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Accredited Online Yoga Teacher Training

What Are The Requirements For Getting A Yoga Teacher Certificate

Yoga Teacher Training Experience Online Certified | YTT | RYT 200 | Yoga Alliance Q& A

To get a yoga teacher course, you need to complete at least 200 hours of coursework as instructed by a certified yoga trainer. This will include having to learn about the different yoga poses, alignment, and chakras, along with going through some detailed class evaluations. In some cases, you have to go through an exam.

Learn The Embodied Posture Methodology

Embodied Posture Methodology, or EPM, empowers you to align yoga postures to best suit your uniqueness. Through over 25 years of studying the human body and teaching yoga, Stacy Dockins developed this innovative approach that integrates bio-individuality and long-term, sustainable functional wellness. Combining body awareness, science, and exploration, Stacy & Dave will teach practical information you can immediately apply on your mat to your students.

What Do Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification Courses Include

For those of you planning to take a basic 200-hour course for teaching yoga, you can expect much better results if you are already familiar with some poses and problems associated with yoga.

Although, in many cases, the course starts from scratch and teachers assume that you are well aware of the basics. My Vinyasa Practice is a prime candidate for a certificate that starts from scratch.

In a 200-hour course, you can expect the following:

75 hours techniques

· Pranayama

· Subtle body

· Meditation

30 hours Yoga anatomy and physiology.

· Yoga anatomy

· Yoga physiology

· Biomechanics

30 hours Humanities

· Yoga history

· Yoga philosophy

· Yoga ethics

50 hours Yoga professional essentials

· Yoga teaching methodology

· Professional development

· Practical teaching

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Siddhi Yoga Online School

Siddhi Yoga is one of the top teacher training academies in India and is a Registered Yoga School through Yoga Alliance. If youre looking for an authentic experience with masters of all kinds teaching you specific disciplines, this course is for you.

At Siddhi Yoga, we made it our mission to offer affordable, deep teachings with the utmost honour to the discipline of yoga. Our online teacher training consists of a 300+ page yoga manual, 200 hours of self-paced teachings, and more than 220 video lessons.

Youre also getting weekly interactive classes on Zoom every Saturday and Sunday. Recorded versions can be accessed in your exclusive account so if you miss the meetings, you can catch up at your convenience.

You will always have support throughout the program. Once you submerse yourself into the Siddhi Yoga family, you will always be a part of it.

About Siddhi Yogas Instructors

Youll be blessed with teachings from masters who have been involved in yoga throughout their adulthood.

Dr. Sumit Sharma is located in Rishikesh with a master of anatomy, asana, and alignments. He has taught thousands of students in multiple countries.

Your practice will be deepened by the teaching of Shobhit Ghanshyala. He also teaches out of Rishikesh with mastery in asana and teaching techniques.

He also teaches at the world-famous International Yoga festival. Youre going to be getting lessons from the source of yoga with masters that understand the multi-faceted meaning of yoga.

How Yoga Schools Get Reviewed

Accredited Online Yoga Teacher Training

During the RYT application process, all trainees are required to review the school, staff, and the yoga program they completed. The survey asks trainees to provide feedback on:

  • Whether the syllabus reflects what was taught during the training
  • Whether the training met the outlined learning objectives
  • Whether the number of Lead Teacher Contact hours matched the course description
  • Whether or not they would recommend the teacher training

Trainees also have an option to leave general comments and this is when things get interesting.

