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Benefits Of Yoga Teacher Training

What Are The Yoga 200

Benefits of Online Yoga Teacher Training

In order to graduate the program you must be paid in full and fulfill the following requirements:

Attendance of in-class teacher training sessions

Successful completion of homework, quizzes, in-class and take-home final exams

Participation in a final in-class practice teaching practicum

Final sequencing assignment

Find Your Voice And See Your Purpose Clearly

There is no denying that yoga teacher training will change your life.

The benefits of Yoga Teacher Training are vast and it is one of the most powerful ways to learn about who we truly are and why we were put on this earth. Teacher Training will have a personal impact on anyone who decides to embark on this journey.

Below are just 10 benefits of taking Yoga Teacher Training with us, but the blessings are endless.

  • A roadmap for life Yoga means to yoke or to join. It is the unification of the body, mind and spirit. This ancient healing art is a comprehensive guide to a life well lived. Through this training you will gain greater understanding of your purpose in life and your place in the world. You will learn about the power of devotion, and how this one simple principle can affect every area of your life.
  • Deepen your own practice and connection to yoga. The best way to learn about the power of yoga and what yoga means to you, is to practice consistently. In this teacher training you will be taught techniques that are not as accessible by taking a regular class. As your training progresses, you will notice your body and your mind-body connection becoming stronger. During this course you will be required to attend a minimum of 20 classes in addition to your 200 hours of training and self study. This structure will help cultivate and support a consistency in your practice that will be invaluable no matter where this training takes you.
  • How To Become A Yoga Teacher

    To become a yoga teacher, the first thing to note is the Yoga Alliance.

    It is the umbrella body of all yoga experts and enthusiasts.

    Established in 1997, Yoga Alliance has dictated the standards for yoga certification.

    To enroll for a yoga training certification, you should ensure that the program is Yoga Alliance-approved. The Alliance also enlists enthusiasts for yoga training certification.

    The first standard of becoming a yoga instructor is that you have to enroll in a 200-hour long program covering everything there is to know about Yoga. The programs are popularly called YTT 200. It is the bare minimum prerequisite to earn your certification.

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    Serve The Society As A Yoga Teacher:

    There are many people till date who doesnt have any idea about yoga practices in Goa. So, if you can become a yoga teacher then you can serve the society by sharing you divine knowledge about yogic culture, the styles of yoga and can encourage others to join the yoga classes for their well-being.

    If you are practicing yoga since a long time and still dont know what the next level in yoga career then Wellnessinnyoga should will provide you with all the details in their website. Only you have register yourself in our website so that we can enroll you and provide you with all the details regarding the yoga teacher training classes in Goa.

    Our yoga school provide detailed yoga training to all the individuals who are interested at a very affordable rate. It is just one call away from you, the fast you register yourself in your schools the better well-being you will be rewarded with so, dont wait anymore, visit our website to get a detailed information about the yoga classes.

    Why Yoga Teacher Training Is Life Changing

    6 Real Life Benefits of Attending Yoga Teacher Training ...

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    Yoga was one of those things that I picked up years ago, along with many other people who decided that this new workout trend was worthy of their time.

    I gave it a try and enjoyed it, not totally loving it though, as I didnt fully keep up with it. I did, however, keep yoga in my back pocket as a new skill that I had learned and returned to time and time again with spurts of practicing here and there.

    Despite not having practiced yoga for months at a time, whenever I did return to yoga it was refreshing to come back to something that my body was familiar with and I could pick up and develop my practice more each time.

    Sound familiar? Maybe you, too, have picked up yoga but then let the practice go. Or maybe perhaps youre a regular, like I am now, that is dedicated to practicing a couple of times a week.

    Regardless of how much or how advanced your practice is maybe youve toyed with the idea of doing yoga instructor training because you think it would be cool to teach some classes on the side or you have absolutely no interest in ever becoming a yoga teacher so why even bother getting a yoga certification?

    If that interests you in the slightest then read on dear reader as I fill you in with all the deets on YTT and what you can expect in a YTT course.

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    + What Will I Learn In The Ytt Program

    In addition to making lifelong friends and deepening your experience of yoga, you will study the following topics in depth:

    • Asana learn the safe and intelligent way to perform poses
    • Alignment with modifications, variations and the proper use of props
    • Sequencing how to design dynamic, effective and intelligent sequences for all levels, Working with different kinds of bodies/students, How to observe bodies in practice, Working with injuries and limitations, Hands on adjustments.
    • Sanskrit translations, The History and Philosophy of Yoga , The business of Yoga and how to be successful as a teacher

    Become A Yoga Teacher

    Probably one of the most obvious benefits of yoga teacher training: you get to become a yoga teacher. Although it goes far beyond that simple fact. Youll be taught how to become more emotional, how to improve your communication skills, and how to share and listen to other people among many other things.

