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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Cost

Why Online And Hybrid Yoga Teacher Trainings Often Cost The Same As Live Trainings

Learn Walking Meditation in 200 Hour Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training

Since now there are many quality yoga teacher training courses being offered onlineWOOT! the next questions are often:

Why do online trainings cost so much?

Shouldnt they be cheaper than in-person trainings? Many people prefer online trainings because they typically offer more flexibility than live trainings. But is an online training even worth the investment?

As the founder of an online yoga instructor certification program, I can give you inside access to exactly whats behind the cost of many online yoga teacher trainings.

First, lets clarify the difference between an online yoga teacher training and a hybrid yoga teacher training.

Online Yoga Teacher Training

An online training takes place solely online. It could include some pre-recorded materials as well live-online classes and group calls designed to prepare you to teach yoga both online and in-person.

Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training

The hybrid yoga instructor certification model typically means that some of the training is held online and some takes place in-person. The in-person portion could be a few long weekends at a yoga studio or a week-long final retreat focused on live feedback for your yoga practice and practice teaching.

As for the price of online trainings, here are some costs that online and hybrid trainings need to cover in their price:

Best Intensive Course: Himalayan Institute

Himalayan Institute

Why We Chose It: Youll enjoy three straight weeks of immersive training at the Himalayan Institute in rural Pennsylvania, complete with instruction in anatomy and physiology, breathing, asanas, meditation, philosophy, diet and lifestyle, teaching methods, and more.

  • In-person, immersive experience facilitates connection to nature, self, and others

  • Offers 200- and 300-hour programs, plus a meditation teacher training program

  • Emphasizes physical and structural teaching over spiritual aspects, which isnt a fit for all yogis

The Himalayan Institute offers 200- and 300-hour yoga teacher training. The 200-hour training in particular is a great choice for people looking to kick off a career as a yoga instructor.

With a decades-long teaching history and a robust curriculum, the Himalayan Institute provides an exceptional education for aspiring yoga teachers. Unlike some of the other courses on this list, which offer on-demand learning or extended formats to accommodate busy schedules, the Himalayan Institute training requires three weeks of on-campus learning.

The time commitment is hefty, but if youre looking for an immersive, in-person, on-campus experience in the U.S., theres no better option. Tuition for this yoga teacher training costs $2,399 and accommodations are not included.

Can I Teach Yoga Without Certification

You can always teach yoga without certification. However, there are some advantages for having a certification, because it shows you have studied the basics to be a good yoga teacher. But there are many ways to get certified, so you have options. You can get certified by taking courses through local community colleges or even online..

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How Much Does A Yoga Teacher Training Cost

Yoga teacher training can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Ultimately, the cost of yoga teacher training depends on several factors, including:

  • How many hours the training is
  • Where the training is located
  • Whether the training is all-inclusive
  • If the training is for beginners or advanced practitioners
  • The style of yoga

Remember, yoga is an unregulated industry, so theres no pressure for companies to keep yoga teacher training within a standard pricing schedule. This is why its important to do your research and understand exactly what youre getting for the price you pay.

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training The Blue Osa Way

300 Hour Advanced Level Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

Our 300-hour yoga teacher training is for the lifelong practitionersthe seekers, the visionaries of yoga. The focus here is all-around yogic lifestyle development, so you can truly live what you teach.

Through independent projects, book reports, and in-depth reading, Yogi Aaron will guide you deeper into the mysteries and rituals of yoga to enable you to cultivate enlightenment and well-being within others.

In Blue Osas 300-hour yoga teacher training, you will have the opportunity to hone in on your niche and nurture your gifts to truly serve your message to the world. Yogi Aaron will help you discover your primary intention as a yoga teacher.

Not to mention that, once youve completed your 300-hour yoga teacher training, you will be able to register with the Yoga Alliance as a 500-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher. This gives you more credibility and a leg up over those who have only completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training.

As you dive into this intensive learning, you will empower your vision, growing yourself so you can embody leadership in yoga. Yogi Aaron is interested in building yoga leaders for the global community, and you will be one of them!

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It Is Offered In Bali

There are various kinds of Yoga 300 hour teacher training courses offered in Bali. The first level of training is the 200-hour course. For those who have never studied yoga before, the first step is to enroll in the course. However, if you have completed the 200-hour course, you are eligible to apply for the 300-hour course. This level is more advanced and includes topics on yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology. The course is meant to help you become an independent, wise and flexible yoga teacher.

Thing #2 How Many People Are You Teaching

A private class will tend to be one to one however you may receive requests for group/family or couples classes.

Its always a good idea here to have a base rate of what you would charge for one person and then add on an additional amount per person.

For example, if you charged $60 per person you may want to add $15 per additional person because presumably, they would then split the cost between them. Its kinda a win-win!

This also helps to avoid confusion in the case of one person dropping out one week and whether you should adjust the group rate.

Keep it simple and transparent for both yourself and your private clients.

