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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training California

What Do Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification Courses Include

Vedic chanting at PIYF Rishikesh India, Yoga, Teacher Training, 200 hour, 300 Hour Rishikesh, India.

For those of you planning to take a basic 200-hour course for teaching yoga, you can expect much better results if you are already familiar with some poses and problems associated with yoga.

Although, in many cases, the course starts from scratch and teachers assume that you are well aware of the basics. My Vinyasa Practice is a prime candidate for a certificate that starts from scratch.

In a 200-hour course, you can expect the following:

75 hours techniques

· Pranayama

· Subtle body

· Meditation

30 hours Yoga anatomy and physiology.

· Yoga anatomy

· Yoga physiology

· Biomechanics

30 hours Humanities

· Yoga history

· Yoga philosophy

· Yoga ethics

50 hours Yoga professional essentials

· Yoga teaching methodology

· Professional development

· Practical teaching

Yoga Teacher Training In California

California is a top destination for yoga teacher training travels within the USA. From Southern California and Central California beach style locations like Los Angeles, San Diego, Venice Beach, Santa Barbara and Santa Monica to Palm Desert towns like Joshua Tree, Desert Hot Springs and Palm Springs then up to Northern California in the Bay Area cities of San Francisco, Oakland and San Ramon and further upward into NorCal wine country with locations in Sonoma and Humboldt counties like Santa Rosa, Ukia, Humboldt and more, the state of California is covered from top to bottom with yoga teacher training programs.

Book California yoga teacher training available all year with popular yoga schools like Jennica Joyce Yoga School, Ratna Ling Retreat Center, The Ananda School of Yoga and Meditation, Shivakali Yoga, 11Exhale Yoga, Retreats-2-Go Yoga School, Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm, True for You Yoga, Evolation and more. Train in California with Yoga Alliance accredited schools and receive RYT certifications upon completion.

Request more information about California Yoga Teacher Training with more schools, trainings and schedule with pricing and availability.

Request more information about yoga teacher training available in California

Foundations Of Yoga Therapy / Advanced Teacher Training

Be The Change is the only studio in Orange County offering a 300 hour Teacher Training Program that focuses on adapting yogic practices for specific populations and students with specific health conditions. This program is for Yoga Teachers who have completed a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training who seek to advance their knowledge in Yogic Studies and understand the totality of yogic practices as a healing modality. Upon completing this 300 hour training, graduates will receive the certification RYT500 which can be registered with Yoga Alliance. This 300 hour training also comprises Level 1 of our 850 hour Professional Yoga Therapist Training Program which consists of 550 additional hours on top of the 300 hour certification. Program graduates can apply these hours and tuition toward their Yoga Therapist Certification.

The yoga therapy component within our 300hr Teacher Training Program courses, classes, instructions, and materials is derived from the Educational Standards of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and is not derived from any status granted by the Yoga Alliance Registry.

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Long Beach School Of Yoga

Long Beach School of Yoga was created to share the traditional yoga teachings to the Southern California yoga community. This yoga school will bring you peace and happiness through yoga classes, yoga teacher training, workshops and special events. Every yoga class is taught by or supervised by the primary trainer Ram Bhakt . This yoga school teaches classical yoga principles and self-healing through Ayurveda.

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Long Beach School of Yoga developed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher training for those who want to become a stronger version of themselves and are ready to share the love of yoga with those around as well as deepen their knowledge and practice. Experienced guest teachers and field trips will inspire you to find your unique voice and to become a yoga teacher. In this 3 month course you will develop your personal style as a yoga teacher, discover the advanced facets of yoga and practice it with like-minded people, learn to overcome mental stress with yoga and help others do the same and you will understand the human body from both physical and subtle anatomy. Join this course and experience a mental and emotional transformation resulting in a deeper sense of self and connection with others.

