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28 Day Face Yoga Challenge

How To Go About The Method

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Getting started is difficult if you have previously purchased the book or the online 28-day challenge package.

Fumiko advises that the Face Yoga approach not take up too much of your time. Instead, it should become a routine that lasts 2 to 3 minutes.

Follow the technique twice a day. Face yoga works to stimulate endorphins and lymphatic drainage early in the day.

The second time is before going to bed to de-stress and relieve facial tension. Making it a time for oneself is essential to the practice.

Face yoga is, after all, simple to practice alone or at home, so set aside a few minutes for me-time and consider facial toning as a soothing meditation.

Basically Have To Buy Pro But Worth It

I paid for a year of pro for $54 after tax with their amazing discounts they offer to EVERYONE! So while youll need to buy it after about a month of consistent practice its worth the money. Customer support is very quick to respond to emails and get you right back to your yoga routines. I have never had such an amazing experience with a workout app in my life. As a 22yo mom of a toddler I dont have time to go to the gym, daily yoga has allowed me to do my workouts and stretches in my house with my daughter whenever I have time. Their instructors go slowly and explain everything including where you should be feeling the burn if your muscles arent used to being worked and I promise there are muscles in your body you barely use and they will BURNNN! In the last 4 months of being a pro member I have lost 30lbs and all I do is eat junk, drink wine and do yoga! BUY THE PRO they also do monthly subs AND STAY CONSISTENT! Amazing app, amazing instructors, amazing routines and options to create your own schedule based on what youre trying to achieve for your own body. I can go on and on about how great this is.

More About Face Yoga >

Face Yoga is very special! My method is wonderfully unique as it is a holistic approach to the face, It works from the inside out- toning the muscles, relaxing tension and boosting blood flow. So with daily practise your face looks and feels glowing, lifted and healthy. But its deeper than that. It is also about feeling good. It is about truly learning to love the skin we are in and having a tool box of techniques to feel amazing naturally.

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Keep Track Of Your Daily Practice

At first, its easy to remember which yoga videos youve completed or which new asana you were able to accomplish but after a week, two weeks, or a month, it can all become a blur. So be sure to mark your progress each day by writing down which routine or workout you completed, where you experienced noticeable improvements, and what your goals are for the next day. By the end of the challenge, it will be so exciting to be able to look back and see all the progress youve made!

Yoga Can Be The Best Way To Get Rid Of Fine Lines And Fat From Your Face And That Too Chemical

CONTEST ALERT! WIN the 28 Day Challenge for the Neck and ...

Thanks to the stressful lives we lead and the amount of pollution around us, fine lines and wrinkles, along with fat start showing up on our pretty faces by the time we hit mere thirties.

And of course, we do not want them.

These 5 simple facial yoga exercises will help you lose fat and also slow down the signs of aging from appearing on your face:

Simha Mudra

For this one, you need to kneel down comfortably with your palms placed on your thighs. Next, stick your tongue outwards and stretch it downwards forcefully, extending it as much as you can. While doing so, exhale and make a roaring sound like a lion.

Fish Face

Love clicking selfies with a pout? You will fall in love with this facial yoga pose instantly because you just have to suck your cheeks in like you do while making that fish face in your selfies. Next, hold that position and try to smile as widely as you can with that pout.

Mouthwash Technique

Keep those laugh lines and flabby cheeks at bay by practicing the mouthwash technique. As the name suggests, all you’ve got to do is to fill up your mouth with air and transfer it from one corner to another the way you do while rinsing your mouth with water in the morning. Continue the procedure for 20-30 seconds, relax, and repeat.

Jivha Bandha

Jaw release

And if you don’t believe us, there is a study that corroborates this.

Dr Murad Alam from Northwestern University lead a study that found facial exercises can make women look younger.

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What Is The Face Yoga Method

Face Yoga is fast gaining popularity as more woman and men are looking for a natural alternative to lift their face.

The first time I came across the Face Yoga Method I was stressed and tired from working up to ten hours in front of a computer each day. Working in the finance sector was exciting, but it also took its toll. My shoulders were tense, my neck was always out of alignment, my arm tingled and my vision declined fast. One morning I looked into the mirror and was shocked to discover how fast my face was aging.

The worst of all was that I wasnt honest with myself. Somewhere deep inside I knew what was happening I was ignoring everything my body told me. In the desperate attempt to find a quick fix for my saggy cheeks and my thin lips, I had the brilliant idea to consult a beautician to speak with her about lip tattoos.

The moment she held the mirror in front of my face and explained that a lip tattoo wouldnt make my lips look plumper but that I needed fillers to achieve the desired effect, it hit me hard. Instantly, I knew that was not what I wanted. I always had been a natural girl, and that was not about to change.

