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Are Manduka Yoga Mats Worth It

Its Props Support Mother Nature

4 Sweaty HOT YOGA $68 vs $10 Yoga Mat Towel Review – Manduka Yogitoes vs Amazon | Is it worth it?!?

Be it blocks, cushions, bolsters, straps, or similar props required during yoga, all the fitness gear at Manduka is made from recycled and sustainable materials to support not just the yogis, but also Mother Nature.

The blocks are made from cork and recycled foam whereas buckwheat hulls are used for filling the yoga cushions.

Manduka Pro Series Is Designed For Longevity

With over 2 billion people;worldwide who practice yoga, one can only imagine the number of old or worn-out yoga mats that are tossed in the dust bin each year. Manduka wants to curb the amount of waste produced by the yoga industry and thus, introduced the PRO series mats which are guaranteed to last for decades, if not for a lifetime.

Reasons To Splurge On A Yoga Mat

There’s some fitness gear to save money on, but how about yoga mats? You can grab a mat from Target for less than $20 or special order a Manduka PRO for over $100. But is it worth it to drop so much cash on a yoga mat? Here are five reasons the answer should be yes.

  • You’ll save money: When buying a pricier mat, it costs more upfront, but it’s often because they are thicker, durable, and made from better-quality materials. A cheaper mat, in comparison, can begin to flake after less than a year’s use. In the end, you’ll actually save money since you avoid any replacement fees.
  • For you and the planet: Since expensive mats tend to be made with higher-quality materials that last longer, it means buying one mat instead of five ;or more! ;in your lifetime. Not only are fewer mats ending up in landfills, but you also cut back on personal consumption.
  • Ooh, the feel: When you come into your first Down Dog on a pricier mat, you’ll notice the difference in smoothness, stickiness, and how it’s more dense. All of these factors contribute to fewer distractions and a safer, more comfortable practice.
  • Meet for class? Sure! Investing in a more expensive mat can inspire you to practice more, not only because it feels more luxurious, but also to get your money’s worth. It’d be a shame to have a $70 mat sitting in your closet.
  • Hey, why not? Yoga is a pretty gear-free activity, so besides a mat, there really isn’t much else to splurge on . So you might as well go for the best.
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    Its Clothing Collection Is The Only One Of Its Kind

    While its yoga equipment is unique and distinct, Mandukas clothing collection is no different. Keeping in line with their eco-friendly manufacturing processes, the fitness apparel by Manduka is produced using all-natural, high-quality fabrics hardly used by any other brand.

    The cotton is obtained from organic farms whereas the polyester required for stretchy pants is obtained from recycling old clothes to reduce the environmental impact.

    What Are Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towels Made Of

    Manduka 5mm PROlite Yoga Mat

    What about your Yogitoes yoga mat towels? As the no.1 hot yoga towel, they are a must-have for every yogi out there, with their stunning prints and patented technology preventing you from slipping no matter how much you move or sweat in those Bikram classes. Each towel is made from at least eight discarded plastic bottles, preventing them from entering landfills or polluting the ocean. All the dyes are also certified as eco-friendly

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    Meet The Manduka Grp Mat Series

    Manduka spent over three years engineering a yoga mat that could withstand hot yoga without a towel. The GRP launched as a single mat to be the ultimate hot yoga accessory and one that could also work seamlessly in every other yoga environment.

    The line has since been expanded to include three mats of different thickness and portability: the standard 6MM , which is an updated version of the original I own; the Lite 4mm , which is a thinner, lighter version of the standard; and the Adapt 5mm , the newest mat to the GRP line that features slightly different technology than the other two.

    All three are 71 inches by 26 inches the standard size of a yoga mat. The GRP Hot Yoga Mat 6mm and GRP Lite Hot Yoga Mat 4mm are both made with a leather-like top layer and 100% open airflow to evaporate moisture on contact and reduce bacteria buildup. They both also have a charcoal-infused rubber core to absorb sweat and mitigate odor.

