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Average Cost Of Yoga Certification

The Value Of Yoga Teacher Training

The Cost Of Yoga Teacher Training

In a Yoga Teacher Training, you will grow greatly as a person. Not only are there tangible gains, such as a certificate to teach, but also numerous intangible gains that you cant simply put a price on. The value of Yoga Teacher Training goes beyond what one gains externally. Its all the internal shifts and growth youll gain by focusing inward during the course thats really valuable. When it comes to your own personal growth, there really is infinite value. As Nelson Mandela said, Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Not only will you take away a lifetime of knowledge, but youll also leave with the gift of being able to share Yoga with everyone you come across. You are able to share the drops of awareness you learned, to help others find their true self, and live their best life. Once you become a Certified Yoga Teacher, you will be certified for life. Even if youre not interested in teaching, you will walk away with the tools needed to shift the way you look at life, and to help you balance out body, mind, and spirit.

Zazyoga Mindful Movement Ytt

Duration: 200 hours

Price: $1,397 or $141 per month

Format: Self-paced and one-on-one

Zazyoga is known to provide a more spiritual and hands-on experience with yoga. Their belief is that empowering yogis with passion and the right tools leads to the ideal yoga practitioner and teacher.

The thing that really sets Zazyoga apart is that they instill a sense of community and encourage it. On that part, they offer continuous online support throughout your training, give you a chance to discuss things with fellow students, and focus on building communities through Facebook groups, Slack groups, and more.

When youre doing the course, youll be receiving personal feedback on a daily basis. Youll also be getting one-on-one coaching from the teachers, giving you a deeper understanding of the yoga practice.

Most online courses focus on a specific type of yoga practice. However, this particular course combines the practices of Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and the Vinyasa style.

The brand has developed something called Mindful Momentum. Its an approach that focuses on teaching yoga mastery, being mindful, and continually practicing functional alignment.

Other than that, you learn 30 different original morning practices, 30 Asana labs, and step-by-step yoga sequencing skills.

Yoga Studios Need An Extra Income

Yoga studios have ever-increasing rent to pay and so it comes as no surprise that they would have income from sources other than yoga classes to pay their rent and bills.

According to the Yoga in America study, 56% of yoga studios in the US have income from sources other than yoga classes. When asked what these additional sources of income are, here were the answers:

  • 35% have other fitness or exercise classes
  • 72% have other wellness or health services
  • 66% sell yoga apparel, equipment, or accessories
  • 52% rent their space to other organizations

And so even though teacher training was not specifically listed in this study, we can at least see that yoga classes seem to not be enough to cover all the yoga studio costs. And so yoga teacher training can really offer a good income to yoga studios.

If an average teacher training costs $3500, then an estimate would be that at least $2000 goes to the main teacher and the studio. If there are 20 students, then that is a very generous $40000!

Incredible if we were to think that 1/4 of studios earn less than $25000 a year from yoga classes according to the Yoga in America study.

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Reasons Yoga Teacher Trainings Are So Expensive

There are so many yoga teachers training to choose from nowadays. Some can be completed in one month, others take several months to complete. Some focus on one type of yoga while others may mix several styles. And yet one thing is a constant.

The high price.

Typical 200-hour yoga teacher training can range from $2,000 to $7,000, depending on what they offer.

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So why is yoga teacher training so expensive? In this article, I will outline the 12 reasons yoga teacher training is expensive.

First, lets have a look at some commonly asked questions about yoga teacher training.

I will cover the following in this article:

What Expenses Can I Claim As A Yoga Teacher

200 Hour Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training [Online Course]

For all things they taught us in Yoga Teacher Training, how to file taxes as a yoga teacher was not one of them! Filing and paying taxes can be stressful we definitely dont want to be paying more tax than necessary, but we also want to avoid making incorrect declarations in case of an audit.

One of the best strategies to stay on top of your taxes is to keep records of everything, all year round. Knowing which expenses can be claimed and which cannot, can help you stay organized and will make filing your taxes a breeze. Weve put together a helpful guide to make tax season a little bit easier for yoga teachers.

*Please note that tax regulations vary depending on country and region. We recommend consulting with an accountant for specific tax-related questions.

Disclosure: This resource may contain affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase using these links, we may earn a small commission which helps us keep creating great content for you. We are only affiliates for products and services that we love and use ourselves. Thanks!

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Do Yoga Teachers Need Certification

Again, you dont have to have a Yogi Alliance Certification to teach yoga however it does help you demonstrate credibility, especially if youve never taught yoga before. If youve been teaching yoga for years obviously without a certification youll be just fine. Lets review the basic and advanced yoga certifications you need to work as a professional yoga instructor.

Basic Yoga Teacher Certification

The basic yoga instructor certification course offers 200 hours of learning. Such programs are set up in different types of natural and hands-on environments. You can choose an intensive month-long retreat or sign-up for a series of weekend workshops spread over a couple of years if you are juggling with responsibilities.

