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50 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Yacep Yoga Alliance Certification

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The Yin yoga certificate course offered by Loka Yoga School includes 50 hours Continued Education with Yoga Alliance. Whether you have knowledge of the Yin practice or you are just a beginner here at Loka Yoga you will be able to develop your understanding of yoga to such an extent that you will in turn be able to teach yoga professionally. Our graduates can log additional hours with Yoga Alliance if required.

Iii Yin And The Psycho

  • Explore different ways to integrate mindfulness into Yin asanas

  • Learn how to create a Yin environment for yourself and students and how to effectively teach to a variety of students

  • Discover Yin teaching methodology including the art of assisting in a Yin class

  • Explore many ways to sequence a Yin practice.

  • Understand the role of a yin teacher

  • Learn the basics neurophysiology of stress, pain and trauma, and how to work with students going through difficult times.

Ancient Teachings For The 21st Century

In the process of discovering yourself, you just dont cut corners. Whether youre dipping your toes into this ancient practice for the first time, or want to unlock higher potential, our established yoga teacher training courses honour the true philosophies of yoga to make sure you discover your potential.

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Get Certified With Live Classes

The benefits of LIVE online classes with Ohmayoga Academy are that you unlock an intensive study of the ancient practice that can fundamentally change how you go about life.

Without leaving the comfort of your home, learn yoga the way its meant to be taught: deeply, authentically and from highly qualified teachers.

We try to give you an experience that is as close to real life as possible. You get to interact with your teachers and other students, real-time from the safety of your home.

The Curriculum At A Glance

50 Hour Meditation Teacher Training in India  Sampoorna Yoga
  • Define the definition of yin yoga, the history of yin yoga and the three principles of yin yoga
  • Describe human anatomy, physiology and the energy body as it pertains to the study and practice of yin yoga, including elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and chakra and meridian theory as they pertain to the study and practice of yin yoga
  • Apply the asana theory behind the yin yoga poses, identifying target tissues, effects, modifications and contraindications, props and assists available
  • Practise and teach the meditation and pranayama component of yin yoga
  • Describe special populations and their associated considerations and modifications – injuries, pregnancy, sciatica, etc
  • Teach a one-hour Yin Yoga class
  • The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark
  • Yin Yoga: Outline of a Quiet Practice by Paul Grilley
  • Insight Yoga by Sarah Powers
  • Your Body Your Yoga by Bernie Clark

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Refund Policy For Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Upon completion of registration and payment to any of our online trainings and packages, students immediately and automatically receive full access to all purchased trainings and associated course materials, group forums and teachers contact details. Full payment is required to provide you with access to our online portal. Once your payment is made, you will have access to all modules, tools, videos and course content. For the protection and security of Loka Yoga School, a no-refund policy applies.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Certified Yoga Teacher

Due to the rise of influence and popularity of yoga, institutions such as Yoga Alliance USA have set out to define standards. These standards define as to how many hours a yoga teacher training should entail and what topics should be covered. Due to these efforts, a 200 yoga teacher certification course has become a well-accepted international standard for aspiring yoga teachers. 200 hours of training are considered the minimum training required to start teaching. After completing such a training, you can register with a international or local yoga association as a so-called RYT-200.

Please note that legally, you do not need a 200-Hour RYT certificate to teach yoga. But many yoga studio do require their instructors to have a 200 hours certification. However, we do absolutely recommend following a 200 hour yoga certification course before starting to teach professionally! It is an essential first step, from which you can keep evolving as a teacher. Yoga and teaching yoga is a life-long path of learning.

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In Which Case Can A 50 Hours Yoga Certification Be Sufficient

Are you a coach, therapist or personal trainer and want toincorporate some yoga elements in your work? In this case, a 50 hours Yin Yoga or Yoga Nidra course might suit your purpose. And a 200 hours yoga teacher training might not be necessary. That being said, sometimes people complete their training in-reverse. You might complete a 50 hours course first and then decide to also sign up for a 200 hours course.

