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300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

What Makes This Retreat Special

Yoga Teacher Training Course | Best 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training in India

We are recognized as the best yoga school in Bali for yoga yoga teacher training & yoga retreat in Bali, With years of profound experience listening to the needs of yoga students, we continue to help yoga learners in making yoga accessible. We have the most experienced yoga teachers and instructors from around the world who make your stay at Bali Yoga School unforgettable.

Sampoorna Yogas Refund Policy For Online Courses

  • I am signing up for the online course with full awareness, after having read and understood all the details of the course including the Terms and Conditions as well as the Refund Policy.
  • I understand that the course fee paid towards any and all the online course is non-refundable, non-cancelable and non-transferable under any circumstances.
  • The course fee covers the cost of the online training provided by Sampoorna Yoga, and this includes the student manual and all other study resources available on the online platform, live sessions, interaction with the teacher of the course, and the certificate upon completion of the course.
  • I understand that I will have lifetime access to the material of the course, as long as the hosting e-learning platform exists.
  • I understand that all the course material and resources such as the TTC manual, documents in PDF format and audios and videos are ONLY for my own personal use, and I am not authorized to distribute, replicate, copy, share, or use them in any other way, unless I have a written consent from Sampoorna Yoga.
  • I understand that I have up to ONE year to complete the same to get the certificate of completion. I agree to fulfill the requirements needed to receive the certificate , within the ONE year after starting the course.
  • I agree that if, for whatever reason, I need an extension to complete the certification I will be entitled to pay a 100-euro administrative fee for each additional month of extension I request.
  • Here’s What You Can Specialize In Through The Extension Courses

    • Intro to Breathwork

    • Trauma protocols through ancient text

    • Intro to Yin Yoga

    • Ayurvedic Approach to Life, Practice, and Teaching

    • Trauma Informed Yoga

    • Sequencing based on the elements

    • Sound Healing

    • Womans Health in Yoga

    • Deep philosophy of the Yogic Gods and Goddesses

    • Restorative Yoga

    • How to teach with Props and Modifications

    • Virtual Teaching

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    Yoga Philosophy Lifestyle And Ethics For Yoga Teachers: 30 Hours

    Youll read traditional Hindu texts, just as you did in your yoga 200-hour course, but youll take a deeper dive into the philosophies and teachings. Youll learn more about the yoga lifestyle, including the practices of non-violence and karma. There will also be focus on student relationships and how to be a service to others.

    Overview Of The Syllabus

    • Improved muscle strength and tone
    • A balanced metabolism
    • Better cardio and circulatory health
    • Improved athletic performance
    • At the Yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, you get to master the form of each of your Asanas and you’ll also receive detailed instructions on the benefits of practicing each Asana. Complications and Contraindications for these positions as well as alternate Asanas will also be taught to help you attain mastery of your Yogic posturing.

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    Leading Kripalu Vinyasa: Breathe Feel Flow

    Deepen your skills and increase your appeal to students who want to experience an intentional and mindful approach to vinyasa yoga. Learn to create intelligent, innovative sequences and establish powerful philosophical themes that support your students both on and off the mat, infusing your teaching with power, purpose, and heart.

    During this module, you also

    • Explore vinyasa through the lens of Kripalu Yoga methodology
    • Learn how to lead the three levels of Kripalu Vinyasa, using intelligent and progressive sequencing.
    • Explore modifications and energetic alignment principles to create a safe experience for students at all levels
    • Delve into the koshas, pranayama, and meditation in motion.

    Overview Of The 300hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training In Europe

    Advanced vinyasa sequences and Power yoga practice, so that you can improve your physical practice.

    Workshops on advanced back-bending, hip opening, arm balances, and inversions for your own practice and for safely teaching in class. You will learn how to prepare the body for advanced asanas, for your own self-practice, and for your students.

    Deeper knowledge of hands-on adjustments. This will turn your drop-in students into loyal customers who will keep on coming back to you for your spot-on adjustments.

    Teaching skills .

