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50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Our Commitment To You

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training – Patrick Lenain & Celine Vayaboury, France – Testimonial

Upon completion of this training, you will be an empowered Yin practitioner with the ability to effectively sequence and teach any length of Yin Yoga class. You will have an understanding of Yin sequencing, healthy alignment principles, and how to use props to support to modify or intensely a practice to connect with all levels of practitioners.

What You Will Learn:


  • Background and lineage of yin yoga

  • Yin yoga poses: learn the physical, mental and energetic benefits of each pose

  • Modifications and safety aspects of practicing yin yoga

  • How to use props to suit individual needs

  • How to develop a nourishing home practice


  • Anatomy & biomechanics of yin yoga in practical and easy to understand methods

  • The differences between muscular tension and skeletal compression

  • The importance of understanding the differences between tension and compression in your own practice and in teaching students

  • Tom Myers Anatomy Trains and the benefits of deep myofascial release

  • Fascia research and its function and qualities relevant to yin yoga

  • The relationship between fascial tissues and meridians


  • Yin/Yang theory: Taoist theory and the principles of yin and yang and how they are applied to yoga

  • Explore the differences between a Yin and Yang practice and the importance of balancing Yin/Yang

  • The concept and importance of Chi/Qi

  • Energetic anatomy: chakras & meridian theory and how they apply to yin yoga

  • The relationship between meridians/organs and emotions

  • How to create sequences based on meridian energy channels

  • The fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how it relates to yin yoga

  • How the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to yin yoga can bring balance and wellbeing



See What People Think Of Us


Yoga Teacher

“This is the best online purchase I made this year. Really a good course, it is worth every cent I paid.”


Yoga Instructor

“When buying I found the price a bit high, but now after completing the course, I think it is really a bargain!”


Yoga Teacher

“I took a leap of faith & bought this course. I’m so glad I did. I recovered the cost in just the first week of teaching.”

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Weekly Yin Yoga Classes And Meditation With Bernie Clark

Every Sunday morning at 10 am PST , join Bernie for a live 70-minute Yin Yoga class followed by an optional 20-minute meditation practice. Or, if this time or day does not work for you, you can take the class at your preferred time by watching the video reply. In fact regardless of when you choose to attend, you can take the class as many times as you like, until the next class becomes live.

If for any reason you have trouble registering, send an email to for help.

Release And Waiver Liabilities


Por la presente, leo, entiendo y acepto lo siguiente:

  • Estoy participando en clases de yoga, programas de salud, talleres y / u otras actividades de bienestar, trabajo corporal, terapia, ejercicio y artes curativas ofrecidas por Sampoorna Yoga, Goa, India . Las actividades se pueden ofrecer en la ubicación física de la escuela o en línea a través de videos, televisión, podcasts, aplicaciones u otros medios o plataformas digitales. Todas estas ofertas, ya sean físicas o en línea, se considerarán “Actividades”.
  • Reconozco que debo tener una salud física y mental adecuada para participar en las Actividades. Entiendo que las Actividades pueden requerir un esfuerzo físico intenso, y declaro y garantizo que estoy físicamente en forma para participar, y que no tengo ninguna condición médica que impida mi plena participación en las Actividades. Reconozco que las Actividades pueden causar o agravar una lesión física o afección médica. Entiendo que es mi responsabilidad consultar con un médico antes de participar en las Actividades. Si lo he hecho, he seguido el consejo del médico. Entiendo que la Escuela se reserva el derecho de rechazar mi participación en cualquier Actividad por razones médicas, de acondicionamiento físico o por cualquier otro motivo.
  • Yo, mis herederos o representantes legales exoneramos para siempre, renunciamos, damos de alta y nos comprometemos a no demandar a ninguna Parte Liberada por ningún Reclamo causado por negligencia u otros actos de una Parte Liberada.
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    Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

    Foundations Yin Yoga Training

    This online yin yoga training weekend is designed to introduce the poses and philosophical background of yin yoga to students and teachers with all levels of yoga experience. Expect to flow gently and consciously through each class as we explore the history of yin yoga through postures and informal discussion. Throughout the weekend we will explore the continuum of yin yoga, from the first Friday evening master class, Intro to the 7 Archetypes, with its long introspective of the 7 different types of postures designed to illustrate the principles of a functional practice that is based in physiology and the students experience during the yoga practice.

