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500 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

Who This Program Is For

Advance Yoga Teacher Training certificate course 500 Hours valid worldwide


  • You love yoga, and enjoy its many benefits, but you are ready to learn more. Weekly classes arent enough, and you cant get enough of workshops
  • Your practice of asana has evolved into an exploration of meditation, pranayama and/or philosophy. Lets face it, you cant fit any more yoga books on the shelf!
  • You are interested in learning the depths of yogas great history and the heights of how it serves you and others


  • You already teach yoga, but the 200 Hour training you took left you wantingmore
  • Your teaching practice needs more richness a way to set yourself apart its time to find your niche and specialize in your favorite elements of the practice by becoming an expert at all of them
  • Health and wellness is your life. You live it, breathe it, and seek it. Now, its time to teach it to others with the most comprehensive tools you can find


  • Taking a teacher training has been on your listfor a while, but it just hasnt been the right timing. Luckily, this course is done on your own time
  • You are looking for a lifestyle shift, but are still committed to! Thankfully, this course fits into your busy schedule
  • Becoming yoga teacher has always been a goal, but its been financially unattainableuntil now. This online teacher training program fits into your life, and your wallet

Hour Teacher Training Reading List

Here is the complete required and recommended reading list for my 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs. Ive added a few honorable mentions in addition to my reading list, plus some insights into why I like or recommend these books.

Also, check out my recommended training reading list for my 200 hour teacher training reading list.

Become A Yoga Instructor Online And Create The Future Of Your Dreams

Have you envisioned your future as a yoga teacher traveling the world, leading retreats and certifying other aspiring yoga teachers? Or maybe you see yourself teaching yoga online, living wherever your heart so desires and having the ultimate freedom of not being tied to a particular place? Yoga Journal has a great article about how to create online yoga classes and subscription-based yoga platforms. Take a look to inspire your gypsy-soul within about how to get started becoming a location independent yoga teacher after you’ve completed online yoga teacher training.

And here’s a little secret, there is a lot of money to be made as an online yoga teacher aka yogiprenuer’. If you’re of an entrepreneurial spirit, the opportunities are limitless in this digital era we are living in where courses, apps, and global online classrooms are the new norm!

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How Much Does A 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Cost

200 hour yoga teacher training can cost anywhere from $400-$3,000. That’s a huge range, right? Generally speaking, online yoga teacher training is a much more affordable option to pursue a 200 hour, 300 hour, or 500 hour yoga teaching certification. Online yoga teacher training is really becoming the preferred format because of the lower cost and the option to learn at your own pace in your own space. We invite you to check out our recommended online yoga teacher training programs for 2021 where we detail 10 great online YTT options that range in price from $400-$1,700.

Aligned Yoga With Briohny Smyth

500 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification

The famed yogini Briohny Smyth, affectionately known as Bri, launched her premiere online ytt in 2020. Bris first program graduates will receive a dual certification upon completion of the course which includes both her own signature Aligned Yoga teaching certification as well as a Yoga Alliance teaching certification should you choose to register with YA post completion.

Mathieu Boldron, a name that may be familiar to you, co-teaches with Bri and covers the mantra, kirtan, and pranayama sections of the course and let me just say that he is magic. You will undoubtably feel a connection with both Bri and Mathieu during your learning journey as their passion and knowledge of the practice transcend through your screen. To study under these two is a true honor and special opportunity.

What’s included with the Aligned Yoga yoga teacher training:

A digital manual featuring photos of Bri breaks down each yoga asana and a two pronged approach is taken with the video modules that take you through the 200 hour training. The modules that include lectures, kirtan, mantras, meditations, and of course asana are beautifully presented and thorough in in their presentation.

Be one of the first to learn from Bri online!


  • Yoga teaching certification offered: 200 hour, 300 hour RYT
  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School: Yes


  • No lifetime access to course materials .

Get started on the course whenever you’re ready upon enrollment.

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Uplifted Ryt 300 Gives You:

HBO-quality videos featuring Brett and world-renownedexperts in all 4 modules. Each module includes concrete action steps, exercises, and teaching demonstrations.

Thoughtful, high-quality support materials, including a printed manual that we mail to you and a mobile app, so you can take your training anywhere.

The kind of business training youd typically pay 5K+ for that I ONLY do in this setting.

Easy to follow online curriculum available on mobile and desktop. Designed to get you certified within six months or at your leisure. Enjoy audio affirmations, 300-Hour level only practices, and more.

Business-in-a-box class plans, business planning checklists, and operations checklists. I share everything I use to run my business so you dont have to learn how to do it the hard way!

The inspiration and accountability of your cohort and mastermind group. This built-in support network of highly motivated peers will be with you throughout the program and beyond. Just think about the kinds of teachers this program attracts!

