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Asana Rebel Yoga App Review

App Store Rating: 45/5 Stars 2481 Reviews

Asana Rebel Yoga App Review

Next up was Asana. I had originally downloaded Asana Rebel onto my phone as a part of my New Years resolution to start doing yoga daily. I kept up this routine for a month until school and work got the better of me. I did like Asana when I used it, so, I wanted to see how this app held up against others. You need to select a goal at the beginning and can change it later on to either Get Fitter or Lose Weight.

Is Asana Rebel: Get In Shape Not Working

Asana Rebel: Get in Shape works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 4 Comments

Recipes look great but there are no amounts listed for the ingredients. Please help!

Am trying to get in contact with help center to remove the automatic renewal of the plan, but no one is getting back to me. Extremely unprofessional and fraudulent. It’s stupid that one is able to subscribe online but then unable to unsubscribe the same way!

Im confused by the recipes. They dont list amounts for the ingredients – just a picture in which you try to make a guess I think? Also, the cooking instructions are very brief – I cant figure out how to go from the minimalist instructions to what the meal looks like in the picture. For example, with some soups its clear they have to go in a food processor at some point? But the recipe just says sauté , and thats it. Like a Great British Bake Off technical challenge where youre supposed to guess?

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  • Asana Rebel Review: Cons

    • The price is well-hidden in the app
    • Workout videos buffer too long
    • Hard to follow workouts if youre new to yoga or fitness in general. There are no breaks in between so you must watch the screen constantly . This might tense you up and hinder efficiency
    • The app uses a lot of storage space
    • Doesnt work without WiFi
    • Workouts do not take into consideration your body type, and it does not include low impact modifications either so routines can become challenging.

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    Sleep Soundly With Asana Rebel

    Our sleep forms an integral part of our physical and mental health. Sleep deprivation or irregular sleep patterns can lead to more serious problems like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression.

    Getting enough sleep is also essential when you are focusing on a fitness routine. Your body needs sufficient rest to repair and regenerate cells.

    On average, we should be getting between seven and nine hours of sleep each night. The average number being eight hours. This need for a decent sleep each night is something that Asana Rebel takes to the next level.

    Sleep Music List

    While most fitness apps allow you to track or log your sleep each night, this app offers a unique approach by providing soothing sounds that you can play to lull you into slumber.

    You can choose from a long list of sleep music designed to calm the mind and body, making it easier to fall asleep. There are even options for white and pink noise, which helps block out other surrounding sounds. If your partner snores, this ones for you.

    These music clips vary in length. Each offers unique tones and sounds so you can find the ones that work best for you. When you find a piece of music that does the job, you can like it and add it to your list of favorites, so it is easier to find next time.

    Other Yoga Apps We Tested

    Review: Asana Rebel Yoga Inspired Fitness app

    CorePower is a nationwide yoga studio chain that became known for its high-energy heated Hot Power Fusion power yoga classes and calmer yoga sessions. You can also access CorePower classes through its app, CorePower Yoga on Demandand we think its a great option for those who love CorePower already as well as those who have never tried it. It has ample options, including traditional CorePower Yoga , Yoga Sculpt , and lessons exclusive to the app that provide step-by-step breakdowns of specific poses to get you more comfortable with them.

    CorePower Yoga on Demands workout quality made it stand out to me. I just wish CorePower had a quiz up front to recommend classes so you can find the best ones for you right away.

    CorePower Yoga on Demand has a seven-day free trial and costs $19.99 a month.


    • Hard to replicate CorePower experience at home

    • No survey or class recommendations

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    Alo Moves Customer Reviews And Ratings

    You can find the majority of Alo Moves reviews on the App Store. There are over 14.9K comments under the Alo Moves app, which has an average rating of 4.9 stars .

    Now, most reviewers are absolutely happy with the variety of classes Alo Moves offers. Theres an ideal style, pace, and instructor for any user type.

    Additionally, Alo Moves subscribers note that the app offers versatile workouts, which means you will always have a chance to improve your practice and challenge yourself when needed:

    I have been using it for about 6 weeks now and it has really helped me amp up my yoga practice. I have been an avid yogi for years but my practice was stale because the classes at my gym, while enjoyable, are too repetitive and do not push me in new directions. Getting more of a challenge and having many different types of yoga classes available has gotten me more excited about yoga again. I will definitely be keeping my subscription even when the gym reopens.

    I was also happy to discover that the overwhelming majority of users are completely satisfied with the instructors and their level of professionalism :

    The instructors and videos are some of the best yoga practices Ive ever done, some even better than years of live classes.

    What Is Your Activity Level

    Here, you have a few choices to pick from:

    • I almost never work out
    • I work out once a week
    • I work out 2 times a week
    • I work out 3 or 4 times a week
    • I work out five times a week or more
    What is your fitness level?

