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Best Online Prenatal Yoga Classes

What Are The Benefits Of Taking An Online Prenatal Workout Class

30 Minute Yoga Class (Prenatal yoga class online) | Fightmaster Yoga Videos

When you take a pregnancy course online as opposed to a general workout course, you can rest assured that all of the exercises were designed with expectant moms in mind. The instructors know their audience and fully understand the current guidance around whats safe and whats not.

More generally, working out during pregnancy has a lot of benefits: According to ACOG, it can relieve back pain, improve your cardiovascular and digestive systems, prepare you for labor and delivery, and may reduce your risk of complications such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

Because there is so much variety in the online workout world, youll have a lot of options when it comes to pregnancy workouts, too. Some of the most popular types of prenatal exercises include:

  • Swimming and aqua-aerobics for low-impact exercise
  • Yoga and Pilates for building core strength, balance, and endurance
  • Aerobics, walking, and spinning for low-impact cardio

While you cant exactly take a swimming class online, there are definitely plenty of options when it comes to aerobics, functional movement, yoga, and Pilates!

How Can Pilates During Pregnancy Help Me

The patterns of movement you will learn in our prenatal Pilates classes focus on your tummy and pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are also known as deep, stabilising muscles and strengthening them will ultimately help with your posture, balance and strength.

Our PregActive Prenatal Pilates workouts assist by targeting your back, stomach back and pelvic floor muscles without straining other joints. These exercises activate the deepest layer of your stomach muscles which help to stabilise your back and pelvis.

Many of our exercises are performed on your hands and knees which is an ideal position for pregnancy.

Best For Newbies: Omstars

Why We Chose It: We chose Omstars as best for newbies because they give you a clear plan and week-by-week yoga workouts for your entire pregnancy.

  • Not exclusively prenatal

  • No refunds

  • Cannot download videos and watch offline

Omstars is an online yoga class subscription that has upwards of 4,000 yoga classes available on-demand. Although it has classes for all fitness levels, it also includes a week-by-week prenatal series for anyone looking to follow a structured program throughout their pregnancy.

If you get bored of the prenatal classes, you can always veer from the program and try one of the other lessons available on the platform. Courses are designed for yogis of all levels, and there are many different class options and types of yoga to choose from. You can create a favorites list to make saving your favorite courses easy and convenient, so you can quickly go back to classes you like over and over again. Unlike other platforms, videos cannot be downloaded to be viewed offline.

Omstars is roughly $19 per month or $190 per year with a free 14-day trial. You can cancel your subscription at any time, but if you already paid for a yearly membership, you will not get refunded for your unused time.

Overall, if you want yoga classes designed for each week of pregnancy that are easy to follow, Omstars is great for newbies.

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Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy

There are many benefits for practicing prenatal yoga as you progress through each week. There are many benefits of exercising during pregnancy.

…… long as you take certain precautions.

During pregnancy your body goes through many changes, which creates stress on you mentally and physically. A way to maintain a healthy mind and body is yoga.

The 5 Best Prenatal Yoga Courses Online

Prenatal Yoga = Happy Pregnancy

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Back in the old days, pregnant women were treated like breakable objects. And, believe it or not, you couldnt even say the word pregnancy on radio and TV. Pregnancy was not even spoke about in polite company. It wasnt considered to be a positive and happy time in a womans life. And, it wasnt thought that a woman could be healthy and strong while pregnant.

But, no more. Pregnancy isnt treated like an illness anymore. Pregnant women are active almost up until their due date, living full lives and caring for their minds and bodies. Theyre strong and active and nothing can stop them!

And one popular way for pregnant women to care for their minds and bodies is to practice yoga. But not any type of yoga. Prenatal yoga.

  • Gaia Prenatal Yoga: Open Your Body Connect to Your Baby
  • When a woman practices yoga during her pregnancy, she is helping prepare for her upcoming arrival and is doing something just as important as putting a crib together or painting a nursery.

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    Best For Prenatal Pilates: Bodylove Mamas

    Bodylove Mamas

    Why We Chose It: Easy access to a comprehensive library of Pilates workout videos makes the investment in this program worthwhile for your pregnancy, postpartum period, and life as a new mom.

    • Prenatal, postnatal, and Strong Mama workouts

    • 14-day free trial with unlimited access

    • Easily watchable on apps and devices

    • Hundreds of on demand videos

    • More expensive than several other studios

    • Not based in the U.S.

    • Could be easier to locate info on the web site

    Pregnancy and Pilates fit together naturally: As a low-impact exercise, Pilates poses little risk to expectant moms, and with its focus on building strength, balance, alignment, and flexibility, it perfectly complements all the changes a pregnant body goes through. Bodylove Pilates knows this, which is why theyve created a separate branch of their studio devoted to pregnancy and postpartum called Bodylove Mamas.