Exclusive access to insights and training from world-class authors and experts. Ive trained with some of the very best yoga authorities in the world, and am so happy to be able to bring them in as guest teachers for you in this program.

Done-for-You downloadable versions of Uplifted yoga class plans, workshops, journaling prompts, handouts and materials you can brand as your own. Use these with your own students online, in studios, retreats or in your home.

Program Structure: 3 Segments

Due to the unique needs of our current time, our 2022 300-hour yoga teacher training program will consist of three online segments. Completion of all three segments is required prior to graduation from the program. This highly experiential online format gives you the opportunity to participate in an intensive course of study and practice from the comfort of your own home while maintaining the deeply transformative benefit of the program. You will join a community of teachers and practitioners from all over the world connected by the yoga tradition.

Please note that, at this time, we are unsure of the program format for 2023, but will most likely offer a combination of in-person and online participation.

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The Cost To Become A Yoga Instructor Online

Yoga teacher training doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find online yoga teacher training from under $400 all the way up to $1,700 or more. Brett Larkin’s UpLifted’ course, for example, costs around $3,000.

Check out each school below to see the different monthly payment plan packages that they offer, too. And please note that the costs listed for each of the online yoga teacher training certifications below are for 200 hour yoga teacher training.

While there is no such thing as free online yoga teacher training there are some very reasonably priced options, and most programs allow students to make payments with NO ADDED COST TO TUITION.

The Most Thorough And Best 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Online

Online Yoga Teacher Training Course (Yoga Teacher Training Online) – $200 USD

The following online yoga teacher training programs offer comprehensive yoga teacher instruction. Each of these online schools has its particular emphasis or specialty, but they all provide the foundational knowledge, skills, and in-depth guidance that are needed to thoroughly prepare the next wave of yoga teachers, instructors, and coaches.

With the 500 level certification youre moving into advanced territory! If youre just pursuing through our articles and are really just wondering is online yoga teacher training is legit check out that link to read more about it.

You can do 200, 300 hour yoga teacher training and now even 500 hours and receive a certification! With plenty of things you can do with a 200-hour yoga certification, there will be plenty more with the 300 and 500 hour certifications

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What Is 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

As humans, we are hardwired to focus more on negative experiences. In countless cases, people in therapy are unaware of the elements that play a crucial role in making their life happier. Most mental health care professionals conclude that this incongruity is because of perception. An individual fails to identify their emotions during an experience. However, they successfully recognize and identify all such emotions when they recall these experiences later.

Positive psychology is important because it allows a person to become optimistic by recalling and focusing on his positive experiences. The approach attempts to attain a balanced perspective, so an individuals focus shifts from negativity to positivity.

Positive psychology is majorly responsible for developing several key concepts that are highly therapeutic for individuals suffering from anxiety and depression. Few scientific studies reveal that a lack of positivity leads to a depressed mood. But, thats not the sole reason for developing depression.

Positive psychology not only targets negative symptoms, but it also boosts our strengths and enhances positive emotions. Hence, it benefits individuals who want to develop in these areas.

This is how psychology works within a disease model. Seligman also highlights other important accomplishments of the disease model, such as treating anxiety attacks, depression, and other previously incurable mental disorders.

Is Online Yoga Teacher Training Worth It And Should I Do It

In this Covid-19 climate, online yoga teacher training is a safe way for you to get your YTT certification. The bonus is that it costs much less than it normally would. Good teacher training has made it possible to get the abundance of knowledge and insight you need. Youll have the opportunity to learn at your own pace, with full support and opportunities to connect with yoga masters through Zoom.

There is no better time to bring yoga teacher training into your living room. The quality of online yoga education and communication has improved a lot.

No doubt, you will be missing the live adjustments from a teacher, but you might still form valuable friendships during your training. If you are disciplined, you can get world-class yoga training that works around your schedule and at a much lower cost.

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If Investing In Your Own Wellness Business Feels Irresponsible

I understand. I had ALL the same doubts and fears. In fact, I felt deep terror and financial insecurity about pursuing my love of yoga full time.

Guess what? These fears are a normal part of entrepreneurship.

Its time to reframe your money story and elevate your approach. Allow me to support you in this transformation.

The most transformative experience of my life. Quit my job and have already increased my email list over 100 people.

Melissa G.

I kicked up my yoga business from a few free live classes a week to now having a membership and committed private clients.

Maple L.


Uplifted showed me the biggest difference between lower level and upper level qualifications. This program shows you how to have a career after the course.

Kathryn M.

The one-on-one coaching is priceless! The personal growth, mindset, money block work, and business advice helped me jumpstart my yoga business in ways I can not explain.

Melissa E.

