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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance

Is An Ryt Certification Necessary

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program at Open Doors Yoga Studios Fall 2022

To become an RYT you basically just pay flat out fees to Yoga Alliance which come out to about $115 JUST for the initial registration. After that you have to keep paying $65 annually for maintenance.

Like clockwork.

You also need to continue your yoga education by enrolling in workshops, taking new classes and trainings to stay up-to-date with safe teaching methods.

Good news is you can still participate in a Yoga Alliance certified teacher training without having to register as an RYT, then having the option to register later on in the future.

Lets just say because someone is registered as an RYT doesnt mean that they are a qualified teacher.

It takes practice and dedication to be a good teacher.

Knowledge is power.

Our advice to you is to save your membership money and invest in more workshops & trainings instead!!

Is It Possible To Combine Several 50 Hours Or 100 Hours Yoga Teaching Certifications

No, unfortunately that is not possible. In order to be registered as a 200 hour yoga teacher, multiple trainings cannot be combined.

This being said, some schools offer a 200 hour or 300 hour yoga teacher training in several modules. After completion of all modules, you receive the appropriate certificate.

We hope that we could shed some light on this frequently asked questions and help you decide how many hours to choose for your yoga instructor certification course. Another resource that might be useful for you:

Sample Of A Daily Schedule

The time schedule will remain the same throughout the 3 in person weeks,

but the subjects will vary according to the program.

Monday to Friday

07:30 – 08:45 Morning asana class

09:00 – 09:45 Pranayama & Meditation

11:30 – 13:00 Art of Teaching / Anatomy

13:00 – 14:00 Philosophy / Ayurveda

14:00 – 15:30 Tea & snacks break & beach time

15:30 – 17:00 Asana clinic / Adjustment / Practicum

17:15 – 18:30 Evening asana class / Guided meditation

19:00 – 20:00 Dinner

07:30 – 08:45 Morning asana class

09:00 – 10:00 Breakfast / brunch

10:00 – 11:00 Inspiring talk / Counseling / Group discussion

Sundays are a day off

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Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Experience the divine taste of yoga amidst the magnificent Himalayas and the soothing Ganga river. Achieve the seamless essence of life by joining 200 hour yoga teacher training in India. Experience yogic life at a serene and soul-quenching location! Above all, the mountains and valleys in Rishikesh still echo the chants for rishis who traveled deep within to find the guiding light. In short, it makes India an ideal location for meditation and yoga.

Our 200 Hour yoga teacher training program is affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA. Moreover, this RYT 200 course is a combination of Hatha and Vinyasa flow. You will get an opportunity to not only learn numerous things in the RYT 200 course but also about yogic culture. This is to say, RYT 200 is planned in a way to balance ancient & modern yoga approaches.

The RYT 200 is a beginner-level yoga training program that helps students to move into the depth of various elements of Yoga. With the emphasis on Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, this is a prominent Yoga instructor course that informs the great teaching and knowledge of ancient Yoga practices under the direction of highly experienced yoga gurus. So, uplift the yogic practice with this 200 hour yoga teacher training course and become a yoga instructor.


  • Pick up and drop facility
  • Small retreats and nature excursion
  • AC and non-AC rooms
  • Wi-Fi access

+ What If I Miss A Day Or A Weekend


We ask you to prioritise your training days. Occasionally we make a special arrangement for a missed class/ days for the 200-hour training.

We have a general rule: a student can miss 10 training hours without penalty, after that they need to make up any time missed. Make up missed time? In some cases, if there is a recording of the day/ session you have 7 days after the session to review the session and write your mentor a summary. Alternatively, you can plan a private session to make up lost time.

If you miss over 30 hours of training you may receive a non-passing status unless you make up those hours. Under such circumstances, you may be given the opportunity to retake the program as a discounted rate in the future, subject to availability.

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Is This A Full 200 Hour Training

Yes! At the end of your training, you will be a certified yoga teacher. You will be able to begin teaching at any time, in any environment. You can apply for insurance, interview for teaching jobs, share yoga with your friends or at school etc, immediately upon completion.

Your 200 hours of training consists of:

Study hours, including reading manual & textbooks

Our live zoom classrooms

Live Office hours – free form conversations about the practices and teaching

Teaching videos in our learning platform

Online live or in-person yoga sessions

Practice teaching with your fellow students online or a friend / family member in person

Once you have completed the basic course requirements, your 200 hours of study, and demonstrated your teaching skills with a video class, you will be a certified yoga teacher! If youd like, you can register with the Yoga Alliance.

The trainers at Yoga Farm worked together as a team to provide training in yoga instruction of the highest caliber. Their attitude and techniques complimented each other well, and there were ample opportunities to learn both from the trainers and from peers in the program. I look forward to seeing more exciting programs at Yoga Farm as they blossom and grow into the top notch yoga educational center the founders have envisioned

Reserve Now & Pay Later

Find your experience

Make a reservation

Choose when to pay

Enjoy your experience

Your payment will be processed one day before the end of the free cancellation period specified in the product’s cancellation policy, based on Pacific time. For example, if you book an experience in Paris with free cancellation up to 1 day before, scheduled to start at 1pm on Saturday October 5, your payment will be processed on Thursday October 3 at 1pm Pacific Time if your experience in New York City has the same cancellation policy and is scheduled to start at 3pm on Saturday October 5, your payment will be processed on Thursday October 3 at 3pm Pacific Time .