And if you do not want to teach, but instead want to learn in-depth about a certain area or style of yoga for yourself? Then a 200 hours yoga certification isnt needed to attend. We do not refuse people who want to learn. You are welcome to follow any of our 50 hours Continued Education courses, such as the 50 hours Yin Yoga, 50 hours Vinyasa Yoga, 50 hours Advanced Hatha Yoga and 50 hours Yoga Nidra courses.

Beginners Are Also Welcome To Join The Style Of This Course Is More Oriented Towards Modifying Poses And Simplifying The Series To Create A More Widely Accessible And Enjoyable Practice

14 Minute | Yoga Quickie | Stretch & Mobility | Kat Sara Yoga

Each morning and evening includes ashtanga, vinyasa yoga practice plus meditation and pranayama. You will be guided by a senior instructor and receive adjustments from an assistant to further improve your practice. There is also 2x week aerial, acro, yin and SUP yoga.

Receive detailed explanation of core yoga poses and sequences. Learn about their common foundation and how to build upon it in order to achieve correct alignment and technique. Learn modifications to accommodate different levels, serve special needs and achieve advanced variations.

Learn teaching skills, cueing, sequencing, corrections and adjustments. Practice teaching everyday and design original classes. Receive detailed feedback and become a confident instructor.

In addition to traditional ashtanga training, this course features special workshops mixing ashtanga with aerial, acro and yin yoga. With the aid of an aerial swing you can easily achieve advanced poses and build a totally new sense of strength, balance and flexibility. With acro you can apply ashtanga alignment to master a higher level of balance. Also yin yoga is the perfect compliment to rest after an intensive practice, plus open the body to its fullest potential.

Gain a deeper understanding of bodily systems, structures and principles underlying each movement and of yoga itself. See how specific muscles respond to the movements of the joints with biomechanics how the spine, breathing and body positions are all fundamentally linked.

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About Your Host Tarryn Thomson

Tarryn Thomson is a qualified Occupational Therapist and Yoga Instructor. She completed her first 200hour Yoga Training in 2016 after graduating from the University of Pretoria in 2015. Tarryn has since completed her 300hour Advanced Training as well as additional trainings in Yin Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga and Aerial Yoga. She has taught on Teacher Trainings since 2019. Tarryns biggest passions lie in Yin Yoga and providing teachers with a space to learn and have fun.

Reasons To Go To Italy

A one-of-a-kind country, itâs quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for yoga retreats in Europe.

Awesome food, incredible architecture, and rich culture and history make Italy a perfect destination for a yoga holiday.

Thatâs not even to mention the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, incredible vineyards, and lots of museums.

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Hr Yacep Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Develop mindful self-awakening and cultivate a deep connection to your body.

This training is for your, if

You want to uplevel your teaching skills and learning new techniques and poses.

Our 50 hour Yin TTC provides the precious time and space needed to look within.

Release restore


The concept of Meridian lines and Chinese elements

Postures that connect to each specific meridian line and element

The practice and experience of Yin Yoga

The history and concepts of Yin Yoga

How to professionally teach this deep and powerful style of Yoga

Deep understanding of the Yin postures, and how to modify and vary them for different levels of practice and flexibility

THE Cultivation of BEING still and paCIENT.


BLISSFUL YOGA RETREATOnly $ 333 for YTTC Certification, daily steam room and sauna and one vegan meal a day.

CERTIFIED & EXPERIENCED TEACHING TEAMA hand-picked teaching team offers a balanced approach to Yoga.

EXPERIENCE TROPICAL ISLAND LIFEExplore the beauty and the bounty of the magical island Koh Phangan.

ORION’S BEACHFRONT RESORTStay in your private Zen bungalow with a private bathroom, surrounded by nature .

FEEL THE BENEFITS OF HEALTHY EATINGConsciously prepared vegan breakfast & lunch buffet from our award-winning restaurant.

