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200 Yoga Teacher Training Online

Why Our Grads Love Our Online Yoga Teacher Training

Online Yoga Teacher Training Pros and Cons | My Virtual 200 Hour YTT Experience

What I loved about this online training is that I could take my time, so it taught me how to be kinder with myself not stressing to try and fit this in my working mom lifeStephanie, UK

Learning via online was easy with Santosha because their online platform was well organised It took the doubt of online learning completely away.Eliza, South Africa

The Santosha 200hr YTT course is the kindest, most loving and most caring thing I have ever invested in for myselfmore incredible than I could have ever imagined. Katie, Australia

Now that I have finished the course, I can see that it has given me so much more than I expectedIts probably the best value for money I have spent in a long time. Evelyn, Australia

From the comprehensive curriculum to the authenticity of the teachers and the supportive staff, I found the bearings I needed to navigate the path in becoming a Yoga Teacher. An Margaret, Philippines

Sunny and the Santosha team are so welcoming and kind, I never thought I could feel such a strong sense of community, love and passion through my laptop! I can only recommend!Héloïse, Dubai

Being able to get certified online with Santosha was a real blessing. Although online, the course was very thorough and all the help and support that you could need was availableErica, Netherlands

Its an honour for me to be guided by such a wonderful team of excellent teachers on my way. Im so full of grace to be a part of this very special yoga community.Tobias, Germany

The Best Of Both Worlds

We do our best to deliver you the best combination of online and in-person training.

Full Flexibility

Learn, train and study from the comfort of your home or any other place of your choice. Watch the sessions according to your own timing and schedule and sneak them into your everyday life.

You have lifetime access to the videos and can watch them as often as you like . With TINT available on every device including your smartphone, tablet and smartTV, you are even more independent. And you can even take your exam from home by completing an easily-accessible multiple-choice and submitting a video exam.v

Personal Contact

If you decide to sign up for one of our group trainings, you can actually get in touch with your teachers, fellow students and the TINT team. We provide various group sessions where you have the possibility to connect and work with other students, ask questions and get feedback.

The exclusive Telegram Group will support and motivate you throughout your training by sending you reminders and check-ins. It also gives you the possibility to contact the TINT team and other students in case you have any questions.

Save Time & Money

This means, you actually save a lot of time and money as well as the stress of juggling around appointments.

Learn The Embodied Posture Methodology

Embodied Posture Methodology, or EPM, empowers you to align yoga postures to best suit your uniqueness. Through over 25 years of studying the human body and teaching yoga, Stacy Dockins developed this innovative approach that integrates bio-individuality and long-term, sustainable functional wellness. Combining body awareness, science, and exploration, Stacy & Dave will teach practical information you can immediately apply on your mat to your students.

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Poltica De No Reembolso Cursos En Lnea

  • Entiendo y acepto que la tarifa del curso en línea debe pagarse en su totalidad para obtener acceso a la plataforma en línea.
  • Entiendo y acepto que una vez que haya pagado la tarifa del curso en línea, esta cantidad no es reembolsable, no es cancelable ni transferible bajo ninguna circunstancia.
  • Entiendo y acepto que al pagar el curso en línea me comprometo a completar el curso, ya sea dentro del plazo sugerido por Sampoorna Yoga o a mi propio ritmo pero si decido no continuar con el curso, en cualquier momento, es únicamente mi responsabilidad y Sampoorna Yoga no está obligada a devolver ninguna cantidad de la tarifa del curso.
  • Worlds Premiere Online Rajadhiraja Yoga Teacher Training

    A 200 Hour Online YTT based on 30+

    Yoga Alliance, has now endorsed online training programmes for yoga teachers and we will be offering our 200h teacher training online, starting on the 7th of November 2021.

    You can take this course based on real time or at your own pace that suits your schedule from 3 weeks and extend it as you like.

    At Your Fingertips

    When you start teaching you realize how challenging it can sometimes be to juggle it all your family life, work life and yoga teaching life. Latest by then you realize how wonderful it is to have access to class materials and lectures from the comfort of your home or mobile phone, so you can watch and replay them anytime you want. This is precisely what you will be able to do upon completion of this training.

