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Alo Yoga Mat Vs Manduka

The Best Cushioning The Jade Fusion Mat

YOGA MAT FAVOURITES| Manduka, This is Olie and Alo yoga
  • Not so easy to clean
  • Very high price

Extra Cushioning

Jade fusion mat is plush enough to make getting down on the floor a pleasure. Its perfect if you have a problem with pain and will make your entire session more comfortable.

Grips Well

The Jade does grip the floor nicely. We did find it a little slippery after a sweat session so we wouldnt use it for hot sessions, but for regular use, its okay.

Multiple Sizes Available

The standard size for Jade yoga is more than ample if youre a bit shorter. The longer size is great for taller people.

Grips Well

You might think that the extra plushness would mean that youd have less stability. This isnt the case here at all. You dont have to worry about slipping and sliding on this model.


The tradeoff for the extra comfort is that this makes a bulky package to carry. Extra thick at 5.4 pounds, its on the heavier side as well. Wed opt for a strap or bag to carry this around in to make things easier. Because it is so bulky, it may not suit you if youre going to travel.

Difficult Cleaning

The top of the mat is textured, making it possible for sweat and dust to settle in the dips. This, in conjunction with the sticky surface, makes it more difficult to clean. It attracts dirt, hair, and dust, so this is something to consider as well.

Best yoga mat suited for

Home practice, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and more.

More from Jade

Jade has jute yoga mats, yoga towels, block, straps, and other yoga accessories.

Is There A Difference Between A Fitness Mat And A Yoga Mat

Theres an almost overwhelming number of training mats available on the market right now, and most can be split into two categories: yoga mats and exercise mats.

An exercise mat will be slightly thicker and more durable, able to take the strain of dropped dumbbells and rugged footwear as users blitz through HIIT and weights sessions. If that sounds like your bag, our tried and tested edit of the best exercise mats you can buy should be your next port of call.

Yoga mats, meanwhile, tend to be slightly thinner, with most mats between 0.4mm and 0.6mm thick. They will usually be made with slightly more delicate materials like rubber or latex, providing a stickier surface for your hands and feet. Unless the manufacturer says otherwise, its best to avoid wearing shoes on these mats and complete your practices bare foot so as not to damage them.

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Best Yoga Mats In 2022

Since we don’t test yoga mats ourselves, we asked experts to recommend yoga mats on top of their guidance. The experts we spoke to said to look for yoga mats that are cushioned, durable and, if youre practicing yoga that makes you sweaty, have added texture for grip and traction. The experts said that it’s important to be able to wash your mat in order to extend its life, so all of the options we included can either be hand-washed or machine-washed.

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Aurorae Synergy 2 In 1 Yoga Mat

It’s the best of both worlds with this oneâit’s a mat AND a towel. This mat encourages sweating because the manufacturer states that the wetter the mat, the better the grip. It has over 1300 ratings on Amazon and 4.5 stars.

One rave review says, “I practice hot yoga every day and I hang it up to dry. During my practices, I sweat a lot! This mat has great grip on the floor and doesn’t slip at all! This mat really stays put! On the mat, I can really get deep into my poses with the grip.”

Starting At $10855 Amazon And $129 At Manduka

Manduka eKO Lite Yoga Mat 4mm l Mukha Yoga

One of the best overall mats we tested, the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat is just that made for pros! Specifically, pros who love nothing more than a sweatier-than-thou workout. Even if youre not a typically sweaty person, hot-yoga classes are held at temperatures ranging from 90 degrees Fahrenheit up to 108, with loads of humidity in there to boot. Point being: Youre going to be dripping, and you definitely want a no-slip mat that can withstand all that wetness. Enter: Manduka Pro Yoga Mat.

A beast in its own right, the 6-millimeter-thick mat is beloved by advanced yogis and instructors alike for its density and top and underside gripping, all of which were the reasons we felt it performed better than any other mat we tested during hot yoga. Clocking in at a whopping 7.5 pounds, the PVC mats sheer weight anchors it to the floor and ensures a stable workout. The Pros top-side texture comprises vertical and horizontal grooves that produced some of the best grip we experienced during testing, even when we had sweat dripping all over the place. The underside also has tons of grip, in the form of a rugged dot pattern that we found stayed put on both carpeted and hardwood floors.

All in all, however, we found the Manduka Pro to be an excellent mat for both hot-yoga and regular yoga devotees and thus worthy of its steep price point. Not only is it backed by a lifetime warranty from Manduka, the mat is also Oeko-Tex certified and latex-free.

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Liforme: Best Yoga Mat With Alignment Lines

This popular Liforme Yoga Mat is one of the top-rated exercise mats for a reason. It actually makes you better at yoga with alignment lines to guide you through poses and get your positioning right, helping to prevent injuries and take your yoga to new levels.

The mat also features Liformes advanced GripForMe material for no-slip stability. Meanwhile, the PVC-free biodegradable material makes sure your practice is as planet-friendly as possible.

Liformes yoga mat with alignment lines is almost as good as having a teacher in the room with you.

Best for: Next-level precision and perfection in all your yoga poses.

