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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Pittsburgh

Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Foundations Of Swara Yoga

300 hr Spiritual Warrior Yoga Teacher Training – Zoom Q& A replay (53 mins)

Posted: This 200 hour yoga teacher training is a truly unique experience, designed for all students who are ready to open body and mind, and explore Yoga as both a practice and a way of life. True yoga is no different than life itself. The way we practice is the way we end up living when yoga is integrated into the fabric of our daily lives.

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What Sets The Om Lounge Training Apart

Trainees will…

  • Discover how to cultivate your individual voice and teaching style. This is not a ROBOTIC training. Teachers learn how to creatively sequence from the ground up and express their OWN style.
  • Learn how to build meaningful classes that are sequenced intelligently, creatively, and anatomically informed.
  • Gain confidence to teach and/or transform your own personal practice and philosophical understanding of yoga.
  • Practice teaching in The Om Lounge Community Classes under the mentorship of Suzanne.
  • Learn how to create an inclusive, supportive, and fun environment while thoughtfully observing & guiding your students in a safe practice.
  • Take time to develop, digest, and apply the materials and skills explored through our progressive module weekends & other program requirements.
  • Grow with the support of our experienced staff & through our mentorship opportunities.


  • The Om Lounge is a Registered Yoga Alliance School that exceeds the required standards of a 200 hr training.
  • During the scheduled program trainees receive a full unlimited membership at the Om Lounge.

Curriculum Overview

  • The Art of Sequencing & Lesson Planning
  • Finding YOUR voice
  • Energetic Anatomy Chakras, Nadis, Koshas, Bandhas, & Mudras
  • History & Philosophy of Yoga
  • Yoga Sutras & Eight Limb Path
  • Living Yoga off the mat
  • Modern Application of Yoga

Vijeth Kumar Rishikesh India

Mastery : Philosophy & Traditional Hatha Yoga

Vijeth is a soft-spoken teacher born in the birthplace of yoga. From a young age, his grandfather taught him ancient mantras and had him reading dense passages from Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Vijeth has a masters degree in Yoga Therapy now teaches at teacher trainings both in Bali & internationally.

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Inherit The Wisdom Of A Living Tradition

Ready to become a yoga instructor? Or as an experienced yoga practitioner, would you like to deepen your practice for your own personal growth? Next session begins October 2019Certification through the Himalayan Institute qualifies graduates to become members of HITA and to register with Yoga Alliance.

Teacher Training 2019-2020

We are now in the process of taking applications for our 2019-2020 teacher training at our Pittsburgh location.

200 Hour application and reference form click to download.

How Can I Help You

Part 2

We live in stressful times and life is busier and more uncertain than ever. How can you manage and move through the overwhelm of life’s unending challenges? I can help, with flexible, integrative or individual services in mindfulness, yoga, nutrition and personal counseling. Learn more about these services or keep scrolling to learn about other programs I offer. Contact me if you’re ready to take the next step! If youre looking to help your team, group or employees manage stress and uncertainty during these turbulent times, talk to me about Plugged into Mindfulness.

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Hour Yoga Teacher Training Hbps

Posted: An easy drive from any area of the city, Sterling Yoga & Wellness Center is a beautiful, serene setting to study yoga from in the south hills of Pittsburgh. This 200 hour yoga teacher training will be held on one Saturday and Sunday per month from 9:00 am to 5 pm. This training includes a retreat. Jan 8

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What People Are Saying

Amber S | 200 Hour

“The program provided me with fundamentals of yoga philosophy and asana and the confidence to teach. If you’ve had this dream then I encourage you to enroll as well – I am glad I did. Namaste.”

Rachel T | 200 Hour

“I found the program to be a wonderful mix of yoga philosophy and asana which helped me to strengthen my own practice and bring yoga philosophy into my daily life but it also helped me to do so in my classes.”

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Aerial Yoga & Yoga Instructor

Alanna Ciardi began practicing Yoga casually in her teens, initially attracted by the unique and challenging postures. As a gymnast and cheerleader, she fell in love with the physical benefits of Yoga–stretching, lengthening, and building strength. When she left home to move to Pittsburgh for nursing school at Pitt, she found her passion for Yoga grew. The spiritual and emotional aspects of Yoga helped her deal with the stressors of college and being away from her family. Yoga helped her learn about mindfulness, find gratitude, develop discipline, truly find self-love, and create authentic movement. The tools she learned on her mat soon translated to her daily life, helping her to approach life with gratitude, peace, and freedom. Alanna knew she had to share her passion and help others experience the “zen” she found in body, mind, & spirit. She completed her 200-hour Yoga teacher training with Yoga Flow in Pittsburgh in 2018. She is grateful for the opportunity and excited to share her passion for Yoga and Aerial Yoga at STHIEL PILATES & MOVEment Center. In class, you can expect fluidity in movement, lots of creativity, energetic flows, and of course, lots of fun!