    Bodylove Pilates was founded by Ali Handley, a pre- and postnatal Pilates instructor who was born in NYC, raised in Sydney, Australia, worked in NYC for 10 years, and is now back in Sydney. The Bodylove Mamas program, though, is fully digitalwhich means you can access it via your browser or the Bodylove app from anywhere in the world. The large library of prenatal and postnatal videos covers workouts for different trimesters and different muscle groups and offers a wide variety of workout lengths, ranging from short, 10-minute blasts to comprehensive, 60-minute sessions.

    Prenatal Yoga & Childbirth At Montclair Baby

    Prenatal Yoga Classes

    prenatal yoga classes provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, prenatal yoga classes will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from themselves.Clear and detailed training methods for each lesson will ensure that students can acquire and apply knowledge into practice easily. The teaching tools of prenatal yoga classes are guaranteed to be the most complete and intuitive.

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    The Best Prenatal Yoga Videos Of 2020

    Pregnancy is an amazing experience, but it can bring its share of aches and pains. Prenatal yoga can be an effective and enjoyable way to address symptoms like lower back pain and nausea.

    It may also improve your sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase strength and flexibility during childbirth. The best part? With the right video, you wont even need to leave the house.

    Healthline gathered the years best prenatal yoga videos so you can enjoy all the benefits from the comfort of your own home.

    Consult your doctor, then choose a video to get started.

    Breathe In Breath Out Ease Your Mind & Body With Our Pregnancy Yoga Classes

    Prenatal Yoga Class Online | Prenatal Yoga for Beginners Second Trimester

    Pregnancy exercise classes for the pregnant ladies are arranged to give an acceptable backing for the baby inside. These online class of training programmes take in two segments of therapy, which includes prenatal care and postnatal care. In both kinds of treatment, the keen target is to guard the mother against every issue, unsafe for her child.

    We at Ritas Pregnancy 101 comprise so many skilled and experienced trainers ready to endeavours the best online prenatal care, postnatal care, online yoga classes for pregnancy, and so forth.

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    Yogaworks Live + My Yogaworks

    MyYogaWorks, an on-demand platform form YogaWorks , offers 1,300 classes that you can search by teacher, style and duration. Our Pregnancy search pulled up classes like Mama Birthing BallsLabor Prep and Prenatal Energy. Looking to get a taste of their approach? YogaWorks is live streaming more than 50 daily classes from teachers across the country. Not only do you have the option to try yin, restorative and candle flow yoga, as well as HIIT Fusion and Pure Power Flow, but you can also add the weekly prenatal vinyasa-meets-breath-meets-meditation classes to your calendar.

    Price: Free 14-day trial, then $15 per month

    Check it

    Online Prenatal Yoga Toronto Newmarket & York Region

    Join us for a 60-minute online prenatal yoga class on Tuesdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 10am

    Practicing Yoga allows a pregnant person to focus deeply on their pregnancy. It provides an opportunity for them to consciously integrate the mental, emotional and physical changes they experience during this period in their life.

    Practicing a variety of gentle and vigorous postures, prenatal yoga nurtures the soul, builds strength, endurance and flexibility, and provides you with the tools that will help during labour, birth and beyond.

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    Prenatal Yoga At Yoga Mamas

    3 Ways To Practice Prenatal Yoga With Us: Online On Demand ClassesWe have over 100 classes in our beautiful Yoga Mamas On Demand online portal. Prenatal yoga classes ranging in length from 10 mins to 60 mins, and from energizing to relaxing. Membership is $20 / month with the ability to cancel at anytime. Enjoy classes on your schedule. Sign up for a free 7 day trial here. Online Live ClassesWe are hosting a small curated collection of live movement classes every week. Our live online classes are held via the ZOOM platform. The login link information is located in your class confirmation email, and your class reminder email. Learn more here.In Studio Classes


    When can I begin prenatal yoga?You can begin at any point during your pregnancy. If you have concerns please consult with your physician.Do you have yoga mats?We have complimentary yoga mats you can use.Do you have a changing room?YesWhat should I wear?Anything that you feel comfortable in. Yoga pants or shorts, a tank top or a t-shirt. Something that is breathable and that will allow you to move.

    Breathe Move Connect With Baby Meet Other MomsWhat Mamas Are Saying About Our Prenatal Yoga Classes

    Studio Bloom: The Bloom Method

    Renew Mama Studio » Prenatal Yoga = Happy Pregnancy

    The Studio Bloom program, of the belly pump fame, works with seven pre and postnatal fitness instructors to curate movement that accommodates the changes during each trimester. Youll learn the core foundations during the first trimester and add strength with cardio and HIIT classes during the second trimester. Come third trimester, youll delve into BirthPREP classes that fuse muscle-fatiguing exercises with specialized diaphragmatic breathing techniques that will teach women to use their core and primary muscles in conjunction. For example, instead of simply working the lower body in a squat, we guide women to understand how to use their breath and the natural biomechanics of the core and pelvic floor, says Brooke Cates, Bloom founder and prenatal and postnatal exercise specialist.

    Price: Free three-class trial $19 for the first month, then $29 per month or $240 per year. First month 50 percent off with code Fierce50

    Check it

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    Does Prenatal Yoga Count As Exercise

    Thats the question everyone is asking. And the answer? Yes, prenatal yoga is definitely exercise.