Material: RubberThickness: 5 mm Dimensions: 185 cm x 68 cm Colours: A range including grey, green, and blue

Gruper Thick Yoga Mat

If you need a little bit more support for your knees during your hot yoga sessions, this non-slip mat is for you. It comes in two different sizes for thickness: 2/5 inches and 3/5 inches. One reviewer wrote, “The non-slip rubber surface is great and really does workâI’ve tried it over the past week with a variety of exercise types and it doesn’t move around. It is perfect for hot yoga it will quickly absorb sweat to prevent slipping due to sweat.”

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Best For Beginners: Gaiam 2


If youre looking for a low-commitment yoga mat, the Gaiam two-color yoga mats are for you. Its at an affordable price point but also has all of the necessary features, so this mat is a solid choice if youre a newbie or you need a quick and cost-effective way to replace a mat. This mat is made from non-toxic material and its free of latex. You can choose which color you’d like your mat to be with each new yoga class thanks to the reversible design. The material is lightweight yet durable and made to offer stability with a no-slip design. With a 4mm of thickness, this mat offers stability and comforta quality combination. Some reviewers, however, report that this yoga mat began to break down after a couple of months and didnt retain its stickiness as well as pricier models. Consider investing in a more expensive option if durability is at the top of your list.

Alo Yoga Airlift Leggings Review

Manduka Pro vs eKo Yoga Mat Comparison

If youre looking for an ultra lightweight pair of leggings, look no further. The Alo Yoga Airlift collection is simply what it says on the tin. The micro-performance double-knit fabric of these Alo Yoga leggings means that they feel like a second skin. You have the freedom to move and stretch without any restriction.

Picking my favourite Alo legging style is pretty tough, as I love them all for different reasons! says Cat Meffan . My go-to pair at the moment are probably the high-waist Airlift leggings, as they are so light, soft to touch, hug me in all the right places and are perfect for yoga, a workout or just to go out for brunch.

Of course, like the other fantastic Alo Yoga leggings weve covered here, these ones also have the signature four-way stretch and moisture-wicking technology. You can get them in a wide array of styles from capris to length leggings.

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We Looked For Versatile Mats That Were Grippy Comfortable And Easy To Maintain

Next, we brought in all 16 contenders to hand-test in our office, homes, and yoga classes. Over several weeks, we put them through beginners yoga, rigorous Bikram hot yoga, and everything in between to see what would hold up regardless of sweat, sensitive joints, or hard surfaces. To find the best, we focused on comparing the following aspects of each mat:

Grippiness: No slipping and sliding during downward dog

Thailand-certified yoga instructor and founder of The Bali Bead, Lillian Daniels told us, Many mats have various features, but you want to pay attention to whether you will be able to grip the surface. The best mats should provide enough grip so that you feel stable while holding poses, and have enough traction on the floor so that your mat wont slip out from underneath you.

The grippiness of a mat has two parts: One is how grippy the mat is against your hands and feet are you slowly sliding out of place during warrior pose, or are you solidly planted? The other is the traction of the mat against the floor: Does your mat slip around on smooth floors, or is it firmly stuck in place throughout your session? Some otherwise-grippy mats may turn into slip n slides with sweat. If youre going to be sweating during your sessions, especially if youre doing something highly intensive like hot yoga, you want to make sure your mat will stay grippy through it all. Otherwise, you risk falling or having to constantly readjust your position.

Yoga Mat With The Best Grip

Alo Yoga

I am obsessed with my ALO Warrior Mat, says Erica Gragg, a yoga instructor and founder of Escape to Shape. It has seen me through many at home Zoom yoga class, both teaching and taking, and I truly am not sure how I am going to continue to practice yoga once back on the road without it. It’s that good. Its heavy, but thats because the grip is so good.

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Finding The Best Match For Your Needs

Those are the options that we thought came out on top. Everyone is different, though, so it pays you to put in a little research upfront to get the best possible match. Here are some things to consider when looking for a new mat.


Getting the right material is essential. PVC wont set you back as much as latex or rubber, but it could also contain harmful chemicals. You need to find the best material for you. We find that natural rubber works best in most situations. What is coming up in the market lately are cork yoga mats and if you choose one of those ones, Natural rubber as the base is needed for the cork mat to lay still on the ground. We have tested a few that had TPE material as the base but those mats won’t lay still on the ground.


If youre a taller person, youll naturally want more length. Thats also true if youre a more advanced practitioner. Our advice? Its better to get something that is too large than too small. You dont want half your body hanging off the edge.

For comfort, look for something that is full-length. If you wont be traveling with it, consider an extra-large model for additional comfort.


Any way that you slice it, these mats are pretty unwieldy. Theyre long and can be bulky. When choosing, think about how much youre going to have to carry it around. A strap or carry bag can make it easier to handle, but theyll add to the cost. The thinner and smaller the model, the easier it will be to manage.


Best Extra Long: Cambivo Yoga Mat

25 Things You Didn


This extra-large workout mat is ideal for anyone who needs a lot of workout space . If you have a large open space to lay your mat or want to have space for multiple people to work out at once, then this mat is for you.

