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Best Lightweight Travel Yoga Mat

Jade Travel Yoga Mat:

Cooldot Lightweight Yoga Mat | Body Alignment & Anti Slippery Mats | The BEST choice for traveling!

Ideal for Practice Everywhere:-Incredible durability and grip

If you are looking for something small that rolls up easily and tightly to take on a trip with you. This is the stickiest mat ever seen as compare to other branded yoga mats. Carrie S. has used this mat for 18 months.

Extremely wear tear aside from insignificant on the side, yet it will happen with biodegradable and natural rubber. Key features are that the mat becomes flexibles after use, even has not worn down at all. Besides, He is well experiences practitioner and mat is hold his hand or feet during practice, and these things make this mat unique.

Extra striking features of contention is the open-cell design. Actually, he sweats a lot on his mat on a regular basis but it hasnt made the mat sticky. It develops to clean well with a simple soap solution.

However, its like any travel mat, but thickness reductions cushion, so if you already face any achy joints tendency, then you need a double mat for a better cushion. With constant practice on this mat, I believe that it will help to encourage connective tissues to become stronger.

This mat offers exceptional grip, support, and texture, with the premium bonus of coming in various lengths for taller people, and being the numerous environmentally-friendly mats out there.

Product Details

  • Colour: Black, Midnight Blue, Olive and Purple
  • Weight: 2.9-3.3lbs

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Premium

Manduka PRO is an ultra-dense and spacious performance grip yoga mat having the best reputation among travel yoga mat reviews. It is designed for performance and durability so that it wont peel, flake or fade for a long time. This range of mats and accessories is produced from simple, enduring, natural, and renewable materials with no toxic emissions, which makes it safe for human use. Despite the most expensive price on the market, it is totally worth all the attention.

Mat Stickiness And Comfort

I do love practicing on the eKO SuperLite travel yoga mat. Yes, its very thin and light but it provides really good grip on the floor and for your hands and feet. If youre looking for a really sticky yoga mat, then a Manduka eKO yoga mat is probably the right choice.

There is no padding to speak of in their travel yoga mat, which means that youll feel very connected to the floor. On the other hand, if your knees or spine need extra padding, you wont get it from this mat .

Bonus tip: I had two students using the eKO SuperLite recently in Hamburg and both of them turned their mat over to use the bottom as the top. They said they find the mat slides around on the floor if its the right way up. Good tip!

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A Quick Word On Travel Yoga Mats

It is important to point out that most travel yoga mats are made of natural tree rubber which can often have a very strong smell. Dont fret, this smell goes away with time.

Because of this, I highly recommend getting your yoga mat a bit before you travel so that you can air it out before adding it to your packed bag along with all your clothes .

Gaiam Essentials Yoga Mat Pros And Cons

10 Best Travel Yoga Mats That Are Foldable, Portable, and ...

First of all, we love the energy of the company. They are really dedicated to providing healthy and sustainable yoga mats. This is probably the reason why even celebrities like Jessica Biel use it.

The added thickness is very appreciated too. You dont see that in a lot of yoga mats these days.

Finally, we love that it has nine different color options.

The thing that we dont like about this product is that it doesnt come with a warranty. Also, some users claim that it has a weird smell upon opening, but the good thing is, it goes away after some time.

  • Well-known brand

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Why Trust Verywell Mind

Tori Zhou is the Associate Health Commerce Editor at Verywell. She enjoys staying up-to-date on wellness trends and products, with a focus on holistic health and functional medicine. She continues to test mats at home to see how they hold up after long-term use.

She personally prefers using yoga mats at home and doesnt mind a heavier weight in exchange for solid grip and padding. Having used budget-friendly picks over the years to follow along to cardio and meditation videos, her ideal mat is versatile enough for both yoga and HIIT workouts, sustainably made, and latex-free.

Additional reporting to this story by Rozalynn S. Frazier.

Rozalynn S. Frazier is an award-winning, multimedia journalist with more than 20 years of experience reporting on health and fitness. She is also a NASM-certified personal trainer and an avid exerciser who routinely puts wellness tools and fitness gear through its paces to help access which products are worthy of praise. She has created content for SELF, Mens Health, Real Simple, Health, Essence, Cosmopolitan,, among others.

New Addition: Jade Yoga Voyager Mat

Jade and Manduka are the most popular yoga mats in the world. No surprise that they both offer solid choices for traveling yoga mats. Comes in four colors, we love the Olive Green color. This mat is now the lightest yoga mat for travel and the best value . My favorite part about Jade mats is that they are extremely sticky from the beginning. Although I love Manduka mats, they takes time to break in before they reach their full potential. We love to support Jade because they plant a tree for every yoga mat sold!

After testing out the Jade Voyager, its safe to say its a contender for the best travel yoga mat 2018 award!