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What Is Public And What Is Not

Overall School Rating will always be publicly visible on the schools profile within Yoga Alliance. Trainees rate from 0-10 how likely they are to recommend a yoga teacher training program, and this is converted to a five-star rating. Beyond the public Overall School Rating, schools can decide what other information is shown on their public profile related to:

  • Training content ratings and comments
  • Knowledge/teaching skills ratings and comments
  • Net Promoter Score
  • General comments

Here is a sample School Evaluation Survey to give you an idea how the rating system works:

Here Is A Short Overview Of What You Will Learn In The Warrior Flow School 200

A background in yoga philosophy and its relationship to Hinduism and Buddhism

An understanding of the current and pressing social issues and how the practice of yoga is a practice of social justice, anti-racism, and inclusivity

An understanding of cultural appreciation

Helping your students experience the benefits of the yoga postures by providing verbal and visual cues, consent, and, if necessary, mindful physical assists

100 yoga postures and ways to adapt them according to the needs of different populations

Yoga anatomy, yoga kinesiology, and the latest research in the world of movement

How to teach a multi-level yoga class

Creating a yoga sequence that prepares the body and joints for a greater range of motion

Teaching not only yoga but understanding the science of breath as a standalone practice or as part of your yoga class

Establishing a meditation practice and sharing that with your students

Introduction to different techniques and styles of meditation, such as yoga Nidra, muscle progressive relaxation, and other techniques of relaxation from a range of different fields

Building a sustainable yoga business plan and sharing your newly-learned skills with the world

Learning about different yoga modules: accessible yoga, chair yoga, yin yoga, gentle yoga, yoga for the lower back, yoga for depression and anxiety, and prenatal yoga

Gaining an understanding of mental health and how it relates to yoga

Trauma theory and trauma-sensitive yoga

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What’s Included With The Zazyoga Online Yoga Training:

Enjoy 30 pre-planned Vinyasa practices for you to incorporate into your life during training supplemented with 10 pre-planned Restorative practices. Break down over 70 yoga postures in the asana lab and look forward to gaining a deeper understanding of meditation and pranayama. Also covered at an in-depth level are: yoga anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy including the eight-limb path of yoga and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the art of teaching yoga, and how to create a successful yoga business.

With your teachers at your fingertips on weekly calls giving personalized feedback you will be set up for success as a Zazyoga and Yoga Alliance certified RYT 200 post-course completion. Book a free discovery call with Marylene and Ella on their website below and take a free tour of the training to discover if Zazyoga is the perfect yoga teacher training for you.


Online Yoga School’s Student Experience

Online Yoga Teacher Training | Yoga Alliance Certified

When you enroll in one of our online yoga teacher certification programs, you are joining an international community of yoga teachers and practitioners. We offer online support groups that are active daily for the students and graduates of our yoga certification programs.

Youre able to complete the yoga certification online at your own pace. You can take all the time that youd like to move through the online yoga certification program. There are no time limits on your progress and you have lifelong access to the curriculum, so you can always log back into your yoga certification online dashboard for a refresher. There are no in person requirements and the entire yoga teacher certification program can be completed online from any device.

Our online yoga certification training team is here to support you every step of the way. You can reach out to us anytime with questions knowing that its always our honor to be part of your journey. We have a diverse group of trainers for each of our online yoga certification programs so that we can meet all of your needs as a student. Our lead trainer has been teaching yoga for over 25 years and studied with Maty Ezraty among others. All of our training team’s experience will be infused into your student experience with Online Yoga School.

My Vinyasa Practice, MyVinyasaPractice, My Vinyasa Practice, My Vinyasa Practice, MyVinyasaPractice

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Yoga Alliance Rating 494

School has been approved since April 2015

About the school:

Meet the most in-depth, fun, energy-lifting and globally connected courses available when pursuing your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and 300 Hour Advanced Training certifications online!

Filmed around the world and nearly a year in the making, our trainings are the most interactive yoga teacher trainings ever made. With over 25 years of hands-on experience in fitness education, we developed a unique learning platform that opens you to an immersive yoga teacher training experience.

Built on a Vinyasa flow style of yoga, our trainings cover a blend of Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Sound Healing, Dharma, and encompasses a wide range of techniques including: a detailed breakdown of yoga postures, breathing, meditation, mudras, and much more. You will learn how to apply principles of alignment to create a balanced and blissful yoga space, and explore the business of yoga both in the studio space and online.

