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5 Minute Yoga For Kids

The Sun Dance Kids Yoga

5 Minute Yoga Routine for Kids – Safari Adventure! | Channel Mum

Bari Koral is a Youtuber that focuses on kids health and yoga. This kids yoga video is 4:30 seconds long! She does have a lot of other options too if this is too fast and advanced for your kid. This would probably be best suited for kids who are between the ages of 6 and 10 years. The Yoga Numbers is another good yoga video for the younger ones in your home. That one is probably good for kids between ages 4-6 years. While all the videos are focused on yoga or some sort of mindfulness, I would be aware that the methods being used are not entirely yogic with the agitating music and fast movements. If youre trying to calm and center your kid, these videos may not be it. Id recommend number 3, 4, and 6 for that.

Easy New Years Resolution

I am a lover of yoga. I have practiced yoga for several years but recently a change in life circumstances has made it difficult for me to practice yoga to the extent I would like. I have let my yoga practice become nonexistent. This year I made a commitment to myself to practice yoga every day, if only for a few minutes. I get easily bored if I do the same thing every day. This app has been perfect! I can set a notification to remind me to practice each day, and the app gives me 5 simple poses each day and guides me through a simple practice. It doesnt have much guidance other than Here is the pose, now hold it for about a minute. Thankfully I am experienced enough in yoga that I know what to be looking for in my mind and body as I practice, and I know how to put myself in the right state of mind for a peaceful productive practice. I also like that the app tracks each day and shows me my chain of practice days. I believe it has 365 sessions – perfect for one a day for the entire year!Just three days in I am feeling wonderful and back on track with my practice. The five poses are different every day, which helps me stay interested and not get bored. The app does make you purchase the full app after the second session, so it isnt really a free app. It costs $10 after the first two sessions.

Mountain And Triangle Pose Facing Each Other

Come to a standing position, with your feet pressing into the earth, shoulders back and arms reaching up. Breathe here for five counts.

From mountain pose, step one foot out, toes pointing towards the front of your mats and turn your back foot out to the side of your mat. Stretch your arms out wide, reaching towards the front of your mat as your feet remain grounded, then tip your torso so that your front arm lands on your front shin and your back arm is reaching straight up. Stay here for a five breaths before coming up through center and switching sidesback toes point towards the back of the mat and front toes pointing out to the long edge. Stay here for five breaths before coming back to standing.

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Morning Yoga Routine For Kids

Moovlee offers these short videos for very young kids to get into yoga. The video is to start off your kids day by bringing calmness into their minds and body. It is short but gets into deep stretching that will energize your kids body to take on the day. This yoga video for kids is probably specific to the under 5 years of age group. It is less than 5 minutes so easy for kids who dont like to do elongated tasks in the morning. A good way for the parent to bond with their kid too before the rush of the day.

Yoga Sequence For Kids: Yoga For Kids

ABCs of Yoga for Kids 5 minute routine

Yoga Sequence Builder for Yoga Teachers: Plan your yoga classes, build yoga sequencing foundation with sequence guides, and get yoga sequencing ideas with daily yoga sequences and reference cues.

  • 600s

    Guidelines for yoga teachers:A. You may spend the first 10 mins explaining the purpose and theme of the yoga class.B. Next you may demonstrate each pose in a simple way, without focusing too much on alignment.C. Holding the yoga poses for long is not the idea here, it has to be more of playful way to appreciate their bodies.D. Take breaks when you sense the kids need it. And if this is their first class go slow and steady with the movements.E. Throughout the yoga sequence teach them the idea of Focus and Balance.

  • Inhale-Exhale

    A. Always begin the yoga class with the practice of any relaxing yoga poses that helps the kids to unwind and settle down.B. Here we have used Savasana or Corpse Pose.C. Importance of unwinding or relaxing before starting the yoga class helps the teacher quickly understand each students mood. As a restless kid may not enjoy the relaxing yoga pose, a tired kid may just about fall asleep, a balanced kid may follow the instructions carefully and so on. Also, it helps kids/students feel loved and cared for and helps them settle their breathing and thought process.D. Let them stay here for about 2-3 minutes. Requesting them to close their eyes, if they are comfortable.E. Ask kids to smile when in Savasana.

  • Inhale-Exhale

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    Kids Yoga In 5 Minutes Anywhere

    This 5 minute kids yoga routine only uses standing poses that you can do at home or school! This is great because its easy to do any of these moves anywhere. This is so helpful when you are somewhere waiting with the kids, like at the airport. The benefits of yoga are many, so why not squeeze in a little workout when the kids need to refocus or relax. Im adding this to our daily routine!

    Mindful Breath Practices For Children

    1. Belly Breathing

    When breathing in, the belly expands slightly and when breathing out, it contracts. Do several rounds and return to normal breathing.

