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Best Inflatable Paddle Board For Yoga

Why You Should Try Paddle Board Yoga

Inflatable Yoga SUP 10′ | Stand Up Paddle Board | Freeinsup

Other than the fact that you will enjoy it, paddle board yoga has a lot of benefits.

Take a look.

SUP yoga helps with stress: exercising in a natural environment greatly reduces physical and psychological stress, according to research.

So while yoga is generally calming, doing it outside on the water is better than doing it indoors.

Your mindfulness will improve: trying to do your yoga poses on a paddle board is not that easy. You have to be more present or you will find yourself taking an unexpected but refreshing swim.

SUP yoga is a full-body workout: first, you have to paddle to your yoga spot. Paddle boarding in itself is a full-body workout.

When transitioning from one pose to another, you will have to use even more muscles than you do with regular yoga.

Peak 10′ Yoga Fitness Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Best for Downward Facing Dog

Peaks yoga paddle boards are a good option for anyone on a tighter budget. They have been designed specifically for yoga, pilates, and fitness workouts. With a wide deck from nose to tail, finding your balance will be easy.

The Peak 10 may be smaller than other SUP yoga paddle boards, but the EVA pad fills the deck and is comfortable underfoot. Youll be stretching into downward facing dog in no time!

Features & Specs:

  • Comes with adjustable aluminum paddle, pump, leash, and fins

What we don’t love:

  • The carry handle is right in the middle of the deck pad, so will be uncomfortable in some yoga positions

So if you need a SUP yoga board on a budget, check out thisPeak 10 iSUP. Its unfortunate the carry handle has no indent to go into as this is a major flaw for a yoga board.

Best On A Budget: Irocker Nautical

iRocker Nautical

Why It Made the Cut

Not all beginners have the budget for the best of the best, but the iRocker Nautical makes SUPing more affordable and accessible.

Key Features


  • Not as high performing as more expensive iRocker boards

Another iRocker board that made our list, the iRocker Nautical is the best inflatable paddle board for entry-level paddlers looking for a more affordable option. While it may not perform at as high of a level as other iRocker options, for the price, you are getting excellent quality, and the overall value is there.

If you are getting into paddling, this board gives you the versatility to try out several different types of paddling, from accessible flat water lakes and ponds to faster-moving rivers. It provides enough stability to fish or tour as well. There are plenty of D-rings and bungee cords on deck for all gear storage and an awesome deck pad to improve your ability to move around on top of the board.

The low price does not seem to compromise much in terms of durability either. It is made with dual-layer military-grade PVC composite protection and a classically sturdy build. The accessories come in an easy-to-carry bag. If the size doesnt quite suit you on this version of the iRocker Nautical, they make an 116 version that is a bit more expensive but adds better stability and speed while paddling.

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The Best Paddle Board For Yoga

  • 1.

Yoga is an incredibly healthy and life-changing practice. Practicing yoga on a stand-up paddleboard can take the experience to the next level. To have a good experience on the water, you will need the best yoga paddleboard. To help you find it, our yoga paddleboards reviews present the 10 best SUPs for yoga. These SUPs are wide and stable enough to perform even advanced moves on.

When evaluating the best paddle boards for yoga, remember that balance and stability are key. A wide stance and a soft, non-slip deck are things that every board designed for yoga should offer. For more information on choosing the right yoga SUP, be sure to peruse our buying guide further down. To start with, here are the best yoga SUPs.


The iRocker Cruise Yoga Paddle Board is built with a load capacity of up to 400 lbs to make it perfect for heavy riders. Its extra wide base and broad tail make it remarkably steady and stable, which, in turn, makes it comfortable for beginners and experienced riders alike.

Construction And Use

The paddleboard integrates triple layers of military-grade PVC with a drop stitch core, giving it superior ruggedness and durability. To complement this durable construction are the stability features such as the extra width and stable deck area, which improves the paddleboard’s balance on the water.


Construction And Use


Construction And Use

What Is The Difference Between An Inflatable Sup Board And A Rigid Standup Paddleboard

STAGE Y10 Purple Yoga Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

When investing in your own SUP paddle board for the first time, you may be thinking about the difference between an inflatable and a rigid board. Now, to an outsiders brain, an inflatable SUP board sounds like a cheaper and more temporary option, for those who cant have a rigid board, but technically, this isnt true.

Advancements in technology mean that inflatable boards can be as good at performing as regular boards, and actually have the added bonus of being easier to transport and store.

Other advantages of a blow up paddle board are:

  • Durability An inflatable paddleboard actually is a better option for rockier and shallower surfaces as they are less likely to damage if bumped, compared with a fibreglass rigid board that easily chips and dents.
  • Softer landing As a beginner, its likely youll fall off at one point or another! A softer inflatable board makes it less likely to bang your limbs or head on a harder surface!
  • Portability Most inflatable boards pack down into a rucksack sized bag, which can be easily carried, and stored within your home. You also dont need a special roof rack for the car, just pop the carry bag in the trunk.
  • Option to fly While you can fly with a rigid board, it is awkward and expensive to do so for a regular hobby or vacation. An inflatable board can be checked along with your luggage and most airlines allow sports equipment for a small charge.