In some of these programs, you need to pass an observation class. Professional yoga instructors analyze your yoga class and observe and evaluate your teaching style before rewarding you with a teaching certificate.

After you complete training, you must register with the Yoga Alliance, the organization that registers and certifies you as a yoga trainer. Note that there are several yoga teacher training programs online, but the Yoga Alliance does not recognize shorter or home learning programs.

Why 200 hours?

Specialty Yoga Instructor Certification

Advanced Yoga Instructor Certification

Local or international?

Yoga Teacher Certificate Requirements

As we mentioned, you must complete 200 hours of coursework to work as a certified yoga instructor from a Yoga Alliance approved program. The coursework includes hands-on work, class evaluations, and mentoring.

For taking your training certification program to the next level, there are many 300-hour yoga teacher training and 500-hour programs to advance your teaching expertise and skills. Moreover, such programs allow you to work with special populations such as chronically ill individuals, pregnant women, or special needs children and adults.

As you become certified, you will also need to have insurance to protect your business while you work. Getting liability insurance offers legal protection, and various insurance companies in Europe and the U.S. provide it.

To find an insurance company in your area, you can run a basic search online to review different options by comparing the costs and requirements. As soon you get the coverage statement, copy or print to keep it in your certification folder.

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What Is The Best Place To Do A Yoga Teacher Training

If you are looking for a traditional experience that is rooted in yoga philosophy and is also affordable, India is one of the best places.

If you study at an ashram, it can be one of the most authentic yoga experiences.

Bali is home to some of the best yoga teachers in the world which makes this island a strong contender for the best place to do yoga teacher training.

Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Certifications You Can Do Today

Is it worth doing your yoga teacher training in 2021?

Yoga instructors can do various yoga teacher training courses or opt for yoga teacher training programs. Both of them help them get better at yoga, but if you want to become a full-fledged yoga teacher, you need yoga teacher training certifications.

Youll find various kinds of online yoga teacher training certifications for Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Yin Yoga, and much more. Each kind of yoga has its own training certifications because they are unique practices.

Getting a yoga certification online is the fastest way to get your yoga practice and start teaching yoga. Sure, you can go live classes, but currently, its best to join an online yoga school.

The following online programs are some of the best online yoga teacher training certifications you can do today.

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Soma Breath Facilitator Training

Duration: 2-6 weeks

Price: $697 + $997

Format: Self-paced and one-on-one mentoring with the master instructor

Breathwork is a breathing technique that is designed to make your breathing patterns more efficient thus, helping improve your mental health, physical health, and how youre feeling.

The founder of Soma Breath started facilitator training to help other yogis learn the secrets of breathwork. Thats why the course focuses on using music, breath, and mediation as therapeutic tools. Other than that, you will be learning five core breathwork techniques that will help you unlock your students full potential.

During the course, you will be undergoing a step-by-step process of SOMA Energized Meditation. That will help you understand how you can give a full Awakening Journey.

Youll essentially become a part of a massive global community and can interact with others while also finding potential clients.

In short, you will be getting the following.

  • Foundations Helps you understand the basic and the science behind meditation, music, and breath.
  • Process Learn the steps of SOMA Energized Meditation it will help you build a professional career with SOMA Breath Therapy.
  • Community You get to join a massive growing community of breathworkers across the world you can interact with instructors, teachers, and potential clients.
  • License You can receive your license to guide your clients through the SOMA Breath workshop by enrolling in the abundance program.
  • Levels Of Yoga Certifications

    There are two basic levels of yoga certifications recognized by the Yoga Alliance: the 200-hour and the 500-hour levels of training.

    While the 200-hour certification is enough to get a job with an area yoga studio or start your own studio, some teachers prefer to go on and complete the 500-hour training almost immediately after finishing the 200-hour training. Deciding which level of certification you would like to obtain is often best determined during the course of the 200-hour certification course. As the training nears its end, ask yourself how ready you feel to teach a group of students. If you’re ready to go, you may want to save the 500-hour training as a future possibility for extended education.

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    Thing #3 What Is The Going Rate In Your Area

    This one is important. Theres no use charging LA prices if youre living in a small town in Delaware.

    Dont be afraid to speak to fellow yogis in the area. Generally speaking, the yoga community is a welcoming one and other private yoga teachers really will be willing to help. If nothing else, it is also in their best interest to advise you price wise so you dont undercut them

    How Much Is Yoga Teacher Training How To Look Out For Hidden Fees

    Cost Of Gym Classes And Fitness Programs In The Philippines

    Now that you know whats worth paying more for, how can you avoid paying more than you need?

    The final thing to be aware of when researching the cost of yoga teacher training courses is to look out for any hidden fees that might come up once youve already signed up for a course.

    The last thing you want to do is spend hours researching various courses and comparing prices, only to end up paying way more than the price that was advertised.

