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Average Yoga Teacher Training Cost

Yoga Studios Need An Extra Income

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Yoga studios have ever-increasing rent to pay and so it comes as no surprise that they would have income from sources other than yoga classes to pay their rent and bills.

According to the Yoga in America study, 56% of yoga studios in the US have income from sources other than yoga classes. When asked what these additional sources of income are, here were the answers:

  • 35% have other fitness or exercise classes
  • 72% have other wellness or health services
  • 66% sell yoga apparel, equipment, or accessories
  • 52% rent their space to other organizations

And so even though teacher training was not specifically listed in this study, we can at least see that yoga classes seem to not be enough to cover all the yoga studio costs. And so yoga teacher training can really offer a good income to yoga studios.

If an average teacher training costs $3500, then an estimate would be that at least $2000 goes to the main teacher and the studio. If there are 20 students, then that is a very generous $40000!

Incredible if we were to think that 1/4 of studios earn less than $25000 a year from yoga classes according to the Yoga in America study.

Cost Of Certified Yoga Teacher Training For Usa Uk Canada And Australia People

If one is looking to become a certified yoga teacher then choosing the best YTT program makes their journey less troublesome and more smooth. The individual needs to be aware of how much the yoga teacher training would cost in their home country before looking outside.

With that said, this blog will provide complete details about how much yoga instructor training costs in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.

Let us first start with the Land of Opportunity aka the United States of America. Given below is the average cost of yoga teacher training in the USA.

Soma Breath Facilitator Training

Duration: 2-6 weeks

Price: $697 + $997

Format: Self-paced and one-on-one mentoring with the master instructor

Breathwork is a breathing technique that is designed to make your breathing patterns more efficient thus, helping improve your mental health, physical health, and how youre feeling.

The founder of Soma Breath started facilitator training to help other yogis learn the secrets of breathwork. Thats why the course focuses on using music, breath, and mediation as therapeutic tools. Other than that, you will be learning five core breathwork techniques that will help you unlock your students full potential.

During the course, you will be undergoing a step-by-step process of SOMA Energized Meditation. That will help you understand how you can give a full Awakening Journey.

Youll essentially become a part of a massive global community and can interact with others while also finding potential clients.

In short, you will be getting the following.

  • Foundations Helps you understand the basic and the science behind meditation, music, and breath.
  • Process Learn the steps of SOMA Energized Meditation it will help you build a professional career with SOMA Breath Therapy.
  • Community You get to join a massive growing community of breathworkers across the world you can interact with instructors, teachers, and potential clients.
  • License You can receive your license to guide your clients through the SOMA Breath workshop by enrolling in the abundance program.
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    Train Up And Speak Up

    My misconception: I didnt think my previous training as an acupuncturist had anything to do with my teaching, and I didnt see the point in spending what little money I had on more training hours.

    Understand that your 200-hour YTT is the absolute bare minimum. You need more. These extra hours and certifications nourish your hunger for yoga, and they give you your edge. They make you stand outespecially if you plan to teach in a saturated area like mine. It shows studio owners and students that you have spent time refining your teaching skills and learning more about your field. If nothing else, take anatomy classes, attend content-specific workshops, and become great at confidently assisting.

    You can also use the things you were good at before being a yoga teacher, like email marketing, social media management, having a keen eye for retail trends, etc. then put it all in your bio and on your resume, and tell everyoneat every studio and gymeven just in passing.

    It sounds obvious, but

    If you dont announce your strengths as a teacher, no one will know!

    And your bosses want to knowtrust me. They will use it to market their business, just like you should use it to spread the word about what you do.

    Personally, my deep knowledge of the body is the most important part of my teaching. I finally recognized it as my strength when a student pointed it out to a studio owner out of town. That owner offered me a teaching gig on the spot for twice what I was being paid at home!

    How Is The Yoga Tree’s Online Yoga Teacher Training Different From Other Virtual Options

    How Much Does Yoga Teacher Training Cost? (2021)

    Yoga Trees Online teacher training is based on a multidisciplinary approach with a focus on Hatha, Ashtanga and Hot Yoga. An immersion program that blends movement, lectures, group study and self-development- all from home. Learn from experienced faculty members live over zoom and receive immediate guidance and feedback on your own alignment and technique to grow your practice and gain the confidence to teach others. With Yoga Trees network of five studios across the GTA, Yoga Tree reserves our economy classes to help our graduates grow and elevate their practice in studio settings. Six Months Unlimited Membership is included with tuition.

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    How To Become A Yoga Instructor

    Okay, so lets answer the question once and for all: What is with those yoga teacher training costs?

    Are they really worth a couple thousand dollars?

    Before you throw down your non-refundable deposit, take a little bit of time to really understand where your yoga teacher training costs are coming from.

    One of the first steps in figuring out how much a YTT is worth is to evaluate why you are getting your teaching certification to begin with.