Watching the sun say hello in Playa del Carmen

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Top Tips For Sup Yoga

Once you get your own board and are ready to give SUP yoga a go, its helpful to keep some useful tips in mind for a better experience.

  • Stay low and don’t be afraid
  • Find a point on the horizon to focus on look straight in front of you
  • Focus on yourself and don’t push yourself too hard we all have to start somewhere
  • Choose a peaceful location to practice SUP yoga
  • Use an anchor to keep your board in one place throughout your practice
  • Wear the right clothes and dont forget to use sunscreen
  • Always check the weather conditions before going out safety always comes first
  • Remember to smile, have fun, and enjoy yourself

Beluga Inflatable Yoga Paddle Boards For Sale: Our Advantages

Choosing Beluga‘ proposition to buy inflatable Yoga SUPs you get the whole range of advantages. Our company provides the best quality together with the lowest inflatable Yoga board price. Three years warranty is complimented with free shipping. These important features are combined with free consulting of skilled specialists.

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Advanced Elements Lotus Ysup

Best for Warrior 1

The Advanced Elements Lotus YSUP is designed with yoga practice in mind. From nose and tail to a completely clear deck, this is a great SUP board for yoga.

If you want a board that looks a bit different then this is the SUP for you. The Lotus YSUP has a unique shape and color scheme that will make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Features & Specs:

  • Completely clear deck so you can really stretch your yoga positions
  • Wide board in relation to the length of the board for great stability
  • Good tracking from fin setup
  • Lightweight design

What we don’t love:

  • No storage system in place, which gives it the clear deck space, but there is nowhere to put your waterproof phone case or water bottle

This is one of the best stand up paddle boards for yoga out there. Beginners may struggle with the length of the board being slightly smaller than other options. But if you are an experienced paddler and a yoga lover wanting to try paddle board yoga, then this is a great SUP to try.

Atoll 11 Best All Around Inflatable Paddle Board

10 Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board of 2020

The Atoll 11 is my top pick for the best overall inflatable paddle board. It perfectly balances speed and stability, making it a great option for paddlers of all skill levels, and the build quality makes for a durable board that I know I can rely on.

In fact, one of the main things I love about the Atoll 11 is its rugged construction. The machine-laminated dual-layer PVC and Korean dropstitch construction results in a SUP that can take pretty much anything. This means that its one of the toughest inflatables around.

I have no worries about damaging the board when I transport my Atoll 11 to the water or when Im out on it.

The durability of the board is matched by its great performance on the water.

In fact, Ive found the Atoll 11 to be one of the easiest boards to paddle. The shape of the board and the tri-fin design help it to track well, and at 11 feet long and 32 wide its easy enough to balance on, but still responsive enough for you to be able to control it.

This means its a good board for beginners as well as experienced paddlers who want a stable board that doesnt feel sluggish in the water.

Aside from the great all-around performance and quality construction the Atoll 11 impresses me with its attractive package. It comes with everything you need to get paddling right away. You get an adjustable carbon and fiberglass paddle, carrying bag, manual pump, and a leash.

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Best Inflatable Paddle Board Of 2022

Our team of experts has spent five years testing over 30 of the best inflatable SUP boards and purchased 14 of this year’s top models in search of the best option for beginners as well as experienced paddlers. From the Pacific Ocean to Lake Tahoe to secluded alpine lakes and rivers, we put each board to a head-to-head test in various weather and water conditions. Our resident yogini also put each one through the ultimate stability test by attempting yoga postures on each. We hit the water with both novice and advanced paddlers and brought our pets and friends with us to find the best-performing options, the easiest to inflate, and the most manageable to transport.

Thurso Surf Waterwalker Inflatable Paddleboard

The Thurso Waterwalker is one of those inflatable SUPs that makes people stop and stare.

It is gorgeous and you can get it in three colors. But that is not the only thing that makes it an excellent SUP.

The Waterwalker features a woven dropstitch core and dual-layer PVC. It has carbon rails and reinforced seams. It is a pretty solid paddle board that can handle heavy use and abuse.

Compared to other all-around inflatable paddleboards, the Thurso Surf Waterwalker is fast. Id say it is one of the best all-around inflatable paddle boards as far as performance goes.

This paddle board has three size options, 10, 106, and 11. You can choose the one that will best suit you depending on your body size and the activities you like.

The Waterwalker package includes a backpack, paddle, leash, and a pump. The carbon hybrid paddle is lightweight and efficient. It is much better than a fiberglass or aluminum paddle.

The dual-chamber triple-action pump works twice as fast as a single-chamber. The backpack now comes with wheels to make transport easier.

There are two bungee storage areas and extra D-rings for a kayak seat.

We love the paddle holder on the Waterwalker too. Some SUP activities like yoga and angling can be challenging when you have nowhere to put your paddle. Having the paddle holder keeps your paddle out of the way, leaving your hands free.