  • Price: $2,200 USD Early Bird / $2,500 USD Full Tuition
  • Time Commitment: 3 months 3 x week
  • Yoga Style: Multistyle

Here’s What You’ll Receive:

300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training
  • Direct feedback and support from Peer Support team and Lead Trainers
  • 200 Hour YTT Manual
  • Access to 100s of prepared sequences
  • Worksheets
  • Over 15 weekly office hours
  • Application & Reflection
  • FREE Live-stream membership for 7 days
  • LIVE Zoom events available each week
  • Opportunities to connect with our global MVP community
  • Access to content for life

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Yin & Restorative Module

Yandaras Yin & Restorative Yoga Training is a 9-day elective course of the Yandara Advanced 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. During these 9 nourishing days together, we will explore the practices and principles of Yin & Restorative Yoga. We will prioritize the body-mind-spirit connection and the cultivation of a calmer state of being through these daily regenerative and healing yoga practices.

Shamanism Yoga Expressive Arts Social Change

The Shamanic Yoga Institute is a small grassroots business, female owned and run. We are a collective of teachers and mentors committed to training practitioners in the technologies of the soul. Our intermodal, experiential, nature-informed programs invite students to participate in their own healing and grow their capacity for leadership.

This work will change your positionality, your perspective, and the way you engage with life.

It is time to step out of your limiting beliefs and begin to create a new story, where you are living a life of purpose and connection. SYI trainings and mastery programs are strong containers designed to activate personal transformation. Our innovative curriculum, crafted by our founder Christine Selda, Ph.D., weaves together the principles and practices of yoga, expressive arts, and shamanism. You can expect within these initiatory processes to receive tools for accessing your worthiness and creativity, reclaiming ceremony and personal power, and applying your gifts as an advocate for change.

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Yin Yoga With Miette Boyer:

Tentative Teacher Training Dates: Spring 2020

Yin Yoga balances the Chi of the body. It is the complementary yoga practice for invigorating Vinyasa style yoga classes. Yin stresses the fascial system of the body, releasing tension held in the soft tissues.Myofascial Release is a safe hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure onto them Myo Fascial connective tissue trigger points in order to reduce pain through establishing brain-body connections.

In this module we will explore:*Functional anatomy and postures*Our fascial system and the Yin practice*Our nervous system and its important role in the Yin practice*The psychological aspects of the Yin practice & how to create safe space for students.*The foundations and philosophy of Yin*Sequencing Yin classes & exploring Yin postures*How to incorporate props to modify and support all students.*Myofascial Release incorporation into Yin classesWhen we incorporate the tools of MFR with Yin Yoga we can open the body more fully to increase the circulation of the blood & chi energy to the tissues of the body.

Ms Organizational Management With An Emphasis In Project Management Bs Interior Design Ba Psychology Minor In Theatre Dance E

Yoga teacher training course testimonial 2022 | Sattva Yoga Academy

Yoga Professor – Amore St Ives

Amore has the roots of the Pacific Northwest and the spirit of the Southern Coast. She spent many of her formative years exploring the healing powers of nature in Portland Oregon that initiated her love of untethered travel and learning. She went to school at The University California – San Diego, The Art Institute and Ashford University to follow her passion for people, movement and art. Currently she holds degrees in psychology, interior design, theatre dance and a Masters in management. In 2001 she served in the Peace Corps, Ghana Africa as a health and sanitation teacher to local villages. Upon returning from Africa Amore was diagnosed with two auto-immune diseases ankylosing spondylitis and ulcerative colitis. This has only activated a deeper yearning to learn and share her experience and knowledge as a collective community of healing.

Her mission is to share the depths of connectivity and consciousness through the teachings of yoga to her students and beyond.