The curriculum is well organized and carefully designed so each session builds on top of the previous one using the power of storytelling. Everything comes together in a very logical structure and allows you to create your own schedule around the trainings structure. With the exception of the live weekly calls, all the masterclasses, lectures and talks are available on demand 24/7, so you can journey through the curriculum in your own space and at the comfort of your own pace.

What Does The Yoga Alliance Require For A 200 Level Yoga Certification

Anyone can call themselves a yoga expert, but a passion for yoga does not necessarily mean someone is qualified to instruct others in the art and science of yoga. In fact, poorly taught yoga practices could be useless or even dangerous for students. So, knowing and trusting that the yoga instructor is a capable teacher is crucially important to a healthy, safe yoga practice.

Yoga Alliance is a nonprofit that was created in the U.S. in 1997 to address the question: how does someone demonstrate the competency needed to be an accredited yoga instructor? Who decides if someone is well versed enough, and by what metric do they make this decision?

Yoga Alliance is made up of a range of seasoned yoga practitioners that came together to create an industry-standard set of principles by which yoga instructors and teaching institutes can be evaluated for quality and consistency. Yoga Alliance established a series of principles by which practitioners can gain accreditation and become high-quality yoga teachers.

To gain Yoga Alliance approval, the course curriculum needs to meet fairly exacting standards, including significant and in-depth training on topics like anatomy and physiology, ethics, and safety. Without these key factors, the certification course will not be admitted to the Yoga Alliance. Classes are also regularly audited for continued quality of service, and guidelines are being updated as the world of education and technology evolve.

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Do Yoga Teachers Need Certification

Again, you dont have to have a Yogi Alliance Certification to teach yoga however it does help you demonstrate credibility, especially if youve never taught yoga before. If youve been teaching yoga for years obviously without a certification youll be just fine. Lets review the basic and advanced yoga certifications you need to work as a professional yoga instructor.

Basic Yoga Teacher Certification

The basic yoga instructor certification course offers 200 hours of learning. Such programs are set up in different types of natural and hands-on environments. You can choose an intensive month-long retreat or sign-up for a series of weekend workshops spread over a couple of years if you are juggling with responsibilities.

In some of these programs, you need to pass an observation class. Professional yoga instructors analyze your yoga class and observe and evaluate your teaching style before rewarding you with a teaching certificate.

After you complete training, you must register with the Yoga Alliance, the organization that registers and certifies you as a yoga trainer. Note that there are several yoga teacher training programs online, but the Yoga Alliance does not recognize shorter or home learning programs.

Why 200 hours?

Specialty Yoga Instructor Certification

Advanced Yoga Instructor Certification

Local or international?

What Separates Good From Great Certifications

Accredited Online Yoga Teacher Training

Our group of teachers has now run 7 full programs online since Covid started, and weve definitely developed some great insights into what makes a great online yoga teacher training. well give you some of our best guidance towards important considerations, and programs to do your 200-hour YTT online.

Many of our students who initially signed up to train with us in-person were hesitant to do their certification online because they didnt feel theyd receive the same level of instruction as they would on an in-person teacher training. They also feared they would miss out on the community bonding aspect of a teacher training, which is so crucial to the experience overall.

Frankly, this was our concern also when COVID started and we began running trainings. We were downright resistant to the idea of running a sacred teacher training online. However, weve been pleasantly surprised with the level of teachers weve been able to train thus far, but more importantly the way the groups have been able to bond in our trainings. Theres adjustments weve had to make, and a few subjects that are simply harder to cover. But by and large, our groups have been enormously successful.

The difference between a good online yoga training, and a GREAT one, is the dedication and togetherness of the teachers and team. Teacher trainings should not be repetitive, or run on rigid principles, they should be run as a unique and sacred group endeavor journeying together.