If there is no start time set on the experience, payment will be processed at midnight Pacific time. For example, if you book an experience in Paris with free cancellation up to 1 day before, for Saturday October 5, your payment will be processed around 9am Paris time on Thursday October 3.

*Up to 9 days depending on the booking/product

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What Type Of Yoga Will Be Taught In A Kula 200 Hr Ytt

Kula Collective trainings draw from a broad foundational understanding of the vast tradition that is this 5000 year old approach to Self-realization. We thread the four traditional paths throughout our training programs, encouraging a holistic and experiential approach to practice and teaching.

We also weave together diverse understandings of various wisdom cultures and infuse a shamanic connection to the Earth and her elements.

In regards to Asana practice, the Kula Flow is a slow vinyasa based sequence with an emphasis on mindfulness, breath, meditation, and alignment. Since vinyasa is not derived from any one lineage, as a collective we have come up with a creative sequence rooted in multiple traditions. The Kula Flow is has roots in Ashtanga, Sivananda, Kundalini, Hatha, and Iyengar. The intention of the flow is to give students an opportunity to access the stillness of the mind, preparing the body for meditation the foundation of Yoga. As the program progresses, variations on the Kula Flow will be offered for different levels of experience.

The first round of teaching will be the Kula Flow the second round will be a beginners or intermediate level class where students are required to create and sequence their own class holistically around a theme of their choice, and will be mentored throughout this process

Meet Your Lead Instructor

Yoga Alliance Series: How Non Yoga Teachers Have an RYS (Registered Yoga School)

Writer, speaker, South-Asian Anthropologist, and personal development coach, Selena has been teaching yoga and movement since 2006.

Her classes offer yoga and meditation as a mechanism to shift the way we offer ourselves in all aspects of our lives and as a tool for granting profound healing in our bodies, our hearts, and ultimately our relationships. She is deeply committed to raising up a generation of innovative, knowledgeable teachers. Her programs offer students and practitioners tools and methods to truly take yoga off of the mat and into the fabric of their lives so that they can show up more effectively in the world.

Selena holds a MPH from Boston University, a MA in Cultural Anthropology, and is a PhD Candidate at the University of Montana. She is a two -time Cornell University Nepali Language Fellow, and 2017 Fulbright Research awardee.

She is currently completing her dissertation research on yoga and spiritualism in the West at the University of Montana.

Selena is a certified yoga, Pilates, Barre, FRC Mobility, Kinstretch®, Katonah Yoga®, Mobility, and Flow Instructor as well as a certified personal trainer.

You will also learn from Riley Stevens, Dr. Paula Sauer, and guest instructors.

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+ I Have A Special Condition Or Injury Or Pregnancy Can I Still Join

Each person is unique. We would like to discuss your situation with you and see what makes sense. Having said that, it is a dynamic practice, and this is not a therapeutic yoga course. We assume you are relatively healthy and able. If you and perhaps your doctor think it will be fine, we can more than likely accommodate you.

If you are pregnant, it will depend on how far along and your personal situation. We have had pregnant women in the course, but at some point the pregnancy slows them down. This would be good to discuss with us.

It can be helpful to have different types of limitations in the training because it helps everyone learn how to manage different situations.

+ How Do You Manage Covid Restrictions

We plan in principle to keep the training going even if more restrictions happen. We can go online if need be but its not preferred. If we are required to close live gatherings, we will come up with a proposal for a mixed solution most likely. There are aspects of the course we already do online and have the capacity to do more if neededbut no one it waiting for that!

Yoga Moves follows the recommended guidelines for things like mask or QR codes, etc.. These apply to trainings as well. However, in the past sometimes we have been able to have our training days go forward even when regular classes had to be cancelled because it is considered professional training.

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Why Has Yoga Alliance Created These Guidelines

Basically, a bunch of passionate yogis got together and decided that people werent spreading real yoga and that this needed to be regulated, to keep things authentic, ya know?

Think about the founders of Burning Man they had to create some ethics and a standard so the festival wasnt just about people running around naked and burning a giant wooden structure it is easy for something beautiful to lose its true essence when it becomes popular, so to reflect the ethos and culture there must be some sort of backbone.

Because not everyone who claims to be a Tantric Yoga Sex God is really who they say they are.

Same with all the fake gurus and shamans out there.

The only problem with Yoga Alliance is that they created these guidelines but dont follow up on the schools to check to see if they practice what they preach.

All they require is for the school to submit their curriculum, and if it meets their requirements, they get approved.

Well, as quoted by the Great Master Patanjali in his book the Yoga Sutras, he talks about Satya which means truth as one of the rules for ethical living:

As truthfulness is achieved, the fruits of actions naturally result according to the will of the yogi.