    As we move into day two, The Myofascia, which introduces meridian theory, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the organ of form as we flow through long passive holds of basic poses interspersed with deep rebound and rest between postures. The second day ends with a focus into one specific archetype Shoelace. This archetype and its variations will be discussed, demonstrated and practiced as a demonstration of the functional objective of yin yoga, as well as its versatility in serving students of all shapes.

    I Yin & The Physical Body:

    Learn the difference between Yin and Yang styles of Yoga and the Yin approach and how to balance the need for both See anatomy from the perspective of joints and fascia, including plasticity vs. elasticity of tissues the importance of skeletal variation and natural range of motion proportion and orientation and the difference between compression and tension. Learn Sarah Powers Four Principles of Yin Yoga . Be able to practice/teach the most common yin yoga poses including how to modify and work with injuries.

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    Curious About How Our In

    Check out Julias experience below

    I loved the course with Rachel and Lucy. It was already my second training with them and I can say that their teaching is great both face-to-face as well as online. They are knowledgeable, fun, calm and very supportive teachers. The structure of the course is great, the teaching assignments help a lot to deepen your teaching practice.

    – Julia Diepenbruck, Online Breath Coach Training 2020 and Yin Yoga TTC 2020

    To successfully complete the course and to gain the 50 Hour Yin Yoga certification youll be asked to

    Complete each module

    Gain 80% or more of our end-of-course multiple choice quiz

    Submit a short video of you explaining a specific aspect of Yin Yoga

    Submit a second video of you teaching 1 pose to. a student.

    Rachel and Lucy, and their team, will assess each person individually and send you a digital version of your certificate.

    Dont worry, we are here to set you up for success!

    You will have a lot of teaching experience during the course and plenty of time to embody and understand the principles of Yin Yoga, meditation and mindfulness, and the meridian 5 Element system from Traditional Chinese Medicine. We have designed this course so that you leave feeling confident and inspired, ready to spread Yin Yoga around the world!

    Wanting To Dive Deeper And Complete More Than 1 Training

    Deep Stretches through Yin Yoga | 45-minute Follow Along | SRMD Yoga

    If youve also been eyeing up our 25 Hour Meditation Teacher Training and/or our 25 Hour Breath Coach Training did you know we offer a discount to those who sign up for 2 or 3 trainings at the same time?

    We give you 6 months to complete each training, so if you sign up for 2 then you have 12 months to complete both. If you dive into all 3 trainings then you will be given 18 months to complete all 3.

    Choose the investment option which bests suits you:

    Breath & Yin Bundle

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    Cancellation Of The Course

    In case of a cancellation performed by Loka Yoga School, due to any unavoidable circumstances, tuition fees or booking amount will either be refunded to the student or the student will be able to register for a future scheduled training. It does not apply to cancellations done due to misconduct or unlawful activity performed by a student during a course.We hold all rights to refuse or cancel admission without explanation in case of a serious misconduct or unlawful activity by any student on or off the premises of the course location.

    Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training Why Becoming A Yin Certified Instructor Is A Great Idea For Any Yoga Teacher

    You can add more credibility to your name and become more well-rounded in the styles of yoga you are qualified to teach by attending online Yin yoga teacher training from an accredited and experienced online yoga school.

    The thought of choosing to pursue yoga teacher training online may be a rather foreign idea to you, so below we’ll elaborate much more on yoga teacher training online and why an online YTT just might offer you a better educational experience than you ever might have imagined.

    If you’re not a certified or registered yoga teacher yet, you can certainly enroll in any of these Yin yoga teacher training courses to deepen your own understanding of Yin. Or you could also consider enrolling in a low-cost online yoga teacher training certification course to obtain your 200-hour yoga teaching certificate, first.