    The most important is that they will teach you how to become a yoga teacher who can take care of students and help them find their true self.

    You can start by teaching basic asanas but through the years of practice youll deepen your skills and youll feel more confident. Finally, youll get to the point where youll be able to teach your own style of yoga mixing meditation, spirituality, asanas, breathing exercises, and chanting.

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    Why Should I Do Yoga Teacher Training

    Learn about our editorial process.

    These days, it seems that every other person in a yoga class has done Yoga Teacher Training. You start to wonder, Am I missing out on something?

    Of course, its not exactly cheap to attend a yoga teacher training program. So why exactly do people spend money on Yoga Teacher Training?

    A Yoga Teacher Training Course is what people do when they want to learn yoga. In a regular classroom setting, the teacher usually has little time to fully explain the mechanisms of each pose. And, besides, not everyone wants to go deeper into yoga. Many students in a typical class just want to get a decent workout, so the teacher cant cater specifically for students who want to study yoga extensively.

    The Benefits On Online Yoga Teacher Training

    Veteran Describes Benefits of Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training

    Though online trainings will never replace the experience of being in the presence and learning directly from a person who is experienced and passionate about what they teach, they are a great second-best-choice for busy people like me. And that is why I believe that my online Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training, the first among many more online trainings to come, is an amazing and easy way to spread this practice to more children, families, and schools all around the world.

    Communication is a powerful instrument that can heal or destroy. There are lots of negative things on the web, so now I feel compelled to fill it with more positive knowledge, joy, and fun. We are here to make the world a better place, and our impact can be bigger if we use the communication tools the modern world has to offer us.

    What do you think of the benefits of online yoga teacher training? Is it something you would do? Share with us in the comments below!

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    Be Part Of A Yoga Community

    You will be spending 200 hours with your fellow trainees as part of our yoga instructor training. As you go through training together, you will become bonded with the other yogis who have the same goals as you. Regardless of whether or not you end up becoming a certified teacher, by participating in yoga instructor training you will become part of a yoga community.

    Pros Of Online Yoga Teacher Training:

    1. It fits your already busy life.

    An online course saves you the time youd otherwise spend in going to a studio. As such, it fits more easily in your already busy schedule. You can opt to do the YTT course at one go or customize your study schedule to suit your timings. This works well for working people and for those who have families or other duties.

    2. Online YTT puts lesser strain on your pockets

    Honestly, a good YTT course can be expensive. The course fee is only one part of the expense. Your travel and preparations for staying in a retreat or an ashram will have their own costs. One of the main perks of doing an online YTT is that it becomes less expensive. You can choose from a range of options and pick a course that best suits your budget. Plus, many online programs offer good discounts.

    3.You can play it back

    Some places offer a free session which helps a student get to know the course better. Moreover, in an online YTT, one gets lifetime access to all the classes. But in a live teacher training, you get to do each session only once. Likewise, in an online TTC you can also access many good video tutorials from seasoned teachers and use them in developing your own teaching style and self-practice.

    4. Online YTTs support an eco-friendly future

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    You Will Learn New Things About Your Body

    Throughout your yoga teacher training, you will be led through several asana labs where you will get to fully dissect different postures and how your body expresses them.

    I learned SO much about my unique physiology in my yoga teacher training that gave me a million tools to take back to my regular practice. I now have a much better understanding of what my body can do, and what adjustments I should make for myself in a practice that will serve my body.

    You Will Deepen Your Asana Practice

    Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training â Movement Works

    This goes without saying the attention to detail, the longer practice sessions and the newfound awareness of alignment will all help you to take your practice to a whole new level. There is a good chance that you will come out of your training expressing postures you never dreamed you would be able to.

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    The Best Yoga Teacher Training At Odyssey Mvmt

    I personally did and recommend the 200-hour Bali yoga teacher training at Odyssey MVMT in Canggu. It covers all of the requirements I mentioned above and is lead by an absolute gem of a person and beautiful soul, Erin. Also, who doesnt want to do YTT in Bali?!

    The course itself is what Erin describes as a heart-centred vinyasa yoga teacher training so expect lots of soulful flows.

    Bali is a special place and is also a place where Hinduism is still widely practiced which yoga has its roots in so I believe learning yoga on an island with such a powerful connection makes the training that much more special.