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Sup Yoga Tips For The Best Paddle Boarding And Yoga Experience

1. Improve Your Paddling Form and Technique

You will still have to paddle to your yoga destination. And after some time, you may want to try out other SUP activities. So learning to paddle efficiently is necessary.

With a proper paddling form and technique, you wont find yourself getting worn out too quickly. Youll also be using more muscles and getting a full-body workout in the process.

Take a class and watch YouTube videos about paddling properly.

2.Master the Step-Back Turn

This is a technique that allows you to turn your SUP quickly. It comes in handy when dodging objects while paddling.

Here is how it is done.

3. Find a Quiet, Secluded Spot

It is hard to focus on your yoga routine when you have other water vessels zooming past you. Or with a lot of people around, some of them watching you.

Luckily, paddle boards can go where boats cant. Paddle to a quiet and calm spot for the perfect yoga session.

4. Give Yourself Time to Get Used to the Water and Board

Yoga on a stand up paddleboard will be different from yoga on the land. Take some time to just get used to being on a SUP on water.

Start with simple stretches and go from there.

5. Utilize the Entire Deck Pad

Spread out on the entire deck as much as you can for stability.

The tree pose, dancers pose, and other yoga poses that have only one contact point with the board may be tricky .

Try two or more points of contact until you are confident enough for a tough challenge.

6. Be Prepared to Fall In

8. Just Do It!

Gilde 02 Lotus Inflatable Yoga Sup

Goosehill inflatable sup board,with Super Contruction ...

Durable & Comfortable!

The Gilde 02 Lotus Inflatable Yoga SUP offers a sturdy board with a comfortable surface. Though its not the fastest paddleboard out there, its still spacious and efficient enough for practicing yoga.

This board is about 10 feet in length, 35 inches in width, and 6 inches in thickness. Moreover, it can safely carry 400 lbs or 181.4 kg.

In contrast, the board itself weighs only 26 lbs or 11.7 kg! So, even the kids or the elderly will be able to carry it around with ease.

Furthermore, the board sports ultra-durable fusion construction and reinforced rails, making it one of the sturdiest yoga SUP.

Besides, the entirety of the boards surface has a brushed EVA deck pad. This way, yogis will be comfortable and safe while practicing the poses.

Plus, the bottom of this SUP board is flat. Thus, the flat bottom ensures the board stays stable on the water, combined with its moderate width.

As for the package, this SUP comes with an adjustable paddle, safety leash, manual pump, removable fin, repair kit, and a backpack.

However, it has a single fin setup. So, its not very maneuverable, and the shorter length makes the board pretty slow.

Fortunately, this single also fin makes the board track well.

Additionally, it can support up to 25 PSI. As such, yogis will have no trouble trying out the advanced yoga techniques without the board flexing.

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Ancheer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Weight: 28 lbs | Length: 11 | Width: 32 | Max Capacity: 350 lbs

Features: Extra long design | Anti-slip soft EVA deck | 3 grip handles | 4 D-rings | Bungee tie-downs | Adjustable paddle, safety leash, double action pump, removable center fin, waterproof phone bag

Although our previous entry is a tough one to beat, this ANCHEER marvel is one of the best paddle boards for yoga you could hope to find.

The board can carry a staggering 350 pounds despite weighing under 30 itself, and as far as durability goes, this thing is definitely up there. The combination of a drop-stitch inside and double PVC layers makes this board very difficult to damage or sink, and although we hope you wont be needing it, we dont even need to tell you how useful the anti-slip deck can be.

Youll have all the space in the world for yoga , and the two bungee storage compartments allow you to carry a lot more equipment than the average paddle board. This might not be particularly necessary for yoga, but you can easily convert this into a fishing board by sticking a seat into the D-rings if need be.

Youre also getting some amazing value for money here besides the paddle, pump, and carry bag that are commonly included, youll also get an extra removable fin and a waterproof cell phone carrier.

What Board Proportions Are Ideal For A Yoga Board

While you could perform SUP Yoga on virtually any board, beginners will want to start on the most stable possible platform. This will give you the best opportunities as you progress to add more challenging poses to your flow sequences and give you confidence in your equipment each session.

Most people know that the stability of a SUP board is dictated by its width. What is less well known is how the thickness of the board affects its stability.

A board that is 36 inches wide might seem like an obvious choice for stability. But if the board is 6 inches thick, all bets are off. A board that is 34 inches wide and only 5 inches thick will actually be more stable because it will ride lower on the water than the 6-inch board. If you attempt yoga on a 6-inch board and then try the same positions on a 5-inch board, youll notice the difference immediately.

Keep in mind that a 5-inch board is quite a bit easier to climb back onto than a 6-inch board, in the case you do find yourself in the water and is going to be a lot more fun to casually paddle when you are not doing yoga.

Board length has only a minor effect on SUP Yoga stability, especially when looking at suitable all-around alternatives, so opt for a convenient length in the 10-11 foot range. A shorter board under 10ft will be difficult to stretch out on during some poses, so in this instance a board larger than that is better for most people.

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