Curious enough, a few days earlier a friend had told me about her experience with the Face Yoga Method. It had not only lifted her double chin and re-shaped her jawline, but it had also cured her long-term neck problem. Upon hearing her success story, I knew that this could be the solution to all my problems.

How To Do An At Home Yoga Challenge

Whether youre a beginner or an expert yogi, a yoga challenge is a lot of fun. It gives you the opportunity to really dive into your personal yoga practice and go deeper than ever before. Within a few weeks, you can break through barriers that even your overpriced local yoga studio might not be able to do for you.


Because it is *your* commitment to a regular yoga practice that you can do right at home.

But uh, here are a few tips for getting started.

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Going About The Face Yoga Method

If you have already bought the book or the online 28-day challenge package, it isnt hard to get started. Fumiko recommends that the Face Yoga method not take a large part of your day. Rather, like brushing your teeth, it should become a habit that lasts 2 to 3 minutes.

The method is to be practiced twice a day. Early in the day, face yoga works to activate your endorphins and lymphatic drainage. The second time is before sleeping, to de-stress and release tension in your face. The key to the practice is making it a time for yourself.

Face Yoga is after all easy to do alone and at home, so set up a good few minutes for your me-time and treat the toning of your face as a relaxing meditation session.

Yoga Exercises For Your Face

Yoga Asanas for Beginner’s Flexibility Routine – 25 Minutes Yoga Complete Beginner’s Flow

For each exercise, work to your comfort level. You may feel warmth or heat, but you shouldnt experience pain or discomfort.

Always start with clean hands and a clean face. Use an oil, serum, or cleansing balm so your fingers can glide easily over your skin without it being too slippery. Massaging oils or serums into your skin can help the product penetrate your skin for deeper absorption.

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The Face Method Package

Complete the ageing habits questionnaire before diving into the Face Yoga Method. Its a great quiz that looks at your daily routines and what face yoga can do to help you avoid bad consequences.

The lifetime access to Face Yoga Method bundle, valued at over $100, usually works out to approximately $20.

The total price includes lifelong access to the Face Yoga Method 28 Day Challenge Beauty in Symmetry. For 28 days, you practice yoga on every feature of your face, following the behaviours you detailed in your survey.

A "10 Minute All Over Toning Routine" is also featured, a set of exercises you may complete alongside Fumiko. 

Its considerably more reassuring to have her as a companion while you practice various yoga postures to help minimize creases and wrinkles on your face.

You will also receive a bonus film titled "Seven Behaviors That Age You," an instructive movie on the unconscious habits contributing to early face wrinkles.

Is Face Yoga Effective

In short, yes but you have to be committed to the regimen. Because facial aging is due in part to muscle loss, if you can commit to a routine, exercise may strengthen those muscles, making the entire face look more firm and youthful, explains Beauty Lab Senior Chemist Sabina Wizemann.

In one study, testers who facially exercised for 30 daily over two months, then every other day for three months, reported an increased fullness in their cheeks, making them look nearly three years younger. Its a really great natural solution to regain your youthful appearance, and a great alternative to Botox and plastic surgery, says Koko Hayashi, facial yoga instructor at Skin Fit Gym in Los Angeles.

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More On Teacher Training >

Our accredited, internationally renowned and fully certified courses allow you to teach Face Yoga to groups and individuals any where in the world. You may want to start a new business, add to a current skill set or just learn something new for yourself. Either way training in The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method and becoming part of our Face Yoga family of over 1123 teachers internationally means you are part of something very exciting! You may like learning in a group, or maybe you prefer one to one training. Perhaps you work better studying at your own pace and in your own time. We have lots of different options to start your journey to helping others look and feel great inside and out.

How Does Face Yoga Work

Day 12

In facial fitness classes like Hayashis , youll learn to wake up your sleeping muscles in your face to improve tone , and relax your facial muscles, especially your over muscles which cause wrinkles she explains. To smooth wrinkles and firm up saggy spots, Hayashi shared her five best face yoga exercises. You might feel silly making these faces at first, but the results speak for themselves.

How to do the exercise: Start your workout circuit by blowing exaggerated raspberries not only just with the lips, but with the cheeks as well. The bigger vibration is better for relaxing facial muscles, says Hayashi. Lip muscles are a core muscle for the face. By relaxing these muscles, other muscles are relaxed too.

How often to do it: At least once per day, or whenever you feel stressed, says Hayashi.

How to do the exercise: Keeping your shoulders down and relaxed, tip your chin up to the ceiling until you feel a good stretch in the upper neck and chin area. Then, alternate making duck lips and sticking out your tongue, holding each pose for 5 seconds each. Repeat three times.