    The certification will be exactly the same as you would receive if you were to do the course in-person and you will be qualified to teach yoga both online and offline.


    Some classes will be taught through live online sessions, while others have been pre-recorded and will be offered through an online course platform, allowing you to access those sessions even at a later point in time. In any case this is the most personal, high-touch, interactive yoga course online. I want to connect with YOU!

    Ancient Practice, Modern Format

    Lifelong Mentoring

    Read more about Ganga Devi…

    The dates for the online training will be as follows:

    26 Nov – 29 Nov 2021 4 days immersion

    19th of Nov 7.00 – 8.00 pm – live Q& A

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    We Are Thrilled To Announce Our Next 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Scheduled To Begin November Of 2021

    Please read more below as certain things have changed, including COVID precautions and teacher training size limitations.

    Join us for our upcoming information session!9/08/21 with Master Trainers Murielle & Mae 5:30pm6:30pm Free MasterClassCome for one or stay for both!

    AUTHENTICITYTo be authentic we must cultivate the courage to be imperfect and vulnerable.

    CLARITYClarity of purpose is like a source of light shining on your dreams so you can see them clearly.

    PRESENCEThe ability to be present allows a greater connection to your life inwardly and outwardly.

    Q What Style Of Yoga Will I Be Learning

    Yoga has many different styles, each having its own significance. At Siddhi Yoga, you will be exposed to several forms of yoga, which will give you a holistic view of how and what youd like to teach. Our goal is to give you the most comprehensive training we can. You will encounter these styles in our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training:1. Hatha Yoga Yoga of Body and Mind Purification2. Karma Yoga Yoga of Action3. Bhakti Yoga Yoga of Devotion4. Mantra Yoga Yoga of Recitation5. Raja Yoga Yoga of Meditation6. Vinyasa Yoga Modern Yoga Flow

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    Ayurveda Online Training Certification

    Yoga and Ayurveda fit perfectly well together both are among the main Indian philosophies that encourage the practice of meditation, breathing, and postures as part of a healthy routine. It also includes the chanting of mantras and the use of herbs. It is as if Ayurveda is the science, and Yoga is the practice of that science.

    Experience and support: Siddhi Yoga Ayurveda

    This 25 hours course is a great first introductory concept of three doshas in Ayurveda and taught by Dr. Vikas Kumar Sangotra from Mohali, India. He is a graduate in Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery in North India. He studied under the supervision of Dr. L Mahadevan where he learned the art of Gunna Siddhanta and was exposed to a wide range of clinical cases and panchakarma.

    In his course, you will learn how to know when your Pitta/Vata/Kapha Dosha is balanced and unbalanced. You will also get trained in knowing what diet/ exercise/yoga is good for Vata Pitta or Kapha Dosha Type.

    With this online course, you will also learn the concept of Ritu Charya , the concept of Prakruti & Vikruti , the five elemental/Panch Mahabhoot theory, and an introduction to the concept of Dhatu/ Body Tissues in Ayurveda. You will discover the five types of Vata/Pitta/Kapha dosha and where is it present in your body.

    Included in this online Ayurveda training certification:

    • Format: Self-paced training

    In-depth and Professional Yoga Veda School of Ayurveda

    Ayurvedic practitioner diploma

    Donation based: Yoga Veda Institute

    What Is The Last Date For Online Teacher Training Exemption And By When It Must Be Completed In Order To Be Recognized By Yoga Alliance

    Online Yoga Teacher Training Review – My 200 hour YTT Experience

    As of 31st August 2021, this is what Yoga Alliance had on their website.

    Based on the above as long as you have started your program in 2021, you have 2022 to complete it. I have a confirmation email from the Yoga Alliance on this. But on 31st August they have changed it and now they are going to open up the OTE up to 31st December 2023. But for that, every school will need to submit the application again once its open on 4th October 2021. Once the program has been approved, you should have up to 31st December 2023 to complete your program.