    If youre signing in on your computer, the app may ask instead what your fitness level is, and here you have the option of choosing:

    • Beginner
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced

    Next, the app will ask what your dietary preference is, again offering a selection of options from which to choose:

    • No preference
    • Vegetarian
    • Vegan
    • Keto
    • Other

    Finally, the app will ask you to pick your goals from a series of options. You can select a minimum of three. But, you can choose more than three if they fit with your ideals.

    The goals offered include:
    • More energy every day
    • Tight and toned body

    Naturally, we picked them all . And finally, the sign-in process was complete. The app led us to a page that then told us it was creating our custom fitness plan and that we then needed to decide which subscription plan we wanted.

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    Is The App Free

    Asana Rebel is doing a great job by giving us pieces of everything to try out for free. To access the whole thing, you must upgrade to premium.

    Once upgraded, youll have access to different workouts that focus on different body parts and target areas.

    They offer either a quarterly subscription for $37.99 USD or a yearly subscription for $58.99 USD.

    For those who are tight on budget but still wanna do yoga-routines, check out Fitness Blender or Nike Training Club. They have a variety of workouts available for free, including yoga sessions.

    Asana Rebel Review: Pros

    Asana Rebel: Fitness Workout For Moms Review
    • The app is very holistic and comprehensive which is created to change your lifestyle
    • Workouts incorporate voice instructions
    • Constant reminders of drinking, eating healthy, etc
    • Super-easy UI and interactive experience
    • New workouts coming out weekly
    • Asana Rebel tracks basic stats which is enough to not confuse you too much but plenty for you to see progress
    • Appealing workout videos
    • Works on Ipad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

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    Asana Rebel Pros And Cons


    • A holistic and comprehensive lifestyle app
    • Includes important elements like diet, exercise, sleep, and meditation for you to achieve wellness
    • Voice instructions that can guide you to perfect your pose
    • Constant reminders to drink, eat healthy, exercise, etc.
    • Friendly and intuitive user interface
    • New weekly workouts
    • Tracks basic statistics that can motivate you towards your goals
    • Compatible with most Apple and Android devices


    • A tad bit expensive as compared to other yoga apps
    • Workout videos sometimes buffering too long
    • Lack of breaks in between some workout videos
    • Takes up plenty of storage space
    • Needs an internet connection
    • Lacks consideration of body type and adjustments in achieving certain poses

    Asana Rebel: Get In Shape Reviews 2021

    No. Asana Rebel: Get in Shape does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 46,168 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Asana Rebel: Get in Shape Is 14.6/100.


    We hope that this Asana Rebel review has provided you with the insight you need to tell whether the app is for you. If youre still unsure, our suggestion is to give it a try. You can only gain from the experience. Share your love. Mike Julom. Mike is an ACE Certified PT and a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. He is an avid lover of all sports.


    Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Asana Rebel: Get in Shape. Download Asana Rebel: Get in Shape and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. From losing weight to building strength, from high-intensity workouts to moving meditations: each piece of Asana Rebel is meant to fit every goal




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    Classes In Asana Rebel

    My first class from Asana Rebel was the one titled Your 1st Yoga Workout which they would recommend to you when you sign in for the first time. That class didnt make me break a sweat at all! I continued to do Core Strength I next and yes, that was a little bit tougher.

    Even though Your 1st Yoga Workout was supposed to be an introductory class to Yoga, I didnt find it to be beginner-friendly.

  • There was no explanation of poses. The instructor would say the name of the pose and go into it immediately, leaving you scrambling to follow her.
  • The app doesnt allow you to rewind or fast forward. As half the time was spent trying to follow the poses, sometimes I needed to rewind so that I can hold the poses a little longer. Nope, no such thing. There was once I was 15mins into the class when I accidentally exited it.. and I couldnt fast forward or go back to the part where I left and had to sit through the whole 15mins again.
  • The cooldown was too long. Okay, Im sort of nitpicking here. Maybe its to do with expectations but when you click on a class that states 23 minutes, youd expect yourself to workout HARD for at least 15 minutes, right? On Asana Rebel, you get 5 minutes warm up and 7 minutes cooldown, that leaves you with only 10 minutes of workout!
  • These are what I didnt like about Asana Rebels Yoga classes on the FIRST page, and yes, I needed to emphasize FIRST PAGE because they dont exist in the PROGRAMS!

    Who Is Behind Alo Moves

    App Review: Asana Rebel Yoga

    As Ive said before, the workout service is the child of Alo Yoga. Now, the CEO and co-founder of Alo Yoga is Danny Harris, but there are more people standing behind Alo Moves.

    The team includes 20 videographers, developers, designers, producers, and marketers. Additionally, Alo Moves can boast of a large team of professional fitness and yoga instructors .

