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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Thailand

Sajeeva Yoga School Koh Phangan Thailand

Yoga Inspiration: Let Be | Meghan Currie Yoga

This 29-day course has a very detailed syllabus focusing very much on practical knowledge of asana, teaching and guiding preparing you to become the best yoga teacher you can become. The certificate will allow you to register with Yoga Alliance but the yearly fee of this isnt included in the course fee.

During the course, you will be accommodated in The Yoga House, Koh Phangan, designed especially for yoga events. You will be provided daily brunch and dinner prepared by two chefs, one for each meal who is working closely with your teachers to offer the very best yogic vegetarian and vegan, including Thai, Indian, Indonesian, and Mexican cuisines.

You will also be provided super food and herbal smoothies during brunch. If you wish to pay only for the course and look for accommodation yourself, the price is $2400, otherwise, it ranges between $2900-$3800 depending on your choice of single or double occupancy.

  • Price: $2900 $3800
  • Yoga Style: Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga

Nicole Fitzwater Boyle Eryt500 Yacep

Nicole is a Blacksburg native. She attended the University of Virginia and graduated with a B.S. in Commerce from the McIntire School of Commerce in 2001, and after 15 years of living away from the New River Valley returned home to her roots and her and her husband, Justin, purchased In Balance Yoga in the summer of 2013 from Becky McDaniel. Yoga found Nicole in January 2006 and they have been inseparable ever since. Nicole has practiced in studios all over the country and even internationally, focusing on the Bikram, Barkan, Baptiste, Ashtanga, Dharma Yoga traditions and most recently the Kunga Yoga School. Her teachers include Dana Baptiste, Becky McDaniel, Dharma Mittra, Jimmy Barkan and Kristin Cooper-Gulak. Nicole is grateful to her mentors and influencers over the years: Brittanie DeChino, Cindy Lunsford, Justin Blazejewski, Brendan Lentz, Lisa Rapp, Akke Hulburt, Lizzie Clark, Jennifer Elliott, Jeanmarie Paolillo, Colleen Dwyer and Noelle Whittington to name a few.

She completed her:

Nicole teaches at In Balance Yoga and anywhere she can throughout the New River Valley Community. She has taught at Floyd Yoga Jam since 2015. Nicole teaches heated and non-heated Flow, Barkan Method, Power Flow + Weights, Dharma Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Pool Yoga and Paddle Board Yoga regularly and private sessions and groups.

About 200 Hour Yoga Course Certification With Yoga Alliance

The basic eligibility to teach yoga at any yoga studio, community centre or gym or other such centres , is that you must have accomplished a 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh under a Yoga Alliance registered yoga school.

Once you have fully attended and successfully graduated from a 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh program conducted by a yoga school registered under the yoga alliance, you become entitled to join the Yoga Alliance. Though many studios may not necessarily demand you to join the Yoga Alliance certification, they would still prefer graduates from schools that follow the standard guidelines as set by the Yoga Alliance when faced with a large number of applicants. So a certified yoga teacher will undoubtedly stand out among the rest!

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What To Know About Thailand And Yoga In General

Thailand is known for its natural beauty and all that tropical fruit. Retreats in Thailand are often focused on leading a healthy lifestyle, which is absolutely perfect if you’re looking to whip your own health and wellness into shape.

Lounge by an infinity pool that overlooks the jungle, book yourself a Thai massage, suck down some fresh coconut water, go to a few fitness classes on the beach, and hop into a few guided meditation classes. Participate in traditional Thai activities and get deep into holistic treatments and healing practices.

Cleanse your body, clear your mind, and heal your soul with a wellness retreat in Thailand.

From a top detox retreat, spa retreats, or finding that wonderful luxury wellness retreat, we can’t wait to help you find your life-changing Southeast Asia experience.

All Yoga Training Haad Tien

500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Chiang Mai Thailand New  Yoga Vidya ...

All Yoga Training have been running excellent, comprehensive Ashtanga Vinyasa 200 hour teacher training courses since 2009 in Koh Phangan and also the stunning island of Nusa Lembongan in Bali. The Koh Phangan courses are located in a stunning, jungly, tropical Haad Tien Bay that is only accessible by boat. A complete escape from the stresses of daily life! The beautiful hillside shala looks over the jungle and ocean and theres also an amazing open air yoga platform with stunning views.

Youll learn to purify your body, mind and soul with daily kriya, pranayama and meditation practices and though the twice daily Ashtanga yoga classes youll master both the full primary series and modified primary series. Youll get plenty of teaching practice throughout the course and also have the chance to try out rocket and yin yoga and fun workshops.

This is one of the best Ashtanga yoga teacher trainings in Koh Phangan that will probably change your life as well as giving you the skills to become a knowledgeable and confident yoga teacher in just 23 days. The course is run by a super knowledgeable, fun, friendly and approachable international team with experts coming in to teach yoga history, philosophy and anatomy.

All Yoga are offering Global Gallivanting readers a generous $150 off the course fee! Just mention Global Gallivanting when enquiring!