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Modules To Complete The Training

There will be 16 modules in this program. The first module is September 9, 2021 and the last module ends October 9, 2022. The entire 300-hour will take just a bit over a year to complete, 13 months in total. There will be a retreat September 22-25, 2022, which is mandatory. The location is TBA, but will be within 5 hours of Smithfield, so no need for plane tickets. The cost of the lodging and facility use is included in the tuition .

Module 1: 9/9/21 9/12/21 24hrs
278 Total contact hours with lead

2 day module: Saturday 8:30am-5:00pm & Sunday 8:30am-5:00pm

4 day module: Thursday 5:00pm-9:00pm Friday 5:00pm-9:00pm Saturday and Sunday 8:30am-5:00pm.

Required Reading for this Training

  • Functional Anatomy of Yoga: A Guide for Practitioners and Teachers. David Keil
  • Yoga for Wellness: Gary Kraftsow
  • Physical Change & Aging: A Guide for the Helping Professions. Sue Saxon, May Jean Etten, & Elizabeth Perkins
  • Llewellyns Complete Book of Chakras: Your Definitive Source of Energy Center Knowledge fro Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Evolution. Cyndi Dale
  • The Body Keeps the Score. Bessel Van Der Kolk
  • Light on Pranayama: The Yogic Art of Breathing. B.K.S. Iyengar
  • Book of your choice that will inform you regarding your focus or interest.
  • What Are The Benefits Of Online Yoga Teacher Training

    International Yoga Day 2022 | Words Of Yogi Chetan Mahesh Ji | AYM Yoga School

    While the Online Yoga Teacher Training courses are popular for those looking for convenience, it also opens up possibilities for those who are not able to take longer periods of time off. Many online courses can be done at your own pace, allowing you to get a yoga teacher certificate over the course of longer periods, instead of a fixed duration or deadline.

    The individual online courses are, however, may be less dynamic than teacher training on location, as you won’t meet other practitioners in person, travel to a beautiful destination, and get inspired by the people around you. The benefit of this is that the online yoga teacher training is often cheaper because there are no travel, food, and accommodation costs involved.

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    Why Is Yoga Teacher Training So Expensive

    The cost of yoga teacher training is what it is because yoga is a popular and growing trend and, as we all know, trends carry a hefty price tag. Yoga schools, such as the one you mentioned, probably charge as much as they do because they can. Their market is large, and theres a lot of competition, so they can charge as much as they like and people will still buy. Thats not to say that those schools arent worth the moneyobviously they do a great job and produce great teachers. But if you want to save money and still train to become a yoga instructor, you can always try to go online and check out a few videos and websites. You can also try to look for a community college or private yoga studio that offers inexpensive yoga teacher training courses. If youre still set on getting a physical yoga school experience, then just save up as much money as you can until you can afford it. You can also check online for yoga opportunities that may not cost as much as you think. Good luck!.

    Rys 300 Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Schools 300 Hour

    The three recommended schools below offering 300hr yoga teacher training online are RYS’s or registered yoga schools’ with Yoga Alliance. And not only that, but these specific online 300 hour yoga teacher training options are very highly rated by past students on the Yoga Alliance website, and they are highly likely to recommend the courses to other aspiring yoga teachers.

    Each school has hundreds of positive reviews on Yoga Alliance. See the info box above with overall school ratings. On a scale of 1-5 these are rated at 4.8 and above. Pretty impressive! Just another reason why I personally consider these the 3 best 300 hour online yoga teacher training certification courses.

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    Uniting Yoga And Ayurveda: Balancing The Doshas

    This course deepens your knowledge of the relationship between yoga and Ayurveda, with classes focused on cultivating prana , agni , and ojas . While here, you participate in daily sadhanas, carve silent time for self-study, and integrate your skills in insightful supervised practicums.

    You also

    • Explore the relation between panchamayakosha and the eight limbs of yoga as they relate to Ayurveda
    • Learn key postures, breathing practices, and meditation techniques for balancing psychophysical constitutions
    • Experience the different movements of prana, including prana, udana, samana, apana, and vyana
    • Cultivate useful Ayurvedic tools to adjust yoga class sequencing and personalize private sessions that are based on the season, time of day, season of life, and basic doshic imbalances.

    How Long Is Yoga Teacher Certification


    Yoga teacher certification programs vary in their length and requirements. Some yoga teacher training programs can be completed in as little as two months, while others may require as many as 500 hours of training over an 18-month period. The best way to find out how long a program will take you is to contact the training center directly and ask for information about the program. These training centers can be found in your local area or online through platforms such as Yoga Alliance, Yoga Journal and

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    I’ve Taken A Few Modules For Cont Ed Can I Apply Those To My Ytt

    Yoga Alliance prohibits retroactive credit for past workshops. They also prohibit “double dipping” or using the same workshop as YTT credit and continuing education.

    You must submit the IYT application/registration form and application fee before courses can be applied to your 300-hr program requirements.

