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Best Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

What’s Included In This Package

Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training Jan 2021 Meet & Greet
  • 23 nights private accommodation
  • Rejuvenating Hatha Yoga sessions in the afternoon with our resident expert, Ben
  • Deepening bonds through simple singing around the fire with everyone
  • Weekend Excursion
  • Pre and post retreat support from our team
  • Teacher training course and certification
  • Certificate upon successful completion
  • Yoga mats, blocks, straps, and bolsters
  • Weekend/day off excursions
  • 3 daily delicious and nutritious meals
  • Water, tea, coffee served throughout the day
  • Nature hikes with a trusted guide
  • School t-shirt/tote bag

Pretzel Kids Yoga Our #1 Pick Of Course


We think Pretzel Kids yoga is a pretty great place for aspiring and experienced yoga teachers to begin or expand their careers with childrens yoga. Its a great way to build a side hustle and who knows, you could be the next Cosmic Kids Yoga!

Pretzel Kids founder Robyn Parets has 20 years of experience teaching kids yoga. She also owned a 200-hour yoga teacher training and yoga studio for more than a decade.

Now, Parets runs Pretzel Kids Yoga full-time and advises women in business, as well as supports Pretzel Kids member yoga teachers who want to grow their classes. Shes pulled together a stellar team with vast experience in training kids yoga teachers.

Plus, offers the only online branded kids yoga web marketplace in the industry. On, parents can find local kids yoga classes and instructors, yoga studios and schools can hire teachers, and you can become a certified Pretzel Kids yoga instructor!

While other childrens yoga teacher trainings quickly migrate online, Pretzel Kids which offers continuing ed credits through Yoga Alliance, NASM, AFAA and NETA has been running and perfecting its digital program since 2017. And, the Pretzel Kids Method offers much more than just a one-off teacher training program.

It is a fully immersive kids yoga business-in-a-box program via the Pretzel Kids Teacher Association membership program.

With the Pretzel Kids Method and PkTA combined, you get so many AMAZING extras, including:


A Kids Yoga Training Unlike Any Other

The YogaKids Kids Yoga Certification Program is the first kids yoga training of its kind. YogaKids founder, , revolutionized the way yoga is taught to kids. Marsha, influenced by educational theorists such as Howard Gardner and, created an educationally-based program. Because of this, a YogaKids class is not just a kids yoga class! A YogaKids class integrates music, art, science, literacy, and so much more. Above all, a YogaKids class makes yoga accessible to kids of every learning style!

Save over $1000 when you purchase Full Certification as a bundle.

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What Makes This Training Unique

  • convenience + connection. Our teacher trainings offer the convenience, flexibility, and accessibility of online coursework with personalized guidance to keep you connected, engaged, and getting the most out of the course material! The coursework is self-paced, which means you complete the videos and assignments on your time, without the stress of rearranging your schedule to meet course demands. The trainings also include optional live check-ins with Suzanne via Zoom, lots of interactive feedback, and practice teaching and observing opportunities.
  • comprehensive foundational training in only 16 hours. This training provides you with all the tools you need to feel confident teaching yoga to children aged 2-12 immediately…and in only 16 hours!
  • the instructor. These trainings are led by Suzanne Brubaker, experienced kids and teens yoga instructor, school psychologist, wellness studio owner, and mom. Suzanne has worked with children for over 25 years and has taught yoga to hundreds of children in dozens of settings for over a decade. Trainees from all over the globe are now using the techniques they learned through this training to teach yoga and mindfulness to children of all ages and backgrounds. Comprehensive foundational training in only 16 hours!
  • Only $240!!

**Training is all online and at your own pace, through pre-recorded videos and optional live via Zoom check-ins. There are NO in-person classes

Yoga Alliance CEs offered

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

for Kids

The foundation of this program is an in-depth study of the physiology of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

This comprehensive program goes beyond simply modifying poses for pregnancy and instead teaches you how to create a nurturing and empowering environment where expectant mothers can tune into their inner wisdom and the yogic teachings to navigate their own unique journey to motherhood.

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Free 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

For you and your family. Together we can continue to practice Rainbow Yoga in the safe cocoon of our own homes.

Some of us may be experiencing anxiety, isolation, feeling afraid or stressed and some of us may even be quarantined at home, so its important that we are mindful and that we uplift each other.

What Is Yoga Teacher Training Like

It depends on the school and the program.

One thing you can expect is that it will be a lot of work. Even a minimum 200-hour yoga certificate course includes a lot of information to absorb.

But dont worry, its also a lot of fun!

Contact different schools, look at different styles of yoga and read reviews. Get to know the course and what it consists of before starting anything, and find the one that fits your needs.

Ensuring you have picked the right program for you takes away half the work.

