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800 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Hour Yoga Therapy Training Online

Is the Online 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training With TINT and Inside Yoga for You?

At $2495, our online 800 Yoga Therapy Training Diploma is the most affordable, high quality yoga therapy training program available online.

All of our faculty are certified and highly experienced and respected. Training with our faculty will give you the knowledge and understanding to excel as a yoga teacher, as well as to help you make a positive impact on your students and your communities.

Graduates will enter the yoga industry with the skills and confidence to create a successful and sustained career as a yoga therapist. Entering the exciting yoga industry is a very desirable and popular career choice. This comprehensive, advanced training will give graduates a substantial leg up in a profession that is becoming increasingly selective.

Our Online Yoga Therapy Teacher Training meets and exceeds the industry requirements set forth. Upon successful completion of our program, students will receive a graduation certificate.

Nothing has been spared with delivering the same breathe and quality of program with the online programs, as we do with our in person programs.

Module 3 Yoga Therapy Strategies And Protocol Development For Common Health Conditions


Having completed Modules 1 and 2, the Yoga Health Educator begins to pursue the online Distance Learning portion of the curriculum. Distance Learning classes require approximately 2 hours per week in online sessions over the course of 1 year. Assignments and exams are used to assess the progress of the Yoga Health Educators study.

With Module 3, the Yoga Health Educator is ready to dive more deeply into the practical application of Yoga therapeutic techniques to develop the skills necessary to meet the needs of a wide variety of populations, age groups, cultural backgrounds, and to address both physical and psychological health conditions. Accessible Yoga, Chair Yoga, Restorative Yoga techniques are offered along with Yoga Therapy workshops to address specific ailments of the physical body or psychology. Because the Yoga Health Educator is nearing completion of Year 1 and preparing to embark on Practicum work, a strong understanding of ethical guidelines and the principles of the therapeutic relationship are essential to the Yoga Health Educators work in Module 3.

  • How to adapt the protocol to changing client needs
  • Develop knowledge of common ailments and Yoga therapies to address them
  • Scope of practice of the Yoga Health Educator
  • Knowing when to refer a client to a health professional
  • Managing and working with groups
  • Group dynamics in the therapeutic relationship
Ayurveda Yoga Therapy Practices
Yoga Practices
Ethical Principles
Chair Yoga
Restorative Yoga

Yoga Therapy And Pelvic Floor Health

Instructors: Shelly Prosko

Shelly is renowned in the field of yoga therapy and physical therapy for her work in pelvic health. This module offers education and development of skills required to integrate evidence-informed pelvic floor health and yoga therapy to enhance PF rehabilitation and wellness within yoga therapy scope of practice. Biopsychosocial factors influencing PF function, current evidence and best practice guidelines for pelvic rehabilitation are included. Includes live online lectures, break-out group and large group discussions, pre-recorded video practices and lectures, a case study group discussion and an assignment.

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Spirit Of Yoga Our Training Facility:

SWIHAs Yoga Teacher Training program is presented at Spirit of Yoga, our premier yoga education facility and yoga studio. Located on beautiful, park-like grounds in Tempe, Arizona, Spirit of Yoga is a sanctuary for those practicing and learning the art and science of yoga. Yoga Teacher Training, as well as regularly scheduled community yoga classes, are held in its three spacious, beautifully appointed studio spaces. In the final weeks of training, yoga teachers-to-be design and are coached through teaching actual studio classes, giving them as a group the unique opportunity for hands-on yoga teacher training.

Get a Guest Pass & Tour SWIHA:

Be our guest in one of our Yoga Teacher Training classes! Guest passes are complimentary & commitment-free.Call student services at for available opportunities and to request your pass.

Visit our campus in Tempe on Southern and McClintock to experience our tranquil student massage clinic, state-of-the-art teaching kitchen, entrepreneurial business center, bookstore and more! You can also schedule a Q& A with one of our Admissions Coaches email us at

Bridge Courses And Mentorship Start January 2022 Inquire Now For Enrollment

16 Hour Advanced Aerial Teacher Training

Welcome to the Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Training at YogaLife Institute – a uniquely powerful perspective on health and healing. Our school has been a destination for yoga lifestyle education for 25 years now. In many ways, the transformational process of yoga therapy is at the heart of everything we teach in our training programs.