    Browse And Choose From The Largest Selection Of Yoga Teacher Training Courses Worldwide

    Discover your natural intuition as a yoga teacher and deepen your yoga practice on a yoga teacher training course. During your 100, 200, 300, or 500-hour YTT course, you’ll not only work towards becoming a yoga instructor, but you’ll also solidify and elevate your yoga practice and knowledge. Connect with yourself and understand the history and philosophy of yoga, while opening yourself to a world of new possibilities. Popular destinations for yoga teacher training are Rishikesh in India, Ubud in Bali, Thailand, and Costa Rica.

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    What Is The Best Destination For A Yoga Teacher

    Many students generally head to India to get certified as a yoga teacher primarily because the country is known to be the birthplace of yoga, offering some of the most authentic yoga experience in the world. Yoga teacher training in Costa Rica is also popular due to its amazing beaches and friendly locals, guaranteeing you a great experience!

    Life Coaching With Lauren Handel Zander

    Glimpses of International Yoga Day | Yoga Course in Rishikesh

    Lauren Handel Zander has spent over 20 years coaching thousands of private clients: entrepreneurs, politicians, Emmy, Peabody and Academy Award-winning artists, Grammy-winning musicians and Fortune 500 CEOs. Shes a life coach, university lecturer, public speaker, and the Co-Founder and Chairwoman of Handel GroupĀ® based in New York City. The Handel MethodĀ® has been taught in over 35 major universities including MIT and Stanford Graduate School of Business. She has appeared on television and in film, starring in A& Es Biography Channel TV Special, Celebrity Life Coach.

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    Hour Advanced Teacher Training

    As yogis, we are lifelong students of the practice of yoga. At The Yoga Loft, we feel strongly that as Yoga Teachers, it is our duty to continue our education so that we may offer the practice to all who seek it. Learning to teach with the highest level of integrity and intention to keep our students safe & deeply engaged in their yoga experience allows us to foster communities that value personal growth and connection to one another.

    Dive deeper into the ancient wisdom of yoga, refine your teaching skills, and learn how to utilize your own unique creativity in your teaching.

    Our 300 hour Teacher Training Program includes a total of 10 advanced training modules, working one-on-one with a mentor, and elective topics of your choice. Each advanced training module is 18 hours of training and is held on a weekend , with the exception of the 5-Day Intensive.

    Once you have completed all program requirements, you may register at the 500hr level with Yoga Alliance.

    We welcome all students who have completed an initial 200 hours of yoga teacher training at The Yoga Loft as well as at other studios.

    It is our mission to train teachers and enrich practitioners who recognize the sanctity of all beings, honor the lineage from which the Teachings of Yoga have come to us, and empower our students to unleash their own creativity to bring these teachings to life, on and off the mat.

    This Program Includes Three Separate Online Courses And Twelve Weeks Of Live Weekly Meetings The Program Can Be Completed 100% Online Or As A Hybrid The Hybrid Option Includes In

    • Option 1 100% Online: Movement Patterns, Design, and Embodied Presence

    • Option 2 Hybrid: Movement Patterns , Design , and Embodied Presence

    • Both options require twelve weeks of online meetings.

    • We recommend you complete the courses in this order: 1. Movement Patterns, 2. Design, 3. Embodied Presence. However, if you are attending Embodied Presence in-person, we understand that the order or course completion might be different.

    Typical time to complete the full program is 10 months. Typical weekly time spent on course content is five to seven hours. These are just averages. Some students work faster and some slower.Although we strongly recommend beginning on a group start date, you can begin at any time. Please contact us with specific questions.

    This has been such an incredible journey. I loved all of the material and the books were fantastic. I have learned so much I dont even know where to begin. I think the best way to truly sum up it all up is that Everything Is Connected.

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    What Comes After 200

    This is a tricky question. Im going to assume that you arent a yoga professional, and that a 200-hour yoga course is what you need to become a yoga teacher . I would suggest looking for an intensive, long-term course. Most people who take this kind of training already have a full-time job, so a three-week course isnt going to cut it. If youre considering a 200-hour course, you probably want to continue to study yoga. Im no expert, but I think that you would need to take a beginner, intermediate and advanced course to get the best possible training..

    It Also Includes Marketing And Legal Aspects Of Teaching Yoga

    Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala

    One of the most common questions a beginner yoga teacher will ask is, How do I start a yoga business? The good news is that there are a number of different options available. You can teach yoga as a hobby or pursue a full-fledged career. Here are some tips to help you get started. First, consider what type of yoga you want to teach. While there are many types of yoga, the practice itself is similar across all types.

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    How Much Does An Average Yoga Teacher Training Cost

    It costs around $4,500 on average for a 200-hour yoga teacher training. If you attend a more expensive program, of course that means more money is spent on your training, but it also means that your yoga teacher training will come with even more benefits. The majority of these training programs are worth more than $4,500, because of the amount of knowledge you gain during your time there..


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