    2. Mindful Breathing

    Simply notice the breath and feel it move in the body. You can add visuals and words to make the practice more engaging. For example, on the in-breath ask your child to repeat the phrase, I am a lake and on the out-breath, I am calm. This technique can be adapted to use any visual and taps into the power of imagination.

    3. Teddy Bear Breath

    This is a great variation of the belly-breathing practice for little ones. Have them lie down with a teddy or stuffed animal on their belly, and let them watch as it moves up and down while they breathe, as if they are rocking it to sleep.

    4. Four Square Breathing

    This practice is a useful tool for older children. Breathe in for a count of four. Hold the breath for a count of four. Breathe out for a count of four. Hold the breath for a count of four. Do several rounds and return to normal breathing.

    5. Basic Breath Ball Practice

    You can use a Hoberman spherea geodesic dome that can be folded and unfoldedto teach your child basic breath awareness. The toy can be referred to as a breath ball because the domes movements mimic the movements of breathing: as the dome folds inward, we imagine the out-breath contracting as the dome expands, we imagine the lungs expanding on the in-breath.

    1. Using both hands, gently hold the breathing ball in front of your belly.

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    The Short And Sweet Yoga Sequence You Can Do Every Morning

    Regardless of how I slept the night before or what’s on my agenda for the day, I always feel more relaxed and focused after even a handful of minutes on my mat. Start your day out on a centered and strong note with this short yoga sequence that energizes your body and brain. Wake up five minutes earlier in the morning, and reap the benefits all day long.

    Extended Side Angle Pose

    5 Minute Yoga Routine for Kids

    Sitting in front of your desktop or laptop for long hours during the COVID-19 pandemic might trigger back and shoulder pain. Thats why we recommend you to add extended side angle pose to your 5-minute yoga routine. Also known as Utthita Parsvakonasana, it is a standing pose that stretches your legs, knees, hips, and ankles, boosting your endurance and stamina.

    Yoga posture benefits: Following are the benefits that you will get by practicing extended side angle yoga pose for 5-minutes in the morning:

    • It stretches your legs, ankles, and knees.
    • It increases flexibility in the shoulders.

    5 Yoga asanas for anxiety and depression that will help you deal with COVID-19 pandemic!

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    Minute Yoga Routine For Kids Safari Adventure

    Channel Mum has a good compilation of kids yoga videos including this one. The video focuses on stretching and coming into poses and holding for a bit. So if youre trying to get a 3 year old to do this, umm that might not work out well. Try number 1,2 and 3 above. This is focused on children a little older at about 4+ years of age. She incorporates animal sounds and actions to allow the kids to associate the yogic action to it. Another great one from Channel Mum is the yoga video for kids underwater adventure. This is another niece favorite in our home.

    A Mindfulness Practice For Kids: Coming Back To The Positivefrom Dr Mark Bertin

    • 8:00
  • Lie down somewhere comfortable. Let your arms and legs fall to the ground. Close your eyes gently.
  • Start to notice how your body changes with each breath you take. Each time you breathe, your belly moves up, and your belly moves down. If it is easier, put a hand on your belly. Or if you want, put a stuffed animal there.
  • Each time you breathe, your belly moves. Your hand, or your toy, rises, and then falls. See if you can count ten breaths that way. Breathing in, one, breathing out, one.
  • When you lose count, dont worry about it. Thats normal, and happens to everyone. Come back to whatever number you last remember.
  • Now, shift your attention to your day. Breathing in, focus on your breath as your belly goes up. Breathing out, focus on something that went well today.
  • With each breath: breathing in, noticing your belly move, and with each breath out, noticing something that went well today.
  • Now, picture something about yourself that makes you proud. Breathing in, focus on your belly moving. Breathing out, picture something that makes you proud of yourself. If nothing comes to mind, that sometimes happens. If thats how you feel, picture what youd wish for yourself instead.
  • Finally, bring someone to mind who makes you happy. Before we end, try one more practice. Breathing in, notice your belly move. And now, breathing out, picture someone who makes you happy.
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    Why Teach Mindfulness To Children

    When we teach mindfulness to kids, we give them the tools they need to build confidence, cope with stress, and relate to uncomfortable or challenging moments. The earlier we do so in their young lives, the greater the opportunity to help them cultivate resilience and develop and refine their mindfulness practice as they mature.Teaching mindfulness to kids can also help shape three critical skills developed in early childhood: paying attention and remembering information, shifting back and forth between tasks, and behaving appropriately with others. These abilities are known as executive functions and they are essential for more advanced tasks like planning, reasoning, problem-solving, and positive social relationships.