    The studio is a yoga/fitness studio that believes yoga and fitness benefit each other and incorporates fitness into the schedule to help you build strength. Pair that with the fact that Odysseys values are all about soulful movement, passion and connecting with nature and you have yourself a professional course designed for the modern-day yogi.

    While there are many traditions in yoga, the truth is that yoga was never originally created for the everyday person. Odyssey has put together a yoga teacher training course that teaches you how to make poses more accessible for yourself and your future students while building strength and connecting ancient philosophic beliefs to the 21st century.

    Email Erin at and let her know that I sent you or use the code online Taylor100. You can always email Erin with any questions about the course as well .

    Some Of The Top Benefits Of Yoga Teacher Training Classes In Goa :

    • Increases yoga practice among oneself: A new sense of yoga practice develops in an individual. The everyday practices, advanced poses and techniques helps to perform yoga in a better way. Also, the day to day practice will make a strong connection of your mind with your soul. It will also make you understand better about the metabolism of your body.
    • 200-hour yoga teacher training in India: 200- hour yoga training makes you learn yoga more deeply. It enhances the methodology of yoga styles it also makes you learn the more static styles of yoga postures such as hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, aanusara yoga, ananda yoga, etc. Though there are many other types of Yoga Teacher Training in India but our institute mainly makes you practice this as it is one of the effective way to teach yoga among individuals.

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    Provides Deep Yoga Learning

    Perhaps you are a novice at yoga or even a practitioner of many years but doing Yoga Teacher Training is what will give you a really deep understanding of yoga. From a purely physical point of view yoga teacher training can give you the tools to enhance your asana practice. Since you study anatomy you will have a much broader understanding of asana, adjustments and alignment and will be able to avoid injury. Teacher training will increase your capacity to hold asana and at the same time focus on your breath and remain mindful. However, there is much more to yoga, and yoga teacher training gives you a deep understanding of the true nature of yoga. You will also understand that the various aspects of yoga lead you to self-discovery. Yoga Teacher Training is considered by many to be life-changing experience that can impact you so much that you will find you are much more peaceful and accepting of life.

    The Amazing Benefits Of Yoga Teacher Training

    Benefits of a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

    If youve been practicing yoga for some time, you may be wondering what step to take next to develop your practice. For some, the next step in your journey may be to share your knowledge of and passion for yoga by becoming a teacher by enrolling in a Mississauga yoga teacher training program. A yoga teacher is able to create a strong connection between their mind and body through yoga, and teach their students how to forge a similar bond using yoga techniques and the wisdom of yogas philosophy. As a student, you may have already noticed the benefits of yoga on your mind, body, and spiritual health. But as a teacher, the benefits of yoga are enhanced even further. Below are five incredible benefits you will experience by graduating from student to teacher through Mind to Bodys Mississauga yoga teacher training program.

    Reinforce Your Own Practice

    Foster Your Mind and Body Connection

    Enhance Your Appreciation and Thankfulness

    Making your passion your profession is one of the lifes ultimate goals. If youre passionate about your career, youre guaranteed to excel, and your passion will be evident to your students through your enthusiasm and positivity. Your positive energy will rub off on your students, and youll be motivated to work harder to help them achieve their goals through yoga. Your hard work and commitment to your new career will pay off through financial gains and personal contentment in a job well done.

    Achieve Inner Peace and Growth

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    What You Can Expect In Yoga Teacher Training

    Ive detailed some of the emotions you can expect to feel and how you can change as a person above through YTT but what exactly happens in a YTT course for all of that to happen? Quite a few things, actually.

    First off, you can expect a pretty intense and rigorous schedule, because nothing good comes without putting in the work. Most trainings will be 9-12 hour days that involve a number of different classes both on and off the mat.

    YTT courses are anywhere from 14-30 days long though I recommend doing nothing shorter than 20 days to avoid very, very long days as many courses will require self-study time .

    Classes will involve physical practices that you will be taught, classes on how to teach, anatomy, philosophy, history of yoga, how to teach breathing, learning about the chakras and bandhas, assisting, how to create classes, meditation as well as the business of yoga aka how to go out into the world after and be a yoga teacher.

    The yoga lifestyle embraces no harm so food served during most trainings will be vegan and vegetarian options. Some trainings will also include other activities, especially if youre doing it in a travel destination.

    I did my training in Canggu, Bali at a fitness/yoga studio so we had a surfing lesson incorporated into our schedule and fitness classes to help us get stronger as well as nutrition and self-love workshops.


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