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    You Will Be Held To High Standards

    If you have any doubts about whether an online course will challenge you in a way that creates excellence, think no farther. We want our students to graduate with a feeling of success and scholarship in the field of yoga. We aim for our YP graduates to pave the way for a new elevation of our field. You will have assignments and assessments that will be graded in each module of the program. But dont worry, we will set you up for success. We want you to hold a certificate that you are proud of.

    What Makes Our Courses Special

    • We take the teachings and study of Yoga and Meditation seriously. Our trainings and courses require discipline and are targeted to people who also want to take their study of Yoga seriously. We aim for the highest quality in everything that we do.

    • Our trainings are designed to transform students into passionate and authentic Yogis not instagram models.

    • We only choose teachers that align with our mission.

    • We care deeply about our students, our staff and our community.

    • We aim to have a harmonious balance between authentic teachings and at the same time being relatable and relevant in the modern world.

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    Restorative Yoga Certification Best Online Yoga Teacher Training

    In practicing Restorative Yoga, asanas are held longer than usual around five to 20 minutes. The asanas are backed by several props such as eye pillows, walls, bolsters, blocks, blankets, yoga sandbags, straps & chairs to minimize any possible strain and to alleviate any stress.

    Stephanies Online Yoga School: 200 and 300-Hr: Yin, Restorative & Vinyasa.

    This intensive online yoga teacher training explores the fundamentals of yoga theory and teachings. Its a self-paced yoga instructor training course that works on every computer. After completing the course, you can get free lifetime access to their online group as well as a considerable sum of extra assistance. Despite the fact that this is a self-paced course, you will have direct access to the lead instructor to address any thoughts or questions you might have. After completing this yoga instructor certification, you will be able to buy high-quality occupational liability protection for yoga instructors via Insurance Canopy as a 200-hour Yoga Alliance accredited yoga instructor. When youve signed up, check out all of the additional incentive offers! The cost of each course varies.

    With this yoga certification online, you get:

    • Yamas, Niyamas Yoga Philosophy

    A comprehensive restorative online yoga teacher training program by Yoga International

    Included in this online restorative course:

    • Format: self-paced

    Supportive and knowledgeable Siddhi Yoga Restorative online yoga certification

    How Much Does Online Ytt Cost

    200 Hour Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training [Online Course]

    SiddhiYoga Online Yoga Teacher Training courses start from $350.00 USD. This compares to in-person programs where you can expect the cost to be between $1000 to $2000.

    If you are looking for a program that is less than $500 with full flexibility, then selecting a mix of Pre-Recorded videos and Live sessions is the way to go.

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    Become A Yoga Teacher With Our Online Programs

    Its more important than ever to create an accessible community, deepen our personal practices, and share our healing gifts and wisdom with the world! We are so honored to witness our virtual community continue to grow into a safe container that is supportive, healing, and the perfect remedy if an Online Yoga Teacher Training is more accessible for you!

    With our LIVE STREAMING ZOOM CLASSES, you can enjoy an in-person YTT experience from the comfort of your own home. Our spiritually-driven 200hr curriculum will remain the same with a deep emphasis on Shamanism & The Medicine Wheel, the Yoga Sutras, and living Yoga off of the mat. We also offer an online 200hr Trauma-Informed YTT that weaves through four cycles including Stabilizing, Metabolizing, Visualizing, Alchemizing. This transformative process allows space for our wounds to become our wisdom and our pain to become our purpose.

    These courses dive into Yoga Anatomy as we work through and break down both the traditional Hatha flow and the mystical Vinyasa flow. We use interactive zoom rooms to practice teaching, assess asana alignment and apply what you learn with your peers through partner exercises. All live sessions will be recorded, so if you need to miss a class for any reason we can send you the recorded content and assignments as needed.

    Additional Support After Your Online Yoga Teacher Training

    As a yoga teacher, your responsibilities are to develop welcoming classes and well-balanced, cohesive sequencing. There are a few courses you can take that offer bridge education for instructors, helping you complete your YTT & prove that you are ready to obtain your yoga teacher credential as well as BrettLarkin bridge course. .

