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A Morning Cup Of Yoga

Morning Cup Of Meditation

Morning Yoga – Energizing Cup of Coffee Flow 😀

Sense the breath. Sip it in, pause, sip again.

Sweeten with the mantra Ham Sa. Sip again.

In late July I realized I needed to bring a little more peace and focus into my life. My nights had less sleep, I was less then patient with my girls and concentration was difficult. I knew that I was craving something. Was meditation it?

I decided to investigate the vast buffet of meditation practices. It was at this same time that Yoga Journal introduced their 30 day Meditation Challenge. The Yoga Journal program was broken down into 4 separate weeks each week included a 5 minute yoga sequence warm-up, a new type of meditation and a daily email with Q& As and brief descriptions. The biggest challenge was finding time to sip my cup! It was summer which means no set schedule in our household. By setting the alarm for 6:30 a.m. each morning, I was able to find a quiet time to practice. After that, all I needed was a small pillow and a journal.

My favorite part was to journal afterwards. I didnt rush through the practice to get there but I liked putting down the most immediate effects on paper. I know now that there is no one set way to meditate, its more about what suits you at the time.

A Morning Cup Of Yoga

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Instructor Comments: On the CD, Jane has a pleasant, soothing voice that nicely matches the program. The CD moves quickly, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the exercises first and/or to have the book in front of you as you do them.

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