The CYT program is designed differently, with roots in my training at The Yoga Institute of Mumbai, India, and integrated during my Ph.D. studies in Yoga Therapy at the California Institute of Integral Studies. All of this learning has now grown into a full-scale training professional training program.

Being a Yoga Therapist is an incredible journey – a sacred calling to develop your yoga skills and teaching gifts and take them out into the world. Is it the right program for you? We are here to help you answer that question. Please read on.

On behalf of the entire CYT teaching team, we look forward to helping you expand your knowledge and skillset on your journey from Yoga Teacher to Yoga Therapist. Please feel free to reach out for a free program consultation to see if the program is the right fit for you.

Bob Butera, Ph.D., Program Director

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Beginners Ayerveda Certificate Module

Students in The Science of Ayurveda: A Translation between Two Cultures will gain knowledge of Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga that informs yoga therapy. Students will learn Ayurvedic principles for categorizing illness as well as common pathologies and disorders of all the major systems, including symptoms, management, illness trajectories, and contraindications, as relevant to the work of a yoga therapist. Students learn about setting priorities: symptoms/pacification and purification/ strengthening .

Module 1 Yoga And The Mind Psychology And Mental Health


The first module presents an integrated approach to health and healing that is based upon the Yoga philosophy and Yoga psychology, particularly from the Five Points of Yoga for Holistic Health , combined with techniques from the Four Paths of Yoga to form the foundation of the Yoga Health Educators work. Knowledge of western medical and psychological approaches to health and healing prepares the Yoga Health Educator for future collaboration with health care providers.

  • Yoga philosophy on consciousness and the Self
  • Yoga psychology and meditation
  • Positive thinking techniques according to the four classical paths of Yoga
  • Purification: going to the root cause of suffering
  • Yoga effects on specific conditions
Foundations and Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Foundations for Stress Reduction and Health

  • Study and practical application of the Five Points of Holistic Yoga for Integral Health and classical Four Paths of Yoga for Health and Well-being to form the foundation of all future teaching within the program. Included will be an overview of the course schedule, plus integration of teaching flow, assignments, grading and details of the practicum.
Raja Yoga

Yoga and the Mind

Psychology and Mental Health

Conventional and Alternative Interventions Taught by Swami Sitaramananda, Swami Jnaneswariananda, and Swami Dharmananda

Asana Practice

Psychological and Health Benefits Taught by Swami Dharmananda and Swami Adiparashaktiananda

Gentle Yoga Training

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Soul Of Yoga Institute

627 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas, CA 92024 USA

ph: 760-943-7685


Soul of Yoga offers an 805-hour Yoga Therapy Training Program, taught by a Masterful faculty, that is a marriage of spiritual depth and scientific exploration. Students can begin the training program at any time and complete the courses in any order. Structured mentoring, clinic work and practicum fully integrate the learning throughout training.

Students will learn therapeutic yoga interventions for cancer, heart disease, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, digestive issues, grief, geriatric, middle age and prenatal concerns, and a full range of muscular/skeletal issues including back, neck, knee and shoulder injury. Yogic and Ayurvedic philosophy and deep sense of spirituality underscore every aspect of the training.

300-hour certification is earned as part of the Yoga Therapy Training, and a joint degree in Yoga Therapy and a Masters in InteSoulofyoga.comgral Health is an additional option for qualified applicants.

Soul of Yoga offers 200-Hr YTT, 300-Hour YTT, 500-Hour YTT, 805-Hour Yoga Therapy, 600-Hour Ayurveda, and MA – Yoga Therapy & Integral Health. Soul of Yoga is an APD Provider, and IAYT Approved for Continuing Education, as well as IAYT accredited.

How Long Does It Take

Teachers Cool Down after Training 1 Hour Outtakes – Yoga and Fitness with Rhyanna

15 modules + final assessment +162 hours of documented case study practice .

The IAYT requires that the Yoga Therapy 850-hour Diploma takes a minimum of two years to complete.

The maximum time is 4 years, depending on your time you have available, your circumstances and how you integrate your studies into your professional and family life.

At The Yoga Therapy Institute, we understand that there are practical reasons why you might miss some modules or take longer to finish your studies. Please keep us informed of any change in your circumstances, so that we can assist you in managing your studies within a reasonable time frame.

