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Best App For Yin Yoga

The Difference Between Yin Restorative And Gentle Yoga

75 min Advanced Yin Yoga – EXTRA LONG HOLDS

Yin? Restorative? Gentle? From the outside in, these three styles of yoga practice might look identical, but there is a big difference in both the aims of these offerings as well as the way in which we practice them. Its important to understand the how and the why of each style so that we are always doing our best for our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Gentle Yoga This practice will offer students ground-based postures that gently stretch and strengthen the muscles of the body. You may take one or two easy standing postures like Mountain or Downward Facing Dog, but most of the time, you can expect to be on the floor. In this style of yoga, you will definitely move but at a slow pace and with lots of instruction. This class is perfect for students who are brand new to yoga, and for those who are coming back after an injury or ailment.

Restorative Yoga This is a yoga practice that focuses on deep relaxation through floor-based poses. You will use props to support the postures, and all poses will be very mild in their intensity. In Restorative yoga, we use the props to create a completely effortless experience of a long-held posture. With this level of support, students can slow down and let go of long-held tension. This class is ideal for students suffering from physical and mental fatigue. Its also wonderful anytime you feel the need to just step back from the whirlwind of life.

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Lauren McLaren

Yoga Poses And Classes

The poses and classes app is perhaps the most accessible out of all of the yoga apps free download options on our list.

While all of the apps on this list are free to download, some of them do require in-app purchases to unlock more material. Poses and Classes does this too, but since its also supported by ads, theres a great deal of free material! In our opinion, there is more than enough content to keep you going indefinitely.

The app offers 100 poses which are incredibly well illustrated and easy to follow. The diagrams and instructions on this app are some of the clearest of the list, and a timer tells you when to transition into the next pose.

All the classes have been designed by certified yoga experts, so you know that youre only getting top-level tuition.

We think this might be the best free yoga app for anyone who wants to focus primarily on balance.

The main classes focus on strength, flexibility, and balance, but its the latter that gets the most attention.

The various poses will help you understand how your body works, and teach you to hold yourself in equilibrium which is, after all, the foundation of all yoga.

Of course, there are a variety of other targeted classes on offer. Our favourite was probably the Morning Yoga, which offers a short and invigorating burst of energy perfect for getting the day started.

If You Literally Have Five Minutes:

5-Minute Yoga Workouts

Free on the App Store and

Open the excuse-proof app and press start to kick off the sequence of the day, and youll see a photo of the move, a description of how to do it, and a minute-long countdown clock for how long you should hold each pose. After five of them, youre done, and you get a new set every time you open the app. Bonus: Its free!

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What Do Yin And Yang Have To Do With Sleep

When yin and yang energy in our lives are in balance, Chinese medicine posits, were healthy. And when things get out of whack, theres a greater likelihood of things slipping in our health. There are usually telltale signs. We simply need to be curious about these symptoms, rather than ignore them, so we can start to understand the underlying cause.

One very common symptom of imbalance between yin and yang is insomnia or poor sleep, which is something you are likely to experience when you have too much yang energy or too little yin energy. Traditional Chinese Medicine works with the principle that your energy, or qi, flows through lines, or meridians, throughout the body. These lines of energy need to be open and balanced in order for us to remain in balance.

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Best Yoga Mats For Pregnancy Yoga

The BEST deal ever! (seriously)

Becoming pregnant doesnt mean that your practice has to end, but instead be adapted to support and aid your blossoming body. Often during pregnancy, particularly in the later trimesters, gentle yoga can help to ease some of the discomfort, aches and pains that are common when your body is providing a home for your unborn baby. Much like in restorative yoga practices, we recommend a supportive mat with plenty of cushioning when taking part in pregnancy yoga.

We love the Revive Yoga Mat for pregnancy yoga because of its durability and strong grip, with 5mm thickness to offer comfort and cushioning. This supportive mat also weighs just 1.2kgs, so that its lightweight and easy to carry. It has a closed-cell surface which protects against bacteria build-up to keep you healthy during your pregnancy practice. This mat is also very versatile and can be used for a range of activities outside of yoga.

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Top 7 Best Yoga Sequence Builder Apps + 7 Tips For Planning Yoga Classes

A sequence is like a road map for your 30, 60, or 90 minute yoga class. Without it, you lose focus and momentum.

Many yoga teachers follow traditional sequences like Sun Salutations, Bikram, Kundalini, or Vinyasa. Others have visions in their head or flows from their own mat that they want to bring to their classes. But how do you get those sequencing ideas into concrete form as a paper or digital reference?

Best Free Yoga Apps In 2021

Searching for the best free yoga app to track your progress and find fun new workouts? We have listed 15 of the very best just below!