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Module : Yoga Structureyoga Anatomy & Therapeutic Benefits Of Yoganov 1

Our approach begins with education and empowerment of yoga teachers by expanding the understanding of the body and its relationship to yoga asana. Using Anatomy and Bio-mechanics, Alignment-based Asana, Principles of Alignment, Physiotherapy, Therapeutic Bodywork techniques and more we investigate the physical structure and function of the body while shedding light on the therapeutic benefits of an intelligent and lasting approach.

What To Expect From A 300 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training Online

Online 300 hour yoga teacher training programs are designed to deepen the knowledge and skills of yoga teachers.

They should be completed after taking a 200-hour yoga course to allow individuals to build on the knowledge, skills, and techniques theyve already studied.

If youve taken a 200-hour yoga training course, the topics covered in an advanced course will sound familiar. This is because they are actually the same.

However, in the 300-hour course, students will examine each of these areas more deeply and build on the foundation they received during previous instruction.

Below are the five different categories included in 300h yoga teacher training programs:

  • Yoga techniques, training, and practice
  • Teaching methodology
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Yoga philosophy, lifestyle, and ethics
  • Practicum

If you did the math, youll notice that the minimum hourly requirements for each category above only add up to 130 hours. This still leaves 170 hours to meet 300 hours.

Each yoga teacher training program can decide how to best use these elective hours. Some may place a greater emphasis on teaching more specific yoga techniques or meditation practices, while others may spend more time on different teaching methodologies.

Since there are many more elective hours included in 300-hour courses , you may notice greater variability between the different yoga schools youre looking at.

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Book The Best 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training In Thailand

Whether you want to get your 300 hours yoga teacher training in Thailand on the sandy beaches of Thailand or in the heart of India, weve got the training courses for you. But first, lets break down exactly what this level of training can provide you. This program has been designed with utmost care and sophistication for the 300 Hour YTTC graduates with the aim to take them to a higher level of their yogic journey from where they can evolve as complete yoga teachers and practitioners of the art form. The entire program is crafted by teachers with 300 Hour and 500 hours as their core area of expertise.

So youve already got your 300-hour yoga certification and now youre looking to advance both your yoga practice and profession. A 300-hour teacher training in Thailand program is an in-depth study of yoga postures, yoga philosophy, meditation, yoga therapy, pranayama breathing, and teaching techniques. Join other like-minded students on your next teaching adventure.

Hours Yoga Teacher Training In Bangkok Thailand

14-Day Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica at Blue Osa Yoga Retreat with Yogi Aaron | Testimonial

√ĘThe 300 hours yoga teacher training in Bangkok, Thailand is well-designed for those who have already done the basic yoga courses or 200 hours yoga TTC.This is an Intermediate – advanced level yoga teacher training which fits all students who want to dive into the sea of yoga.While becoming a yoga teacher, this course will help you to enhance your self-confidence, experience and attitude that is must be needed for an RYT certified yoga teacher. Embrace Energy Yoga School not only helps students in the course but also the school helps students to improve their lifestyle through yoga. As yoga is originated in India thousands of years ago, our founder yogi Lalit is an Indian yogi with the background of yoga. Highly experienced yoga teachers at Embrace Energy Yoga School will prepare all your qualities that make you unique among the yoga teachers in the world.

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Module : Yoga Ayurvedausing Ayurveda To Enhance Your Life Practice And Teachingnov 29

In this 100-hour course on Yoga Ayurveda, Balaram Chandra introduces a wide range of Ayurvedic principles and practices while placing them into context of our daily patterns and lifestyle.

Ayurveda is not a new or old system to be implemented but a Vision of the simple patterns in Life which are already present. Yoga is a dynamic system which Ayurveda utilizes as a means to enhance health, maintain health, or to bring oneself into balance by using easily available means, such as:

  • The Body all of its parts and functions
  • The Breath functions and supports of Vayu and Prana
  • The Mind all of its parts and functions
  • The Soul Awareness/Consciousness
  • All encompassing Spirit/Divinity and all of its parts and functions

It is possible to predict, observe, and reflect upon the influences of all experienced substances and all actions expressed. The intelligent person accepts that everything is influencing and will influence all aspects of your life, whether it is immediately perceivable or not. All parts of your Body, your Mind, and your Behavior are affected and may or may not assist in the balancing of various needs of life and the achievement of desires. We seek to develop understanding of and mastery of all gross and subtle substance and functions of the Human body through the Yoga Tradition and Ayurveda. The goal of Ayurveda is to be established in Swastha .


Learn The Art Of Teaching

Our courses are designed for you to become a skilled and competentyoga teacher

At Luna Alignment Yoga we adapt the yoga practice to fit our students needs and ability.

We know that people today do not have the same needs as people thousands of years ago, nor as 10 years ago, therefor we base our teaching on classical yoga, but when needed, we adapt it for modern needs.

Our aim is to teach you, whether you are an aspiring yoga teacher or a yoga teacher already, the important core principles behind body structure, skeletal alignment, asana alignment and therapeutic yoga, so that you can become an informed, intelligent and professional yoga teacher in today’s world.

