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250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Hour Yoga Teacher Training

200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course | Best Yoga Teacher Training in India


200 hours of the HGYS Yoga Teacher Training Program are made up of elements required by Yoga Alliance. The remaining 50 hours are supplemental topics in Depth Psychology and Sustainable Practices. In graduating from the HGYS 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program, you will be certified at the 200 Hour level, and will be able to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT200 and with a second certificate in trauma-conscious yoga.


Did you know that House of the Gathering Yoga School is Duluth’s only trauma conscious yoga school?

Our 250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program is a “dual certificate” program, meaning that graduates of our 250 HR YTT will be certified at the 200 Hour level as yoga instructors AND will also be certified in trauma conscious yoga!

Being trauma informed and trauma conscious is increasingly important in today’s world. For those living with the symptoms of trauma such as anxiety, depression, or post traumatic stress, the world may seem difficult and unsafe, adversely impacting their health, behavior, mental health, and relationships.

HGYS is honored to have trauma conscious yogi extraordinaire, teacher Kyle Heyesen, leading the way, helping us to inform our curriculum through a trauma conscious perspective.




Yin Yoga With Kind Living Yoga


Kind Living Yoga has launched its YACEP accredited 50HR Yin Yoga Teacher Training program online, for those who want to further their knowledge and awareness into the powerful healing of Yin.

With growing epidemics of mental health around the world, feelings of stress and anxiety second nature, the power of Yin is more important now than ever before. We can learn to harness the powerful flow of Chi and direct it to our internal organs for maximum rebalance and healing, simultaneously targeting the deep connective tissues within our body.

Our bespoke course focuses on the energetical healing powers of Yin, you will learn to guide students through harmonious sequences specifically designed to increase joint mobility, deep relaxation and reduction of stress and anxiety. We will also teach you how to build your own “Clinical Nidra” scripts to bring a deeper understanding and healing to your students, allowing them to not just feel the physical benefits of Yin but to help with psychological imbalances and traumas.


To be able to teach Yin Yoga in the outside world students must already have a minimum of 200 Hours Teacher Training certification.


Hour Training For School Teachers & Youth Educators

AYA is delighted to offer this very special yoga teacher training programme possibly the first of its kind in Australia! This is an innovative training opportunity for anyone who works regularly with children and teens, specifically targeted at improving the overall wellbeing of our youth, from Kindergarten to Year 12 .

This training programme is delivered in two different pathways, depending on yoga teacher training studies that you may have already completed. In order to be accredited to teach yoga to youths you must also complete , an accredited, foundation-level, yoga teacher training programme that enables you to teach adults. Therefore:

1. If you have already completed a minimum 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training course that is internationally accredited with Yoga Alliance, and you want to be able to teach youths, you need only to complete AYAs Youth Yoga Teaching Certificate .

The 50 hour, Youth Yoga Teaching Certificate will be offered concurrently through face-to-face and via Livestream on Zoom.

Induction: Fri 10th June 2022, 7pm-9pm

Lectures, available face-to-face or via Livestream on Zoom:

2. If you have not completed a minimum 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Programme, you will need to complete 50 hour Youth Yoga Teaching Certificate + 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Choose a 200 hour teacher training option to suit you.

These programmes are accredited by Yoga Alliance and will enable you to register as a recognised Childrens Yoga Teacher.

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Shwetha & Manu Subramanya

YTT Guest FacultySanskrit and asana

Manu and Shwetha have been married for more than 10 years and have a son, Shiva . Both of them were immersed into a culture of shlokas and mantras from childhood. They formally studied Sanskrit from high school. Their specific interest in Sanskrit are in subhashitas , hymns and the ancient texts of science.Shwetha has been practising yoga for more than 25 years and teaching yoga for 5 years. Yoga has given her immense strength and helped her rediscover herself. Since Shwetha come from the birth place of Yoga, India, she has been fortunate to study the ancient texts of yoga to understand the roots of yoga. She practices and teaches vinyasa flow yoga that emphasizes the elements of nature. For her, Yoga is a bridge that connects my soul towards the purpose of life. It teaches her to enjoy the physical movement of the body while experiencing a stillness in the mind.

Manu has been a student of yoga for 10 years. Along with the mental connection with the physical body, his interest in yoga is in the scientific understanding of the eight limbs of yoga, and the influence it has on the individual and universal level.

Time Commitment And Schedule

Wild Mountain Yoga Studio
  • 40 hours,live online
  • Afterthis level, you will earn your Yoga Alliance registered 200-HourYoga Teaching Certification.

250-HourRYT Certification

  • Afterthis level, you will earn your 250-Hour DoYogaWithMe TeachingCertification.


  • Go through 2-3 hours of text and video instruction
  • Practice 1-2 hours of yoga
  • Join a 60-minute cohort meeting or class
  • Join a study group, post questions for faculty, comment onposts from your peers.