Discernment people, discernment.

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Highlights Of The 200

Online 200 Hours Teacher Training Course Approved By Yoga Alliance in ...
  • Live in a Permaculture Food Forest

  • Eat delicious vegetarian meals and fresh teas sourced from our own organic gardens and local producers

  • Hold ceremony in an awe-inspiring and ancient cave-like fire circle, a space kept sacred and used for this purpose for many ages

  • Explore the beautiful forest gardens, waterfalls and natural abundance

  • Experience the powerful heart-medicine, cacao, in its home land.

  • Live in sustainably built eco-cabins and experience conscious off-the-grid living

  • Practice yoga in beautiful natural indoor and outdoor spaces surrounded by forest and with stunning views of nature

  • Swim, SUP or kayak in the beautiful Lake Atitlan

  • Shop for beautiful textiles and handicrafts in local indigenous villages

  • Professional Massage & Wellness Counseling and various therapies available

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Curriculum: Technical Teaching Skills + Methodology

Roughly half of BYC Yoga School curriculum is designed for you to gain the technical skills to be able to effectively step into the role of a yoga teacher. Each class involves workshop style, hands on curriculum building the skills necessary to teach yoga. This program aims to prepare students to teach Vinyasa Flow classes and Hatha Alignment classes This immersion will culminate in trainees teaching live classes to friends, family, and the public.


Assisting | Theming | Asana Labs: How To Do Poses Properly

Practice Teaching | Common Injuries/Remedies | Finding Your Unique Voice Skill shop & more!

Our Approach Is Innovative Modern And Respects Tradition

Its also interactive and personalised.We encourage both your personal practice and your teaching skills.

  • Develop a sound understanding of working from the foundation up. Learn how to intelligently build and teach creative yoga classes that are fun, beautiful and inspirational.

  • Individual coaching & feedback sessions. We want you to grow, so we integrate personal feedback of your practice and teaching all the way through. Our individual approach is unique.

  • Special Topics on pregnancy, medical issues, injuries, managing limitations, chair yoga, restorative yoga, power yoga, sequencing and more.

  • Western & Eastern approaches with todays most current and practical applications functional anatomy, psychology, mindful awareness.

  • Online Learning platform we have hours of great content for you to learn at home as you go through the in-person course. Plus practice teaching online as well as live

  • Business Development & Ethics: How can you make a living? What are the steps? How does someone get experience? How to get a job in a yoga studio? Want to specialise? All these and more from our expert and founder Hilary Brown with over 40 years as entrepreneur.

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Why A 200 Hour Yoga Course

There a many benefits of a 200 hour training over a traditional long term training of 2-5 years.

Teach worldwide: A 200 hour course will give you internationally accredited certification, which means you can teach anywhere in the world.

Save time: You can get certified as soon as in 26 days instead of 2 years of a traditional certification program

Cost effective: Generally a 200 hour yoga teacher training costs much less than a long term training.

Relevant: As the time is less these courses tend to be more relevant and to the point.

Q What Style Of Yoga Will I Be Learning

å¨ç±³ã¨ã¬ã¢ã©ã¤ã¢ã³ã¹200æéèª?å®Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Course RYT-200 History

Yoga has many different styles, each having its own significance. At Siddhi Yoga, you will be exposed to several forms of yoga, which will give you a holistic view of how and what youd like to teach. Our goal is to give you the most comprehensive training we can. You will encounter these styles in our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training:1. Hatha Yoga Yoga of Body and Mind Purification2. Karma Yoga Yoga of Action3. Bhakti Yoga Yoga of Devotion4. Mantra Yoga Yoga of Recitation5. Raja Yoga Yoga of Meditation6. Vinyasa Yoga Modern Yoga Flow

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Top 5 Reasons Why This Training Is The Real Deal

1 We are a nonprofit, and this training is a living embodiment of our mission

2 Active, live taught classrooms and office hours create an uplifting and interactive course with lots of personal connection and interaction

3 Our participants recommit and reconnect with the authentic, powerful medicine of yoga so that they can then deliver this soul nourishing medicine to their own communities and their own unique ways

4 Your compassionate, caring community forms immediately and lasts beyond the training. This is a focus of our training and this is why each training is supported by a team of 10 educators and yoga teachers.

5 Lead instructors from a variety of paths and backgrounds bring you a full body of diverse knowledge. Each has steeped and immersed in their field of mastery for over 20 years

+ What Is The Refund Or Re

For all trainings, if you cancel:

  • More than 12 weeks before start date, they will be refunded 90% course fee or a min. of 100 .
  • Between 6-12 weeks before start date, they will be refunded 70% of the total course fee.
  • Within 1-6 weeks of the start date, they will be refunded 30% of the total course fee.
  • Within 1 week or less, or after the start date of the course there are no refunds of money and regardless of circumstances.
  • RE-DO: If you are unable to complete the program or miss many dates, you will be invited to join a new course with a 25% discount within 2 years.

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