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Course : Philosophical Foundations For Yoga Therapy

Yoga is a linage-based system. These teachings have been passed down for thousands of years from teacher to student. As Yoga and Yoga Therapy continue to evolve well into the 21st Century, it is of paramount importance to understand and maintain the essence of Yoga. In order to do this, we must study the source text of Yoga which is the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Our trainees will gain correct knowledge of the systems of Yoga, Sankhya and Ayurveda as comprehensive and complimentary paths of personal transformation. This course outlines the myriad of tools and correct application of tools, available in our Yoga Therapy tool belt, as well as the methodology to positively change mind, body, relationships and every aspect of life.

Subjects within this course include:

  • Yoga Sutras Tools for Yoga Therapy
  • Ayurveda Framework for Health and Disease
  • 5 Element Theory for Yoga Therapy

Details In Depth In Your Asanas With Linda Lehovec:

Tentative Teacher Training Dates: Summer 2020

Students will learn to break down poses, use props and hone in on specific details of each pose to teach safe alignment for every body type. They will understand actions within each pose more deeply, and that every action has a counter action to be aware of so that ultimately they find a sense of balance in each pose and the class as a whole. They will more fully understand the effects of each action and the benefits of each action within each pose.

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Buddhi Yoga Teacher Training Programs

We recently graduated our fourth group of yoga teachers this past summer. Each training has been unique and memorable, with students coming from all over the world. Some completed the San Diego yoga teacher training program in the four-month format, meeting every other weekend, while others chose the three-week summer intensive, studying six days a week. Both programs offer a comprehensive foundation on yoga postures, meditation, breathing techniques and many other subjects. At the end of the training all students are capable of teaching yoga classes for all types of practitioners. We introduce our trainees to various styles in hopes that they teach classes in their own unique way based on what resonates with them the most.

Our Certification Program Merges The Great Rivers Of Tantra Yoga And Ayurveda For Embodied Ecstatic Living This Creative Synthesis

300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

We empower teachers with a broad and deep base to live and teach the flow of Prana Vinyasa Yoga. The entire program offers teachers the full range of yogic experience from meditation to advanced asanas to service in the world.

Our unique program offers a dynamic, integrative approach to the art of living and embodying yoga. In addition to completing contact hours with Shiva and Prana Flow Teacher Trainers, we have our online Samudra Global School that offers practice and study support throughout the year.

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Rolling Admissions Start At Any Time

Youve learned the basics of being a yoga instructor but you want to be able to teach a greater range of students with more therapeutic yogic tools.

  • We will teach you to make safe modifications of asana so everyone can benefit from your classes.
  • Youll learn purposeful sequencing to engender specific effects.
  • Youll delve into the spiritual, psychological and philosophical aspects of Yoga.
  • Youll gain a much greater understanding of the anatomy and physiology of Yoga.
  • Youll graduate with more depth of spirit, competence and confidence!

This curriculum also serves as a pathway into IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Training. *Starred courses are required for Yoga Therapy. If you are interested in matriculating into the Yoga Therapy training you may wish to enroll in the starred courses as they will transfer into the Yoga Therapy program

This training has 150 Required hours and 150 Elective Hours of your choice. You may take your courses in any order.

Students completing training by December 31, 2023 may do so fully online, in person, via recordings, or any combination of those options!

Expanding Light Yoga Teacher Training

The Expanding Light Retreat is a non-profit organization offering spiritual growth retreats and Yoga Teacher trainings based on the universal teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, the world-renowned author of Autobiography of a Yogi. This retreat center situated outside of Nevada City, California is welcoming guests for almost 50 years, from all parts of the world, with many different spiritual perspectives, to learn more about the path of Kriya Yoga meditation, Ananda Yoga for physical and spiritual healing, and the contemporary application of Yoganandas teachings to help people realize their true potential.

Ananda Yoga Teacher training presented by Expanding Light Retreat is a life-changing experience, spiritual growth, and wellness on all levels. This program goes beyond physical exercise into the deeper realms of yoga. You will immerse yourself in yoga as a way of life. This residential yoga teacher training in California is much more than techniques. Youll be a full-time part of Ananda Village, one of the leading ashrams in the U.S. As you explore creative new ways to live your yoga, youll be supported by the magnetism of an entire community of long-time yogis.