    There are lots of reasons that students want to get their yoga instructor certification other than to teach yoga.

    In fact, many certified yoga teachers dont even teach yoga at all!

    Instead, they seek yoga certification programs so that they can

    • deepen their yoga practice
    • properly learn all of the yoga postures and poses
    • study ancient text like the Bhagavad Gita or Yoga Sutras
    • to be able to construct their own personalized classes
    • to learn how to incorporate the yoga philosophy into daily life
    • to meet a group of like-minded people

    Once you are clear on the purpose of your yoga certification program, you can more easily set the value on your life-changing experience.

    While there are many things that contribute to the costs of a certification program, these five areas cover the basics:

    Reputation Of The Yoga School

    There are some yoga schools that are world-famous in yogi world.

    You know the kind.

    Their daily yoga classes are jam-packed, making an otherwise normal-looking yoga studio feel like a massive sauna.

    Theyre located in places like Costa Rica, Bali, Thailand, or some other faraway place where dreams come true.

    Some of Instagrams most famous yoga teachers are hopping into these popular yoga studios to lead exotic yoga retreats in a picture-worthy destination. #yogaeverydamnday amiright?

    Well, those beautiful gems of yoga studios and yoga schools will likely fill up fast and come with a high price tag.

    If you can swing it, though, it will probably be worth every penny.

    And if not?

    Those other yoga studios will also be incredible and worth every penny, just a lot fewer of them.

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    Is It 100% Live Or A Mix Of Pre

    You should ask yourself if you would like to have a 100% Live program where all the classes are being taught Live via Zoom or a similar program. Normally this type of Program runs for over 10 weeks at set times. You must be very disciplined and available for 10 weeks during this time.

    Time zone is another issue. If its not in your time zone, you will have a lot of challenges.

    Some Live trainings have 20-40 people attending at the same time. So ask yourself, can a teacher pay any attention to every individual? You will be paying over $1500, attending the training at fixed times for 10 weeks, and not getting any attention. The recording is of lower quality as Zoom only has 640×320 video quality recordings.

    We have found that a mix of Pre-Recorded videos and Live sessions have more flexibility. Pre-recorded videos are HD quality and you can watch them as many times as you wish. Attend the Live sessions as per your time zone and schedule. There is an opportunity to ask questions in the community and on Facebook. Lastly, the biggest benefit is that you pay a fraction of the cost .

    Yoga Instructor Course Price: Your Guide To Free Courses

    How To Choose A Yoga Teacher Training Program

    In life, were often told that if something seems to be good to be true, then it probably is.

    The cost of yoga teacher training courses is no exception to this – and were about to explain exactly why.

    Were definitely not saying that you need to fork out for the most expensive yoga teacher training out there.

    As well discuss a little later on, price and quality dont always go hand in hand, and there are a number of different things to consider when looking for the best value qualification.

    But for now, lets talk about free courses – are they a complete waste of time?

    Seeing as were here talking about yoga teacher training, were going to assume that youll want to work as a yoga teacher once youve completed the course.

    If thats the case, then wed have to say yes, the free or even the really cheap courses you can find online will almost definitely be a waste of your time.

    When we talk about really cheap courses, were referring to the likes of the course below, which you can find on gumtree or for around £20-£30.

    These courses arent to be confused with the reasonably priced qualifications that you can study with a reputable provider like ourselves, allow us to explain why!

    Putting cost aside, the most significant difference between these free and cheap courses, and a qualification that will actually get you on your way to your dream job, is course accreditation and regulation.

    Develop Advanced Sports Nutrition Expertise

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    An Easier Way To Price Classes And Issue Gift Cards

    Of course, you can run your studio manually with spreadsheets and the like. However, if your studio is humming along and you want to introduce more pricing options , you should check out yoga studio software to manage all this for you. It makes it much easier to computerize everything and sync it with your client database.

    If you dont have the technology to offer auto-pay, self-booking, and/or gift cards, check out MINDBODY Yoga Studio Software.

    You Are Paying For The Experitse

    Most yoga teacher trainings are taught by a selection of yoga teachers. Each teacher is there to teach their expertise. The general topics covered in a yoga teacher training are:

    • Asana practice
    • Anatomy
    • Philosophy

    Some may offer more, some may offer less. Some may even offer additional courses on nutrition, Ayurveda or even a business crash course on how to run a yoga studio.

    The above-listed topics is the general average. And so under normal circumstances, there will be at least 2 teachers teacher teaching one part of the curriculum.

    And so this level of expertise is covered in the costs, especially if the other teachers have to travel or if they are very well known.

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    How Old Is The Yoga School And Its Program

    Some of the schools were running their normal yoga classes and when demand for online yoga teacher training increased, they started their Program. As they are teaching their Yoga Teacher Training Program for the first time, chances are quite high that they dont know the needs of a Yoga Teacher so the Program is not structured properly. The older the school, the better the Program is likely to be.

