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Aerial Yoga At Home Installation

Aerial Yoga Equipment: Carabiners

How to install an aerial yoga hammock at home

Carabiners are also known as connectors, and typically iron, steel, or aluminum is used to make them. You must have encountered carabiners in the gym or a fitness studio when you change the attachments of a lat pulldown machine.

The aluminum carabiners can hold up to 5000 pounds while the steel carabiners can hold up to 10,000 pounds of weight. For rigging aerial yoga hammocks, the oval carabiners come recommended.

When you purchase an aerial yoga hammock, the carabiners will come with the set. You will also receive instructions on how you will connect the hammock to the ceiling or support using the carabiners.

Can Everyone Practice Aerial Yoga

While aerial yoga tends to be safe for most people, individuals with specific health conditions should get the green light from their physician before wrapping themselves up in the silky fabric.

Inversions also arent recommended for those with high blood pressure or diabetes due to the blood pressure spike that can occur before your body acclimates to being upside down. Also, people with brittle bones or osteoporosis, as well as women in the later stages of pregnancy, should probably choose another form of exercise.

If youre managing any condition, you should always consult your physician before doing anything outside your regular workout routine, including aerial yoga.

How To Perform Aerial Yoga

This article was co-authored by Caitlin Downey. Caitlin Downey is a Registered Yoga Teacher at Yoga Therapy in Burlington, Vermont. She has over 200 hours of experience as a certified Yoga Instructor since 2014, and has over 600 hours of training as a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist.There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 35,537 times.

While aerial yoga may look more like a circus act than an everyday workout, its actually been shown to have numerous health benefits. It facilitates spinal decompression, eases pressure on your joints, strengthens muscles, and can even sharpen mental focus and mindfulness.XResearch source Scientific data from Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice shows that yoga is good for your physical, emotional, and mental health.XTrustworthy SourcePubMed CentralJournal archive from the U.S. National Institutes of HealthGo to sourceWhether youre a yoga newbie or already a regular in floor-bound yoga class, you can try aerial yoga by purchasing a hammock or joining a class, warming up for the workout, dressing appropriately, and starting out with some basic aerial poses.

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Uplift Active Printed Hammock

Virtually all the hammocks on the market currently are one solid color, but heres a stylish exception. If youre looking for the best aerial yoga hammock in terms of visual appearance, we suggest the Uplift Active Printed Hammock.

The Uplift Active hammock comes in four swirly-colored designs, including Botanical Print, Galaxy, Blue Tie Dye, and Rainbow Tie Dye. The material is capable of holding up to 400 pounds, so its both stylish and durable. The fabric is soft and isnt excessively stretchy, so youll feel secure when youre wrapped up and performing aerial maneuvers. All Uplift Active products come with a 1-year warranty.

The cool thing about the Uplift Active swing is that it can be custom-ordered to the size of your choice. Thats great if you have high rafters in your house and need a longer length of silk. This hammock comes with carabiners and daisy chain handles, so its got everything you need. A set of online instructional videos is also included with purchase.

Ikea Suspension Ceiling Hooks

Guide to Your Home Aerial Yoga Space + Aromatherapy ...

If you choose to hang your inversion swing from the ceiling rather than over a rafter or doorway, you will want to look into ceiling hooks such as these hooks from Ikea. Very few hammock packages come with hooks included, so you must make the effort to buy them separately.

These ceiling hooks are made from steel and are super affordable. Just be sure to read all instructions that come with your aerial yoga equipment, because you want to make sure that is installed safely and securely.

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The Right Way To Install An Aerial Yoga Rigging System

If you have taken the decision to master your aerial yoga skills, the next thing you need is the equipment. Aerial yoga can be a challenging thing, but it is also rewarding, thrilling and satisfying at the same time. To do it properly, you will need flexibility, strength, patience and most importantly the right setup of equipment.

The decision to practice aerial yoga is yours, but we can help you with the rigging process. It is really important in aerial yoga to have the right hammock, hooks and yoga bar. You need the swing to be able to handle and support your weight and provide you safety while you are hanging upside down from the hammock.

If you are looking to invest in aerial rigging for your at-home yoga, make sure you are taking care of the things mentioned in this article.

Health Benefits Of Aerial Yoga

There are so many surprising health benefits to hanging upside down and practicing yoga off the floor. The main benefits include:

  • A full body workout: Aerial yoga poses work many muscle groups at once, leading to more toned and defined muscles, strengthened joints, and a stronger core .
  • More flexibility: When no longer constrained by gravity, your body can move more freely and go deeper into stretches. Aerial yoga releases muscle tension and lengthens the spine with less risk of pressure and injury for beginners.
  • Meditation and creativity: Something about turning your world upside down helps to reset the mind. Like many yoga inversions, aerial yoga brings more clarity and creativity to the mind by improving blood flow to the brain. It is a meditative practice that helps you go deeper into yourself.
  • Stress relief: Inversion therapy is commonly used to heal chronic and acute stress by stimulating the Vagus nerve and triggering the parasympathetic nervous system that helps us relax. Dr. Sara Gottfried says any time you put your feet above the level of your heart you activate your parasympathetic nervous system, the rest-and-digest counterbalance to fight or flight of the sympathetic nervous system. In other words, being upside down gets us out of fight or flight stress mode.
  • Relieve back pain: Inversion therapy lengthens the spine and increases the space between the vertebrate, leading to less neuromuscular tension.

