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Best Mexican Blankets For Yoga

What Types Of Mexican Yoga Blankets Are Available

7 Best Mexican Blankets 2017

While many folks want to look for cotton yoga blankets or wool yoga blankets, most of the blankets available for purchase are a blend of fabrics. For instance, a common blend is 50% acrylic, 40% polyester, and 10% cotton.

You can find many different styles of Mexican blanket, including falsa, serape, thunderbird, and saltillo. But these distinctions dont matter that much for yoga purposes. Just seek out a blanket that is soft enough to be comfortable but thick enough to provide enough support during your practice.

Be aware that because they are handmade, Mexican blankets may have some imperfections in terms of weave and color consistency. These arent going to be as flawless as a machine-made garment. In addition, yoga blankets do tend to fray after a while, especially if you wash them frequently. Be gentle with them to increase their longevity!

Kayso Authentic Mexican Blanket Best For Traveling

Kayso Authentic Mexican Blanket comes in a unique design. Its color combination and pattern makes it stand out.

If you are a yogi who loves traveling, this might be your ideal yoga blanket.

Its color combination at least does not make show off dirt so easily. That means you can use it several times without fearing that dirt will be evident.

The blanket also comes in a great size. It is six feet long and five feet wide. It thus offers you a wide space to do your yoga exercises comfortably.

It is also of high-quality plushness and thickness. Although not very thick like some other Mexican blankets, it is just okay. You will find it easy to carry around if you are traveling.

Moreover, it is very easy to wash this blanket. You can either hand wash or machine-wash it. It also dries a little bit faster since it is very thick.

This blanket also has a soft texture. It is, therefore, very comfortable to use.

Another reason you should consider this Mexican blanket is its durability. It is of relatively durable materials and will serve you for a long period.

During cold weather, you can use this blanket as a scarf. It is, therefore, a multipurpose blanket.

However, you may also encounter a few downsides with this blanket. Its weave is not very tight in several parts, and it is likely to find some loose threads here and there.

Also, since it is not that thick, it may not be very appropriate for use in winter. It may not give you enough warmth.

Buying Guide For The Best Mexican Yoga Blankets

Mexican yoga blankets are presently the best in the market. Choosing one can be challenging as they appear to have similar usage and material.

The colors and patterns are different, but you need to know how to select the best. Below are key considerations to make in choosing the best Mexican yoga blanket.

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Rollingsandsharmony Hand Woven Diamond Mexican Yoga Blankets

Product Features

Mexican blankets are prevalent among lyengar and helpful yoga professionals. Well, they’re planned to pad your joints, keep you warm in case the floor is cold and give bolster for poses. Also, if you hone Savasana yoga, at that point, this cover can offer assistance to keep you warm. Made with tight weaves, the Mexican cover from Rolling Sands Agreement is bigger, thicker, and hotter than the brand’s classic choice of blankets. This hand-made yoga blanket is a combination of 50% acrylic, 40% polyester, and 10% cotton. The measurement of this blanket is 78″ length and 52″ wide and weight 3lbs

Threads West Mexican Falsa Blanket Best Heavyweight

Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket

Threads West Mexican Falsa blanket stands out as one of the thickest Mexican yoga blankets in the market. If you are looking for a blanket that will offer you enough warmth, then this is your choice.

Unlike many others that are quite loose, this is a tightly woven blanket. The tight weave makes it very suitable for yoga. It gives you a little more padding and makes it quite durable.

The blanket comes in a variety of sizes and colors. You can choose the one that best suits you as per the size and color.

This Mexican blanket is machine washable. It is a perfect addition to any room or car.

Artisans use a traditional wooden loop to weave this blanket. This factor ensures you get a very durable yoga blanket.

If you are involved in rigorous yoga activities, then this blanket will offer you enough space to do your exercise. It comes in a size of 52 inches wide and 68 inches long. The large surface area is quite essential for safety.

Moreover, this blanket is quite thick. You can use it on a rough floor surface, and you will still be fine. It offers you the comfort you need to carry out your yoga exercises.

For beauty lovers, this blanket comes in beautiful bright colors that are very vivid.

The Threads West Mexican Falsa blanket is also multipurpose. Apart from using it as a yoga blanket, you can also use it as a beach blanket or a camp blanket.

Besides, you can also opt to use it as a bedspread or a throw blanket.

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Yogaaccessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket

The YogaAccessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket with tassels is more than just a yoga prop! Great for restorative yoga, meditation, as a mat for outdoor practice, picnic blanket, beach blanket, and more! This machine washable blanket is available in many great colors – perfect for any ocassion! Our bright, beautiful Mexican style yoga blankets will add a splash of color to your yoga studio or your favorite place to practice yoga. These blankets can easily and safely be washed in a regular washing machine. Use this loosely woven blanket for warmth, comfort, extra padding, or to lend support for yoga positions.

These artisan made yoga throws are offered in a variety of great color patterns. Place these versatile blankets under the buttocks in lotus pose if your hamstrings are tight. Or, cover yourself up in Shavasana to keep your body warm as it cools down — it’s large enough to cover your whole body! Since our blankets are artisan made, the tassel colors may vary from whites, naturals, and grays.Cleaning and Care Instructions: We recommend washing this blanket with like colors using cold temperature. Use the delicate setting when applicable. To dry, either tumble dry on low heat or use air dry on a line.