Make sure to keep your chin extended and keep your neck taut the whole while. Hayashi reminds that this should feel a bit strenuous: If you dont get tired, its not effective.

How often to do it: 1-2 times per day

How often to do it: once per day

How often to do it: 3-5 times per day, for best results

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The Face Yoga Method Book

, the book is without a doubt the best text weve come across on the practice of face yoga. The book itself is split into 4 parts.

  • The first section generally explains face yoga as an effective method of generating beauty from the inside out. It also lists out fundamental wellness steps important to mindfulness, thus preparing you for face yoga.
  • The second section of the book focuses on exercises. The list of yoga poses outline is exhaustive. There are more than 50 exercises that cover everything from a warm-up to complete facelifts to cooling down at the end, with every facial muscle covered in detail.
  • The third section, our favorite, is for target areas and involves acupuncture as well as face yoga for those on-the-go.
  • The closing section discusses good skin philosophy as complementary to face yoga practice. This section includes skin-benefiting food recipes, skincare, the crucial Splash Your Face 100 Times method as well as bonus advice on how to keep your skin young and healthy.

Our verdict? The book is a must-read for anybody interested in face yoga.

A Holistic Package: The Face Yoga Method

Before you dive deep into the Face Yoga Method, we suggest taking the aging habits quiz. It is a very good questionnaire that looks into your daily habits and what face yoga does to stop negative effects. After the survey, you will get a healthy list of what best suits you based on the method. Valued at over $100, the lifetime access Face Yoga Method package generally comes out to just around $20 or so .

The total order includes lifetime access to the Beauty in Symmetry Face Yoga Method 28 Day Challenge. For 28 days, you practice yoga on every detail of your face catered to the habits youve outlined in your survey.

Also included is a 10 Minute All Over Toning Routine which is a series of exercises that you can do along with Fumiko. It is far more comforting to have her as a partner as you do various yoga poses to help reduce lines and wrinkles on your face.

You will also receive a bonus video on the Seven Habits That Age You, an informative video on the unconscious habits that add to premature facial wrinkles.

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How Often Do You Need To Practice Face Yoga To See Results

Ideally every single day, if you want to see good results, says Hayashi. Wizemann agrees that consistency is the only key to success: If you like a challenge and can stick to a 30-minute daily beauty routine for at least five months, you could possibly look a couple of years younger. But Wizemann adds that these exercises shouldnt replace the proven efficacy of anti-aging skin care and sun protection.

Face Yoga Method Review: Is It Worth It

Day 6: Strength and Stretch Yoga Challenge (lower body stretch)

Its no secret that were big fans of face yoga. Having written exhaustingly on the subject in our own guide, we always like to explore how others are following this relaxing beauty practice. It was inevitable then that we soon came across Fumiko Takatsus Face Yoga Method. Based on a philosophy that centers on the face as inclusive to holistic wellness, Takatsus Face Yoga Method gained traction on social media a few years ago.

Starting initially with face yoga exercise tutorials on YouTube, Face Yoga Method has branched into books, cosmetic kits, digital courses and even face yoga teacher certifications. There are countless testimonials online swearing by the effectiveness of the Face Yoga Method. We decided to check it out for ourselves and see if all the hype was worth it.

Heres our review of the Face Yoga Method.

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Which Types Of Yoga Might Be Better For Your Face

Noting the benefits of yoga asana, traditional ways of sitting during yoga, Collins explains: Forward folds bring fresh blood and oxygen to the skin, which promotes a healthy glow. Backbending poses tone and firm the front neck muscles, while twists firm the side of the face and release neck tension.

Slower types of yoga that involve holding poses for extended periods may give you more of an opportunity to bring this awareness to your facial muscles. This includes Hatha, Yin, or restorative yoga. You can also work on relaxing your face muscles during your mediation, pranayama, or yoga nidra practice.

Work on bringing awareness to your face during traditional yoga postures. Observe if youre holding onto any tension or making facial expressions. Notice if youre concentrating on relaxing your face so intently that you end up furrowing your brow or lifting your eyebrows.

Some teachers cue the Buddha smile or Mona Lisa smile to indicate a relaxed face with the corners of your mouth turned upward slightly.

Before And After: Some Testimonials

The reason why we chose to check out the Face Yoga Method was the countless youtube testimonials . They all rave about the effectiveness of face yoga and the empowering opportunity of being a face yoga method teacher .

Fumiko Takatsus certification process for becoming a certified face yoga teacher has given countless women the chance to encourage self-care and look at beauty from inside out. The before and after Face Yoga Method pictures of practitioners stand as documented proofs that the method does, in fact, work.

So, whats the verdict of our Face Yoga Method review? The truth is, its worth it. Fumiko is our face yoga hero!

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