Whether youre a beginner looking for an app to cover all of the basics, or youre an experienced yogi looking for free yoga apps to inspire your next session, we can guarantee that there is something for you in the list below!

Before we jump straight in, why not enquire about our Level 4 Nutrition for Sport qualification and find out how you can make a career out of your passion for health and fitness.

Alternatively, you can read all about the range of courses that you can study with us by downloading the free OriGym course prospectus.

Also feel free to download your FREE 45 Minute Yoga SequenceWorkout below:

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If Youre Willing To Feel The Burn Every Day:

Yoga Workouts by Daily Burn

Free to download and $23.99/year for a subscription on the App Store.

Oof, you might come out feeling sore after the first class with this one. But its worth it, trust me. Daily Burn helps customize weekly yoga plans that you can download and just use whenever’s convenient. You set your specific goals, have one-on-one trainer time, do some daily stretching, and push through each day.

The Bell Curve Of Yoga Sequences

Yin Yoga for Flexibility – HIPS & HAMSTRINGS

Most yoga classes follow the same general sequence:

  • Warm up the body
  • Floor poses
  • Savasana and relaxation
  • As you can see, this base sequence looks a lot like a bell curve in terms of intensity. You start off gentle, warm up, slowly move into more challenging asanas, then settle down and eventually return to relaxation.

    Obviously this leaves a lot of room for personal interpretation and creativity. Teaching yoga gets fun when you infuse a sequence with your unique style.

    A little improvisation and inspiration ensure that classes arent robotic. But you definitely dont want to wing it!

    Planning in advance with a yoga sequencing app will help you clarify your vision and goals for a specific yoga class, and be sure that it flows naturally for your students.

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    If You Want Something With Variety:

    Peloton App

    Free to download or $12.99/month membership on the App Store and

    You may be familiar with Peloton’s killer spin classes , but its yoga courses stand out the most. The classes are streamed live from the New York City studios, so it’s basically like you’re there IRL. Something else we love: The app offers a 30-day free trial before you need to sign up for a membership.

    3. If you want to increase your flexibility:

    Lotus Yoga

    Free download with in-app purchases on the App Store and

    While the highly-rated app is specifically designed to help you with your flexibility, it has SO many other great features. You can set up a yoga plan anywhere from five days to six weeks while also bopping along to some v solid Spotify playlists.

    Maybe It’s Not What You Do That Keeps You Awake At Night But What You Don’t Do These Three Stretches Can Help Fix That

    Get full access to Outside Learn, our online education hub featuring in-depth yoga, fitness, & nutrition courses, when you.

    We all know what its like to lie awake in bed at an indecent hour and try to will ourselves to sleep. Futilely, of course. Its as if the more we attempt to doze off, the more elusive sleep becomes. You could blame that double espresso you had after lunch. Or the backbend you did at yoga class earlier in the evening.

    Or perhaps whats at fault with your insomnia isnt something you did but rather something that you didnt dobalance your yin and yang energies. If thats the case, Yin Yoga can help you get better sleep.

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    If You Need Some Accountability:

    Find What Feels Good

    $10/month on the App Store and

    If you work best when you have a community to hold you accountable, youll love this app by inspiring yogi, Adriene Mishler. Shell lead you through more than 100 hours of yoga, which you can download to your phone and watch sans WiFi. After you finish one of her videos, message others in the community whove also conquered the class. You might just find your people here.

    How We Chose The Best Yoga Apps

    Yin Side Body Stretch

    We chose the 10 best yoga apps based on a selection of important features that help users get the most out of their yoga practice. The best yoga apps are customizable to accommodate different experience levels, offer downloadable classes for offline use, include guided meditations, and have great communities for users to interact with. We also made sure to note which of these apps require subscriptions to unlock all of their features.

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    Customer Reviews Of The Yin Yoga App

    Excellent App


    MandD2007’s Review of Yin Yoga

    Reviewed on 8/30/19 2:04 PM

    My husband and I love this App! We use it every morning to start our day. I hope that future updates will add a few upper body stretches and include the ability to create multiple personal sequences.

    Good yin sequences, but app stops working


    Sampsolj’s Review of Yin Yoga

    Reviewed on 8/30/19 2:04 PM

    I absolutely love these yin routines and did them regularly but then ended up with the same problem others have reported where the sound abruptly stopped working. I erased it and installed again, but still no sound. Super disappointed!

    Beautiful app with broad range of positions and sequences


    katielw’s Review of Yin Yoga

    Reviewed on 8/30/19 2:04 PM

    After taking in person yin yoga classes for $16 each, I was excited to find this for my home. Her voice is deeply relaxing, and her sequences cover a range of needs – after running, calm, anxiety, happy, etc. You can swipe through the sequences You also have the ability to craft your own sequences. Overall, highly recommended and a beautifully designed app.