EXPLORE YIN YOGADevelop an inward reflective learning experience of Yin Yoga.

Get your 50-hour YA yoga teacher training certification.




Find The Best Yoga Teacher Training In Italy 2022

50 Hour Advanced Dao Yin Yoga Teacher Training

If you’re looking to embrace the yogic lifestyle both personally and professionally, then becoming a yoga instructor may be the right path for you.

But don’t just get your teacher certification from your neighborhood training program.

Instead, join like-minded people at a yoga school that you have never been to before.

Consider booking a training course in Italy.


Because virtually all Yoga Alliance approved yoga schools offer the same curriculum. You will learn about yoga philosophy and how to apply it to daily living, such as the Yoga Sutras encourage us to apply Ishvara Pranidhana to daily life. You will likely be required to read the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and practice pranayama breathing and meditation. You may even have supplemental reading, such as the Bhagavad Gita.

You will deepen your yoga practice, moving through the yoga asanas and exploring the postures more deeply than you do in your yoga classes back home. You can even select which kind of yoga you are most interested in, whether it’s vinyasa yoga, ashtanga yoga, kriya yoga, yin yoga, hatha yoga, or any other.

So if all teacher training courses offer basically the same teaching strategies, hours, and even a meaningful teacher-student relationship, why would you stay home for your certification?

Why not head to an ashram deep in the hills of Tuscany and dive deep into your training with students from all over the world?

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Why Study With Us

This course is taught 100% online so you can practice and study in the comfort and safety of your own home while still receiving a high-quality education

Our teachers are highly experienced, professional, and knowledgeable with extensive work within the yoga industry and all hold the highest level of certification

We extensively study teaching methodology and the physical practice so youâll graduate feeling confident and able to teach yin yoga

Our school is Yoga Alliance® certified, so youâll earn 50 hours of continuing education contact credits for this training to add to your Yoga Alliance® profile

Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Deepen your practice and expand your knowledge of yoga! Marina Yoga is a certified Yoga Alliance school. Hundreds of students successfully pass intensive teacher training courses each year to receive a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certificate. At Marina Yoga, you will study, practice, and immerse yourself in yoga within the beautiful natural setting of the jungle, limestone cliffs, and scenic beaches in Krabi, Thailand. You will embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth!

Have you completed your yoga teacher training, but want to deepen or refresh your study in anatomy, alignment, philosophy and meditation? This one-week, 50-Hr Teacher Training is designed for you! All participants completing the program will receive a 50-Hr certificate. All hours qualify as continuing education credit with with Yoga Alliance.

This Yoga teacher 50-Hr course is also ideal for those who simply want a one-week immersion to deepen and expand their yoga practice a life-transforming experience! This intensive yoga teacher training allows students to accelerate learning, while taking a break from the demands of everyday life.

We are committed to creating the most authentic yoga teacher training possible. In a small and intimate group, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth with ample support from experienced teachers.

  • Subtle bodies and energetic architecture, chakras
  • Mantra Chanting
  • Hands on Adjustments
  • Alignment of asana
  • Restorative Yoga

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What Technology Do I Need To Be Able To Join

All pre-recorded videos will be made available through private links. You can access these videos from any device with internet.

One-on-one live sessions will be conducted via Zoom, so you will need to have access to Zoom. You can do this via an internet browser or by downloading the Zoom app on your Mac, PC, Android phone or tablet, iPad, or iPhone.

You can learn more at

Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

35 Min Yin Yang Yoga | Total Body Flow & Stretch

Hosted by Tarryn Thomson at Wellness Connection

Yoga Alliance YACEP Accredited

Cost: R5000 in Studio | R4000 Online

This 50 hour training gives you the opportunity to dive deep into the practice and theory of Yin Yoga. Learn how to support your students in this receptive and introspective practice.

In this training, you will:

  • Explore the Origins and Philosophy of Yin Yoga.