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Receive The 300hr Course Brochure With Full Details

The Standard Ocean Rooms offer every convenience. Rest and recharge in a king- sized bed and awaken to the sounds of nature and the beautiful sunrise that will energize you for the day ahead. Step out onto your private balcony to enjoy the fresh island air, relax and read a book or meditate and feel at one with the natural surroundings. A stay in one of our Ocean Rooms is restful, relaxing and inspiring. Please note all the ocean rooms are slightly different, you can see in the pictures interiors vary from room to room, but they are all of the same standard. Also some have better views, while the other ones are better decorated and furnished. Either way they are conveniently located and are our best room category.

NOTE: You can request for King or Twin beds but subject for availability upon check in.

ROOM RATES INCLUDE: Healthy Breakfast, Wholesome Dinner, All Yoga/Meditation Classes and Sky Gym Admission.


The Standard Beach Bungalows bring guests close to Nature while providing every convenience. The rooms are quite modest, rustic both inside and out, yet clean and comfortable they feature a queen-sized bed, and direct beach access. A private terrace allows you to take in one of Samuis spectacular sunrises. Bungalows come with simple interior bathroom with hot shower, AC, mini fridge, and a safety box.

NOTE: All beds in Beach Bungalow Standard rooms are Queen size only.


NOTE: All beds in Yoga Caves are Single beds only.


Top 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Intensive Courses

Best 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India 2020

Choosing the right instructor course is a big decision, but how do you know which one is right? Well, we make sure that all of our retreats align with our standards and yogic beliefs , so you can be sure that you’re signing up for something good when you book with Book Retreats. If you’re still not sure where to begin your search, check out our top certification courses happening soon:

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Top Yoga Teacher Trainings In Koh Phangan

Whether you want to change your career to become a yoga teacher or whether you just want to take some time out to focus on deepening your practice, learning more about yogic philosophy or simply finding out more about yourself, yoga teacher training courses are extremely popular these days. Theres so many options now for doing your YTTC some of the most popular places are Rishikesh and Goa in India and Bali but the tropical Thai island of Koh Phangan is quickly turning into another yoga mecca with many amazing yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings in Koh Phangan to choose from.

There are many places that offer yoga teacher trainings in Koh Phangan and no two courses are the same. So before you shell out thousands of dollars and commit yourself for a month to do one of these courses, take the time to be sure to choose one that is right for you and the style that you wish to teach and always make sure your YTT is Yoga Alliance approved. See here for more things to look out for when choosing your YTT.

Yoga on the beach by My Good Images/Shutterstock

Pin Me

Mahi Yoga School Thailand

The yoga teacher training in Thailand course takes place in the Amazing setting of a luxury Ayurvedic Ashram. The Ashram is situated 20 minutes drive outside Chiang Mai city on the outskirts of the national park. Accommodation is high standard ashram living. Each single room has an on-suite bathroom with hot shower, delicate Thai decor and big double bed. If you feel like a little more luxury we offer a choice of the deluxe option which includes a suite. Or if you wish for a more budget friendly simpler option we offer the shared twin room option.


Yoga teacher training Thailand has its own cafeteria only for the use of students and teachers. The Chefs prepare Vegetarian yogic food freshly. All meals are nutritionally designed to provide our students with all their body needs as well as detox the body. Food is served on site in the dining area at the Ashram.


Accommodation is high standard ashram living. Each single room has an on-suite bathroom with hot shower, delicate Thai decor and big double bed. If you feel like a little more luxury we offer a choice of the deluxe option which includes a suite. Or if you wish for a more budget friendly simpler option we offer the shared twin room option.


We provide a onetime sightseeing tour one day of the weekend. We are able on request to arrange taxis for the students to leave for the whole day all together on Sundays- There must be a prearranged time and pickup point.

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How To Choose The Best 300

Before I dive into my selections for the best advanced online yoga teacher training courses, I want to take a moment to share some key criteria you can use to help you select the best yoga teacher training for you.

Some of the key considerations you should keep in mind when comparing courses include the yoga styles being taught, the characteristics of the school, the curriculum of each course, the certifications youll be eligible to receive, and of course the price.

Day 300 Hour Beachfront Yoga Tt Koh Phangan Thailand

Hari OM Yoga Teacher Training 300 hours review – Klabada

“This hybrid course is half online, which allows you to better prepare and go deeper into your studies. After Jan, 2021 the 300 YTT will be 28 days long. Starting June 5 and Sept 25. Also ULU Yoga is a world leader in aerial yoga. Their original ULU Yoga swing has cushion padding, which offers greater comfort and support than regualr aerial hammocks. ULU Yoga offers a 50 Hour Aerial YTT before every 200 Hour YTT. Since 2014 ULU Yoga has trained thousands of new instructors.

What’s Included in This Package?

  • 4 weeks intensive yoga training in Thailand
  • 21 nights accommodation at a beachfront resort
  • Detox with daily vegan smoothie bowls for breakfast
  • Free use of SUP boards and snorkel gear
  • Printed course manuals & online videos
  • Yoga Alliance teacher training certificate
  • Western instructors with decades of experience
  • 150 Hours of online studies
  • 21 nights accommodation at a beachfront resort”

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