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Have You Been Wondering How To Become A Yoga Instructor Online

Now could be the time to finally get your yoga instructor training. Many platforms are adjusting and bringing their traditional yoga certification online, while others have been offering E-trainings at their online yoga school for a while. Last year, we saw such a drastic growth of online classrooms, online yoga schools, digital yoga training websites, inspiring the Yoga Alliance to strategize and offer now the 200-hour credential via conventional in-person training and in the format of an online Yoga Instructor Training at one of the many online yoga schools.

Lets face it, the trend of learning online is growing tremendously. It seems that it will stay, at least for a while, inspiring online yoga schools and lead teachers to continue improving their offerings with high-quality curriculums. Most of the online programs below can be used anywhere however, be aware that many have a live aspect that makes time-zones important.

The universe will probably not give us a better opportunity to find the time to initiate and boost our yogic career. If you are wondering what yoga style to choose and what happens in an online yoga certification course, keep reading and to get your yoga certification online at an online yoga school!

Doing A Yoga Teacher Training Program

There are hundreds of schools and institutions that offer yoga teacher training programs. We are going to review the best online yoga teacher trainings and 10 of the best in-person yoga teacher training certifications that are Alliance-approved. You can confidently choose any one of the following schools to pursue your career as a yoga instructor.

But once you complete training, another thing that you must do before beginning your practice is to watch classes and observe how other trainers teach their students. Observing classes and sitting down with different instructors can help you gain valuable experience to let you excel in your journey. A Yoga Alliance-approved class facilitates observation sessions for yoga teacher trainees. You will learn more about this in your teacher training class.

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What Is The Average Income Of A Yoga Instructor

Thats one of the most common questions that most new yoga teacher trainers ask. However, answering this question is quite a challenge. While some publications claim that the medial income for pilates or yoga teachers is a little above $62,000 per year, there is no fixed figure to represent the actual amount a yoga trainer or instructor can make in a year.

It may come to you as a shock, but most teachers earn less than $35k a year, while others earn more than $200,000 or even more. But if you are wondering how to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars as a yoga trainer, you must know one thing: a large percentage of your earnings come from outside the gym or studio that you work for. To put it simply, you have to earn through a combination of training sessions, workshops, online sponsorships, and more.

You must benefit from technology and create a website to diversify your income. All you need is a burning desire to build a profitable yoga teacher training career and a 200-hour YTT certification. Having your own website and social media pages let you connect with potential clients and students. Investing in low-risk strategies can get you started right away.

Tips to Earn More as a Yoga Teacher Trainer

Here are a few tips to earn more as a yoga teacher.

Teach at Local Schools and Colleges

Offer Lessons to Corporate Groups

Write for Yoga Publications

Why Becoming A Yoga Teacher In 2022 Is A Great Career Choice

Online Yoga Teacher Training | Become a Yoga Trapeze® Certified Instructor!

I hope that this article has inspired you to go for that yoga teacher training you’ve been long considering! As well as enriching your life on both a physical and a personal level, becoming a yoga teacher in 2022 is a great career choice. And with the popularity of online yoga courses, communities, and platforms your opportunities are limitless if you’re ready to get creative and become an online yogipreneur! The statistics below from a 2019 poll of 2,000 yogis courtesy of Eventbrite proves that more yogis than ever want to practice more , are new to yoga , or are also practicing yoga online or using a yoga app . There are big opportunities in the yoga industry and I wish you the ultimate success.

Honorable mentions for online yoga certifications but not added to the list yet Awakening Yoga Academy with Patrick Beach and Carling Harps and Southern California yoga studio, The Yoga Collective.

Some online yoga studios, online yoga teacher training programs, and brands that we write about may offer us a small percentage should you decide to purchase after reading our content. Thank you for enabling us to exist!

Please note as of the October 2020 Yoga Alliance COVID provision announcement, yoga teacher training programs that are registered with Yoga Alliance and offering online YTT will be able to graduate their students as Yoga Alliance Certified Teachers through 2023.

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