    Anatomical application of asanas comparative anatomy of different body types tension and compression theory.

    Yin and restorative yoga – practice and theory. You will also learn how to teach restorative and yin yoga.

    Yoga and injuries. Let’s face it, is there anyone out there without injuries?

    Philosophical discussions, where you find answers to deeper questions.

    The business of yoga, yoga career, and marketing yourself as a yoga teacher.

    Teaching your fellow students and receiving constructive feedback from them.

    Yoga and Injuries, Sanskrit for advanced poses, Creating and Leading your own workshops.

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    Online Yoga Courses For Teachers

    If youre looking for online yoga training courses with traditional teaching and the best yoga teachers in the world, Himalaya Yoga Valley ONLINE, was developed for you.

    Our faculty is the most experienced yoga teacher training team there is, and now you can study with them at a time and a pace that suits you, from wherever in the world you are. Check out our online yoga training platform for more information and to get started today

    Following Your Yoga Teaching Dreams


    The yoga teaching field is so varied. You could focus on ancient yogic teachings in order to give your yoga students insight into the history of yoga.

    Or you could instead focus on the adjustment of poses, which will be immensely helpful if you are teaching non-traditional yoga students, such as senior citizens, disabled people, or even children.

    Or, you may not be interested in finding a focus or niche when taking a 300-hour yoga teacher training course. You may just want a deeper knowledge of yoga, its history, processes and business practices.

    So, we hope weve helped by taking a deep look at the 5 best 300-hour yoga teacher trainings out there. Now is the time to pick a niche if thats something you are interested in doing. Whether you pick a niche or not, youll still broaden your knowledge of yoga, which will greatly increase your know-how when teaching your students. Youll become a better teacher for it, and youll make them better students.

    If you have dreams of furthering your yoga career, then look over the courses we mentioned and choose the right one for you. Youve got nothing to lose.

    Good luck!

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    Define Yourself As A Yoga Teacher

    You have 200 hours of training under your mat.* You can guide students through an intelligent, effective yoga class. Now it’s time to master yoga as a life path.Through a dedicated apprenticeship and by participating in professional workshops, our comprehensive program will help you hone your unique teaching style and voice. What makes YogaWorks’ 300-hour program stand out?

    Our Personal Approach

    The mentor relationship was originally how yoga was passed down to new teachers and YogaWorks continues this effective learning tradition. Not all 300-Hour programs include the apprenticeship. Please ask your program advisor.

    • One-on-one mentor relationship to guide you throughout the program and beyond

    • Observing your mentor in class

    • A final project designed to help define yourself as a yoga teacher

    • Addressing yoga teaching questions and discussions in small group meetings with your mentor and other students

    Your Opportunity for Deeper Learning

    To add to your teaching tool kit, you will participate in workshops on a wide variety of teaching topics, including:

    • Teaching vinyasa flow and advanced asana

    • Practicing hands-on adjustments

    Prerequisites For The Course

    As this is a second level advance teacher training, there are some requirements you must fulfill before applying for this course:

    • You must have completed a 200-hour Yoga teacher training.
    • You must be willing to adapt to the ashram lifestyle e.g., abstain from tobacco, alcohol and drugs, attend a strict class schedule, etc.
    • You must have a genuine desire to further your yoga education.
    • You must be physically and mentally capable to follow an intensive training.

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    Why Go On A 300

    Have you completed the 200-hour yoga teacher training course, the very first step towards becoming a certified yoga teacher? Would you like to further your education and continue your growth, not just as a teacher but also as a student of yoga?

    A 300-hour yoga teacher training is a more advanced and detailed study of all things yoga, from asanas to philosophy, anatomy, and everything in between. And that’s precisely why this course is often referred to as Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.

    To be eligible for the course, you must have previously completed the 200-hour training. Once youve completed both the 200 and 300-hour courses, you must teach for 100 hours in order to become certified as an RYT 500.

