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Average Cost Of Yoga Teacher Training

Can I Receive Financial Assistance

The Cost Of Yoga Teacher Training

UW Recreation believes that yoga and mindfulness is better for everyone when our student instructors are racially and ethnically diverse, and reflect the makeup of our university community. We are offering opportunities to support UW students who are interested in teaching yoga and/or mindfulness but who may not be able to pay the full price of our training.

You may request funding for up to 90% of the cost of the training . Funding is limited.

We will email you with an update if you have been selected and the amount. In your application, you will be encouraged to tell us about your financial need and how an investment in you as a future yoga/mindfulness instructor also advances UW Recreations goals to be a more inclusive, affirming, and diverse organization that supports minoritized communities.

Apply here for financial assistance.

What Is A Registered Yoga Teacher

It makes sense that yoga instructors would have to be registered or certified in some way, but what exactly does the term Registered Yoga Teacher mean?

Simply put, a registered yoga teacher, or RYT, is a yoga instructor that was trained by a Yoga Alliance-registered school, but theres more to it than that. RYTs have to maintain several standards to be considered a registered yoga teacher.

  • RYTs must receive and maintain confirmation from the Yoga Alliance. This means completing a registered yoga school training program and keeping up with continuing education requirements.
  • RYTs must pay membership fees to the Yoga Alliance.
  • In addition to continuing education, RYTs must demonstrate experience with teaching or practicing yoga in accordance with Yoga Alliance standards.

According to their website, Yoga Alliance does not certify teachers or accredit schools. Yoga Alliances credentialing system is a directory, not to be confused with other types of credentialing systems .

In other words, the Yoga Alliance doesnt standardize how yoga is taught it is simply a membership community with its own set of standards for the training received and practiced by its members.

That said, the Yoga Alliance is seen as a highly reputable and professional association, and any yoga instructor having an RYT designation is more likely to find a good number of job opportunities even if just starting out.

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training The Blue Osa Way

Our 300-hour yoga teacher training is for the lifelong practitionersthe seekers, the visionaries of yoga. The focus here is all-around yogic lifestyle development, so you can truly live what you teach.

Through independent projects, book reports, and in-depth reading, Yogi Aaron will guide you deeper into the mysteries and rituals of yoga to enable you to cultivate enlightenment and well-being within others.

In Blue Osas 300-hour yoga teacher training, you will have the opportunity to hone in on your niche and nurture your gifts to truly serve your message to the world. Yogi Aaron will help you discover your primary intention as a yoga teacher.

Not to mention that, once youve completed your 300-hour yoga teacher training, you will be able to register with the Yoga Alliance as a 500-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher. This gives you more credibility and a leg up over those who have only completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training.

As you dive into this intensive learning, you will empower your vision, growing yourself so you can embody leadership in yoga. Yogi Aaron is interested in building yoga leaders for the global community, and you will be one of them!

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Yogafx Ryt 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Bali

AN AVERAGE RYT 200 COURSE in Bali costs around $3,000. This payment might seem like a lot of money and of course, it is. But the question should be, how much is your health worth to you? And conversely how much do other people believe their health is worth to them? and a good salary for a yoga teacher.

Your health goes once but the health costs are forever

The real value of your health is only ever clearly revealed once the costs of your sickness start to roll in.

The average American familys health premium has risen 19% over the past five years, to $7,000 for single coverage in 2017, and to nearly $19,000 for family coverage, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

In addition to premium increases, their out-of-pocket costs, which include what they shell out for deductibles, copays, and coinsurance, have risen too. Between 2005 and 2015 average out-of-pocket costs grew 66%, or more than twice the growth rate in wages during that period, according to Kaiser.

How Much Does Online Ytt Cost

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

SiddhiYoga Online Yoga Teacher Training courses start from $350.00 USD. This compares to in-person programs where you can expect the cost to be between $1000 to $2000.

If you are looking for a program that is less than $500 with full flexibility, then selecting a mix of Pre-Recorded videos and Live sessions is the way to go.

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How Much Does A 200

While the prices of the YTT 200 vary depending on the yoga styles and studio, you can expect a steady trend in pricing. On average, the 200-hour yoga teacher training modules cost between $1,000 and $3,500, with advanced certifications going up to $7,000. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, most schools have slashed their prices by as much as 50% while also offering custom payment plans.

What Subjects Are Covered And In What Detail

All the Yoga Alliance Registered Schools must have asana, philosophy, anatomy and physiology, pranayama, and meditation. However, every school covers it differently. Not every human is the same and their body types are different. Universal alignment of asana doesnt work on everyone. The Program must cover all possible alignments of each asana. The Program should be covering 8 Limbs of Yoga, Mudras, Mantras, Different Types of Breathing, Different Types of Yoga, all the major Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and Chakras. Anatomy and Physiology should be covering Respiratory System, Skeletal System, Muscular System, Digestive System, Cardiovascular System, and Endocrine System. Beyond all of these, there must be enough practice sessions for you to practice.

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Number Of Cpds Included

Some course providers will offer you CPDs or continuing professional development courses free of charge as part of a yoga teacher training package.