  • Price: varies from $2,856 to $7,616 USD
  • Time Commitment: 4 weeks course
  • Yoga Style: Ananda Yoga

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Module : Teaching Tune

  • Re-energize your professional skills with real-time practice teaching sessions supported by your community of peers and teacher mentors
  • Tune-up your powers of observation, curiosity and creativity that first inspired your decision to teach, guiding you further along your teaching path


Register early and SAVE!

For an application, fill out the form below, tell us a little about yourself, and we will send you more information about the training.

Register and pay-in-full > daysDISCOUNT PRICE = $4,100 .

Register and pay-in-full < REGULAR PRICE = $4,600 .


  • Price does not include accommodation
  • REGISTER NOW and enjoy 30 days of free access to Peters online classes at! You will receive a Free Online Class Code as soon as you are accepted into the program.


Modules 3 and 7: these modules are a rare and exciting feature of our 300-hr yoga teacher training. Together these modules are a 150-hr Ayurveda wellness immersion known as the Wellness Counselor Program . James Bailey will be your instructor for this life changing opportunity to immerse yourself into the Vedic system of self care, family health, and supporting your students and others on their healing journey. To learn more about this training go to the Sevanti Institute website for details about its AWCP Level 1 Ayurveda Foundation Program.

Sign up

Note: This is not an application for the training, just a request for information about the training.


Please Note: This Teacher Training Program Is Approved With Yoga Alliance And Graduates Are Eligible To Register With Ya As A Registered Yoga Teacher At The 200

Day-13 | Ayurveda Class | Intro to Mithahara 2 | Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

Certification as a RYT-200 with Yoga AllianceA solid foundation in classical Hatha Yoga including alignment based vinyasa flow and restorative yoga within a therapeutic framework.An anatomy and biomechanically informed alignment system that helps to address common misalignments and keeps your students safeModifications and adaptations for all bodies, including special populations such as seniors, pregnancy, and those with injuriesGain insights into your nature through the wisdom of Yoga and its philosophy

Explore breath work, mantra and meditation as tools to create vibrant health and wellbeing in your lifeLearn the art of sequencing yoga classes that honors your authentic voice and meets the needs of your student populationBusiness of Yoga & How to Build Your Yoga CommunityLearn to share the practices with others in a safe and powerful wayBuild self-confidence and tap into your amazing potential in a supportive, nurturing environmentTrain with highly experienced, knowledgeable and passionate teacher

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Dancing Spirit Ranch Teacher Certification

Dancing Spirit Ranch is a peaceful yet dynamic place of conscious co-creation, the perfect space for your transformation, for your Yoga Teacher training with Yogakoh.

The 200hr level 1 residential Yoga Teacher training is an internationally recognized immersion program designed for interested practitioners who are ready to teach or who are simply looking to enrich and grow their personal practice. The training is focused on the Vinyasa format of sequencing, but draws much of its teachings from traditional Ashtanga and Hatha lineages.You will fully enjoy the unique place of Dancing Spirit Ranch while studying, meditations and eating delicious vegan food.

  • Price: $3,600 without accommodation / $5,400 double room / $6,300 single room
  • Time Commitment: Intensive 21days
  • Yoga Style: Vinyasa

Course : Yoga Therapy Tools And Therapeutic Skills

This course provides the foundational principles for building a therapeutic relationship. Trainees will be introduced to the principles to work with clients one-on-one which include primary yoga therapy assessment models to identify imbalance, as well as the skillful application of tools to assist their clients in achieving their goals and moving towards optimal health.

Subjects within this course include:

  • Yoga Therapy Foundations, Practice and Public Health
  • Basic Principles of a Therapeutic Relationship
  • Proprioception and Ethical Use of Touch
  • Application of Basic Principles of a Therapeutic Relationship

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