    There Benefits of Mindfulness for Kids

    Studies show that the benefits of mindfulness for kids may include:

    1. Increased focus, attention, self-control, classroom participation, compassion.

    2. Improvedacademic performance, ability to resolve conflict, overall well-being.

    3. levels of stress, depression, anxiety, disruptive behavior.

    Yoga Minute: 5 Yoga Videos For Kids

    5 Minute Daily Yoga for Children

    Studies have shown that yoga can be helpful for all ages, especially children.

    According to a Harvard report, a US survey done in 2016 showed that yoga could help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder remain calmer and more focused.

    Here are five videos of children’s yoga to get your kids started with simple yoga exercises:

    This playful YouTube children’s yoga series is free and engages children while showing them different yoga poses:

    Check it out here:

    For teachers looking to calm down restless children, here’s a demonstration with Adrienne Mishler:

    See the video here:

    In this video yoga teacher Lesley Fightmaster does a short four-minute demo with her two sons:

    Check it out here:

    This short video shows children basic yoga poses and how to get them to slow down a bit:

    See the video here:

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    Things Mindful Families Do Differently

    1. Embrace Imperfection

    You are going to make mistakes, you are going to hurt your childrens feelings, and you are not going to be able to show up in all the ways you want to or the ways your children want you to, but none of that makes you a bad parentit only makes you a human one. When you can move into a place of acceptance of this you are able to shift into a greater ease and grace within yourself.

    2. Listen with Curiosity

    When we pause and listen to each other more in our lives, we can engage the experiences in our family with a growth mindset. We can see the struggles and triumphs as opportunities for learning and growth. Instead of judging each other, we can get better at recognizing when we dont understand where the other person is coming from, lean in with curiosity and say, tell me more. Or we might try and stand in their shoes to understand their perspective by asking ourselves, why might they be acting this way?

    3. Communicate Courageously

    Being clear and honest with each other about what you need and how you feel is ultimately an act of kindness that creates trust and connection. This means showing up with our partners and kids with an open heart and an open mind. It builds on listening with curiosity and creates space for everyone to feel comfortable to share how they feel and what they need.

    4. Practice Appreciation and Gratitude

    5. Forgive Ourselves and Each Other

    6. Practice Support and Generosity

    7. Remember to Play and Have Fun

    How To Meditate With Your Kids

    In order to help kids of all ages find their way into practicing mindfulness, it can be helpful to give them an easy definition they can relate to.

    A Definition of Mindfulness Meditation for Children

    Mindfulness meditation, at its simplest, is paying attention to what is happening in the present moment. It may be what youre feeling, hearing, or anything else you notice. Theres no special place of calm you have to reach and its not about clearing your mind, its just an honest and kind look at what youre experiencing in this moment.

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    By Christopher Willard

    One easy way to introduce mindfulness to your children is through informal practices that you can do along with them. Start with a simple kindness meditationoffering good wishes and compassion to others.

    1. To begin, find a comfortable sitting position. You can even place a hand on the heart. Allow your eyes to close or lower your gaze toward the floor.

    2. Bring to mind someone who you really respect and look up to, and who really loves you in return.

    3. Notice how you feel as you bring this person to mind.

    4. Make a kind wish and send it their way. What would make them happy?

    5. Next, bring to mind someone else you love and care about: A family member, a friend, a beloved colleague. Just bring this person to mind, sending this person a kind wish.

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    About The Author: Mariam Gates

    holds a masters in education from Harvard University and has more than 20 years experience working with children. Her renowned Kid Power Yoga program combines her love of yoga with teaching to help children access their inner gifts. She is the author of Good Night Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story and the forthcoming book, Good Morning Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Wake Up Story . Mariam lives in Santa Cruz, CA, with her husband, yoga teacher Rolf Gates, and their two children. Learn more at .

    Go From Rushed To Ready With This Fun + Simple Sequence

    5 Minute Yoga flow, for kids!!

    As any parent knows, weekday mornings rarely go according to plan: the lunch containers werent cleaned out, the breakfast options are meeting rejection, your tweens hair is not working, and where did that permission slip go? Understandably, in the bustle to get out of the door the last thing you want is to slow down and lose momentum, and adding anything else seems unimaginable. But a small shift can make a big difference.

    The first part of the day is full of possibility and for many families the only time everyone is in one place. Yoga offers some simple tools to help our kids feel more confident, more relaxed, and a bit more grounded as they head out into their day. The benefits of adding a mindfulness practice to our mornings are vast. We often wake up holding tension mentally, emotionally and physically. As the adage goes, move a muscle, change a feeling. These simple exercises help us find a way to pause, to take a breath, and to cultivate an internal sense that things are basically okay. As our children learn to move through a set of yoga poses, they are developing the ability to bring that calm awareness into all situations. And unlike a run or a gym workout, the practices can be completed in mere minutes with lasting results for the whole family

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