CPDs add huge value to your training as they allow you to expand your knowledge beyond the bare minimum standards, making you stand out when you apply for jobs and helping you to become an expert in the field.

What might look like a steep yoga teacher training course cost initially, might actually include some brilliant additional qualifications to really help kick-start your career.

Additional qualifications definitely add to the value of any course package, so you need to think – is this something that will pay off in the long run?

Studying a hydration and exercise CPD could really help you to expand your knowledge, and maybe even define a niche for a future yoga business plan.

Or, how about fitness business CPD? This kind of additional qualification could really come in handy when it comes to making it on your own and marketing a yoga business!

What Does Ryt 200 Mean

Isha Hatha Teacher Training : Fees, Selection Process, Eligibility | Full Review & Experience

RYT 200 is the acronym for Registered Yoga Teacher 200. This title indicates that a person has completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training with a Yoga Alliance affiliated RYS . By completing a qualified program that complies with Yoga Alliance standards, having the title of RYT 200 will open up virtually all doors to teach yoga at any yoga studio or yoga website., assuming it’s the right fit!

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Start Making Money Teaching Yoga

Step five is charging money for people to take your classes. This could mean that youre teaching in a studio, or maybe youre hosting events in your home.

Maybe youre teaching in corporations, like youre going into businesses, and teaching there, or partnering with local restaurants to have yoga and wine nights.

You could lead retreats.

You could teach yoga online, like me.

There have never been more opportunities to find success as a yoga teacher in the way that you really enjoy, and are passionate about.

What Makes These Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification Courses The Best Options

The online yoga teacher trainings discussed in this article are the best online yoga teacher training certification courses to consider because they are either A. Long-running and well-established or B. Newer online YTT’s but created by experts in the field.

Please note, you will want to take a look at the enrollment dates and online TTC start dates on each of these online YTT courses as some schools have fixed start dates while others have rolling start dates.

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What Does Ryt 200 And Ryt 500 Mean

RYT 200 stands for a registered yoga teacher who has completed a 200-hour teacher training and grants you the minimum required hours to teach, while an RYT 500 training stands for a registered yoga teacher that has completed both a 200-hour training AND an additional 300 hours of yoga training that is often more specialized. This additional training is separate from the 200-hour and advances you to becoming a more experienced teacher. On top of that, one must have a minimum of 200 hours of teaching experience to be considered a certified yoga teacher,

Yoga Alliance, the yoga governing body, offers these certificates to all teachers that have completed training at a registered yoga school. For more information about the RYT 200 certification, check out the Yoga Alliance website here. Information about the 500 RYT can be found here.

The Kaivalya Yoga Method


This Online Yoga Teacher Training Course is run by Allana Kaivalya, Ph.D. who is the founder of this school and practicing and taught yoga for the last 20 years. She had studied with many great teachers from the USA, India, Bali, and Europe.

This is Yoga Alliance approved course and upon graduating from The Kaivalya Yoga Method Academy online certification program youll be able to register with the Yoga Alliance if you have completed your course before 31st December 2021. Here is what you will get:

  • Lifetime access to the course content.
  • Other than 200-Hour, 300, and 500-Hour options also available for higher education.
  • Optimization of your growth with accountability and assessments.
  • Individualized feedback from elite mentors.
  • Private Facebook group with 24/7 support and additional live content.
  • Certification upon completion and lifetime registry with TKYM
  • Duration: You will get 6 months to complete certification for the 200 and 300-hour programs, and 12 months for the 500-hour program
  • Cost: $397 when paid in full. $462 with installment payments of $77 for 6 months.
  • Website: coming soon

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Decade Of Experience Running Yoga Certification Courses

While many schools selling yoga instructor training have been created in the past 5 years, All Yoga Training has been offering courses for more than a decade, certifying over 2000 students worldwide under the vision to share the practice of yoga widely and make the world a better place. Based on that experience, our program is always evolving and being refined continuously.

Over the years, our methods have been proven repeatedly, creating the best teachers in the industry on board. All Yoga graduates regularly get praised for their quality of teaching right after finishing the yoga course.

Why Becoming A Yoga Teacher In 2021 Is A Great Career Choice

We hope that this article has inspired you to go for that yoga teacher training you’ve been long considering! As well as enriching your life on both a physical and a personal level, becoming a yoga teacher in 2021 is a great career choice. And with the popularity of online yoga courses, communities, and platforms your opportunities are limitless if you’re ready to get creative and become an online yogapreneur! The statistics below from a 2019 poll of 2,000 yogis courtesy of Eventbrite proves that more yogis than ever want to practice more , are new to yoga , or are also practicing yoga online or using a yoga app . There are big opportunities in the yoga industry, and we wish you the ultimate success in your yoga teacher career!

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Can I Make A Living As A Yoga Instructor

Yoga instructors can earn a decent living. However, you may need to build up your audience and experience first. Additionally, you may have to teach many classes each day at first. It is advisable to teach yoga part-time till you gain more experience as then you will be able to charge more per class.

