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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Los Angeles

Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

Online 200 Hours International YOGA Teacher Training| Yoga Alliance USA| MasterPraveen

My Experience:

My Advice to future students: Take it easy and breathe, do your homework, pay attention in lectures etc, trust the teachers when they say its all ok. Remember this is your guide, your friend and dont take any one thing too seriously. Dance with it all and laugh.

Our 230hr Yoga Study & Teacher Training Includes:

  • Personal development and growth

  • Yoga history, philosophy and limbs

  • Asanas with an emphasis on alignment, accessibility and function

  • Meditation and pranayama the science, function and practices

  • Working from the inside out the energetic, subtle and gross bodies

  • Healthy movement patterns and remedies for modern imbalances

  • Construction of effective, balanced, personalized practices

  • Sequencing for Vinyasa yoga and scaffolding to meet people where theyre at

  • Facilitating healing, restorative experiences in environment and communication

  • Introduction to Ayurveda, mantras, mudras

  • Business, marketing and leading in alignment with ones values

Benefits Of Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training

This month-long residential training follows the ancient Gurukula system, where students live, study, practice and serve alongside their teachers and fellow aspirants. Students will practice the classical yoga curriculum which opens opportunities for deep personal transformation.

The spiritual essence of yoga will be learned through in-depth lessons shared from heart to heart by senior disciples and experienced teachers. This will help awaken self-awareness, leadership, and guide the student to cultivate health and vitality. In addition the course will prepare students to transmit the knowledge of yoga to others.

The Daily Schedule

Practical Information

The Four Paths of Yoga

The practice and teaching of yoga demands a high degree of self-discipline and moral virtue. In order to ensure the success of the program, participants are required to attend all activities, sessions, lectures, and yoga classes.

Please note that a basic knowledge of yoga postures and philosophy is helpful but not essential. More importantly, students are encouraged to come with an open mind and a willingness to learn new ideas.

In order to maintain a pure environment and elevating vibration necessary for the practice of yoga and meditation, there are community guidelines which all students are expected to follow.

  • 2 yoga pants, 2 t-shirts
  • TTC Manual Other required materials not included but available in our boutique for purchase are:


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What Is Covered In The Course

Asanas, yoga philosophy, anatomy, pranayama and meditation all these important aspects of the subject are taught at an advanced level under Himalayan Yoga Associations 300 hours yoga teacher training in Los Angeles. The course also lays the path towards self-discovery, knowing the real meaning of life , finding out our purpose in life, compassion and love, and other such values of life. We also provide healthy vegetarian meals and hygienic sanitized rooms as facilities for our students.

Why Niroya Yoga School For 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Los Angeles California


This training has its many advantages, but we will see here what you get if you take this from Niroya Yoga Classes:

  • Our courses for teachers are meant to assist you in developing both personally and professionally as a teacher.
  • It is possible to enrol in the course with a maximum of 15 to 20 students at a time.
  • For the purpose of providing you with a dynamic, compelling, and integrated experience, we make certain that the session takes place in a religious setting.
  • Every aspect of being a yoga instructor will be taught to you in English during this course. You should be able to speak in English at a rudimentary level before applying.

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Trilogy Leads & Module Experts

Trilogy Sanctuary yoga teacher training in San Diego is a comprehensive program and unique curriculum that goes beyond Yoga Alliance standards due to thousands of hours of teaching experience, numerous combined yoga certifications and unique perks such as a certified naturopathic doctor, physical therapist and vegan chef! Read bios below and if you are interested in becoming a yoga teacher, then please fill out the form at bottom!

  • RYT 500: 200YTT at Trilogy Sanctuary, 300YTT at the Soul of Yoga

  • Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher – AYTT Lead at Trilogy Sanctuary

  • Studiying Yoga Therapy at the Soul of Yoga

  • Ayurvedic Health Counselor with Mas Vidal and Dancing Shiva

Caroline Chiesa is an RYT 500, YACEP, Aerial Yoga teacher, and Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Yoga Therapist-In-Training. Caroline is known for having a unique blend of interests as it relates to yoga. Above all else, she values the importance of honoring the practice as it was originally intended: to transcend the human experience and to become one with the Divine.

Caroline has a deep reverence for the knowledge that has been passed down for millennia through the Vedas. Her Ayurvedic studies have taken her all the way to India to study at Dr D. Y. Patil University in Pune, Maharashtra, an invaluable experience which has given her a deep love and appreciation for all of the wisdom traditions derived from Mother India.

The Best Place To Do 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program In Los Angeles

These factors can be found in a quality yoga school in los angeles such as Himalayan Yoga Association under the residential 100 hour yoga teacher training program .

A residential program ensures that your food and accommodation needs are also met with in addition to the course program without having to worry about it and thus lets you focus better on the course itself . So make sure you select a unique course package to gain the best of the course on 100 hour yoga teacher training.

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The Best Place To Do 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program In Los Angeles

These factors can be found in a quality yoga school in Los Angeles such as Himalayan Yoga Association under the residential 300 hour yoga teacher training program .