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Collapse Expand Tangible Teaching Skills

Learn how to articulate teaching cues with clarity and appropriate detail, and how to explain complex concepts concisely and in an approachable way. Discover and integrate effective pedagogy by learning to apply different teaching tools in a range of situations. Youll have opportunities to practice your teaching skills on a regular basis, including community classes run through our studio. Begin the process of reflective self-development, and receive continuous feedback from faculty and peers to develop your teaching skills from the ground up. Our intentionally designed, step-by-step process will support you to feel confident and equipped to teach a diverse range of students, including brand-new beginners.

“This YTT is designed with an explicit focus on developing teaching skills and providing the opportunity to practice teach. Queen Street Yogas YTT transformed my own yoga practice and gave me the confidence to step into the seat of the teacher and share my on-going learnings with others.” – Kate Parizeau, QSY YTT 2018 graduate

Summer/fall : 250 Hour Teacher Training Immersion

Do you have a burning desire to learn more about the ancient, healing system of Yoga? Want to gain in-depth knowledge within Asana and the 8 other limbs of Yoga? Ready to deepen your understanding and practice of Yoga & Ayurveda? Inspired to one day be able to share the knowledge of Yoga with others? Have a burning desire to share your love of Yoga with others through teaching?

The path to transforming others begins with yourself. Immerse yourself in a 10 month long training to gain everything you need to fulfill your desires to further implement the system of yoga in your life!

You will be led by experienced teachers of Amrita Yoga. Heather Rice and Meg Townsend, whose partnership provides a multidimensional education based in both Classical and Tantric Yoga. The principles of Ayurveda, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga will be woven throughout the training as we believe that there is more than one path to realizing your highest potential. Deepen your teaching skills and knowledge base with specialized weekends curated by: Jill Jones, Johnathan Raiss, and Erin Zuccaro. Join us on this journey to awaken your own inner wisdom and infinite power!

This immersion will provide you with thorough understanding of:

  • History of Yoga

Retreat at Himalayan Institute:

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Oo Hour Yoga Teacher Training

This course is also known as the second level yoga teacher training course and is suitable for those who have already finished the first level 200 hour training. So only after finishing the first level training can you follow a 300 hour yoga teacher training. A 300 hour course is not a substitute for the first level training. A 300 hour yoga teacher training is more intense and is spread over 300 hours of training. It is often referred to as Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, as its goal is to build on the foundation of the 200 hour teacher certification, and help you advance your teaching skills and personal practice. It has an entirely different curriculum. In a 300 hour training you will deepen your understanding of fundamental asanas as well as learn to teach more challenging advanced asanas. You will also dive into greater depth in yoga philosophy, as well as yoga anatomy and physiology.

With most yoga teacher training schools, it is required to possess a 200 hour teacher certification in order to enroll for the 300 hour yoga teacher training. After completion of a 300 hour training you can register as RYT 300, and if you have also successfully completed a 200 hour training, you can register as RYT-500. This advanced teaching certificate indicates that you are prepared to teach yoga with the deeper knowledge and skills developed through more extensive studies.

Trilogy Leads & Module Experts

Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Alicia Casillas

Trilogy Sanctuary yoga teacher training in San Diego is a comprehensive program and unique curriculum that goes beyond Yoga Alliance standards due to thousands of hours of teaching experience, numerous combined yoga certifications and unique perks such as a certified naturopathic doctor, physical therapist and vegan chef! Read bios below and if you are interested in becoming a yoga teacher, then please fill out the form at bottom!

  • RYT 500: 200YTT at Trilogy Sanctuary, 300YTT at the Soul of Yoga

  • Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher – AYTT Lead at Trilogy Sanctuary

  • Studiying Yoga Therapy at the Soul of Yoga

  • Ayurvedic Health Counselor with Mas Vidal and Dancing Shiva

Caroline Chiesa is an RYT 500, YACEP, Aerial Yoga teacher, and Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Yoga Therapist-In-Training. Caroline is known for having a unique blend of interests as it relates to yoga. Above all else, she values the importance of honoring the practice as it was originally intended: to transcend the human experience and to become one with the Divine.

Caroline has a deep reverence for the knowledge that has been passed down for millennia through the Vedas. Her Ayurvedic studies have taken her all the way to India to study at Dr D. Y. Patil University in Pune, Maharashtra, an invaluable experience which has given her a deep love and appreciation for all of the wisdom traditions derived from Mother India.

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Hr Yoga + Ayurveda Teacher Training

If you have a passion for yoga and desire to learn more about the 8 limbs of Yoga, train with proven, industry professionals and become a certified yoga teacher with us. Our 250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is known for its high standards, depth curriculum and designed for both those wanting to deepen their study & practice and for aspiring yoga teachers.

Prana Yoga Center, in partnership with Prairie Yoga Institute, offers a foundational 250 Hour Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training program designed for both those who want to become yoga teachers and those who want to deepen their own personal practice and immerse themselves in the study of all aspects of yoga.

Recognized as one of the top yoga teacher training courses in the Midwest, known for its emphasis on alignment and anatomy and for developing highly-skilled yoga teachers, this program will prepare you to teach beginner and intermediate classes using your own heartfelt voice. Employers seek graduates because of the programs high standards and rich curriculum known as the Harvard of yoga teacher training programs. Our Training:

Whether you are aspiring to teach or just expand your knowledge of yoga, the 250 YTT is time and money well spent.