    According to the company, these mats should actually get grippier with sweat an industry paradox because unlike other closed-cell yoga mats , the GRP is made from open-celled polyurethane which lets the mat breathe. It does this by taking in moisture and then letting it evaporate.

    The biggest difference between the two mats is their padding and, therefore, weight: the 6mm provides more cushioning and weighs 5.5 pounds, while the Lite 4mm has slightly less padding but weighs only 3.7 pounds.

    Best Hot Yoga Mat: Manduka Pro Yoga Mat 6mm

    One of the best overall mats we tested, the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat is just that made for pros! Specifically, pros who love nothing more than a sweatier-than-thou workout. Even if youre not a typically sweaty person, hot-yoga classes are held at temperatures ranging from 90 degrees Fahrenheit up to 108, with loads of humidity in there to boot. Point being: Youre going to be dripping, and you definitely want a no-slip mat that can withstand all that wetness. Enter: Manduka Pro Yoga Mat.

    A beast in its own right, the 6-millimeter-thick mat is beloved by advanced yogis and instructors alike for its density and top and underside gripping, all of which were the reasons we felt it performed better than any other mat we tested during hot yoga. Clocking in at a whopping 7.5 pounds, the PVC mats sheer weight anchors it to the floor and ensures a stable workout. The Pros top-side texture comprises vertical and horizontal grooves that produced some of the best grip we experienced during testing, even when we had sweat dripping all over the place. The underside also has tons of grip, in the form of a rugged dot pattern that we found stayed put on both carpeted and hardwood floors.

    All in all, however, we found the Manduka Pro to be an excellent mat for both hot-yoga and regular yoga devotees and thus worthy of its steep price point. Not only is it backed by a lifetime warranty from Manduka, the mat is also Oeko-Tex certified and latex-free.

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    Q: How Do I Clean My Eko Mat

    A:;Without soaking or submerging, use a generous amount of Mandukas Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Restore over the entire surface, paying close attention to any areas of decolorization.; Allow the cleaner to sit for 5 minutes and then gently Use a clean cloth to wipe mat dry before rolling or using.

    We do not recommend cleaning your mat with a garden hose, putting it in the bathtub, shower, washing machine, or using a vacuum cleaner, as any of these will likely damage the mat beyond repair. Do not leave the mat exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight. Do not use any type of soap for cleaning, as it will compromise the performance and integrity of the mat. The salt method is not intended for eKO mats.;

    Manduka Eko Environmentally Friendly

    Best Yoga Mats – Manduka Black Mat Pro Review

    If youre a little more environmentally conscious, you might want to opt for the Manduka eKO series. These mats are made from 100% natural rubber. Rubber comes from a renewable source and Manduka guarantee that its not from Amazon trees.

    They also ensure there are no toxic glues or foaming agents used in the manufacture of the mats and they are biodegradable too.

    Similar to the Pro series, these are made with a closed-cell material so they are easy to clean but can get slippy when your hands are sweaty so they are not advised for hot yoga unless you have a towel too.

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    Q: What Makes Manduka’s Botanical Disinfecting Cleaner Different From Other Household Disinfectants

    A:Mandukas Botanical Disinfecting Cleaner is an all-natural plant-based solution that disinfects;in one step.; Other household cleansers are not plant-based, meaning they made of;solvents or;harsh chemicals;that;will degrade mats.Mandukas Botanical Disinfecting Cleaner is specially formulated;with no harsh chemicals;to not require rinsing after use and is proven to be non-irritating.;

    For other questions please email us at or visit our help center.;

    • The Yogi’s Behind The Root Board

    • New Product: Meet Manduka Yoga Grip

    • Lets celebrate International Yoga Day!

    Whats The Best Yoga Mat

    Although I can highly recommend Manduka mats, they are not my favorite brand. Im a big advocate of Liforme mats. They are made from natural rubber on the base with a polyurethane surface which provides excellent grip, even when your hands are sweaty.