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Is This Training For You

,Yoga AllianceTraining dates and locations for Creative Yogis’ teacher trainings can be found here.REGISTRATION HERE

The course exceeded my expectations in terms of content. Karen is inspirational and organised. She has provided me with so many resources and tools, and so much knowledge in teaching children, which gives me confidence to go out and start teaching. Truly grateful and feel blessed to have this experienceISABELLE | Yoga Teacher – Hong KongKaren Wightman is without a doubt an inspiring, resourceful and a great mentor. It is my privilege to train through her. She ensured that no stones were unturned by delivering her teaching wisdom and tips.WENDY | Preschool Teacher – Hong Kong

Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

Kids Yoga Teacher Tips: Advice for Kids Yoga Teachers

Childrens Yoga Tree is dedicated to providing a high standard of childrens yoga teacher training online and in schools. Our aim is to empower teachers and parents to teach yoga and mindfulness to children. We believe the discipline and playfulness of yoga is an essential building block in child development – nurturing children to be calm, creative and resilient in a challenging world.

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Are You An Experienced Yoga Teacher

Experienced yoga teachers can use the Ambassador Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training to train teens and adults. If you qualify, we take care of the manuals, trainer lesson plans, and your Registered Yoga School on Yoga Alliance too.

Ambassador Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training has been a joy to teach. It is extremely well laid out. The feedback has been tremendous. We have created something very special and participants are loving delving deeper, asking questions, and feeling supported as they learn and grow. They especially come alive during the small group discussions in the lesson plans. They LOVE all the practice teaching they get.

Donna Freeman, Ambassador Yoga Trainer and Founder of Yoga In My School Academy

If youve ever thought of offering yoga teacher training get more info here:

Ready To Start Your Kids Yoga Journey

Register for our Water and Rock Kids Yoga Teacher Training here NOW – space is limited!

Cancelation Policy

In the event of a cancelation, a 50% refund will be given in the form of credit towards Water and Rock Studio Services, and must be used within 1 year. No refunds or credits will be issued within 2 weeks of training date.

Want to become more involved in Water and Rock Studio? We have tons of more workshops and events that you can be a part of! We have virtual kids martial arts lessons, instructor training, meditation and mindfulness camp for kids, virtual self-defense classes, goat yoga, and more!

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What Will You Learn At Our Online Kids Yoga Training

First, you will experience life-changing love and laughter. Also, you will learn about all 14 of the YogaKids Elements. These are the building blocks of our amazing program. They include all the different ways children learn. For instance, the Elements combine yoga with reading, writing, science, art, music, games, ecology, philosophy and much more. As a result, they make yoga accessible to all children.

Furthermore, you will be introduced to our 20 categories of poses. Some poses are based on traditional asanas. However, others are unique to the YogaKids program. Also, you will learn successful strategies for lesson planning. Finally, youll learn about teaching teens, inclusive teaching, and guidelines for teaching a successful YogaKids class.

This online kids yoga training event is for anyone wanting to give yoga to children. For example, its for yogis, parents, teachers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and other child-focused professionals. Also, no yoga experience is required.

Is This Course Live

Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training

The 16-Hour Water and Rock Kids Yoga Teacher Training consists of 3 contact hours via Zoom, and 13 non-contact hours consisting of pre-recorded videos and corresponding assignments .

Our Teacher Trainings offer the convenience, flexibility, and accessibility of online coursework with personalized guidance to keep you connected, engaged, and getting the most out of the course material! The coursework is self-paced so you can work around your schedule, making learning more fun, fulfilling, and without the stress of rearranging your schedule to meet course demands. The trainings also include the option to attend live check-ins with Suzanne via Zoom, lots of interactive feedback, and practice teaching and observing opportunities.

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Yoga With Teressa Asencia

While most yoga training courses are geared towards teaching adults, this 95-hour kids yoga teacher training program focuses on how to teach yoga to children.

Its not enough hours to be Yoga Alliance certified, but if youre an existing yoga instructor looking to work with kids, this is perfect.

Consisting of ten online sessions, this childrens yoga teacher training course takes you through traditional poses and chants, as well as more fun activities designed especially for kids, including stories and magic carpet relaxations.

Teressa has literally written the book on yoga for children, so you couldnt ask for a better teacher in this area.

The sessions are self-paced and can be adjusted to the needs of each student. As well as the online sessions, there are optional videos available.

  • Yoga style: Kids yoga teacher training
  • Hours: 95 overall

Do A Little More Research

I read a couple books that I found on Amazon in my first year of teaching full-time. These definitely helped me get new ideas, find new games, and get inspiration to keep working hard!

These are my favorite books on learning to teach kids yoga:

  • Yoga Calm for Children. This has been the most useful and practical book that Ive found, given my population of students that I teach. It has concrete ideas for activities and sequences. It has tips for themes and structuring classes. Ive completed the Yoga Calm training as well, which was incredibly beneficial.
  • Om Schooled. . This book gave me inspiration in the dead of winter in my first year. I thought I couldnt do it. It was too hard. I was burning out. This story of a woman teaching full-time yoga in a public school was the book that helped me keep going. Inspiring and heartwarming, not as full of lesson plans as Id hoped but definitely practical.
  • Yoga Games for Children. A good set of games for using with kids with a yoga focus! I find I need to modify a lot of them for my large classes, but its great to flip through and re-inspire myself from time to time.
  • Storytime Yoga. This book is best for use in studios as it takes a more traditional look at yoga. Stories are scripted out and always have a moral, though best for mid-elementary age. Many are from different countries around the world! Good ideas and sample stories.