We offer a contemporary approach based on current principles of biomechanics yet deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom of traditional yoga.

Our multi-style teaching integrates techniques from alignment-based yoga , vinyasa flow, restorative yoga, Ayurveda and yoga therapy.

Hear From Our Graduates

YogaLife Institutes programs are comprehensive. The Teacher Training program goes well beyond the basics. Along with learning how to safely teach and sequence different types of classes, you will go in depth with learning the philosophy of yoga and how to practically apply it in daily life. As a result of engaging with these teachings, I find that I am less stressed, even in the midst of chaos. The instructors make understanding the material accessible, practical, and fun.

Rebecca Cate, LPC, MPH, CCTP, E-RYT 200, C-IAYTOwner, Rebecca Cate CounselingYoga Teacher Training & Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Training Graduate

“Participating in the YogaLife Teacher training program during this unprecedented time of covid was very helpful! It was an opportunity to dedicate my energy to something productive, healing and uplifting and to have designated times to be on the mat. I don’t know if I would have been able to complete a YTT program while in my present line of work without the online learning option and it’s been great to have the YogaLife book resources to refer back to. I started teaching yoga virtually as soon as I graduated the program, and clients have provided feedback that they feel less anxiety and have a deeper connection with their body, noticing physical discomfort and adjusting accordingly throughout the day.

Kimberly Hodges

Dr. Patricia A. Sullivan, C-IAYTOwner, Patricia Sullivan, PhD ConsultingYoga Teacher Training & Comprehensive Yoga Therapy Graduate

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Our New And Improved Hybrid + In Person Online 250hr Teacher Training Starting Soon

Our school blends perfectly the highest standards of online education and essential in person practical applications of teaching yoga in a classroom setting.

Over the last few years, we have seen a huge shift from yoga classes being taught in studios and halls, to streaming classes from home. As a present-day yoga teacher, we believe you need the skills and confidence to do both. Helping you to explore the right environment and platform for your success.

Your course tutor Richard George has run multiple in person yoga teacher trainings, and has also been exploring and fine tuning the online learning experience. Now we are bringing these together to create the most efficient and effective combination, as we know students crave hands on learning with the leisure and convenience of at-home study. In this course you now get the benefits of both!

We believe that yoga is an ongoing journey and your first 250 hours should leave you feeling confident and equipped to teach a wide variety of styles to a diverse range of body types and abilities, setting you on your pathway to create your own unique approach.

Throughout your training we offer unique mentoring, group inquiry, support and education, which has a great emphasis on providing you with practical teaching experiences and the skills to teach both online and in person classes.



Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

250 Hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand  Evolation ...

This course of ours is very comprehensive and covers not only traditional but modern techniques of yoga too. This modern traditional combination of yoga has proven its efficiency a long time back.

Our course comprise with-:The Aatulya Yoga teacher certification course is spread over four weeks of intensive yoga training covering 240 hours in total. The yoga teacher training program is carefully designed to give you detailed knowledge of Yoga, vedic philosophy, detailed correction and modification techniques, and useful anatomy and physiology. All of the knowledge is brought to you in a very systematic manner. The course curriculum meets and exceeds the international teacher training curriculum requirements.

The courses are conducted at the Aatulya yoga school where you will learn and study following the ancient Indian system of study

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Ready To Take Yoga To The Next Level

Hilltop offers Teacher Training in Lansing and Chicago. Click the appropriate location for more information.

We are now also offering the opportunity to apprentice with Hilaire at the 200-, 300-, 500-, 1000-hour or prenatal level. These apprenticeships run for a full year and include:

  • 8 weeks of consecutive one-on-one training with Hilaire on Saturdays or Sundays
  • Flexible Schedule
  • A permanent assist position with Hilaire on our schedule
  • All of Hilaires classes free to you for the year
  • Monthly free private sessions with Hilaire

Who Is The Access 250

if you:
  • Are interested in deepening and strengthening your personal yoga practice
  • Want to develop the skills of an effective communicator and leader
  • Are interested in becoming a yoga instructor and learning the tools to successfully lead others through a practice
  • Are ready for your next level of personal growth and manifesting the visionof the life you want to live as reality regardless of your yoga knowledge, age, fitness background, or experience
  • Want to be a creator, leader, and change-maker in your life and others
Then the ACCESS 250-Hour Teacher Training is for you

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Why This Training Is Special

This yoga teacher training is unique in that it will focus on the psychological roots of yogic thought and practice, even as you learn how to teach postures and public classes for a general audience. We will break down some of the gorgeous symbol systems and complex philosophy in a way that helps you to both integrate into your own practice as well as teach to your classes. Finally, we will do a deep exploration of how yoga fits into a modern self-care or healthcare context, drawing on the knowledge and experience of experts in the field.

We founded Room to Breathe to meet a need present in both the yoga world and the US healthcare system: a clinically supported public yoga studio with programming that is compassionate, clinically supported, evidenced based, and accessible to all. We want to share some of what weve learned along the way with you. Whether youd like to become fully certified as a yoga teacher or just continue your practice or training, we have a curriculum that suits your needs.


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