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Best Foldable Travel Yoga Mat

A List Of Top 10 Best Travel Yoga Mats

Best in Travel Yoga Mats | YOGO Folding Yoga Mat | Small As a Newspaper – Whaa?!

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The Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat offers a place where you can carry out your yoga in a secure and safe manner. The mat has environmentally friendly and non-slip materials which help you feel you physically comfortable in your daily yoga practice. The mat has an ideal thickness level that protects your knees whenever you are doing poses that require you to exert pressure on them. The mat is also available in 9 different colors so you can choose the color you are comfortable with to show off your personality while at the yoga studio.


  • Has a traction-enhanced surface which is eco-friendly


  • Has a rubbery smell when you first unroll the mat which lasts for some days

Manduka Eko Superlite Travel Yoga Mat

Weight: 2.2 poundsThickness: 1.5mmTraveler editors tried out both Manduka’s eKO Superlite Travel Yoga Mat and the Pro Travel Mat and preferred the eKO versionwhile still fairly thin, the Superlite offered a bit more cushion, despite weighing less . It doesn’t bunch up or move on the floor, and held up well, grip-wise, in a hot yoga class. It also rolls up to be super slim, so we recommend packing it that way if you’re putting it in a tote or backpack, though, fold it flat into a square for less height. As a bonus, it comes in 10 colors, catering to yogis who like a neutral mat as well as ones who prefer a pattern, and is made out of sustainably harvested tree rubber and synthetic polyester.

Weight: 1 poundThickness: 2mmAnother instructor-recommended brand: Gaiam. While their traditional mats offer much more cushioning, this foldable mat is great if you’re really tight on space or travel frequently. At just a pound, it’s the most lightweight option we found, and folds easily into a 12″ by 10″ rectangle after use. It has a sticky texture on top for stability, and works just as well at the beach or the park. Reviewers note it is great to use in hotel rooms and is thin enough to slide into the outer compartment of carry-on suitcases.

Value For Money: Manduka Eko Superlite Travel Yoga Mat

If traveling light is a priority, the Manduka eko Superlite Travel Yoga Mat is a fantastic option. Its grippy, folds up compactly, and is lightweight, making it ideal for travel but doesnt sacrifice workout days.

Manduka mats are well known for their highly durable material, this mat is no exception. It resists tearing and stretching. Made from biodegradable, 100% natural tree rubber with non-toxic foaming agents and no harmful plasticizers.

You dont have to worry about slipping thanks to its sticky texture surface. It keeps your hands and feet stay in place when you start sweating. The surface does not absorb sweat, making it simple to maintain clean.

Another highlight about Manduka travel mat is it comes in a wide selection of patterns and colors.


Sustainable. Made from biodegradable, 100% natural tree rubber

Longer than other travel yoga mats

Wonderful portable. Foldable and fit in most carry-ons

Provides excellent grip

Closed-cell surface prevents sweat from seeping into the mat

Different designs to choose from


  • Strong rubber smell, fade away overtime
  • Need break-in period, The mat grip improves with each use

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Liforme Travel Yoga Mat Thin + Strong

as of June 25, 2022 1:49 pm

With an excellent grip, extra support, easy portability and biodegradable materials, Liforme showed once more its progressive thinking with this outstanding travel yoga mat. The mats are made out of specially engineered eco-polyurethane and rubber, they are PVC-free and biodegradable in 1-5 years. Every yogi knows how important it is to have a good grip while practicing. This yoga mat has a revolutionary GripForMe material which makes it grippy even when your hands and feet get really sweaty.

Despite its thin and light feature, this portable yoga mat has a strong natural rubber base with an extra cushioned felt layer that gives you the necessary support for your joints. There is even a so-called AlignForMe system that helps you align your body while doing asanas. The size of the mat is somewhat longer and wider its measures are 72 x 26 x 0.09 in . However, it is light enough to take it with you on your travels and excursions despite its size. On top of that, you get a free yoga bag for easy carry. Indeed an excellent value for money when searching for a good travel yoga mat.

Best Travel Yoga Mat 2021

China Best Lightweight Foldable Travel Yoga Mat Manufacturers ...

Packing for your trip, fitting all your items in that limited space is an art in itself. This art must not go unsung ever. For all the things to get their deserving space in the suitcase, it must be flexible enough to adjust with other things around it. A yoga mat is, unfortunately, one of the things that are stubborn, and disagrees to adjust with the space.

Maintaining personal yoga practice is very effective in balancing other things while you are on vacation, like jet lag, tense muscle, long flights, bus rides, walking or standing for hours. Maintaining the yoga practice in your hotel room or any outdoor space becomes a lot easier with a handy travel yoga mat. A travel yoga mat is like any other yoga mat but much more flexible, foldable and lightweight. This makes the packing business less dreadful.

So, come with us as we guide you to the 11 best travel yoga mats for you.

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Yogo Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat Most Durable Mat

  • Price: $$$
  • Best feature: Built-in carry straps
  • Feature to improve: Weight

The YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat is a model used and trusted by many experienced yogis for their travel needs.