    These mats are particularly great for beginners thanks to the alignment lines on the mat that can help you self-correct when practicing without a yoga instructor.

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    Manduka Grp Remains Grippy When Wet

    Next up is the GRP range. Yet again, a different material is used here which provides a leather-like texture.

    Unlike the two previous mats, the GRP series has an open-cell structure, this means that the material is able to absorb some moisture. The benefit of this is that it stays grippy, even when your hands and the mat get sweaty which is great for certain types of yoga.

    Open-cell mats are also more cushioned as they contain small air pockets which can compress better than a closed-cell mat.

    The downside to the GRP is that they are tougher to clean and can easily absorb smells, so youll need to work harder to keep your mat spick and span.

    How To Clean & Disinfect Your Yoga Mat & Equipment

    Manduka eKO 5mm Yoga Mat

    Theres no question that COVID-19 has changed the way we live and practice. In answer to the heightened concerns about mat and equipment hygiene, weve worked with our scientists and studios to develop the following guidelines for how to clean your yoga mat and equipment the right way.

    Even outside of a pandemic, its still important to know how to clean your yoga mat properly.

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    Best Yoga Mats For Bad Knees

    Finding the best yoga mat for bad knees can be a pain.

    But no worries.

    Luckily, we’ve gathered up the top yoga mats for bad knees so that practicing yoga can be as comfortable as possible.

    The Fusion Mat is made specifically for bad joints. No matter what activity you use it for, you can be sure that it will keep you comfortable and protect your knees.

    Dimensions: 24″ width, 68″ or 74″ lengthThickness: 7.9 mm

    Is Manduka The Best Yoga Mat

    Manduka is indeed the best yoga mat. It offers excellent cushioning as it is 6mm thick. Additionally, once broken in, it offers excellent grip and even after years of daily practice you will hardly notice any wear or tear. It is a sustainably made yoga mat that is used by most Ashtanga practitioners.

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    Features To *not* Love About Jade Harmony

    The key advantage of the Jade Harmony is also its major drawback.

    So the Jade Harmony is a rubber mat. This means that it is an eco-friendly yoga mat and will absorb your sweat making it a great yoga mat for sweaty practices. However, this also makes it more prone to wear and tear. And so the major drawback of the Jade Harmony is that it wont last for more than a few years.

    See my photo below of my Jade Harmony. Bits of the rubber started coming off after a year and then it just got worse.

    This can mainly bee seen where the hands and feet are positioned.

    I will say that because I practice Ashtanga yoga which is a dynamic type of yoga, this may have made it worse. And so if you practice a more gentle type of yoga then your Jade Harmony may last much longer than mine did.

    Check out my review of the Jade Harmony!

    Best Non Slip Cushioned Yoga Mat In 2021

    BEST YOGA MATS 2021 | Manduka, Liforme, Lululemon and Jade | Yoga mat review

    Melissa Weimer is a nutrition expert who has helped thousands

    When you are performing Yoga, the only piece of equipment you are using is your yoga mat. The last thing you would want from this mat is for it to get in the way of your yoga session. Many people buy any old mat they find and then expect it to provide proper service. It does not work like that in reality, though, as many of them are too slippery.;

    There are so many different options available in the market today, so you can be forgiven if you are experiencing confusion as to what yoga mat to buy. Do not worry. We have compiled a list of the best non-slip yoga mats with good cushioning and non-slip features. Read on to know more about these mats.

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    The Iconic Manduka Mat Was Inspired By Sterios Yoga Teachers

    While Sterios really wanted to design a yoga mat that would not just have a lifetime guarantee, but would also yoga practices fun and enjoyable, the task was easier said than done. He might have given up on his dream were it not for his yoga teachers and instructors who believed in his abilities and cheered him on until he was finally successful.