Our blankets offer comfort and support while practicing those not-so-comfortable yoga poses. Place our plush blankets under your knees, hips, or back to aid your flexibility and master the most difficult poses with ease.

The Best Authentic Mexican Yoga Blankets See Our Reviews

Can Mexican yoga blankets help your practice? Quite possibly! More folks have become interested in the concept of the yoga blanket in recent years, so its time to dive into the world of blankets and discover which ones might be most suitable for yogis.

Blankets can be used for many purposes in yoga, including support, cushioning, and warmth. Mexican yoga blankets come in various sizes and styles. If youre interested in learning about how to incorporate them into your yoga practice, and which ones to buy, read on!

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Yoga Blanket: How To Use And How To Choose

Who doesn’t like a crisp autumn evening when you can cuddle up under a cozy blanket with a cup of hot coffee ?

I know I do.

But have you ever tried using a blanket for yoga? Sure, curling up and sleeping under it might sound much more appealing, but trust me, you won’t regret adding this cool yoga prop into your yoga practice.

So today, let’s talk about yoga blankets and why they are so awesome!

  • Spirit Quest Supplies Bodhi Blanket Mexican Style Blanket
  • What Is A Yoga Blanket Anyways

    10 Best Mexican Blankets 2018

    A yoga blanket is a single-layered piece of fabric thats not too thick nor too thin. They tend to be slightly thicker than standard blankets and are able to be folded or rolled for added support in yoga asanas.

    Yoga blankets have been around for thousands of years. BKS Iyengar wrote in The Illustrated Light on Yoga that a folded yoga blanket laid on a level floor is the best base for a yoga practice.

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    Mexican Blankets Are Fantastically Decorative

    Mexican blankets are aesthetically pleasing and used for decorative purposes at home, making them some of the most beautiful blankets available. The unique mix of vibrant colors can brighten up the home environment, and you can use them for yoga practice.

    Mexican blankets can brighten up the theme of a room, enhancing the aesthetics of your living room. The excellent craftsmanship of these blankets makes them more beautiful than simple yoga blankets.

    Mexican blankets enhance the decor of the yoga studios and add character and vibe to the yoga studio.

    Yogadirect Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket Best In Thickness

    YogaDirect is among the best Mexican yoga blanket in the market. It is handmade and very durable.

    The blanket is among the largest yoga blankets. It is 76 inches long and 57 inches wide. It is, therefore, a very secure blanket.

    Another aspect that stands out for this blanket is its materials. It is of Acrylic, Polyester, and cotton threads.

    The combination of these materials makes it tear-proof. That means it is a very durable blanket.

    Because of the materials also, it is waterproof. You can use it without fearing that it gets soaked of water from the ground.

    Most blankets are not easy to wash. However, for Yoga Direct Deluxe Mexican blanket, the story is different. It is very easy to wash.

    If you are a staunch yogi, you desire to have a thick material to ensure your safety. This blanket is a sure deal for you in terms of thickness.

    It is extra thick thus, you can use it comfortably even on hard wooden surfaces.

    Moreover, this blanket comes in a variety of bright colors. You, therefore, can choose the color of your choice.

    The other key advantage of this blanket is that it is multipurpose. Besides using it for yoga, you can also use it as a sitting or playing mat.

    If you are using it during winter, you need not worry. The blanket is warm enough to cover and protect you from cold.

    It is also stylish in its perspective. It comes in an attractive design.

    Generally, this is among the most durable blankets you will find in the market.

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    Mexican Blankets Are Warm

    Mexican blankets can warm you up in the winter months, making them great for both inside and outside the yoga studio. If you practice on a cold floor as many yoga studios have, you can use this blanket for sitting on and warm up before a long yoga session.

    Theyre also excellent for cold nights when you want to relax with a loved one and wrap yourself in a cloud of comfort.

    Mexican Style Falsa Yoga Blanket

    Solid Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket

    After completion of my Secondary school education, it took me one year before I could join the campus. Considering the one year to be so much time, I knew it would turn boring like hell unless I had to engage myself in something. Therefore, I decided to join a yoga class to build on my fitness.

    On my first day, I was sent shopping for a yoga mat and other essential training gear. It was at this time when I came across this amazing Mexican blanket. Being a thick blanket, I was well convinced that it would form a perfect yoga mat. The blanket is made of 60% acrylic and 40% cotton. Though thick, it weighs 3.5 pounds hence, it was easy for me to carry from the market to my new yoga class.

    • It is a handmade Mexican blanket.
    • It is perfect as you can use them as yoga mats.
    • The blanket measures 76 x 53 inches.

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    Best Mexican Yoga Blanket: Benevolence La Authentic Mexican Blanket

    This take on the classic Mexican serape blanket is vibrantly colorful, soft, and even made of recycled eco-friendly materials! For yoga, this blanket is high-quality, breathable, and easily portable. It provides mid-level support when folded and plenty of warmth for early morning or outdoor meditation sessions.