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Yin Yoga Therapy Level 1

Instructor: Nyk Danu

A boundary is any limit I need to honor so I can love or work with you without resentment and with integrity.Dr, David Gruder

Private yoga therapy sessions require a unique set of skills. Yoga Therapists need to be able to adjust to unique needs of each client, and to be able to develop a relationship with their clients. In this module, you will learn listening, presence, directive and non-directive dialogue. We will also explore the dynamics of the therapeutic relationship and learn how to create a safe and welcoming space.

Core Clinical Module: Professional Yoga Therapy Basics

The Core Clinical Module provides training in the range of tools and practices available to the yoga therapist, including asana, bandhas, mudra, and pranayama. In this module, students learn the application of yoga therapy for specific health conditions including pain, trauma, hypertension, neurological conditions, the side effects of chemotherapy, and more. Yoga Therapy is an inherently integrative practice, simultaneously affecting the body, mind, cognition, emotions and the breath. Students learn different viewpoints of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tools of yoga therapy. This module teaches the knowledge, skills, and ability of a professional yoga therapist to work with a range of clinical conditions, in groups or individually. Yoga therapy is considered a process for self-exploration, discovery, and transformation.

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Yoga Psychology And The Mind Immersion

Instructors: Jules Payne, Tanya Gita Roberts, Nicole Marcia & Guest Instructors

Date: June 20-28, 2022

Tuition: $1,000

This course gives you an in-depth knowledge of western and yogic perspectives on mental health including common psychological conditions, such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar, psychosis, schizophrenia, and eating disorders. We also explore the connection between chronic pain and the mind. You learn western psychological treatments for mental health including Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Group Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy and Somatic Therapy. Yogic Theories of the five Kleshas, Dukha , and Daurmanasya are applied through the tools of yoga therapy. Students apply their knowledge in practice teaching and presentation of case studies.

Design And Teach Therapeutic Yoga For Groups And Individuals With Specific Needs Or Health Challenges

100 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India ...

The Professional Yoga Therapist Program is a modular training program. As a complete professional program, students are prepared to design and teach therapeutic Yoga for groups and individuals with specific needs or health challenges. Students develop knowledge and understanding of the philosophy, theory, process, and application of Yoga therapy using the Integrative Yoga Therapy model, based on the Five Koshas. Modules 1 and 2 provide the essential foundation for integrating the knowledge and skills required to be a Professional Yoga Therapist.

Module 3 is a mentored practicum to provide clinical experience as well as personal and professional growth. Modules 48 are advanced courses designed to further your skills in working in complementary settings, integrating Ayurvedic principles, and adapting classical Yoga practices for specific conditions and populations.

Kripalus 800-Hour Professional Yoga Therapist Program is accredited with IAYT.

Our accredited yoga therapy training program is in line with the current IAYT Educational Standards.

Module 6: In-Depth Anatomy of Asana This module is a comprehensive exploration of physical asana as it relates to the practice of yoga therapy. With instruction in concepts of motion as well as advanced study of anatomy and physiology, you learn

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Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy

39 N Main St #5 , Northampton, MA 01062 USA

ph: 301-461-3376

With Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy, the path toward becoming a yoga therapist certified by IAYT begins with the Foundations Program, the residential program is made up of seven eight-day residential retreats and a practicum of 160 hours for you to deliver in your own community. This portion is mentored and progress is monitored. Both programs can be taken concurrently or you could stagger the retreats over time. You could complete the program in 2.5 years. The practicum could be started while you are completing the Advanced Program. There are also slower options. The Advance Program allows for certification with IAYT.

What Makes This Program Unique And Ensures Your Success

  • Proven bite-sized methods for learning to teach and putting yoga to work in your life. Weve shepherded over 200 brilliant people thought this process. Weve got you!

  • You will teach three classes to others and receive feedback from experienced teachers. No other program gives you this much dedicated feedback!

  • The anatomy and philosophy of yoga are integrated throughout the program. We revisit them and work with the information throughout each piece of the training, making it digestible.

  • We are committed to you. We are committed not only to your completion of the program, but to your success.