There was a national study carried out in the US in 2016 titled: Yoga in America. This study was conducted by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance.

Here are some of their key findings that may help you see the reality of yoga teaching:

  • Only 29% of yoga teachers report yoga as their primary income.
  • For 30% of yoga teachers, yoga teaching is a part-time job that provides spending money.
  • For 33% of yoga teachers, yoga teaching is a hobby that makes them feel good.

So from this, you may be surprised to find out that yoga is a main source of income only for a third of yoga teachers in the US.

Now that we know a little more about yoga teacher training, lets look into the 11 reasons why they are considered to be expensive.

Restorative Yoga Certification Best Online Yoga Teacher Training

Is it worth doing your yoga teacher training in 2021?

In practicing Restorative Yoga, asanas are held longer than usual around five to 20 minutes. The asanas are backed by several props such as eye pillows, walls, bolsters, blocks, blankets, yoga sandbags, straps & chairs to minimize any possible strain and to alleviate any stress.

Stephanies Online Yoga School: 200 and 300-Hr: Yin, Restorative & Vinyasa.

This intensive online yoga teacher training explores the fundamentals of yoga theory and teachings. Its a self-paced yoga instructor training course that works on every computer. After completing the course, you can get free lifetime access to their online group as well as a considerable sum of extra assistance. Despite the fact that this is a self-paced course, you will have direct access to the lead instructor to address any thoughts or questions you might have. After completing this yoga instructor certification, you will be able to buy high-quality occupational liability protection for yoga instructors via Insurance Canopy as a 200-hour Yoga Alliance accredited yoga instructor. When youve signed up, check out all of the additional incentive offers! The cost of each course varies.

With this yoga certification online, you get:

  • Yamas, Niyamas Yoga Philosophy

A comprehensive restorative online yoga teacher training program by Yoga International

Included in this online restorative course:

  • Format: self-paced

Supportive and knowledgeable Siddhi Yoga Restorative online yoga certification

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Are There Any Other Costs To Becoming A Yoga Teacher Other Than Tuition And Traveling Fees

While there are no mandatory costs that have to be incurred, gaining some certifications helps with building credibility as a yoga teacher.

Yoga Alliance is the largest body representing the yoga community and it certifies both schools and teachers.

Since this association is globally recognized, becoming certified with Yoga Alliance is a fruitful investment.

Yoga Alliance also requires that all registered yoga teachers must complete 75 hours of continued education within three years of their initial registration, which includes 30 hours of yoga training in one of their educational categories like anatomy and physiology, or teaching methodology.

This means incurring additional costs of training.

To be better equipped with dealing with any injuries or mishaps during a yoga class, there are certifications for first aid.

CPR and EFAC are two of them.

Another important add on is buying Liability Insurance.

It legally protects a teacher in case any injuries happen in class.

Some yoga studios make getting liability insurance mandatory for teachers who want to teach at their studios.

What Is The Cost Of A Yoga Teacher Training Specialization

In addition to these, some teachers like to train in certain specialties like childrens yoga, prenatal yoga, restorative yoga, or yoga therapy.

Most of these yoga teacher training includes 100 hours of course.

These specialty training courses are usually 1 to 3 weeks long and fall within the price range of $200 to $1800.

The average/most common price for a 100-hour yoga teacher training is $1300.

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What’s Included In Mark Stephen’s 300 Hour Online Yoga Certification Course:

This 300-hour online yoga teacher training created by and facilitated by Mark focuses on what he calls the five essential elements of teaching yoga. This includes: ancient roots and modern philosophies, pranayama & meditation, practical anatomy & physiology, refined teaching of asana, specialized teaching, and creative sequencing.

Please note, you must already be a RYT 200 or CYT 200 at minimum to attend this advanced certification course.


Takeaway: If you want to become a registered yoga teacher, one of the online yoga courses outlined above may be perfect for you! After graduating from an online yoga teacher training course you will be set up to embark on a successful career as an RYT 200 or registered yoga teacher 200 hour. Begin your YTT journey today, be a registered yoga instructor in just a few months!

Still on the fence about taking a TTC or still have questions about it? Discover if yoga teacher training is for you before committing to anything!

Iyengar Online Training Certifications

200Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Iyengar Yoga is focused on the teachings of master B.K.S Iyengar. In this online yoga certification, asanas are taught with high technical rigor and focus on alignment, the beginner student quickly gains vitality by bringing the flow of prana to his cells, awakening body awareness and integrally improving his health.

Beginners training: Yoga Vastu

Yoga Vastu offers great Iyengar yoga videos that stream live. They have forty years of teaching experience and are still keeping up with the latest music trends.

They have a variety of classes and yoga certification programs online, but the Iyengar basic foundation training is for a beginner student. This beginner online YTT shows a step-by-step introduction to the basic postures and allows a regular progression class by class.

The aim is to help students construct a firm understanding of the subject and prepare them for more comprehensive training.

Included in this yoga certification online:

  • Format: a five-part course through videos.
  • Duration: around 5 hours.
  • Website:

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