Hour Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Testimonial – Katya | Power Yoga Canada

Posted: Our 200hr Hatha & Vinyasa Teacher Training is Yoga Alliance certified & designed to fully prepare you to teach yoga. Upon completion of training, graduates will receive a 200-hr Yoga in Vienna certification, granting you eligibility to register with globally recognised Yoga Alliance as a RYT-200.

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Paula Jean Frontino Ryt

Paula Jean Frontino has been teaching + sharing her passion for yoga since she was 16, and has since created her own brand Yoga Jean

Paula Jean teaches a variety of pop-up classes and events to collaborate with local businesses. You can read more about her story at + follow along her journey on Instagram @yogaajean


Weekend Dates: 7 Modules To Be Completed + 2 Teachers Lab Weekends

. You do not have to participate in teaching lab if you are taking this course to simply deepen your knowledge and personal practice of holistic yoga. In addition to the weekends our students complete 24 elective hours + written exam. Our goal is to make this training fun, enlightening and transformative for all students!

2021/22 Dates

May 21-22 Meditation and Raja Yoga

*if you want to sign up for our 500 hour yoga alliance teacher training you would continue taking advanced modules in April. 300 hour modules meet in person Saturday and Sunday 9:15a-5:15pm Find out more about advanced training here.

In addition to the online classes, teachers will be required to take 24 hours directed elective work through Pranayoga 200/500E-RYT teachers.

You will receive online yoga classes and workshops during the course of the online training.

  • Students wanting to deepen their understanding of yoga in a supportive and immersive setting.
  • Teachers wanting to learn the methodology, philosophy, anatomy, and holistic practice of sattva vinyasa.
  • Students with a passion for yoga that have a desire to learn and share our lineage with others.

This program is for anyone who has the desire to dig deeper and be happier, who has been practicing yoga for a minimum of 6 months consistently. We offer the most supportive, holistic, and informative 6 month teacher training around. We have had ages 16-65 complete our 200 hour foundations program.

Upon completion of the teacher training program:

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How To Become A Yoga Instructor

Okay, so lets answer the question once and for all: What is with those yoga teacher training costs?

Are they really worth a couple thousand dollars?

Before you throw down your non-refundable deposit, take a little bit of time to really understand where your yoga teacher training costs are coming from.

One of the first steps in figuring out how much a YTT is worth is to evaluate why you are getting your teaching certification to begin with.

There are lots of reasons that students want to get their yoga instructor certification other than to teach yoga.

In fact, many certified yoga teachers dont even teach yoga at all!

Instead, they seek yoga certification programs so that they can

  • deepen their yoga practice
  • properly learn all of the yoga postures and poses
  • study ancient text like the Bhagavad Gita or Yoga Sutras
  • to be able to construct their own personalized classes
  • to learn how to incorporate the yoga philosophy into daily life
  • to meet a group of like-minded people

Once you are clear on the purpose of your yoga certification program, you can more easily set the value on your life-changing experience.

While there are many things that contribute to the costs of a certification program, these five areas cover the basics:

Hour Yoga Teacher Training At Wbys

Yoga with a View of the Pittsburgh Skyline

Posted: 200-Hour Basic Yoga Teacher Training Overview. Whole Body Yoga Studio is proud to serve as a Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts host studio and offer their Yoga Alliance certified 200-Hour Basic Yoga Teacher Training program. Pranakriya Yoga is one of the most solidly grounded, transformational, and logically structured yoga …

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Topics Covered In Our Training

Amazing Yoga Teacher Training contains one of the most effective and practical training methods available. Our Yoga Teacher Training allows you to access your full potential through asana, meditation, practice teaching and self inquiry. The focus of the training is to produce confident, safe, powerful, and natural teaching. You will also learn sequencing, alignment, philosophy, assisting, the business of yoga, and much more. By the time the 5 days are over, you will be ready to teach a powerful and dynamic class.

Amazing Yoga Teacher Training is designed to provide an environment where your own unique understanding of yoga materializes out of your direct experience, and you become confident in sharing it. This initial training will help you establish a solid foundation as a yoga teacher for years to come one that you can continually build from and grow as a teacher and person.

Holistic Nutritionist & Registered Dietitian

Lauri Lang is a registered and licensed dietician nutritionist with a holistic philosophy and persondalized custom focus. She has completed 200 hour Yoga teacher training at Kripalu, is a Journey Dance facilitator and an attuned Reiki practitioner. Completion of testing after LEAP training to become a CLT is in process.Through her personal and professional evolution and mind-body-spirit wellness journey fired in the crucible of work, life and service, some clear and unified themes emerge: These form the heart of her multi-mode Concierge Wellness pracitice. Lauri is an Agent of Change with contagious enthusiasm and the desire to inspire and assist clients in developing new practices and rituals to elevate and customize self-care, mindfulness, serenity and balance in daily life. Some areas of specialty include nutrition and lifestyle strategies to quell infalmmation, enhance women’s and men’s health, autoimmune condition recommendations, cancer prevention and support of treatment and survivorship, anti-aging/increase vitality strategies and the improvement of mental health and cognition. She facilitates Y12SR at STHIEL PILATES & MOVEment Center. For all things Nutrition, schedule your appointment today with Lauri by calling 412-482-4921. And, be well!