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    Best For Breaking A Sweat: Asana Rebel

    Why We Chose It: If getting a workout, turning up the heat, and losing weight is what you’re looking for in a yoga practice, Asana Rebel is a stellar pick.

    What We Like

    • Provides a workout that reaches beyond yoga
    • Focuses on strengthening

    What We Dont Like

    • Not much variety in offerings
    • Lack of navigation
    • Users have reported glitches

    If youre looking for a chill practice that is primarily centered around meditation and mindfulness, then this isnt necessarily the app for you. Yes, there are slow, easy flows to choose from, but the bulk of the Asana Rebel app is meant to turn up the heat and help you with strengthening and weight loss.

    Asana is the physical practice of yoga poses or simply the physical aspect. Though the program is centered on yoga, it also includes high-intensity moves like planks, push-ups, and squats. And, depending on how much time you have, class lengths range from 5 to 60 minutes. Along with customized workouts, the app offers nutritional plans, recipes, and sleep sounds, all meant to help promote well-rounded health.

    If youre looking to break a sweat, sharpen your mind and body, and really amp up and diversify your yoga practice, this is a great option. The app itself is free, but the Pro version is $16 per month or $36 per year.

    Who Will Benefit The Most From This App

    If youre not a fan of yoga, or youd prefer an app that allows you to carefully input, track, and monitor every minute detail of your journey, then this is not the app for you.

    But, if you are looking for an app that gently eases you into a healthier lifestyle and teaches you positive habits in the process, then you may want to give it a try.

    In a nutshell, Asana Rebel offers the following:
    • Unique yoga-based workouts to tone, strengthen, build lean muscle, and lose weight.
    • Teaches healthy physical and mental health practices through mindfulness, meditation, quizzes, and music.
    • Provides a selection of recipes that educate you on forming a positive relationship with food. This is through showing you how to prepare nutritional meals that also taste great.
    • Asana Rebel also teaches you how to work out and build muscle tone and strength using your own body weight. This negates the need for expensive equipment.

    So, if youre looking for an app that helps you achieve a healthier lifestyle and makes it easy to maintain this new way of life, then Asana Rebel is for you.

    The unique approach to wellness also makes it much simpler to implement the minor changes required to achieve this healthier way forward. If you battle with change or sticking to a plan, this may just be the app you need.

    Those looking for more guidance on becoming more present or more focused will also benefit significantly from the music and meditation features Asana Rebel has to offer.

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    Asana Rebel: Der Yoga

    Wer kennt das nicht? Nach einem langen Arbeitstag will man eigentlich nur noch auf die Couch. Jetzt noch Sport? Nur, wenn es einfach und umkompliziert geht. Eine Möglichkeit: Yoga-Matte ausrollen, Sportsachen anziehen und Yoga-App Asana Rebel starten.

    Eine Asana-Rebel-Einheit dauert im Schnitt 15 bis 20 Minuten. Das geht sich selbst nach einem langen Arbeitstag noch aus. Wenn das Training dann auch noch abwechslungsreich, kurz und intensiv ist, umso besser. Anschließend darf sich der innere Schweinehund eh wieder auf die Couch legen.

    So läuft dein erstes Workout

    Das Angenehme bei Asana Rebel. Man bekommt wie im Yoga-Studio das komplette Workout angesagt. In Videos werden alle Übungen vorgezeigt und erklärt. Sie führen einen step-by-step durch die einzelnen Positionen. Dazu gibts während des Trainings Hinweise, welche Benefits man aus den verschiedenen Asanas zieht. Im Vordergrund stehen das Mitmachen und der Spaß an der Sache.

    Best For Casual Yogis: Find What Feels Good

    Work out with me: The best bodyweight training


    Why We Chose It: Classes are accessible and tailored to your mood and goals, with no added pressure. The classes emphasize the importance of having fun with yoga.

    What We Like

    What We Dont Like

    • Might not be intense enough for seasoned yogis
    • Some users report technical issues
    • Only one instructor

    Find What Feels Good mobilizes content from the online library of Yoga With Adriene, which has emerged as one of the go-to platforms for online yoga. The founder and teacher behind the program is “the reigning queen” Adriene Mishler.

    Her sessions are approachable, accessible, and sometimes oddly specific , but the real draw is Mishler herselfshe doesnt take her classes or herself too seriously and truly encourages watchers to tap into the mantra of finding what feels good.

    She offers up helpful modifications depending on your level of comfort and often bursts out into song mid-position with a beloved but forgotten 90s track. Oh, and the presence of Benji is always a welcome delight.

    You can find hundreds of Adriene’s free videos on YouTube, but for those looking to dedicate themselves further to their practice, the app offers up unique practices for $13 per month. And, just as convenient as YouTube, the videos can be downloaded and watched offline. Plus, it provides a better chance to connect with the global community that reaches beyond just the comment section.

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