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There Are Several Ways To Install Your Yoga Swing

1) With the Omni Stand it is as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Hook all three loose-hanging carabiners into the ring at the top of the stand and voila!
  • is attached to the middle spring).

2) Using the Ceiling Beam Suspension Plate

  • Hang your yoga swing from your Spring Trapeze or use Daisy Chains or rope to hang from the closed loop on the plate
  • Do not install in a ceiling beam that is less than 4×4inches thick . We do NOT recommend installing the Ceiling Beam Suspension Plate into the 2 x 4s your house was constructed with these ARE NOT strong enough.
  • See video tutorial: How to Install Your Ceiling Beam Suspension Plate

3) Using the 3-SpringTrapeze and Eyebolt

  • Attach all three loose-hanging carabiners into the swivel, then with the free carabiner, you can hang your swing from any heavy-duty eyebolt screwed in VERTICALLY to a sturdy ceiling beam, rafter or tree.
  • We do NOT recommend screwing the eyebolt into the 2 x 4s your house was constructed with these ARE NOT strong enough. DO NOT screw the eyebolt in horizontally, it may break.

4) Using Ropes

  • You can obtain at least 3/4 thick heavy duty nylon rope at your local hardware or outdoor gear store. Wrap the rope around your STURDY ceiling beam, rafter or tree using your knots of choice. A good guide to knots of rock-climbing caliber can be found HERE.
  • Remember to place a towel or piece of leather some sort of buffer- between the rope and the anchor. This prevents cutting and burning of the rope.

6) Pull-Up Bar in Doorway

Tips To Buy And Hang An Yoga Hammock

Aerial Hammock Setup at Home | aerial practice
  • Always Prefer Branded Hammocks

Always go for the reputed brands that are specialized in hammock manufacturing because they use certified materials for the production. Most importantly, choose verified accessories and security gears.

  • Durability Of The Hammock

Make sure that the hammock can support more than 5 times your body weight. Though almost every yoga hammock can bear up to 1000 lbs, you must check before buying. This is because you will be suspended in the air while practicing aerial yoga. Thus, there will always be a safety issue.

  • Make The Hanging Points Strong

If you are planning to install the hammock in your ceiling, then dont use eye-bolts that are simply pointed. Always go for ceiling hooks because its again a safety issue.

  • Verify The Strength Of Your Ceiling

Make sure that the I-beam or your ceiling is strong enough on which you will hang your hammock. It should be capable enough to bear more than 1000 lbs without being damaged. Alternatively, you can ask a qualified professional to verify your ceiling.

If you are going to hang it on a beam, then make sure its made of steel or hardwood otherwise, itll be dangerous to practice yoga. Similarly, if you want to hang the hammock on a tree, only use healthy trees. That means the tree must have sturdy and thick branches. Dont choose a tree that has dead branches. It might be risky for you as there might be chances of a serious accident.

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Single Point Or Double Point

I chose to use a Double Point set-up because I think it is easier for beginners, and for people with broad shoulders or larger bodies. Double point also tends to move and spin less which is less disorienting than a single-point which can spin. For my own practice I would like to setup a single point rig, because I love to spin! However everyone does share my love of spinning so I chose double point.

Advantages Of Aerial Yoga

Its not just the added differentiation that makes aerial yoga a smart addition. Proponents of aerial yoga cite the allure of using gravity as something that accentuates the traditional yoga workout.

Aerial yoga uses gravity that results in the following benefits:

  • Your muscles have to work harder off the mat.
  • You have to use your core.
  • Able to deepen your stretches off of the mat.
  • Its more challenging overall, making it a great step up for your veteran students who want to take their yoga practice to the next level.

There may also be another angle to consider: customers with bad backs. Aerial yoga relieves compression on the spine because your back muscles will relax when you hang. This process will reduce pressure on your joints, which can make the benefits of yoga accessible to people who might have trouble performing traditional yoga.

The complexities and costs required to install aerial yoga equipment properly might be off-putting to some. However, if youre willing to bite the bullet and try it, youll be able to attract new members and retain existing members for longer by responding to consumer demand.

Adding aerial yoga equipment to your studio may be profitable, but you should consider the business risks before you leap so that you dont leave yourself hanging.

I write abouT establishing and Growing your boutique Fitness/Wellness Business. I promise no spam, i hate spam.

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How To Hang Yoga Trapeze In Doorway

Yoga trapeze is a versatile yoga prop which yogis love to use for a various reasons. It helps us with spinal traction and back bends and helps us build our backbone and upper body strength without putting too much strain on our muscles.

As discussed earlier, yoga trapeze can be hung outside as well as indoors too- on ceilings or wood beams . But did you know that they can be hung from doorways too? Yes, you heard that right!

You can easily hang yoga trapeze in your doorway with a specially designed tool which is known as the Door Mount Bar.