    As a Yoga teacher, you will also sometimes need to use your body to show the correct ways to get into poses and perform modifications, especially for beginners or injured students. Keep in mind that your students look up to you as a yoga instructor and as a spiritual guide.

    You are the window of your business, so you must walk the talk, and as your students often expect you to have a well-balanced body , it keeps you inspired to learn and improve yourself along the way. Establish a daily routine to help ensure you retain essential emotional balance and health. Remember that you can give more of yourself when feeling rejuvenated and replenished.

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    Q: What Will I Learn In The Training

  • Asana learn the safe and intelligent way to perform poses
  • Alignment with modifications, variations and the proper use of props
  • Sequencing how to design dynamic, effective and intelligent sequences for all levels
  • Working with different kinds of bodies/students
  • How to observe bodies in practice
  • Working with injuries and limitations
  • Hands-on adjustments
  • The History and Philosophy of Yoga
  • Who Will Benefit From This Training

    My 200-hour Online Yoga Teacher Training – The Content

    Sundara Yoga Teacher Training is a complete life immersion into self-inquiry, meditation, healthy eating, daily practice and practical teaching methods. The training is open to serious students of yoga who have at least one year of consistent yoga practice. The curriculum will concentrate significantly on the asana aspect of yoga so it should be understood that the training program requires consistent physical effort over the course of several months. This immersion is appropriate for students who wish to deepen their practice and/or teach in a health related field, fitness, yoga studio and also for an educator who wishes to bring yoga into their work place. To apply Submit a completed Teacher Training application . Following your application you will be contacted to schedule a phone interview with the Program Director. All students of yoga are encouraged to apply, regardless of physical ability or limitations.

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    Teacher Training Ryt 200

    Our graduated teachers tell us that they feel confident to teach yoga when they graduate. Those who come to simply deepen their yoga knowledge, do exactly that in this training.

    We teach Classic Yoga based on Yoga Sutras 8 limbs of yoga with the Krishnamacharya parameters for sequencing vinyasa at the roots. To help you to be a well-rounded practitioner or teacher, your training will also include instruction on Hatha yoga, Childrens yoga, Restorative yoga and Pre-natal yoga as well as working with Seniors.

    Our curriculum has been reviewed and approved by the Yoga Alliance, so when you graduate, you will be eligible for registering with this organization. See our links below for course pricing, course curriculum, what a typical day is like and suggestions for local housing during your stay. We are an established program with hundreds of graduates read what they have to say below. The yoga teacher training instruction is lead in English with some Spanish translation if needed.

    The advantage of our training is that it is offered in a working yoga shala. You will have hands-on experience assisting students in the community classes. You will learn a great deal about teaching methodology and creating/giving classes of your own. By the time you graduate, you will have gained valuable teaching experience so when you sit in front of your students, you are ready!

    Power Yoga Online Yoga Certifications

    The yoga teacher training online Power yoga is, in fact, a more dynamic variation of Yoga, ideal for those who enjoy the practice but feel the need for something more intense. Therefore, it has been widely practiced in gyms because it is essentially a more active type of Yoga. It has the influence of other methods, such as ashtanga vinyasa.

    Yoga for Athletes Sage yoga teacher training

    Explore this in-depth connection between these two fields, Yoga and Sports. Yoga for Athletes is a dynamic online yoga teacher training for athletes online courses reading material, lecture, weaving, discussion groups and more by Sage Rountree columnist, author, teaching professor and teaching trainer. This online yoga instructor training will help you improve your practice, construct your business strategy, make your students yoga philosophy approachable as well as prepare you to coach athletes of all skills and levels.

    Included in this online yoga teacher training:

    • Format: Combining video footage from Sages week-long teachers intensive with online learning, reading, and homework, this course helps teachers of every form of yoga understand how to teach yoga to athletes. He attended a number of inspirational teachers and learning centers such as the Shivananda Yoga Centre, Ashtanga Yoga, and Iyengar Yoga.
    • Duration: 200 Hours
    • Price: $1,699.00
    • Yoga style: Hatha
    • Website: yogainternational.com

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