    Prenatal yoga courses online helps women feel stronger, allowing them to approach childbirth with more confidence. Poses such as squats will strengthen the legs and open the pelvis, allowing for easier labor. And women can practice in the comfort of their home!

    Further, yoga breathing allows women to breathe in more oxygen, allowing their bodies to be nourished, increasing their health and well-being. And practicing yoga during pregnancy could allow a woman to recover from childbirth quicker and get back on her feet again!

    Plus, yoga can decrease stress, allowing for safer childbirth and less of a chance of depression after childbirth.

    So, yes, prenatal yoga is not only an exercise, its a health aid that will make positive impacts in an expectant mothers pregnancy and beyond.

    Get The Echelon Fitness App

    You can download the Echelon Fitness App today, via the Apple Store or Play Store. Echelons membership offers access to five separate user profiles, which means you can add up to four family and friends too. The Echelon Fitness app adds new daily content so you can adjust your fitness goals and find new favourite sessions to keep you motivated.

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    The Best Virtual Pregnancy Fitness Classes

    Safe prenatal workouts you can follow at home live or on-demand

    Prenatal exercise comes with specific guidelines as Simone De La Rue, who has trained the likes of fellow mothers Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Chrissy Teigen and Reese Witherspoon tells Bazaar. Firstly, “Always check with your doctor before starting any exercise routine while pregnant,” she says.

    But while it’s good to err on the side of caution, you needn’t be anxious about fitness. “The good news is there are now so many studies to support exercise throughout your pregnancy, so your doctor should be on board and encourage you to work out,” De La Rue adds. The key is finding programmes that are as safe as they are effective.

    Below, see 17 of the best prenatal workout plans you can do at home, if you can’t get to the studio. From yoga to cardio, barre to Pilates, these virtual methods will help you stay strong and feel confident throughout pregnancy.

    For anyone on a post-pregnancy journey, see our round-up of the best postnatal fitness classes here, and the best mother and baby workouts here.

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    Find out more and book a class at

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    Best Online Prenatal Pilates Classes Workouts And Exercises

    Prenatal Yoga: A Grounding and Strengthening Yoga Sequence – Best for the 1st and 2nd Trimesters

    If you did Pilates classes before pregnancy, then no doubt you want to know if Pilates is safe during pregnancy. And the answer to this is Yes! But not all Pilates exercises or movements are safe. What you must do is only attend or participate in safe online Prenatal Pilates workouts.

    Prenatal Pilates classes are safe for both mother and baby as long as you have an experienced instructor teaching your class. Prenatal Pilates is a recommended form of exercise by many health care specialists due to the numerous benefits when pregnant.

    Pilates consists of a series of movements and positions which will raise your awareness of your body’s strength. Deep breathing and relaxation enhance this awareness.

    But just a word of warning!

    You must only attend or participate in Pilates classes during pregnancy that are taught by qualified instructors.

    Why? Because there are some Pilates exercises and movements that you must avoid as they can cause harm to both you and your baby.

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    Best Online Yoga Classes With The Playful Modern Yogi: Adriene


    Adriene Mishler is the yoga teacher you want to be best friends with, whose online yoga classes videos include the occasional slip of an F-bomb, admittances of drinking too much coffee, and her genuine, down-to-earth good vibes. Adriene is an Austin-based actress and yogi who has 550+ videos under her belt and an impressive following base of more than 6 million subscribers. Part of the popularity behind her channel is the personality she brings to her yoga classes she indeed imbues each video with a gentle playfulness and her quirky humor.

    Do yourself a favor and allow Adriene to help you with everything from cramps, indigestion, bad moods, and backachesshe even has a Yoga for Hangovers sequence. Her Foundations of Yoga series, 41 in total, are short instructional videos that break down each pose to familiarize beginners with the basics these videos are the perfect foundation for a life-long yoga practice. Her yoga lessons, which are typically in the half-hour range, are an amazing pick-me-up and excellent for when youre craving a light-hearted practice that will leave you smiling and refreshed.

    What Is Pregactive Prenatal Pilates

    Prenatal Pilates is a recommended form of exercise by many prenatal exercise specialists due to the numerous benefits when pregnant.

    Pilates consists of a series of movements and positions which will raise your awareness of your body’s strength.

    Deep breathing and relaxation enhance this awareness.

    We include various Pilates movements into your workouts.

    The patterns of movement you will learn in our prenatal Pilates classes focus on your tummy and pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are also known as deep, stabilising muscles and strengthening them will ultimately help with your posture, balance and strength.

    Our Pilates movements are performed without placing additional strain on your body.

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    Prenatal Yoga For Morning Sickness

    Morning sickness can really cast a green shade on all that pregnancy glow, which is why we like this 20-minute prenatal yoga routine. The instructor does an excellent job at giving moms information on how to treat morning sickness through gentle home remedies like avoiding greasy foods or drinking ginger tea.


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