    Manduka Eko Superlite Travel Mat

    The Manduka eKO Superlite Travel Mat is excellent for yogis who travel a lot. Manduka is one of the most durable yoga brands, so you can be sure your mat will last you a long time through all of your adventures.

    Dimensions: 24″ width, 71″ lengthThickness: 1.5 mm

    • Not ideal for bad knees
    • Rubber smell

    The YOGO Yoga Mat is the best travel yoga mat for yogis on the go. It’s extremely light and easily fits into bags.

    Dimensions: 24″ width, 68″ lengthThickness: 1.5 mmMaterial: Natural tree rubber, cotton, and minerals


    • One food-producing tree is planted in Africa for every mat purchased


    • Not suitable for bad knees

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    Portability: Its No Lightweight

    Lugging around the 71-inch mat all day made me glad I hadnt gone for the 85-inch version. Really. At 7.5 pounds of firm, 6-millimeters-thick PVC, the 71-inch mat begs to be stored at a studio, used at home, or at the very least chauffeured around in a car. And the 85-inch mat is 2 pounds heavier!

    Lugging around the 71-inch mat all day made me glad I hadnt gone for the 85-inch version.

    Jade Harmony Professional 3/16

    Manduka + PROlite⢠Yoga Mat

    Price: $160

    This is a premium 3/16 inch yoga mat thats made out of natural rubber. Its marketed as being slip-resistant even if youve sweat on it.

    The 68-inch mat is $160 and the price increases with the length, which you should keep in mind if you need something thats a few inches longer. Since this is a JadeYoga mat, if you buy one, theyll plant a tree for you thanks to the partnership they have with Trees for the Future.

    The mat is recommended by a lot of people, including yoga instructors. People claim that it offers great security for most exercises and that it doesnt slip at all unless youve sweat buckets on it.

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    Its Still Very Portable

    If youre worried about carrying around a bigger mat, then the 4mm is your option. Even with the absorbing layer, its no bulkier or heavier than the regular mat I used to work with. I will admit that the 6mm is slightly heavier, but thats not at all a con for me. Its still easy to cart around, especially with Mandukas mat carriers. I just use the shoulder straps and have had no issues at allits worth it to have the extra comfort.

    The Equa Round Is The Latest Yoga Mat Designed Especially For Moms

    Designed by Desi Bartlett, a global ambassador for Manduka, the Equa Round Mat is an innovative yoga mat that caters to new moms and moms-to-be. While yoga mats are typically rectangular in shape, this new mat features a perfectly round shape in order to provide a 360-degree range of motion and complete freedom when doing yoga.

    It is made from natural rubber and consists of an absorbent microfiber layer at the top to prevent slippage. This makes it ideal for prenatal yoga as well as for the mommy-and-me yoga sessions with babies.

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    Most Essential Features When Looking For The Perfect Yoga Mat

    Dont underestimate how important it is to select the perfect yoga mat for your yoga and pilates workout routine. Think about it this way, the mat will make or break your flow and comfort. Though this may not sound like something to make a big fuss over, it most certainly is. When you dont have the proper support below your balancing body, you can cause serious long term damage to your joints and back. When incorporating yoga into your life, the idea is to improve your life, not cause more problems and pains in the moment or long term, right?

    Here are the five most important features when it comes to purchasing the perfect yoga mat:

    1. Thickness- The thickness of your mat is up to your personal preference and needs. According to Yoga Fits Studio , A thin yoga mat is about 1/16-inch thick and ideal for practicing balance postures, giving you a strong connection to the floor A 1/4-inch yoga mat is considered thick and may be more ideal for back support during core work, inversions, and other postures that cause your bones to dig into the ground. If you would like a happy medium, go for the standard yoga mat labeled 3.3 mm or 1/8-inch thick. If youll be practicing on a carpeted or soft floor, then you probably wont need an ultra thick mat. If however, youll be practicing on a hard floor, its a wise option to go for the thicker mats.

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