Potential downside:

  • Too thin? At 1/16 its a pretty compact mat. More padding than the Manduka

How is the Jade Voyager different from the Jade Travel Mat? The short answer is the Jade Voyager weighs half as much and the new Voyager is a foldable yoga mat. Where as the Jade Traveler mat must be rolled. Heres a screenshot from amazon comparing the differences:

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Why Is Yoga Mat Important

I dont think there is anyone who is not acquainted with the benefits of yoga. Yoga practitioners often recommend yoga mats as an essential item both indoors and outdoors. A yoga mat is usually made of PVC, or rubber, or breathable cotton.

Yoga masters recommend yoga mats due to various advantages:

  • Support- while practicing different kinds of yoga, like vinyasa yoga, kundalini yoga, you must have come across certain positions that make you feel uncomfortable on the sensitive knees or ankles. This means you do not have an appropriate yoga mat with enough support. A quality yoga mat must be able to provide comfort at every pose. If required go for an extra cushioning yoga mat.
  • Stability- Stability is another very important reason to buy a yoga mat. It is very important to keep your hold strong a yoga mat has an anti-slipping property that helps you with keeping your hold strong on the surface.
  • Thermo-insulation- Like any other form of exercise, yoga techniques like Kundalini , and pranayama causes a rise in energy levels and metabolic activities inside the body. A yoga mat prevents the energy from getting washed out by the grounding effect of the earth.

Gaiam Travel Mat Best Budget Mat

Best in Travel Yoga Mats 2020??! YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat Product Review
  • Price: $
  • Best feature: Price
  • Feature to improve: Made from plastic

The Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat is a super slim model that folds down to be compact enough to pack in your carry-on bag. It is by far the most budget-friendly travel folding mat on our list, however, it is also the only one made with PVC.

It has a special sticky texture that improves traction and grip while youre practising, even when you find yourself sweating. However, some users have reported issues with the long-term durability of the product.

This thin mat is ideal for backpacking, but keep in mind that if youre doing yoga outside, you may need to secure it with a couple of rocks if the wind picks up.

If youre looking for something cheap which will serve you well on shorter backpacking trips, the Gaiam Travel Mat is a good choice. However, it does contain PVC which makes it the least eco-friendly choice on our list.

Gaiam has no information regarding their sustainability practices on their website so you will want to avoid them if your priority is investing in a green travel yoga mat.

Rave Review: This yoga mat is light to carry and thick enough to provide protection, whatever the floor surface. The best thing? The price!


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Dralegend Yoga Mat Exercise Fitness Mat

Dralegend is a thin and slippery yoga mat made from premium materials such as rubber and PVC. It is odorless, resilient, incredibly lightweight, super soft to practice on. The thickness of 6mm keeps things especially grippy and safe, providing much support with just the right amount of softness for your joints and knees. With the weight of only 32 cm, you can easily bring it to your yoga class or anywhere you need.

Yogo Ultralight Travel Mat

YOGO is the newest mat company on the block but theyve quickly won us over. The YOGO is our favorite yoga mat for travel! Its by far the stickiest travel mat on the market. We love how it folds up nicely which makes traveling a breeze. Although its super thin, it still has great support . Bonus points for YOGO planting a tree every time one is purchased .

Potential downside:

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Manduka Pro Travel Yoga Mat 25 Mm

This mat does it alltruly. Its lightweight, easy to carry, foldable, and has enough cushion to sustain even the toughest practice. At just over two pounds, youll be able to carry this mat around all day. Its textured top allows you to flow through a sequence with ease . Youll find yourself gravitating toward this mat even when youre not traveling. Pro Travel Yoga Mat 2.5 mm, $75

Jade Yoga Travel Mats

180cm Classic Lite Travel Yoga Mat

Best yoga mat for sustainability and travelling often

Jade Yoga mats are the original eco-friendly mats. The company was the first to introduce mats made out of natural tree rubber and today their mats continue to be made from this renewable resource without the use of PVC, EVA or other synthetic rubber.

The mats are made in the United States and a tree for every mat sold is planted, with over 2 million trees planted so far. Additionally, Jade Yoga donates to people and organizations who are making yoga more accessible to others and the company donates to a number of different charities with a portion of profits earned on days such as Black Friday, Earth Day and Cyber Monday.

Before you pick the colour of mat based on your favourite colour, take a peek at what how much is donated to what charities based on the colour alone and you can opt to choose to support a cause that is dear to you.

Both of these travel yoga mats are very affordable and very comparable to the Manduka mats when it comes to specs and grip. The biggest difference is the texture with the Manduka mats being more smooth than the Jade Yoga mats.

Jade Yoga Voyager

Weight: 1.6lbs

Thickness: 1.6mm

This mat is the lightest mat on the market and is tied with the Manduka eKO Superlite for thickness. This folding yoga mat folds up to the size of a yoga block which means you can bring this mat anywhere!