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Praise For The Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Training Programs

Making the decision to enroll in the Teacher and Yoga Therapist Training Programs with YogaLife Institute made so much sense for my educational needs and lifestyle. The quality of the content, expert faculty, and the amazing community of students I encountered were exactly the perfect fit for me. Many of the students and faculty have become trusted colleagues and friends. Ive been a part of the educational and community experience for many years and I always look forward to the new programs and classes that this organization has to offer.

Angela Megasko

Owner, Embark YogaComprehensive Yoga Therapy Graduate

The Institute Of Interdisciplinary Yoga Studies

200 & 300 hour Traditional Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training | Karma Yoga | Yoga Alliance

215 W. 18th Street, Suite 275 Kansas City, MO 64108 USA

ph: 316-518-8158


The Institute of Interdisciplinary Yoga Studies yoga therapy program is an interdisciplinary approach to yoga therapy incorporating Iyengar technique and the seven systems of Indian philosophy and a comprehensive understanding of Vedic roots as well as Ayurveda.

You will not learn how to teach and correct asana. You will study and learn specific conditions that manifest as pain in the body and you will learn how to access, document and create a care plan for each client based on their needs and imbalances while incorporating and collaborating with their healthcare providers.

The program includes a review of current traditional osteopathic practices that impact our work as yoga therapists by Dr. Ray Long.

The Institute offers the following programs: 200-Hr YTT, 300-Hour YTT, 500-Hour YTT, 500-Hour Yoga Therapy, 800-Hour Yoga Therapy, CEUs, 150-Hour Yoga Therapy Clinical Program, Great Yoga Wall Therapeutics. The Institute is IAYT , Registered with Yoga Alliance, Trainers are YACEP, RYT, and/or C-IAYT, YACEP.

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Features And Unique Advantages Of Yoga Therapy Greece Training

Minimum entry Requirements

200-hour yoga teacher training, such as a Yoga Alliance 200-hour registered school program or equivalent. Plus, one year of teaching experience. If you are unsure if you qualify please contact us.

The program in greater detail

Year 1 350 hours

  • Starts with the delivery of the 400 pages manual, forty days before the beginning of the training.
  • Followed by the first 18 days residential training .
  • Then 10 webinars presenting 2 case studies each, spread throughout the year.
  • Personal to you Mentorship for the 88 hours practicum.
  • The 88 hours mentored practicum of the first year includes the 18 hours for your 3 case studies.
  • Individual online tutorial support for your personal and professional development based on the evaluation of the 5 assignments, 10 webinar assessments and 6 module assessments.

The Intensive 18 days Residential Training in Greece

It starts on Friday 12th August 2022 and finishes on 30th . It takes place for 18 days including 2 free days.

1st 4th day 1st module. Methodology of Yoga Therapy I.

We introduce how:

Every morning we have a group yoga therapy practice. In the 4th day you watch your firstyoga therapy live and we explain how theory is applied in practice and online.

5th 7th day 2nd Module. Yoga for Structural Conditions I.

We learn:

8th day- Free day. Visit the Unesco World Heritage Site of the Temple of Apollo Epicurius, rest or explore the many marked trails in this beautiful natural wilderness.

We will learn about

A Yoga Alliance Accredited Certification Course

Aspiring yoga teachers and practitioners from all traditions welcome, designed to reveal an inner spiritual depth of postures often unrecognized in popular practice today. We distinctly combine each yoga pose with inward focus and meditative awareness, experientially merging the physical benefits of Hatha Yoga with the meditative depths of Raja Yoga.

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Basic Principles Of Ayurveda: Universal Attributes And Doshic Theory

Instructor: Elham Ansari

In this module, gain insight into Ayurvedas simple and profound logic of physiology, pathology, and treatment.

  • Learn Ayurvedic principles through the simple logic of attributes and Doshic theory.Learn the practical application of Ayurvedic principles to your personal practice, area of expertise, and for others.
  • Understand how to balance your unique constitution and remedy simple imbalances.
  • Begin to learn the simple Ayurvedic theory of digestion and nutrition therapeutics to understand your ideal diet along with ways of balancing and healing many ailments with diet therapy.
  • Get to know and heal your metabolic firethe core of your well being. Optimize your digestion and understand how to heal digestive issues and improve overall wellness

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