    To help make sure that you dont get caught out and hit with a hidden cost mid-way through your studies, here are a couple of additional costs to consider and hidden fees to think about.

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    Restorative Yoga Certification Best Online Yoga Teacher Training

    In practicing Restorative Yoga, asanas are held longer than usual around five to 20 minutes. The asanas are backed by several props such as eye pillows, walls, bolsters, blocks, blankets, yoga sandbags, straps & chairs to minimize any possible strain and to alleviate any stress.

    Stephanies Online Yoga School: 200 and 300-Hr: Yin, Restorative & Vinyasa.

    This intensive online yoga teacher training explores the fundamentals of yoga theory and teachings. Its a self-paced yoga instructor training course that works on every computer. After completing the course, you can get free lifetime access to their online group as well as a considerable sum of extra assistance. Despite the fact that this is a self-paced course, you will have direct access to the lead instructor to address any thoughts or questions you might have. After completing this yoga instructor certification, you will be able to buy high-quality occupational liability protection for yoga instructors via Insurance Canopy as a 200-hour Yoga Alliance accredited yoga instructor. When youve signed up, check out all of the additional incentive offers! The cost of each course varies.

    With this yoga certification online, you get:

    • Yamas, Niyamas Yoga Philosophy

    Included in this online restorative course:

    • Format: self-paced

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    The True Cost Of A Yoga Teacher Training

    The price tag of a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training program is dictated by the following factors

  • Which location
  • Which yoga school
  • Which Instructor Certification Program
  • There is a whole range of different price points to choose from, to drill it down to the biggest determining factors it will be the type of the TTC and the standard of the school and venue in the location you are interested in.

    Specliaized courses and further yoga education programs are usually shorter and cheaper. You can attend such a training as a short activity break, spending time focusing on an area that interests you such as meditation or Ayurveda or whatever it may be. These are perfect for those on a smaller budget or just looking for something to take part in for a few days and meet a new group of people. Often there is no certification included in such retreats.

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    Enroll In A Rys Teacher Training Program

    After practicing and learning from an RYT for awhile, youre feeling ready to become an instructor yourself. Find an RYS and enroll in the teacher training program.

    Your RYT may be able to recommend a program, or they may offer one themselves that you can enroll in.

    Remember to make sure that the program you enroll in is registered with the Yoga Alliance. You can find these training programs around the world. As mentioned earlier, some of the most expensive, luxury training programs can be found in places like Costa Rica and Bali, while the most inexpensive ones are offered in countries such as India and Thailand.

    Things To Consider Before Signing Up For Yoga Teacher Training

    How to Become a Yoga Instructor: Yoga Teacher Training Tips – What You Need to Know

    Last week I guest blogged for Active Life DC about what you should think about before signing up for Yoga Teacher Training. Check out the posts here:

    Youve been thinking about, youve been researching online, youve been visiting studios in the DC area so how do you decide?*

    Well, first things first: make sure this is something you really want to do. You dont want to go in iffy or unsure. While researching, you might change your mind, or postpone your training plans, but if you sign up for a yoga teacher training program, you are about to commit a lot of time and a lot of money still want to? Good, because I definitely think its worth it.

    extendYoga students working on their handstand with their teacher, TanO . photo courtesy of Arlet Koseian.

    Now, what to consider when choosing the best yoga teacher training program for you, read on

    1. Cost:

    Be prepared to spend between $2,000-$3,500. The majority of 200-hour YTT programs in the DC metro area fall in this range . Some studios offer scholarships, work-study and other discounted registration options. If this is something you are interested in, make sure to inquire within the studio .

    Post YTT costs: If you do end up teaching , consider some of the post training costs: Yoga Teacher insurance and Yoga Alliance Registration fees .

    2. Time/Training Schedule:

    3. Location:

    4. To Teach or Not to Teach?

    5. Your Yoga Ability/Level

    6. Size:

    7. Former Grads, References & Reputation:

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    Top 10 Yoga Teacher Training In India

    • May 10, 2022

    Yoga, which originated in India, is one of the most popular activities among fitness aficionados. It has a positive impact on the lives of the vast majority of people all over the world.

    Yoga provides a wide range of job opportunities in India and around the world. It not only benefits your physical health, but it also benefits your emotional and spiritual well-being.

    Every individual requires fitness for their body, mind, and soul, and yoga is an art that may meet this need, resulting in a significant demand for yoga teachers in todays changing world. Now youll be considering how to become a yoga teacher in order to jumpstart your fitness profession.

    The short answer is that you should enroll in any of the best yoga teacher training programs.

    You can work for any fitness institution or work for yourself after completing the Yoga Teacher Training Course . However, there are so many courses offered in India that it can be tough to pick the correct one.

    As a result, weve compiled a list of some of the best yoga teacher training schools in India to assist you in making the best decision.

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