Best yoga mat for hot yoga

Weight: 3.5lbs

Thickness: 1.5mm

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Sugarmat Travel Yoga Mat Set

Natural tree rubber makes the underside of this 2.4-pound, foldable mat super grippy and the synthetic suede top is soft and also comes in really stunning marbled and botanical pattern options. I use this one at home sometimes, too, when I’ve got errands to run after class or if I’m meeting a friend for food and don’t want to be lugging a full-sized mat around. It’s also machine-washable.

To buy: , $69

Accessories For Yoga Lovers

Handful Leggings

Leggings are great on any womens travel clothing list as they are lightweight and pack up super small.

Handful makes some of my favorite leggings ever! They specialize in compression leggings and come in a variety of colors and lengths. Their leggings are weighty and will easily take you from the mat and even into the great outdoors.

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Yogo Ultralight Long Travel Yoga Mat

YOGO as the best travel yoga mat was developed with tall people in mind. The spacy 6-foot-long cover folds up to the size of a magazine using two straps. Thus, you can take it for your yoga practice whenever and wherever you need it. Even though it is not as cheap as you would want it to be, it is totally worth to pay extra. It is easy to clean and comfortable for use due to smart design. Meanwhile, the durable material will last for several years of active exercising.

Jade Voyager Yoga Mat Best Lightweight Mat

The best lightweight folding yoga mat
  • Price: $$
  • Best feature: Lightweight
  • Feature to improve: Padding

The Jade Voyager is a super reliable and durable option to carry with you on your backpacking adventures. It is a foldable yoga mat that compresses down to around the size of a yoga block super helpful for travellers who prefer to pack light!

Made from open-cell natural rubber, this creates an especially good grip to help you hold poses for a moment longer each time. The natural rubber does provide a level of cushioning, however, as this is a thinner mat it may not be suitable for those with sensitive joints practising on hard floors.

The sticky surface will support you without allowing you to sink in when holding poses. Not only will you benefit by getting a great mat for your travels, but Jade Yoga plants a tree for every mat sold. That is bound to give you a nice fuzzy feeling inside! The Jade Voyager is available in four colours: purple, olive, midnight blue and fire engine red.

Rave Review: Very simple to roll, fold or carry and like all Jade mats, has great grip. It is not very cushioned but that is fine for me. I almost always practise outside on grass anyway. Would recommend!


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What We Like About The Amazonbasics Exercise Yoga Mat

Its textured surface is very comfortable to use, and the product is really basic, so you dont have to think about a lot anymore. Its perfect for beginners who just want a lightweight, classic yoga mat at an affordable price.

Whats great is you will be able to use this for daily yoga practice as well as a packable yoga mat for travel.

There are seven colors available, including black, blue, green, grey, pink, purple, and red.

Finally, NBR is also known as a non-toxic material, making this product safe and healthy to use.

What We Dont Like? Those looking for more advanced features will not find that here. Plus, it doesnt come with a warranty.

  • Well-known brand, typically in stock
  • Affordable

Manduka Eko Superlite Travel Yoga And Pilates Mat: A Thin Lightweight Foldable Yoga Mat Durable Enough To Handle All Adventures

This yoga mat is known as the Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Yoga Mat. Regardless of where your yoga practice takes you, this type of yoga mat can handle the environment.

It folds up to fit in any purse or travel bag and weighs approximately two pounds. However, despite the lightweight and thin nature, it is quite durable.

The tightly woven material is resistant to stretching or tearing with natural tree rubber being able to prevent absorption of moisture or growth of bacteria.

This mat has traveled with me to Hawaii, Antarctica, and on various overnight trips. It is stickier than other mats Ive used, but this doesnt mean it picks up sand or dog hair.

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Verdict: What Is The Best Travel Yoga Mat Out There

All in all, my top choice for the best travel yoga mat is the Yogo Ultralight Travel Mat. I personally love it for different reasons as stated above: its portable, easy to clean, made out of plant-based materials and has an awesome grip. Also, you know your money is going into a good cause and changing someones life: YOGO company provides a food-bearing tree and agriculture training for disadvantaged families with every yoga mat purchased.

Ive however just picked the best of the best in this article, so no matter what travel yoga mat youll end up choosing, I am sure youll end up happy with it.

Toplus Travel Yoga Mat:

180cm Classic Lite Travel Yoga Mat

Best Pocket-Friendly Travel Yoga Mat:- High-Grade Natural Suede for Travel

This Mat comes with a lightweight carrying case, which presents it superior for traveling if you want to fold the mat. Easily roll the mat and it will hold the shape very well. Especially I love the color of the mat.

Very easy to clean and always ready to pack up and travel with. Its not too disruptive and bold. It is a rubber-type material on one side and suede on the other.

Suede side is to absorb the moisture, even if youre amazingly out of sweat and shape like its 500° when practicing a plank, helps to resist and wont slip on the mat.

Or the rubber side helps to keep the mat on the floor. This Toplus mat is professional and nice. Also, it is very convenient and fulfills you are all requirements.

Product Details

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