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Art Of Living Yoga Studio

Yoga For Beginners: Getting Started With Yoga

Master Class Sukshma Vyayama

Our simple guide to yoga for beginners will help you begin your yoga practice and understand some basic yoga philosophy. Plus this FAQ section answers some common questions on yoga that a beginner may have in mind.

To understand yoga better and go beyond the physical postures we are going to look at some traditional yogic terminology. This will help you know the real depth and scope of yoga.

World Culture Festival On Yamuna Flood Plains

Art of Living Foundation organised the World Culture Festival on the Yamuna Flood plains in March 2016. A committee appointed by the National Green Tribunal recommended a fine of Rs 1,200 million on Art of Living Foundation for damaging the ecology of the flood plains. The fine was later reduced to Rs 50 million, with no further events to be allowed at that location. After initially disputing the fine, with Ravi Shankar declaring that he would rather go to prison, the foundation paid on 3 June 2016.

Art Of Living And Yoga

Your lifestyle is hectic, due to which there are several ailments you face. One way to calm your mind and channelise your energy is by opting for yoga. The word Yoga is derived from a sanskrit word Yuj, which means the union of individual consciousness with the universal consciousness . It is a 5000-year-old practice that helps attain knowledge, wisdom and health. At Sri Sri Holistic Hospital, we have one of the best yoga centers in Hyderabad.

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Illustration Of An Envelope With A Picture

Lori Quigley

from United States,December 2019

The hotel/spa was nice, quiet and the staff there was very friendly. The hotel provide breakfast which was amazing and the yoga retreat provided lunch and dinner . The two waiters were delightful young men and attentive. That was the best part of the “retreat” if you can call it that. But I will get to that in a minute. The food provided by the yoga studio was good, healthy, and while I was provided with options at the very beginning of my visit, I would have liked to have had those options at the beginning of every day. The instructor for the vinyasa style yoga was kind and knowledgeable. Unfortunately I did not get his name as I only took two classes from him. But that is where the positive remarks end. I cannot in good conscience recommend this retreat in this location to people until changes are made as it was a disaster and not worth the money spent.

Volunteer For A Better India

Art of Living Studio

The Art of Living, along with UN agencies, NGOs and civil society, launched Volunteer For a Better India on 5 December 2012.

VFABI protested against the 2012 Delhi gang-rape case.In May 2013, 1,634 volunteers distributed medicines worth Rs. 2.2 million under the guidance of 262 doctors to over 20,000 slum dwellers in Delhi through 108 free health camps organized in collaboration with the Indian Medical Association.

In September 2013, the ‘I vote for better India’ initiative was launched to increase awareness of the importance of voting as a responsibility towards the nation.

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Settlement With Anonymous Bloggers

In 2010, Art of Living sued two anonymous bloggers, “Skywalker” and “Klim”, for defamation, trade libel, copyright infringement and disclosing trade secrets. The two claimed to be former teachers/followers of Art of Living and had written posts critical of the foundation. The Foundation’s request to unmask the bloggers’ identities was denied, and the judge allowed only the trade secrets claim to go to trial.

In a 2012 settlement, Skywalker and Klim agreed to freeze their existing blogs with no restriction on starting up new blogs critical of Art of Living.

Art Of Living Foundation

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The Art of Living Foundation

21st Km, Udaypura, Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru
Website www.artofliving.org

The Art of Living Foundation is a volunteer-based, humanitarian and educational non-governmental organization . It was founded in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The Art of Living Foundation has centers in more than 156 countries. Art of Living offers several stress-elimination and self-development programs based on breathing techniques, meditation and yoga.

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Meet Kasia Fraser Of Art Of Living Studio

Today wed like to introduce you to Kasia Fraser.

Kasia, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?I was born & raised in Poland, came to US 16 years ago, moved from NYC to DC, then to LA, NC and back to LA. Since 2001 I was involved in yoga & meditation programs offered by Art of Living Foundation I learned their techniques and became an AOL teacher in 2005. Since I currently live in LA and take care of local AOLF chapters here, three years ago, since the space was available I decided to open an Art of Living Studio with daily yoga classes and meditation sessions. We are located near USC and many students visit us to relax and unwind.

My yoga journey started in 1998 when I took my first yoga class at the only yoga studio in Poland at that time! I fall in love immediately. Since then yoga was always part of my life. Especially when I started to develop some heathy issues, yoga and my plant-based diet really saved me.

Today I know how a healthy diet, yoga & meditation can totally change the quality of our lives. As a former fashion model & basketball player, I was always into health & fitness, now I can share my experience with others through my yoga classes, Art of Living Happiness Program & plant-based recipes.

Has it been a smooth road?Only struggles were when I was diagnosed with RA, I couldnt believe how healthy, yoga person can get any illness.


  • 2 weeks of Unlimited yoga $25

Contact Info:

Seasonal Cleanse With Kimberly Rossi

Art of Living Yoga Studio Promo Video

The Importance of Spring Cleansing -In ayurveda it is customary to cleanse two times per year, at spring, and again at fall. Let us gather and discuss why and how, according to ayurveda yoga’s sister science, the oldest natural healthcare system on the planet.Kimberly Rossi has been studying, practicing, and teaching Vedic scienceAyurveda, yoga, pranayama, and meditationsince 1998. Her passion is sharing the teachings, making things easy to follow, and empowering people to make positive lifestyle changes, so one may be happy, healthy, and wholethe best version of themselves and creators of the best life possible. Her professional career has been leading wellness-based businesses in four and five star destinations around the world for more than 25 years. Currently, she is the Director of Business Development at the Art of Living Retreat Center and Shankara Ayurveda Wellness.

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Gentle Yoga To Reinvigorate Mind And Body

Sri Sri Yoga is a holistic way of energizing and integrating your mind, body and spirit. This ancient knowledge made applicable for modern times can be easily added to your daily routine resulting in a lasting experience of your true inner power and overall well being.

The practice of yoga has been known for centuries to produce benefits in the areas of health, mental clarity and spiritual connection. Sri Sri Yoga not only offers the benefits of traditional asanas , but pranayamas , and special meditations as well.

During the Sri Sri Yoga retreattaught in 10 hours spread over the weekendcertified teachers will train you to successfully practice these techniques at home so that every facet of your life will continue to improve. This retreat is ideal for all levels of yoga enthusiasts from absolute beginners to advanced practitioners.

  • Strengthens and revitalizes internal organs
  • Improves digestion, circulation and immunity
  • Reduces Stress and calms the mind
  • Better posture and body alignment

What Is Yoga

When you think of yoga, you may think of people in seemingly impossible poses. But that is just the surface of what yoga is. Yoga is so much more than the poses. Yoga is a spiritual practice that has helped people improve health and flexibility and also find inner peace and freedom for thousands of years. The beauty of yoga is that a little practice can go a long way. You dont have to be a lifelong practitioner to reap the benefits.

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