This mat comes in six rich colours to suit your personality and boasts a great design that allows you to pack it down to the size of a newspaper. The attached straps function in two helpful ways, as they provide a carrying system and make it easy to hang the mat up to dry after its been cleaned.

The YOGO Ultralight is made from renewable tree rubber which is super sticky to provide the ultimate grip and traction during your practice. Yogis claim that it is also very durable over the long term. If you decide to invest in a YOGO mat for your backpacking trips, a food-producing tree will be planted in Africa.

Rave Review: I was looking for a folding travel yoga mat and YOGO came to the rescue! I find it very sticky and it didnt have a strong rubbery smell. I love it and I love how eco-friendly it is!


Mikkoa Travel Yoga Mat Best Mat For Hot Yoga

  • Price: $$$
  • Best feature: Designs
  • Feature to improve: Slippy when cold

The Mikkoa Travel Yoga Mat is a lightweight option for travel. It is by far the most aesthetically pleasing of all the options on our list we love the Galaxy Aurora print! As well as this design, there are also other versions available in a variety of beautiful prints.

The surface of this mat is made from vegan suede which wicks sweat. This makes it a great option for hot yoga as it actually becomes more grippy with sweat. Although it can be a little slippy when you first get started, this isnt a problem once the heat starts to build!

Mikkoa is a female-owned eco-friendly brand. Based in Australia, they plant a tree for every mat sold. They are aiming to help to restore the forests which suffered badly in the most recent bout of devastating bushfires.

This travel mat has a natural tree rubber base and is even machine washable, making cleaning it a breeze. Despite being 10cm longer than most mats, it still manages to fold down small and compact, making it ideal for travellers.

Rave Review: Super happy with this mat. Nice feel, great design and best of all it doesnt move!

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Traveling With A Yoga Mat

I know you are probably wondering how to travel with a yoga mat when they are kind of big and bulky? Well, thats why you need a packable yoga mat because they are lightweight, compact and super easy to travel with.

Some of these travel yoga mats roll up tiny, while others fold into small squares, making them super lightweight and portable. They can also become dirty and need to be transported before you have a chance to clean them.

This is where a bag for your yoga mat comes in handy for the rollable yoga mats, which I talk more about at the end of this article. For travel foldable yoga mats, you simply fold them in such a way that the dirty side of the mat faces inward and does not touch any of your other luggage.

Are you looking for information on how to fold a yoga mat for travel? Were talking about a regular yoga mat and not a travel-sized mat here, by the way. I can only tell you that I dont recommend folding a mat that isnt supposed to be folded. Doing that will make it really hard to get the kinks out when you arrive.

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Instead, roll it as you usually do and put it inside of a yoga mat bag to protect it and try to strap it to the outside of your backpack or luggage. If that is not possible, a cheap yoga bag should stop it from dirtying anything inside of your luggage and may help to keep its shape somewhat.

Yogo Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat

The best lightweight folding yoga mat

This YOGO Ultralight travel mat is perfect for frequent travelers and quickly became my favorite.

Its an incredibly compact yoga mat that even comes with its own built-in straps and handle.

Unfold it, practice, then easily roll it back up into its straps. The texture is very similar to Mandukas travel mats but with added features.

Cleaning has also been very easy because I just use the built-in handle to hang it in the shower. Rinse it off while you shower and leave it hanging to dry.

As I mentioned, the surface of this mat reminds of the Manduka travel mat. Its smooth but very grippy.

Thats because the YOGO mat is also made from renewable tree rubber.

And even better, as a company, they give back. Planting food-bearing trees and providing restorative agroforestry training in Africa.

At 2.1 pounds its one of the most lightweight travel mats out there, and the compact carrying system makes it so tiny and easy to pack.

It folds to the size of a folded newspaper and never takes much space in my bag.

This mat is also ideal for those worried about germs. The folding system allows for the bottom of the mat to never come in contact with the top.

You dont have to worry about rolling the hotel room floor germs onto the top of the mat, where you rest your face in childs pose.

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Best Lightweight Yoga Mats For Travel

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Finding the right yoga mat for travel can be challenging. The right travel yoga mat has to be at least light and foldable but there might be other qualities that make a mat perfect for you. While extra thin yoga mats are the easiest to pack when youre traveling theyre probably not the best choice for you if you have sensitive joints.

There are some beautiful and super comfortable yoga mats on our list so it doesnt matter how you pack a yoga mat for travel youll find here something you can fold the way you like it. We also included some of the most beautiful smart and eco-friendly yoga mats youll love taking with you on the road.

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Youll find on our list some of the most beautiful and unique foldable and clever yoga mats thatll help you enjoy your me-time smarter, more comfortably, and in style of course. Explore personalizable lightweight travel yoga mats, artsy travel-size yoga mats, and the thinnest yoga mats that will make your yoga experiences easier and better.

If you like unique and customizable gifts and energy-boosting gadgets that help you achieve your goals faster or just simply make your life happier then youll love these lovely yoga mats.