    Traditional Hatha / 30 Days / 300 Hours Yoga Alliance Certification

    RYS® 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

    This 300 hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in India is meant for students and yoga teachers who completed 200 hours yoga teacher training from a recognized school already. Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in our ashram helps to deepen the understanding of advanced asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, yoga nidras etc. This advanced yoga instructor training helps to improve both self-practice and ability to teach advanced poses and sequences, which are not covered in 200 hours yoga teacher training certification courses.

    Practically, we prefer the students who completed 200 hours teacher training with us to come for this course. However, if you have completed your previous training in a different school or style, please email us your yoga teacher training certificate and syllabus of what you learnt, to ensure that you are prepared for our highly challenging Advanced Teacher Training, in both self-practice and teaching careers.

    If we feel that your previous training doesnt include what is considered standard syllabus, we may ask you to come for a two week Intensive Yoga course, as a preparation for our 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in India, which can be challenging if you dont have the physical and spiritual background that we impart in our 200 hours training.

    Who Can Come?

    Who Can not Come?

    • For any other chronic or serious medical condition, please email us before registration.

    What can you gain from advanced Yoga Teacher Training Retreat in India?

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    Prerequisite Is A Completed 200

    This 300hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Europe is a 3.5-week intensive course designed to deepen your already existing knowledge and foundations of yoga.

    At Alpha Yoga School, we believe that we are all constantly moving towards growth and knowledge as both yoga students and yoga teachers. Practicing and teaching yoga is a never-ending path of evolution.

    We strive to meet you where you are and to transform your practice and your teaching into works of authentic, healing art.

    How you teach becomes a representation of who you are, how you live, and the love within you.

    “Knowledge has a beginning but no end” – Geeta Iyengar

    • Identifying your dominant learning style and how to teach based on other learning styles.

    • Communication skills such as group dynamics, time management, and the establishment of priorities and boundaries.

    • How to address the specific needs of individuals and cultures, to the degree possible in a group setting.

    • Speech patterns – active vs. passive language and the effective use of each positive and conscious communication habitual speech and communication patterns.

    • Principles of demonstration, demonstration techniques, observation, assisting, and correcting.

    Much of your time will be spent on expanding your existing knowledge of asanas while paying attention to key alignment and anatomical structures in order to firstly deepen your own practice and secondly to guide others safely into poses – verbally, visually, and physically.

    Topics include:

    Release And Waiver Liabilities

    Por la presente, leo, entiendo y acepto lo siguiente:

  • Estoy participando en clases de yoga, programas de salud, talleres y / u otras actividades de bienestar, trabajo corporal, terapia, ejercicio y artes curativas ofrecidas por Sampoorna Yoga, Goa, India . Las actividades se pueden ofrecer en la ubicación física de la escuela o en línea a través de videos, televisión, podcasts, aplicaciones u otros medios o plataformas digitales. Todas estas ofertas, ya sean físicas o en línea, se considerarán “Actividades”.
  • Reconozco que debo tener una salud física y mental adecuada para participar en las Actividades. Entiendo que las Actividades pueden requerir un esfuerzo físico intenso, y declaro y garantizo que estoy físicamente en forma para participar, y que no tengo ninguna condición médica que impida mi plena participación en las Actividades. Reconozco que las Actividades pueden causar o agravar una lesión física o afección médica. Entiendo que es mi responsabilidad consultar con un médico antes de participar en las Actividades. Si lo he hecho, he seguido el consejo del médico. Entiendo que la Escuela se reserva el derecho de rechazar mi participación en cualquier Actividad por razones médicas, de acondicionamiento físico o por cualquier otro motivo.
  • Yo, mis herederos o representantes legales exoneramos para siempre, renunciamos, damos de alta y nos comprometemos a no demandar a ninguna Parte Liberada por ningún Reclamo causado por negligencia u otros actos de una Parte Liberada.
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    Poltica De No Reembolso Cursos En Lnea