  • Learn Anatomy and Physiology as it relates to Yin Yoga including Connective Tissue, the Nervous System and Skeletal System.

  • Explore the Meridian Theory, Prana and Qi

  • Learn the foundational Yin Yoga poses as well as Prop use.

  • Understand the Principles of Yin Yoga, and how this practice differs from other styles of yoga.

  • Learn to sequence, theme and present a Yin Yoga Class confidently.

  • Explore Breathwork, Meditation and Mindfulness as well as ways to incorporate them into your classes.

  • Understand observational and teaching skills including reading the room, tone of voice, language use and holding space in silence.

This course can be taken as a workshop for non-yoga teachers or as a 50 hour Yoga Alliance Continuing Education module for Yoga Teachers. Accredited by Yoga Alliance YACEP continuing education for existing Yoga Teachers

Schedule: Monday 7th – Friday 11th 9:00-18:00

Homework: 2 x Sequences

Cost: R 5,000 In Studio | R 4,000 OnlineDeposit R 1,000 to secure your place.BIPOC Scholarship option available


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Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Italy

Planning to make a career as a Yoga teacher in Italy? To become a great teacher, one must take training classes. Here we give the top tier yoga instructional meetings in Italy to help all the energetic yoga experts to become magnificent educators.

Getting the 50-hour yoga teacher training in Italy is the first step towards your successful career. Being an experienced trainer, we have prepared a great syllabus for the yoga session which includes mastering simple too complex asanas. Correcting the posture and techniques is part of our syllabus to make sure that each of our candidates become masters in their field.

To make things better for yourself, it is beneficial to get a little practice of yoga prior to getting the teacher training. Upon the completion of the 50-hour yoga teacher training course, you will receive a certification to begin your career as a professional yoga teacher.

To make your knowledge even better, sign up for 200-hour yoga alliance teacher training courses. Such courses have better syllabus and advanced yoga poses as well.

Pranayama Meditation And Mindfulness Techniques

So much of what constitutes poor digestion has to do with matters of the heart, and this includes brain function and perception. In TCM, we call this Shen, or a persons spirit. Mindfulness techniques will be practiced daily as a way to examine how our minds work and as it relates to the nervous system, perceptions, beliefs, and overall mental wellbeing. Diaphragmatic release techniques will be covered, coupled with advanced breath work to enhance and add a level of depth to your existing pranayama practice. We will start each morning with Vipassana meditation.

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Whats Inside The Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Complete certified Yin Yoga teacher training program Internationally certified and accredited with Yoga Alliance, this 50-hour Yin Yoga teacher training will set you up for success to teach Yin Yoga!

BONUS: Manual of 64 Yin Yoga poses Including benefits, contra-indicators, options, variations, cues/ instructions and colour photos

BONUS: Teaching toolkit Ready-to-teach sequences with descriptions, timing and photos to immediately inspire your teaching

BONUS: Mantras, Mudras and Bandhas Beautiful additions and inclusions for your yin classes to make you stand out and have your students wanting more!

BONUS: Over 8 hours of full-length Yin classes to enjoy! An opportunity to be a student, learn from an expert as you experience and feel the poses yourself allowing YOU to teach from a place of knowledge and understanding!

BONUS: Yin Yoga Community Support group You will be invited to join a network of Yin Yoga teachers and students from around the world to share knowledge and stories, learn from one another and connect!

BONUS: Constructive feedback on your teaching A rare opportunity to receive personal, written constructive feedback on your teaching from an expert Yin yoga teacher!

Total value

In Your Own Time At Your Own Pacediscover The Yogi With Yin


Join our training and become a certified Yin yoga teacher. Plus a whole host of bonuses for a limited time! Register to receive instant access.

This training is perfect for all yoga teachers who want to learn how to teach Yin Yoga or for those wanting to learn the fundamentals and healing qualities of this style of yogato benefit themselves and others.

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