequences. Once youre done with the basics, you may choose a yoga style that suits your requirements the most. If you’re looking for a vigorous workout or a way to get in shape, Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Power yoga or Bikram yoga are all good choices. If you are looking for a more spiritual format that enables you to connect with yourself, Kudalini yoga can be a good fit. You’ll cover plenty of pranayamas, breathing exercises and meditation. If youre tackling an injury, you could opt for a yoga style that focuses more on alignment. Iyengar yoga is such a style that tends to be a bit slower and breathing oriented.

Can You Do Online Yoga For Free

Yoga for Beginners | Yoga with India

Yes, you can do online yoga for free. Some studios do offer free yoga classes online, but they may only give you access to certain classes and not the entire website. Because the prices of premium online yoga studio memberships are very reasonable, we recommend just splurging on your favorite one. Treat yourself! Skip that extra latte a week and treat your body to some movement instead.

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Our Weekly Classes Schedule

6.00 AM 7.00 AM / 7.00 AM 8.00 AM / 8.30 AM 9.30 AM / 6.00 PM 7.00 PM / 7.00 PM – 8.00 PM

Monday – Balancing

Saral Yoga / Yoga for Complete beginners

Regular online yoga classes are an excellent opportunity for people who are busy and cannot physically visit the studio due to their busy schedules. Our online yoga classes with flexible timing enable anyone and anywhere to attend the session and improve their health and fitness level.

Other Benefits of our Online Yoga Classes

Individual Attention:

All the candidates are first assessed to know their level of fitness and instructed accordingly to practice yoga safely and effectively.

Flexible timing:

On prior information the students can request for change in time based on their convenience and allotted accordingly to keep the practice consistent for an individual.

Yoga Teacher Training Online Certification By Online Yoga School

Yoga is popping up everywhere: new studios, new styles of yoga, new yogis. Its a beautiful thing to see and be part of. Do you want to get up there in front of the class, teaching new yogis and watching them flourish as they learn to be fit, mindful, and peaceful?

Online Yoga Schools 200-hour YTT offers you self-paced training compatible with any device. Youll learn about yoga history, philosophy, the role of the yoga teacher, and how to teach yoga for 200 hours of excellent content. The course costs $385, making it one of the most affordable YTTs in the world.

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Best Online Yoga Classes The Kind Of Workout Experience You Can Expect

In 2021 you can expect cinematic and highly sensorial yoga class experiences online. You can also expect to be under the guidance of some of the most experienced yoga teachers on the planet because the internet brings them right into your world! You can practice with the best on your laptop, phone, tablet, and TV. You can also practice anywhereanytime. Most online yoga studios have mobile apps, and many of them have downloadable classes, too.

Whether you’re glamping or globetrotting, at your cabin on the lake, or visiting your favorite hidden beach in Thailand that doesn’t have reception, you can still get your yoga fix! The only thing required is you and your yoga mat. Being able to take your yoga practice offline and bring your favorite yoga instructor with you wherever you go are two big advantages of joining an online yoga studio.

And not to mention the fact that you can pause it, replay it, zoom in or slow it down for a virtual pose tutorial. Or even take classes over and over again should you like them that much this may happen more than you might expect!

Join Best Online Yoga Classes At Ekattva Yogshala

5 of the Best Yoga Teacher Training Retreats in India

Above are the best online yoga classes joined by hundreds of people every year. Make sure to discover your needs first, do some proper search and pick a yoga, meditation, and breathwork class broadcasted live from Rishikesh, India.

If you want to make a career in yoga, we highly recommend joining our yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh to become a certified yoga teacher.

Have questions in mind about the best online yoga classes? Drop your questions in the comments or send us an email at to get a quick reply.

Check out these sources for more yoga wisdom:

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Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Certifications For 2021

The beauty of online registered yoga schools is that you dont have to leave the comfort of your own home to start training. Plus, most training courses nowadays deliver a ton of expertise and are just as good as live classes.

Without further ado, here are the top 11 yoga teacher training courses that you can take in 2021.


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