Yogi Bare Teddy Light Yoga Exercise Mat

as of June 25, 2022 1:49 pm

Only 1.5 kg and 2 mm thickness makes this non-toxic and non-slip travel yoga mat one of the top travel yoga mats within the yoga community. No matter if you are going on a longer or a shorter trip, simply fold your Yogi Bare Teddy Yoga Exercise Mat to a size of a sweater, and you´re ready to go. The natural rubber base makes this mat suitable for any type of exercise, from light yoga class to a more advanced Asthanga yoga or even a HIIT training.

The microfibre has rapid absorption capacity, making the surface stickier as you sweat more. This fold-up travel yoga mat is machine washable at a lower temperature with a small amount of detergent. Suppose you prefer a thicker surface when practicing. In that case, you can always use this mat as the first layer when practicing on communal mats. Nevertheless, for those wanting a solid surface, this mat by itself gives an excellent base for any type of yoga.

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Our Top Travel Yoga Mat Picks

Our 3 Favourite Travel Yoga MatsBest for hot yoga Yoga Design Lab Travel Mat

The yoga mat that has earned pride of place in my travel essentials is the Liforme mat. Full disclosure: since we have been stationary for much of this year I actually have the regular mat with me, not the travel mat.

See, I do love my Liforme mat!

I love the Liforme mats. They are sticky, sweat absorbing, have extra grip in just the right spots, I actually use the alignment marks all the time, and its eco too.

The Yogo travel mat is Janes first choice. Its a highly portable mat and is easy to keep clean, too.

Read our review of our Yoga Design Lab mats.

Nd Wind Free Bird Yoga Mat

10 Best Travel Yoga Mats That Are Foldable, Portable, and Lightweight

Do you love a sweaty practice? With 2nd Winds Free Bird mat, youll no longer need to lug both a mat and a towel to your favorite hot yoga classthe towel is built right in to the top layer, providing a great grip, especially when you sweat. Low-maintenance, easy to care for , and thin, this yoga mat will ensure youre able to keep up with your practice while on the move. Free Bird Yoga Mat, $80

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Yoga Design Lab Combo Yoga Mat

This travel yoga mat is a great travel companion because it has a two-in-one purpose. Its a yoga mat and towel in one, so you don’t need to bring both to your yoga practice. The top layer is a microfiber material and the bottom is made from natural tree rubber. Because this mat was designed specifically with hot practice in mind, it becomes sticky once it is wet.

This mat is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for traveling. The straps that come with it are great to use and adjust if you are biking or hiking. The rubber bottom sticks well to the floor so this mat will not move as you are transitioning in and out of poses. It is also long enough for taller users to have enough space to use it.

Because this mat can also be used as a towel, it is perfect for hot yoga. However, it is a light mat, which means that it offers less padding. It is not as comfortable as a typical yoga mat that has more cushioning.


  • Works as a towel and yoga mat at the same time.
  • Comes with a carrying strap.


Manduka Eko Superlite Yoga Mat

Top features: lightweight/eco-friendly/non-slip/compactSize: 70 x 24 inches + thickness 1.5mm

Weighing in at under 2lbs, the Manduka eko superlite yoga mat is the ideal yoga mat when weight is your main concern whilst traveling. Made from natural rubber, its an Eco-friendly option, which also offers maximum grip during travel yoga sessions. . The Manduka Eko superlite yoga mat is available in a range of designs you are also guaranteed to stand out from the crowd, whatever far-away land you are adventuring to. Manduka mats are some of the most popular on the market.

Wow, who knew the travel yoga mat market was so wide?! We hope our guide has helped you find the perfect travel mat for your travels this year, making sure you can enjoy your yoga routine every single day. Let us know in the comments below if one of the mats featured in our guide has revolutionised yoga whilst youre on the go. Think weve missed one of the very best travel yoga mats? Be sure to tell us so we can make sure its featured for our readers.

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Best Travel Yoga Mat For Hot Yoga Mikkoa

MIKKOA Travel Yoga Mats are some of the most beautiful yoga mats on the market. They are a hybrid of yoga mats and towels, making them perfect for travel.

This is a travel yoga mat that you can use if you practice Bikram or Heated Vinyasa. It is two mats in one, which means you dont have to pack a towel and a mat.

They also offer yoga mats and beach towels.

A Few of the Benefits of My MIKKOA Travel Mat

  • Its just 2 pounds, but its 10 cm longer than usual yoga mats.
  • The mattress folds up to be very compact, but it will not have any creases or marks when it is unfolded.
  • The rubber base doesnt glide on hard surfaces.
  • MIKKOA is eco-friendly: they plant a tree for every mat sold. The mats do not include harsh chemicals, plastic, PVC, TPE, Silicones, or phthalates.
  • The shipping was very quick, and the product arrived without any creases. The company is from Australia, but they offer free shipping to the US.

The microfiber is very smooth, but you may slip at first. It is ideal for a sweaty practice because they get grippy with sweat.

If your yoga mat starts to feel slippery, you can fix this by spraying it with the studios yoga mat clear spray bottle at the start of your practice.


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