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    Sampoorna Yoga And Goddess Garden Terms & Conditions And Liability Statement

  • I voluntarily and willingly choose to participate in the Yoga Teacher Training, course, yoga retreat, or any similar yoga-related event, that includes, but not limited to, Meditation, Pranayama, Asana, Chanting, Philosophy, Hands-on adjustments, and any other yoga-related class, exercise or activity , hereinafter referred to as Yoga Classes, offered/held by Sampoorna Yoga.
  • Applying for this course means that I -the applicant agree to release all the teachers, staff, organisers of Sampoorna Yoga, The Goddess Garden and Yoga Alliance from any and all responsibility for any injuries, sickness, diseases or any other type of emotional, physical or mental losses which may be sustained during or as a result of stay, classes or program sessions.
  • I recognise that the Event and the Yoga Classes in which I will be participating may require physical and mental exertion. I further understand and acknowledge that, despite the great amount of care that Sampoorna Yoga and its staff is taking, the Event and the Yoga Classes may expose me to many inherent risks, including accidents, injuries, illness, and so forth. I assume all risk of injuries associated with my participation in the Event and the Yoga Classes, including but not limited to injuries, strains, contact with other participants, the effects of the weather , contact with nature/animals/insects, local food, and all other such risks being known and appreciated by me.
  • The 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training Foundations Module Will Include:

    50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course, Trident Wellness ...
    • Core principles of Yin Yoga how to cue postures and educate students safely.
    • Practice the core Yin asanas: Backbends, forward bends, lunges, external hip openers, twists, and upper body postures.
    • Explore the difference between Aesthetic Alignment and Functional Alignment how bone variation affects range of motion and alignment considerations.
    • Study the anatomy and biomechanics of the spine, pelvis, thigh, knee, and shoulder girdle.
    • Principles of tension and compression in asana.
    • Learn five essential Yin sequences, with relevant modifications and adjustments.
    • Principles of sequencing target areas and counterposes.
    • Investigate the histological structure and function of connective tissue.
    • Understand the positive physiological effects of Yin Yoga on the fascia, connective tissue, and joint health.
    • The Foundations Module is suitable for those both interested in teaching Yin Yoga or for those who simply wish to deepen their understanding of the practice.
    • Students will receive a certificate of training which is eligible for Continuing Education Credit with the Yoga Alliance. This Mindfulness Meditation Module is a core module of the Summers School of Yin Yoga 200-hour and 300-hour certification program.


    1. Register for the module.

    • Fee : $790 early bird, $940 thereafter.
    • the early bird discount will appear when you checkout.
    • Early-bird pricing expires 30 days prior to the start date of the training.

    You will receive:

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    In Your Own Time At Your Own Pacediscover The Yogi With Yin

    Join our training and become a certified Yin yoga teacher. Plus a whole host of bonuses for a limited time! Register to receive instant access.

    This training is perfect for all yoga teachers who want to learn how to teach Yin Yoga or for those wanting to learn the fundamentals and healing qualities of this style of yogato benefit themselves and others.

    Yin Yoga Teacher Training Online

    Become a certified and confident Yin Yoga teacher with Arhanta Yoga. Study and complete the course at your own pace. This premium online course is created by Ram Jain with his 22+ years of teaching experience. After the successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate that allows you to start teaching Yin Yoga all over the world.

    Limited Time Offer, Enroll Today & Get 25% off

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    Yin Teacher Training Info + Free Class

    Are you curious about 50 hour Yin Yoga Training at Shakti? Join Heather Helfrich for a free class and Open House to learn more! This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about our comprehensive 50-hour curriculum and participate in a Q& A.

    January 31 | 5:45 – 8:00 PM | Bellevue Studio – Register

    Free Yin Class 5:45 – 7:00 PM, with the Open House to follow 7:15 – 8:00 PM.

    Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

    Grounding Yin Yoga for the Legs (44 Min)

    Date and Time Details: 21 March – 27 March 2021

    • Guest House $499.00
    • Sea View Bungalow $574.00
    • Sea View Bungalow $624.00
    • Superior Sea View Bungalow $674.00
    • Beach Front Bungalow $724.00
    • Beach Front Bungalow $624.00
    • No Accommodation $499.00

    This 50 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course has been designed for people who want to learn the origins, unique facets, and skills required to offer safe, beneficial, and meaningful Yin Yoga classes.

    The teachers will support you in becoming a confident Yin Yoga teacher as well as share skills to refine your overall teaching of any style.

    Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Certificate . Ongoing support and access to the Yin Yoga community are just two of the benefits you will gain from joining this course.

    Course fee includes daily vegetarian or vegan lunch.


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    Yoga Teacher Training Spain

    Are you ready to deepen your Yin yoga practice? This Yin yoga course is an inspiring yoga Teacher program. During the training, you learn how to teach and share the powerful healing practice of Yin yoga. The course is designed to provide a foundation for teaching Yin yoga skillfully, from the heart with compassion and awareness.

    Yacep Yoga Alliance Certification

    The Yin yoga certificate course offered by Loka Yoga School includes 50 hours Continued Education with Yoga Alliance. Whether you have knowledge of the Yin practice or you are just a beginner here at Loka Yoga you will be able to develop your understanding of yoga to such an extent that you will in turn be able to teach yoga professionally. Our graduates can log additional hours with Yoga Alliance if required.

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    Iii Yin And The Psycho

    • Explore different ways to integrate mindfulness into Yin asanas

    • Learn how to create a Yin environment for yourself and students and how to effectively teach to a variety of students

    • Discover Yin teaching methodology including the art of assisting in a Yin class

    • Explore many ways to sequence a Yin practice.

    • Understand the role of a yin teacher

    • Learn the basics neurophysiology of stress, pain and trauma, and how to work with students going through difficult times.

    Can You Do Online Yoga Teacher Training

    50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

    Yes, you can absolutely do online yoga teacher training. You can attend all of the required educational courses to become a yoga teacher online now. We have written extensively about online yoga courses and yoga websites that weve found to be excellent options for online yoga teacher training.

    If youre reading this post it is quite likely that youre already a certified yoga instructor, but if not, there are great 200-hour online yoga teacher training courses and even 300-hour or 500-hour advanced online yoga teacher training courses that you can enroll in if youre feeling really ambitious!

    You can earn your Yoga Alliance yoga teaching certification by completing and graduating from an online yoga course and this goes for Yin yoga teaching certificates too. And actually, the most popular Yin yoga teacher training courses in the recent years were actually online programs.

    Online yoga education has become very mainstream, and with the price points and flexibility offered by distant learning, it’s not hard to see why. Assuming you are attending courses from a quality online yoga school, you can expect an engaging and high-touch experience and in some cases, the opportunity to study under famous yogis right there in your own living room.

    Another aspect that makes online teacher training courses so great is that you get lifetime access to the course materials in many cases. This means that you can revisit the materials anytime you need a refresher.

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    Refund Policy For International Pre

    All applicants are advised to carefully consider the time and resources required for the course before forwarding the application for the teacher training course. Upon registering for a yoga teacher training course or workshop, payment is due within 48 hours to secure your place. The deposit submitted with the application is not refundable. Once payment has been made, cancellation with refund or exchange may occur up until 90 days prior to the yoga teacher training course, with a 20 percent administration fee deducted. In the event a refund is agreed to be issued, payment will be made following the scheduled commencement date of the course. No refunds are given 60 days prior to the course start date. We will not refund or give credit for any missed sessions within a training or workshop. We are not responsible for any missed classes whether it be health related due to sickness or accidents. Cancellation requests must be submitted by email, from the student registered to attend the course.

    Course cancellation will only occur if there is an Act of God or environmental disaster deemed dangerous for the health and safety of the students. If the course is cancelled, tuition will be either reimbursed or credited to use towards a future training. We therefore recommend that all applicants carefully examine their upcoming obligations so that they may be able to devote their full attention to the teacher training program.


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