Intuitive Reiki Master & Yoga Instructor

Why Train With Us


My Vinyasa Practice was founded on authenticity, accessibility, and affordability. We believe that the benefits of yoga should be available to everyone, and we provide access to learning tools and knowledge far beyond most standard Yoga Teacher Trainings. Whether you are looking to create a career as a yoga teacher, or simply deepen your personal practice, My Vinyasa Practice can help you on your journey.

You can begin your training at any time. Admissions for our program are rolling, and once you register you will receive instant access to the program. Our training is self-paced, facilitated 100% online, and designed to be easily integrated into your life. Experience a Yoga Teacher Training with the comfort of learning in your own home and convenience of being able to complete it on your own time.

Our 500 hour training is a combination of our 200 and 300 hour trainings. Our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training has been voted best yoga teacher training, both online and in person, and our 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training has been voted best advanced training.

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Ryt : Our Happy Students

500 hour yoga teacher training in India helped me get yoga certification and become a yoga instructor. I must thank all yoga instrutors and fellow mates for making my yoga journey at Rishikesh truly incredible.

500 hour Yoga TTC is the best way for students who want to delve deep into the practice of yoga. I like the way every person follows the rules and regulations, making it extremely easy for yoga learners to feel like home. I have learnt a lot about yoga in Rishikesh, India.

Give yourself extreme strength and flexibility by attending 500 hour yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh. You would be able to efficiently learn everything about yoga, be it related to yoga asanas, chanting, meditation or yogic food.

Join 500 hour yoga teacher training to get Yoga Alliance certified yoga training and become a yoga instructor.

About Us

Our Yoga Teachers Training center is a one stop for people seeking a place to get yoga training from experienced, knowledgeable, and certified yoga teachers.

Online Yoga Teacher Training The New Normal

Becoming a yoga teacher has never been more accessible. You do not need to spend $10,000 on an exotic yoga teacher training retreat. You do not need to take weeks away from work or family. You can do it all at your own pace in your own space for far less than the cost of in-person yoga teacher training.

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What Makes A Great Online Yoga Teacher Training Experience

Online yoga teacher training certifcation courses can be very interactive and engaging by leveraging current technology if you are attending the right program. In fact, youre no longer ever sitting in the back of a circle trying to see the whiteboard above other peoples’ heads! Youre no longer not able to hear the teacher.

Zoom in. Rewind. Pause. Watch it again. Absorb the teachings more deeply in your own quiet space without distraction at your own pace. Just as online yoga classes have become the new way to practice yoga, online yoga teacher training has become the new norm for becoming a teacher.

Choose a school that is working with technology to give you an engaging, enriching, and highly educational learning experience. You want to get your moneys worth and be set-up for success. And be sure to opt in for any LIVE classes that they offer as part of the course, which many will.

The 6 Best 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings Online

Online Yoga Teacher Training: Gravity Yoga for Flexibility

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Yoga is a popular form of exercise in the United States, with over 36 million participants. With people from all walks of life jumping on the yoga bandwagon, a growing number of yoga enthusiasts are becoming yoga teachers. As a result, online yoga teacher training courses are trending upward.

These are the six best sites for 500-hour online yoga teacher training, based on course curriculum, scheduling flexibility, and tuition:

  • Uplifted Yoga By Brett Larkin
  • My Vinyasa Practice
  • YogaRenew
  • Full Circle Yoga School
  • All of these programs are fully accredited and certified by Yoga Alliance, the largest yoga association in the United States. Graduates who complete these programs are eligible for RYT 500 certification.

    Article Topics

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    Here’s What You’ll Receive:

    • Direct feedback and support from Peer Support team and Lead Trainers
    • 200 & 300 Hour YTT Manual
    • Weekly study groups
    • Access to 100s of prepared sequences
    • Worksheets
    • Over 15 weekly office hours
    • Application & Reflection
    • FREE Live-stream membership for 7 days
    • LIVE Zoom events available each week
    • Opportunities to connect with our global MVP community
    • Access to content for life

    Spring Segment Advanced Teaching Methods

    Exploring the Heart of Yoga Technique and Philosophy

    • Contemplate the unique role of prana in the advancement of practice and teaching
    • Refine your ability to deliver effective, efficient, and elegant verbal instruction
    • Develop your skills of observation and intuitive sensitivity to students needs
    • Understand the deeper dimensions of yogic breathing for nervous system balance and as a support for spiritual practice
    • Learn to offer students guided systematic relaxations to increase pranic awareness and prepare for meditation
    • Practice traditional yogic meditation techniques to develop or deepen your personal meditation practice, and learn to teach meditation fundamentals to your students
    • Participate in an in-depth study of Patanjalis Yoga Sutra that will make this ancient text come alive as a support for your own practice and teaching
    • Enhance your credibility as a yoga teacher by skillfully incorporating Sanskrit into your teaching, and learn traditional Sanskrit prayers and chants to apply in your own practice

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