    • Easily machine washable- nothing complicated and nothing to worry about!


    • Synthetic materials are not as eco-friendly

    Best Support: Halfmoon Cotton Yoga Blanket

    If you’re working on shoulder stands, then you want to make sure you have a folded blanket to protect your neck. Our choice for the best supportive yoga blanket is made of 100 percent cotton and each one is individually hand-loomed in India.

    Thanks to its large 60 x 80-inch shape and flat selvage edges, this blanket can be folded evenly and mimic the shape of a yoga block. When you roll it, the smooth shape can also function as a bolsterreducing the number of additional props needed for your practice.

    Weight: 2.9 pounds | Size: 60 x 80 inches | Materials: Cotton

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    El Paso Designs Peyote Hippie Blanket

    This is one of the highly-rated Mexican blankets. I hadnt known of its great significance until when I visited my uncle only to find it being used as a wall tapestry. The unique design gives it the multi-purpose nature making it perfect to be used as a thrown blanket, bedspread, or even as a yoga blanket. It is tightly woven from a colorful acrylic over a poly-blend warp for extra durability.

    Being highly allergic to most fabric, the hypoallergenic nature of this one was a sufficient reason for him to make the purchase. Being highly durable, he has used the blanket for several years now.

    Why Are Mexican Yoga Blankets So Famous

    6 Best Mexican Blankets 2016

    Mexican yoga blankets have traditional Mexican patterns, styles, and colors. This name dates back to the 1960s from a Mexican traveler, BKS Iyengar, to India.

    He was the first person to discover that Mexican blankets were tougher than others. They were also firm, durable, and supportive than average blankets.

    It is from this discovery that the fame of Mexican blankets spread across the world.

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    How Should I Wash My Mexican Yoga Blanket

    All traditional Mexican yoga blankets are handwoven. As such, they have loose knits and should be hand-washed. However, you can machine-wash them on a delicate cycle using cold water.

    Always read the washing instructions that come along with your blanket. If it appears to be too delicate, hand-wash it.

    Best Thick Yoga Blanket: Yogadirect Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket

    The YogaDirect Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket is another solid option from a respected company. If youre searching for thick yoga blankets, this may be the one youre after. Its noticeably thicker than normal Mexican blankets, and weighs in at 3.3 pounds total.

    This blanket is handmade in Mexico and measures 76 by 57 inches, making it slightly bigger than the YogaAccessories blanket. The extra thickness is great for additional comfort, support, and warmth, so its a win in every way.

    The one drawback with the YogaDirect blanket is that, even though its thicker, its not quite as durable as some of the others. Users report that the stitching is more likely to fray after repeated use. Thats part of the deal when you purchase such an affordable product. So just expect that you may have to replace it sooner than some others on this list.

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    Why Mexican Yoga Blankets Were Chosen For Yoga

    We have all relaxed into our Savasana, covered by a heat-absorbing colorful blanket wondering… why these specific blankets?

    Well, to be honest, in that moment we arenĂ¢t really thinking about much, except for how good it feels to lie down. However, this question has still been coming up quite frequently. Out of all the blankets in the world, how did the practice of yoga adopt the Mexican yoga blanket as the go-to all-star?

    Well …

    Before yoga studios became more popular, different styles of blankets and towels were used in the 1960s by those who practiced. Americans sought out the highest quality at the best price to use mainly as their mats, which at the time were authentic Mexican blankets made of cotton blends and wool. Across the sea in India, however, bleached 100% cotton blankets were the most commonly used by fellow yogis.

    Turns out, the most common type of blankets used by the individual yogi in the 1970s were made mainly of cotton. It did not become a worldwide trend for the practice to specifically use Mexican yoga blankets until yoga instructor, B.K.S. Iyengar, traveled to Mexico with the sole purpose to purchase his first set of cotton yoga blankets. By pure fate, he discovered after trading with an army, that he admired them to be the best for practicing yoga. Bought in bulk, these blankets were extremely affordable, and although tougher than the average blanket, were found to never wear out.

    Choosing The Best Yoga Blanket For Your Practice

    Authentic Mexican Falsa Yoga Blanket

    Before yoga mats became popular, traditional yogis used blankets, towels and rugs in their practices as a soft, supportive buffer against hard surfaces. Now, yoga blankets are typically used alongside a mat in practices.

    A good yoga blanket provides support and cushioning to the joints and spine during asanas, but it also acts as a bolster or aid in more challenging poses. You can use a yoga blanket during restorative yoga or savasana to keep you warm and grounded. Some people even use them for strength-building and mobility exercises.

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    Top 4 Benefits Of Mexican Blankets For Yoga Studios

    Mexican blankets are the optimal choice for yoga enthusiasts who want to get the most from their blanket. These blankets have the highest amount of padding of any blanket, making them extra warm and comfy. They are great for yoga practitioners who prefer extra cushioning and prefer practicing flexibility on thicker blankets.

    The textured weave material on Mexican blankets allows yogis to exercise barefoot and enables movements such as stretching the hands in challenging poses.

    The following are the top 4 benefits of Mexican blankets:


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