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This Program Is For You

Kaia Yoga Teacher Training Program will prepare you to teach and sequence a hot or non-hot Kaia Yoga Vinyasa Flow class.

Our 200 Hour program is divided into two immersions – the Yoga Body Tune Up and our second immersion designed specifically for those who wish to become Certified Yoga Instructors. Our program includes intensive, weekend, and weekday session options at four of our locations.

Hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses Yoga In Vietnam

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Vermont – Get certified in 2 weeks!

Posted: 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training in Hoi An. aum yoga vietnam. 12 July – 07 August, 2021 in Hoi An. Whether youre aiming to teach or take your practice a step further, Aum Yogas 200-hr YTT is for you. This unique program is designed around Hatha, Ashtang and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. This 4-week yoga teacher training is led by Rahul Chamoli.

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I Ended The Training Feeling Confident And Empowered In My Abilities As A Teacher But I Also Left With So Much More

One day Emily asked us to say one word about what the yoga training experience meant to us and my one word was empowered and that word continues to stand out to me. I do feel empowered by the new knowledge I gained about myself and about yoga, my new friends, and the support through it all.

I gained a new perspective on expectations of myself and learning to let my guard down and allow myself to make mistakes and recognize the lessons learned. It seems so simple, but to a to-do list maker and planner it was breakthrough for me.

I went into the training with an open mind and full intention of learning how to be a better me for myself, family, friends, and community and I came out with more than I expected. I am eager to continue learning.

Why Train With Us

Experience a Yoga Teacher Training with the comfort of learning in your own home and convenience of being able to complete it on your own time. Our program is an alternative to traditional, in-studio Yoga Teacher Trainings while still maintaining the integrity in training, depth of learning, and personalized experience one should expect in a Yoga Teacher Training.

Upon completion of our program, teachers are eligible to teach private clients, groups, and corporate clients. Students will be prepared to teach in studios, gyms, at retreats, and clinical settings.

Admissions for our program are rolling and once you register you will receive instant access to the training materials. Our program is a-synchronistic, facilitated 100% online, and designed to be easily integrated into your life.

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In Short Ive Become A Better Version Of Myself

Midtown Yoga teacher training was one of the most transformative eight week periods of my life. I not only grew stronger physically in my practice, but I deepened my self-awareness and feel more grounded and connected in everything that I do.

The intensive eight-week program allowed me to learn from some of the most passionate, influential and engaging experts in Raleigh’s yoga community.

I ended the training feeling confident and empowered in my abilities as a teacher, but I also left with so much more.

I not only witnessed changes in myself, but I watched my fellow trainees grow into the best versions of themselves. I consider them to not only be great friends, but sisters. The community at Midtown Yoga really feels like a second home and the yoga family I never knew I needed.

We All Found Our Voice And Our Passion For Yoga On And Off The Mat Deepened

Best 200

This training was more than I could have asked for–plenty of guidance, encouragement, and feedback. I left the training more confident than when I started, and I’m filled with sadness knowing I won’t be seeing all of the smiling faces that I spent so much time with and the loving instructors who guided my cohort through these life-changing 8 weeks. If you sign up for teacher training, prepare to be forever changed.

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A Cheat Sheet To Yoga Teacher Training Costs

Have you ever noticed that yoga teacher training costs have gotten a little bit wacky in some corners of the world?

You can find some YTT courses for just a couple hundred bucks and others upwards of $5,000, making the price range wildly unpredictable in many cases.

But why is there so much variety in the prices? And are we really supposed to pay that much?

Luckily, its not as convoluted as it seems. The costs of a yoga teacher training program can generally be broken down into several categories.

And by better understanding where the value of a program lies, you can find a program that fits you best.

After all, this is a life-changing experience that youre investing in.

You will be pushing the boundaries, exploring your personal practice as you expand your yogic knowledge.

You will learn how to apply the yoga philosophy to every facet of your life, making this so much more than just a yoga retreat.

When all of this is at stake, you want to be sure that you are making the best decision possible, right?


Location Of Yoga Teacher Training Course

If you are strictly looking for YTT programs that are within your budget, then maybe you should let the location determine your selection.

There are certain destinations that are notoriously overpriced, such as Costa Rica and Bali.

There are other places that hardly cost a dime, like India.

The majority of cheap yoga trainings will without a doubt be in India, where you can learn from certified yoga instructors right in the heart of it all. Develop your personal practice with the guidance of an original RYT and become a registered yoga teacher from the birthplace of yoga.

Oftentimes, for less than $1,000.

Costa Rica, on the other hand, is one of the pricier destinations of all. While you can definitely find some affordable YTT programs in Costa Rica, you will have to first sift through the ultra-luxury, ultra westernized packages.

Ill cover budget-friendly destinations a little later on in this blog post.

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