The bar is designed in such a way that they can easily be mounted when you are practicing and dismounted when you arent.

This way it doesnt come in your way. It is attached with external screws to ensure its stability and strength by not using extra pressure like other bars usually do.

Setting up yoga trapeze in your doorway is not a very complicated or a difficult process as it may sound, but it is simple, easy and sturdy only if you have a door mount bar.

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Benefits Of Aerial Yoga Stands

Aerial Yoga at Hot Yoga Edinburgh: Read Reviews and Book ...

With the general health benefits of aerial yoga, it can be a good idea to take part in the activity. But what are the benefits to using free standing swing frames, instead of the alternatives?

Zero damage When using an aerial silk stand, you dont have to make any changes to your home. You see, using ceiling hooks means changing your ceiling, which isnt always an option. It also means extra DIY!

Portable Want to practise and perform in any large space? Then nothing beats a portable yoga swing stand. With most stands only taking 10 minutes to set-up, you can even take a stand to the beach and enjoy aerial yoga by the sea.

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Using A Backyard Permanent Stand

It is as like as to rig your yoga trapeze in our prior tree branch wrapping. But, you need less effort to install here!

Just, according to your height and backyard stand, wrap around and fasten both ends of the yoga trapeze.

Now enjoy your aerial yoga with your whole family members in the natural outdoor!

What To Look For In A Yoga Trapeze

The best yoga trapeze or hammock is going to be different for everyone. Do you want to practice outdoors or in your home? Do you have a structural beam in your room ceiling or do you rent and need something more temporary? These are just a few of the things to consider before buying your first yoga hammock.

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How To Start Aerial Yoga What Will You Need

One of the first things that people ask when beginning their aerial yoga journey is what type of equipment will be needed.

Of course, there are hundreds of aerial yoga courses and classes that simply require you to turn up, dressed appropriately and all of the equipment is provided for you.

However, many people are looking to start the practice in their own homes and in this instance, getting the correct equipment is essential. Doing so will ensure a safe and enjoyable practice.

Most importantly you will need a basic yoga hammock, or you can do one step further and get a yoga swing although, you may hear this equipment being referred to as a yoga swing, but they are one of the same.

But the point is, choosing the right aerial fitness equipment is important.

A Few Rigging Options

There are two types of yoga swing set up, a yoga swing attached to a freestanding frame, and one which is fitted to an overhead support such as a ceiling or tree branch.

A freestanding setup is ideal is if you do not have the space to install a more permanent option, however, whilst there are many good yoga swing frames on the market, they wont offer as much stability as a fixed swing.

Regardless of which you opt for, there are two further choices a two-point or a single point attachment yoga swing set up.

For beginners, a two-point swing usually works better since it is a lot more stable when attempting the poses.

Simple As That

Aerial Yoga Clothing

Rule #: Dont Do Drops Without A Trained Aerialist Spotting Your Wrap

Home Install for an Aerial Yoga Hammock

The second ruleabout not practicing alongis in case something happens, you have someone who can call 911 or somehow help you down. THIS rule is to prevent something from going wrong in the first place. Only another trained eye can spot whats right/wrong in a wrap, so get with them when you are going over drops. Heck, Ive wrapped wrong for drops Ive done a 1,000 times. It happens. I was in an open gym, but no one was watching me, and I missed half a wrap. Thankfully the fabric caught me 10 feet later, but it wasnt comfortable. It could have been prevented had someone been eye-spotting my wraps.

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Beware Of Newer Homes


Whatever your contractor chooses, know that: Its always a good idea to get a second opinion. Real professionals dont mind having another person check their work. You need to periodically inspect your anchor to make sure they are still holding safely. What are signs that your anchor is becoming unstable or unsafe? Ask your builder, and create inspect regularly.

Aerial Yoga Studios In Singapore

Whether you have mastered all 84 yoga asanas or struggle to even touch your toes, aerial yoga is a unique way to improve your fitness, strength and flexibility. Combining elements of yoga, pilates and dance while you hang mid-air in a hammock, aerial yoga eases beginners into tougher poses while giving experienced yogis a challenging yet addictive whole body workout.

Stretch those tight muscles after a stressful work day and flex your new routines on the gram with these nine aerial yoga studios in Singapore that you can swing by:

Discover other ways to get fit in Singapore:

image credit: Yoga Mala

A mere 3-minute walk from Raffles Place MRT, Yoga Mala is ideal for office workers in the area to squeeze in a quick workout to unwind during your break. The cosy, homey studio also provides equipment like mats, blocks and straps so you wont have to lug extra barang to work. Youll be able to wash up with their full shower and locker facilities before heading back.

Yoga Mala boasts flexible membership plans with daily, weekly, and monthly subscription plans, on top of helpful and responsive staff. Theyll accommodate your hectic schedules to reschedule classes for those last minute meetings.

Price:$259 I $150 Trial class fee: $49

Yoga MalaAddress:49A Circular Road, Singapore 049404Telephone: 6803 5031

image credit: FlyWith Fitness

Price:$30/class | $12/class | $18/class Duration: 1 hour

Address:48 Woodleigh Park, The Arena, Singapore 357844Telephone:8816 8361

image credit:

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