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Volunteer As A Kids Yoga Teacher

Get some experience teaching kids yoga by volunteering first! Its important to have a good idea of what your classes will feel like, how much energy it takes, and if you really truly love teaching kids yoga.

If you let others know of a skill that you have and are willing to share it for free, you will get opportunities! And the practice is CRUCIAL in building confidence and teaching skills!

Dont volunteer forever though. And use those opportunities to help market yourself to future businesses, families, and paid opportunities.

Best Yoga Teachers Training Program

KIDS YOGA TEACHER TIPS: Get your kids yoga in schools

Deepen your yoga experience, increase your knowledge of yoga, and boost your inspiration by joining one of the best yoga teacher training programs in India. YTT is a foundation course based on the various aspects of Hatha Yoga. Moreover, the course aims to help students in developing a well-balanced approach to the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects. Whether your objective is to teach yoga or simply discover new depths in your yoga practice, the YTT course will make you prepare for the journey.

YTT provided here is more than just learning various yoga poses, instead is a lifetime experience. If you are all set to explore new depths of yoga practice, begin enduring connections and discover matchless opportunities for personal growth, our transformative YTT programs will motivate you to reveal the essential layers of yoga while finding the deepest layers of yourself.

Live Positive Life! Share Positive Vibes

We are a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance, offering the best yoga teacher training program for 200 hours, 300 hours, and 500 hours. We believe that performing yoga on a regular basis helps in greatly enhancing ones physical, mental, and spiritual health. Our school aims to spread Yoga Love to people from various walks of life worldwide! Master your yoga skills by joining YTT in India now! Get started to live a positive life and share positive vibes!

Who We Are

Start your yoga journey here!

Highlights of Yoga Teachers Training in India

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I Took The Kids Yoga Teacher Training And Was Immediately Hooked

It felt so much more fun and exciting than what Id considered yoga for kids would be like.

I knew at once that I wanted to start teaching yoga to kids at the preschool I worked at, and potentially to even more places.

I taught yoga at the preschool mostly for fun for about a year. In the meantime, I took another kids yoga course and tried some new ways of teaching yoga using games and mindfulness.

Finally, I volunteered to teach yoga in Kenya where I had a friend running an NGO. She set me up with some local schools and programs and I taught 1-2 classes a day for three weeks.

That was an excellent chance to immerse myself in the routine of teaching kids of different levels, ages and abilities. It also forced me out of my comfort zone and into the world of being the sole teacher bringing a new topic to kids. It was amazing!

In Kenya, I taught to young students in a daycare, teens at an all-girls school, a group of children with physical disabilities, and even to a group of kids at the deaf school. It was a wonderful and fulfilling experience.

Obviously, not everyone who wants to teach yoga has the time or resources to go volunteer abroad. But it was so fun and worthwhile.

Kids Yoga Teacher Certificates

Young Yoga Masters, a Yoga Alliance Registered Childrens Yoga School, offers a flexible training where you receive a Certificate for each training module you complete. You can take any training module in any order except for the Level 2 Mastermind Module . You can also take Modules at any location .

Each Certificate covers important aspects of teaching yoga to children to prepare you to be a confident teacher. Youll discover effective ways to teach yoga to children .

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Become A Yogakids Apprentice With Level 2

You can continue your kids yoga Certification training with Integrations. Integrations is Level 2 of the YogaKids Certification Program. This at-home study course consists of 4 modules and is open to all our Level 1 graduates.

During Integrations, our incredible community of teachers and trainers will be supporting you through our global Teachers forum. And our elite team of Master Mentors will evaluate your work.

You can expect to complete the course in 4-6 months. Each module averages 20-30 hours of homework. By setting aside 5 hours per week, you can complete each module in 4-6 weeks. Therefore, if you teach two YogaKids classes per week during your Level 2 Training, you can earn back your investment in Certification before you even complete your training!

Ready To Learn How To Teach Yoga To Kids


Teaching yoga to kids is not the same as teaching yoga to adults. There are several things you need to do to make sure you are prepared to teach yoga to kids.

  • Practice yoga and find inspirational teachers
  • Volunteer and offer classes in your community
  • Take a 200 hour yoga teacher training program
  • Follow the steps to legally start your own business
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    Can You Fail Yoga Teacher Training

    Teaching yoga is like teaching anything else, you have to be able to do it properly and safely.

    Before you pass the training, your instructor has to be absolutely sure that you are capable of teaching yoga without hurting anyone.

    So yes, it is possible to fail, but if you study everything the yoga certification courses tell you to study, pay attention to classes and workshops, and are confident, then you should be fine.

    Most programs offer a mentoring scheme, so if it becomes something youre really worried about, then talk it through with them.

    So there you have it. The top yoga teaching courses online, plus everything you need to know when choosing and preparing for yoga teacher training.


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