  • Entiendo y acepto que la tarifa del curso en línea debe pagarse en su totalidad para obtener acceso a la plataforma en línea.
  • Entiendo y acepto que una vez que haya pagado la tarifa del curso en línea, esta cantidad no es reembolsable, no es cancelable ni transferible bajo ninguna circunstancia.
  • Entiendo y acepto que al pagar el curso en línea me comprometo a completar el curso, ya sea dentro del plazo sugerido por Sampoorna Yoga o a mi propio ritmo pero si decido no continuar con el curso, en cualquier momento, es únicamente mi responsabilidad y Sampoorna Yoga no está obligada a devolver ninguna cantidad de la tarifa del curso.
  • Whats The Difference Between 200 Hour And 300 Hour Trainings


    Put simply, 200 hours is the level 1 yoga teacher training, and 300 hours is generally the level 2. It will depend, however, on the school offering the training. Some schools may hold a 300 hour level 1 training, or even 500 hour trainings. These may encompass no particular level, but instead contain in depth content that would be addressed in level 1 and 2, in a longer and more rigorous format.

    Youll find many of the 200 hour yoga teacher training Bali courses are the entry into yoga teaching, as they are the level 1 courses offered to people who have not yet done a training, or who are looking to go back to do another level 1 for experience/in a different style, etc.

    The 300 hour yoga teacher training Bali offers are generally the level 2 option. Open only to those who have completed a 200-hour or more.

    You can take as many trainings you please. Most school also allow you to join the level 2 that they are holding, even if you havent completed your level 1 with that particular school.

    Simply, the most basic difference of these trainings is this: the 300 hour yoga teacher training is 100 more than the 200! That means more content, practice, and often more days that the training will be completed.

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    The Kaivalya Yoga Method

    The Kaivalya Yoga Methods 300-hour yoga teacher training program costs $597. . The programs modules include:

    • Art of Adjustments
    • Final Teaching Culmination which includes an ethics agreement

    What youll get when enrolling in the program:

    • In-depth video lectures
    • Private Facebook group
    • Personalized feedback when submitting tests and videos
    • Lifetime certification through The Kaivalya Yoga Method youll also be able to certify with the Yoga Alliance

    Teaching Adaptive Yoga: Broaden Your Skills

    • How to sharpen your observation skills to help recognize the specific needs of students
    • The biomechanics of the spine and major joints
    • The science behind trauma and tools to work with trauma sensitive individuals
    • Ayurvedic lifestyle tools to help you and your students remain calm, clear, and connected
    • Principles for teaching various populations including pregnant women, the elderly, and those with chronic pain and health conditions
    • Advanced skills for working with private clients.

    Note This module was formerly called Instructing Yoga for Special Populations.

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    Ombodies Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

    “If youre serious about teaching yoga, OmBodies is the way to go. I went into my 200-hour teacher training thinking I had a good grip on the practice, but Heather expanded my mind into brand new directions. Her attention to detail is apparent in every aspect of the training – I left with more anatomy knowledge than I ever thought possible and a deeper respect for the history and philosophy of the practice. One of the best parts about her 200-hour program: you leave with several hours of teaching already under your belt. Meaning, you feel more prepared to spread your wings and build classes after graduation! OmBodies doesnt just teach you the basics, she helps you become a life-long learner. Because of her training, I am able to think critically while researching yoga topics and I am better prepared to analyze asana and modify for different student populations. Im continuing my yoga education with OmBodies advanced teacher training program, and Im finding the same of level dedication. OmBodies Yoga Teacher Training is

    top-notch and geared toward serious yoga teachers and practitioners!”

    Why Train With Us

    300 hour Advanced Yoga teacher training

    Inspire Your Teaching

    The biggest complaint yoga teachers have is a lack of inspiration. Were feeling you! Being part of a teaching community and diving into learning will spark contemplation for the times were living in, both physically and philosophically, so youll have no shortage of ideas to share in class.

    Learn in Community

    Theres nothing more powerful than being in a supportive environment where you can safely give and receive valuable feedback on your teaching with people who are rooting for you to succeed! Make lifelong friends from all over the world.

    • Seva

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