    What Styles Will I Be Prepared To Teach With Yoga Trees Yoga Teacher Training

    Average Price For Yoga Class

    Yoga Trees teacher training philosophy stems from three yoga traditions: Hatha, Asthanga, and Hot Yoga.

    Upon graduating from the program, students will have developed a personal teaching style, and comfort and ability to teach hot and non-heated Hatha-style classes. Hot Yoga training will not be held in a heated room. You will also gain familiarity with other styles such as vinyasa and gentle hatha, where you can choose to expand your knowledge further develop your practice as a yoga teacher.

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    Are Private Yoga Lessons Worth It

    In a nutshell.yes.

    Private yoga classes can be really beneficial for both your student and yourself as the teacher. It means flexible scheduling, tailor-made tuition and a one to one connection that is very difficult to achieve in class. What else makes private sessions something to consider?

    The rates.

    Yup. When you come to set your prices for private yoga classes you cannot go for the set out price plan a yoga studio or gym may give you. These are personalized bespoke sessions that you are organizing as an individual, not through another organization so your prices should reflect that.

    Have a look at my checklist below

    Should You Become A Yoga Teacher

    As you can see, becoming a yoga teacher is not a path to monetary riches .

    The industry may be booming right now and you may enjoy yoga but that still doesnt mean teaching yoga is a fit for you.

    Maybe it seems like the right path because its established rather than it being what is really calling you, Smythe warns.

    Following your highest excitement is what will ground you and support you. Check in with that often.

    For example, lets say your training costs $3,000, and you earn $15 an hour and teach two classes per week. Although it might be a fun side gig, itll still take you more than two years to recoup the cost of your investment.

    In other words, dont become a yoga teacher if youre in it for the money.

    Only do it if youre committed to bettering the lives of your students.

    The most important thing is realizing youre stepping into that yoga room for others, says Hogg. The class is not about you its about your students.

    Being a great teacher is remembering and continually renewing your commitment to students, Ursillo adds.

    In the end, about leading by example as you strive to be the best soul that you can be.

    Susan Shain is a freelance writer.

    Ready to stop worrying about money?

    Get the Penny Hoarder Daily

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    After Yoga Teacher Graduation Your Practice And Continuing Education

    After you become a certified Yoga teacher, you are looking for a teaching position or maybe you already have one lined up. Nevertheless, you want to have a plan for your own practice time and continuing education. How can we get this done, when it can feel hard to find the time for our own practice and adequate rest? Step one plan ahead. Dont leave it until the last minute, or month, or even year! An advantage of this setup is that we instructors know well in advance of when our continuing education credits must be completed. It understandably might not be on our minds for some time, with all else going on but most likely it hits us, or comes up in conversation, that were due for recertification in the upcoming year.

    With however much time you may have between when you decide to start , and when the study is due, make a plan for tackling it bit-by-bit. Or you may prefer, and have accessible to you, a chunk of a week or two weeks when you can do it all at once . The point is to make a plan. Do the math, and divide out the hours in ways that will work for you.

    After you become a certified Yoga teacher, the point is to, among all these options, find what works for you. Sound familiar? Yes, thats what we do in yoga practice! Just dont forget to keep track yes, again, in ways that work for you in a journal, Excel spreadsheet, Word document, et cetera . Perhaps most of all, enjoy the learning, an important part of the journey of yoga. Om Shanti!

    What Will A Typical Day Of Yoga Teacher Training Look Like

    Is it worth doing your yoga teacher training in 2021?

    Each day will include a physical yoga practice so be prepared to move!

    Expect to be welcomed into a safe environment, and to let go of your fears from day one. Each day of your training will have a different focus taught by a core of senior teachers and rotating guest teachers sharing specific knowledge. You will enjoy intense days of training with a supportive and energetic group of people.

    On a typical day, you will start with a morning 60 min practice, followed by theory and postural clinics. Lunch is 1 hr, followed by sequencing techniques or philosophy, ending the day with another 60 minutes of practice to incorporate and review postures studied during the day.

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    Whats In A Yoga Instructor Salary

    There seems to be more than a little bit of confusion surrounding the average salary of a certified yoga instructor.

    In the United States, yoga instructors make an average of $24.96 per hour, making anywhere from 31K-100K, with the national average clocking in at wait for it $60K.

    Real US dollars, not Monopoly money.

    Now, depending on where you live in the United States, the notion of a $60K annual salary might sound pretty sweet.or wholly underwhelming.

    To reach that figure, you would basically have to teach 26 yoga classes per week for a whole year, at the rate of $50 per class. This hourly rate is shall we say, not extremely commonplace.

    Which is why when someone asks so, whats an average salary of a yoga teacher? you cant just throw out five-figure salary figures and shout NEXT QUESTION!


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