    Perfect For Daily Home or Travel Yoga Practice


    paharper’s Review of Yin Yoga

    Reviewed on 8/30/19 2:04 PM

    Great app, well made. Sequins are easy to follow and adapt to your needs. Can be as low impact or deeper stretch as you need.Perfect for travel.


    Audio quirky


    Best Free Yoga Apps Of 2022

    Are you looking to start a yoga practice and don’t know where to begin? These are the best free yoga apps out there today to help you get started!

    Yoga could be a really useful wellness asset to anyone looking to pursue a fitter and mindful 2021 and while yoga takes some time to master, its also one of the most effective physical disciplines that also aids mental health. With the surge in virtual yoga rooms, many enthusiasts are taking to practice yoga in the comforts of their own homes.

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    There are several free yoga apps, and while many of them are subscription-based, most of them offer a free version or a trial period. Plus, there are some beginner-friendly free apps that have been designed to be user-friendly and engaging so users can introduce yoga into their daily routine.

    Yoga has been around for thousands of years and has numerous benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. With virtual learning on the rise and at-home workouts becoming more and more popular, yoga goers can now get their zen through some of the best free yoga apps. The app store can be overwhelming for those looking for online yoga classes but there are a handful of free yoga apps that can scratch that yoga itch and shouldn’t be missed.

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    Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere

    If you want your yoga practice to be an experience in itself, then this is the app that you should turn to. Every time a user gets down to practice yoga the app creates a fresh new Vinyasa sequence. This means that there would never be any repetitive sequences as there is a lot of content worth sharing.

    Every pose is accompanied by clear audio instructions and a matching playlist. This makes the entire workout a studio like experience for its users. The music and sequencing of the poses are so much in sync that it is very easy to continue doing the exercise without watching the screen even once. The app also has a boost function which allows you to concentrate on one particular area of your body.


    • Every day new vinyasa sequence created.
    • Beautifully synchronized sequences make the yoga an experience to relish.
    • Music provided which matches well with the exercise.


    • The premium version is expensive but has better features.
    • Faces startup problems occasionally.

    Basic features

    • Google play store rating of 4.9
    • Even though the app is free for additional features, you can always opt for premium membership.
    • Available on iOS and Android,

    Distinguishing feature

    The perfectly coordinated sequences and music are something which allows you to keep doing the exercise even if you are not looking at the app.

    How To Sequence A Yoga Class For Your Target Student

    20 min Morning Yin Yoga Full Body Stretch – NO PROPS (with Cleo!)

    Whether teaching online or in person, you probably know by now how important it is to have a yoga niche. Your yoga niche defines exactly who your target student is and what you offer them as a teacher.

    As you design your students, think about your target student and their unique goals.

    For example:

    • Pregnant yoga students probably have a lot of back pain and are looking for stress relief
    • If your students are athletes they are probably seeking strength-building and greater flexibility
    • Elderly students likely need gentle stretches and poses that are easy to modify
    • Yin yoga students may want deep relaxation and hip opening
    • Fitness-focused yoga students want a nice raise in heart rate and enough challenge to break a sweat

    Regardless of who your target demographic is, be sure that you know what they are looking for. Design your sequences with one or two specific goals in mind. Focus on specific body parts, breathing practices, spiritual goals, or general achievements like stress relief. The below apps will help you search for poses that meet the specific needs of your target student.

    Yoga Sequence App
    Hatha, Partner, Ashtanga, Bandhas, Bolster, Chair, Kundalini, and more $99/year

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    Best Yoga Mats For Home Yoga Practice

    When practising at home, you can afford for your mat to be a little thicker and heavier than one that you need to carry to a studio. We also think that having a little extra space on the mat can be helpful for a home practice, so that you can move more freely and create a dedicated space.

    This mat can transform a room into a mini home studio, with plenty of space to practice inversions and transitions safely. You can also place plenty of props alongside you, so theyre easily within reach so that you can get deeper into your practice, undisturbed by searching for a misplaced piece of equipment. This mat is also very versatile and can be used for a wide range of fitness activities.

    What Is The Best Thickness For A Yoga Mat In Mm

    When it comes to the thickness of your mat, there really is no best, it all simply depends on what you will use the mat for. A thicker yoga mat is best for those who have sensitive knees and joints, as they provide more cushioning and support when in certain poses, such as Bharmanasana or Anjaneyasana .

    However, if your practice features a lot of balance work, then you may wish to opt for a thinner mat, as you can feel a stronger connection to the floor in poses such as Vrksasana or Ardha Chandrasana .

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