Made from durable, tear-resistant material, this mat is ideal for everyday use and can be used for more than just yoga. Lay this mat down for at-home workouts or as a playmat for children. With an 8 mm thickness, this mat offers great shock-absorbance for exercise and yoga. The slip-free design also makes this mat easy to use and safe for intense and sweaty workouts.


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What Features Should You Consider When Shopping For A Yoga Mat

Everyones soul mat needs differ depending on what they crave in their everyday yoga practice, Liza Colpa, certified yoga instructor at YogaToday, tells Glamour. But certain features worth keeping an eye out for include grip and thickness. For beginners, she recommends styles with great grip to avoid slipping, and a medium thickness to prevent putting too much pressure on the knees and wrists.

Those with a consistent yoga practice may want to experiment with length and material, which will determine the overall texture, stickiness, durability, and eco-friendliness of the mat. For instance, says Colpa, tall people may want to swap their existing mat for a longer one that provides extra legroom, while others may want designs specifically made of sustainable materials in lieu of the standard PVC options.

Price can also be deciding factorand if youre just starting out, you can find great options under $60 . If you want to level up your routine and invest in something more durable, youre looking at prices between $100 and $200.

Manduka Yoga Mat Vs Lululemon

Another of the leading yoga mat brands out there is Lululemon. In truth, hobbyist yogis should find that the Lululemon offers all they need. It is light-wearing, good-quality and comes with an affordable price tag. However, if youre serious about the practice of yoga, you should get one of the Manduka mats instead. As durable as they are attractive, these renowned mats will stay in mint condition, regardless of how often you use them.

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Balancefrom: Best Value Exercise Mat

Looking for a gym mat that will give you cushioning and support but wont cost the Earth? Check out this bargain exercise mat from BalanceFrom.

Made of high-density foam, it provides plenty of support for spine, hips, knees, and elbows, while the double-sided non-slip surfaces mean youll stay strong and stable. Moisture resistant technology makes the mat easy to wash and clean.

If youve accidentally splashed out on a fancy gym bag, the BalanceFrom fitness mat is the accessibly priced exercise solution you need. Dont make money another reason to skip your sweat session.

Best for: Doing burpees on a budget.

Material: FoamThickness: 13 mm Dimensions: 180 cm x 60 cm Colours: A range including black, blue, and green

Best Yoga Mat For Yoga Classes: Jadeyoga Harmony Mat

Manduka Yoga Mat Reviews: PRO vs. PROlite vs. eKO Superlite

The JadeYoga Harmony mat makes the perfect everyday yoga mat. This mat weighs about 5 pounds and measures roughly 4mm thick. With plenty of traction and cushion, this mat will stay in place during sweaty yoga sessions and offers support for those who have sensitive knees and joints. A variety of color and length options make this mat versatile and useful for anyone. The color options are subtle yet attractive and serve more than aesthetic purposes. JadeYoga donates a portion of its proceeds to charities based on the color of the mat purchased. Their site says, “$5 will be donated to ovarian cancer charities for every Teal mat purchased, $5 from each Saffron mat will be donated to Autism causes and $5 will be donated to breast cancer charities for every pink mat purchased.”

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How Do I Break In My New Pro Series Mat

Breaking in your mat is simple. You have to start practicing on it. Going through the standard yoga moves, while twisting and turning, is a quick way to toughen up the surface. The more time you spend using your PRO series Manduka mat, the more you can create a non-slip product that is uniquely yours. You dont have to worry about wearing it out. The mats are built specifically to last. Plus, theres that handy lifetime guarantee too.

Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat

The Jade Harmony professional yoga mat comes in black, jade green, midnight blue, purple and Tibetan orange. Step into your strength and balance with this mat made of open-cell natural rubber, a renewable resource from rubber trees . Its the ultimate slip-resistant mat so you dont need to worry during hot yoga and has an added cushion.

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How To Shop For A Yoga Mat

A yoga mat may not seem super complex, but theres a lot to consider before buying one. And most of it comes down to your yoga habits, personal preference, safety and comfort. We consulted Gustavo Padron, a Texas-based teacher of yoga and meditation, and New York City-based yoga, meditation and fitness instructor Kendra Thomas they told us anyone in the market for a yoga mat should ask themselves some questions before shopping: Will you need a sweatproof mat with a stable grip? A long-lasting mat? Extra cushioning?

  • For slower-paced or relaxing yoga styles, foamier mats with extra padding and thickness might be more comfortable these will also work best for anyone suffering from joint pain, Padron said.
  • Yogis who tend to sweat a lot or those practicing hot or intense yoga should opt for sweat-proof mats, Padron said. He added that vinyl mats, which are sweat-proof, have added durability. Textured yoga mats with increased traction are likewise beneficial for more intense, sweatier yoga sessions.
  • Yogis who practice daily should also consider investing in long-lasting, more durable mats.
  • Those who like to practice yoga while traveling should invest in lightweight or foldable mats, Thomas said.
  • Yoga mats can be very different from one another, and youre not necessarily going to do the same kind of workout every time or even be in the same mindset from session to session.


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