A residential program ensures that your food and accommodation needs are also met with in addition to the course program without having to worry about it and thus lets you focus better on the course itself . So make sure you select a unique course package to gain the best of the course on 300 hour yoga teacher training.

Who Are The Teachers

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training – Emma Maguire, Ireland – Sampoorna Yoga Testimonial

J. Cole Thomas II and Jana Johnson are the lead instructors for The Trees 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. With over twenty years between them, they bring their passion for social justice and yoga to fully serve each individual with the opportunity to learn and deepen their practice. Their intention is for each yogi to develop their connection to the practice, be equipped to guide their students safely, mindfully, and with trauma informed understanding and language. The purpose is to provide students an opportunity to flourish through integrating the practice both on and off the mat. J and Jana approach the work with the understanding that the practice is rooted in the internal and that the external is a guide to gain deeper awareness of the Self.

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About 200 Hour Yoga Course Certification With Yoga Alliance

The basic eligibility to teach yoga at any yoga studio, community centre or gym or other such centres , is that you must have accomplished a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Los Angels under a Yoga Alliance registered yoga school.

Once you have fully attended and successfully graduated from a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Los Angels program conducted by a yoga school registered under the yoga alliance, you become entitled to join the Yoga Alliance. Though many studios may not necessarily demand you to join the Yoga Alliance certification, they would still prefer graduates from schools that follow the standard guidelines as set by the Yoga Alliance when faced with a large number of applicants. So a certified yoga teacher will undoubtedly stand out among the rest!

Yoga Teacher Training In Topanga Ca

May 2nd to 26th, 2022

Immerse deeply in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice in this Yoga Teacher Training with yoga instructor, Caroline Klebl. This yoga certification course is registered with the Yoga Alliance and surpasses their 200 and 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training standards. Caroline Klebl offers a comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training program to yoga teachers, aspiring teachers and all levels of yoga practitioners. Her yoga teacher training combines the high standards of practice of the Ashtanga Vinyasa System with the development of teaching skills necessary to introduce students to Yoga practice safely and effectively. By learning the Ashtanga Yoga method, you can teach Vinyasa, Power and Ashtanga Yoga classes. A Yoga Teacher Training Manual will be supplied to each participant. To those who attend all scheduled classes, a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate will be issued, at the end of the course. With this certificate you can register as a 200 RYT with the Yoga Alliance. Those who have already completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, will receive a 200 hour Advanced Training Certificate towards 500 hour Certification and 500 RYT registration. Beginners are welcome to attend the 200 hour yoga certification program.

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+ Certified Since 2009

Become a yoga teacher with our 200 hours Hatha Yoga teacher training in Los Angeles, CA USA certified by Yoga Alliance. This course will give you all the required skills and confidence as well as an internationally recognized certification to teach worldwide. The course is held at our neighborhood studio and provides training and certification accredited by European Yoga Association, International Yoga Association, International Yoga Federation, CRKBO and Yoga Alliance. The course in Los Angeles is taught by expert teacher Nathan Anderson under the training and guidance of Ram Jain and the Arhanta Yoga Teacher Training program.

This course is offered as a non-residential, 10-week course. Classes are held on weekends for those who cannot take a full month away for a Yoga Teacher Training.

Friday Evenings 7:00 PM 10:00 PM

Saturdays 7:00 AM 4:00 PM

Sundays 7:00 AM 4:00 PM

What People Are Saying

22 Days 200

My Yoga Teacher Training experience at The Tree South LA was absolutely amazing! It was an authentic look into the practice & philosophy of yoga and also allowed me space to consistently, and more intentionally, apply certain principles to my every day personal life. From the meditation, to the asanas, to the workshops, to the art of teaching, to the community created & shared, it was truly a phenomenal journey that was such a stepping stone for my continued yoga journey.

The Tree is a special community. At the heart of the studio is a commitment to social justice, to nonviolence/anti-violence, and to active service. The Tree is truly an example of accessible yoga: with teachers of color, with multilingual teachers, w/ all classes being donation based and truly not turning anyone away, w/ teachers and the training emphasizing yoga can be for all bodies and all levels. The asana training and offerings are great and the community and practice of yoga off the mat is invaluable. I am deeply grateful to have received my yoga training through them and recommend them very very much.

This program was life changing. The teachers and the space are incredible and I have learned more in the last few months than I have in what feels like my entire life. I would take it again if I could and I hope they will one day consider hosting 300hr trainings as well!

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Hour Yoga Teacher Training Los Angeles California

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Get a life-changing yoga experiential learning with 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Los Angeles California, the USA, at Niroya Yoga School. In a peaceful and joyful environment, you will get the most out of your fitness routine. Students learn about traditional yogic and Vedic practises from well-experienced teachers at our institute. Niroya Yoga School teaches you the fundamentals of Yoga to better understand yourself and the world around you.

Taking a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Los AngelesCalifornia, enables you to introduce the current you when you start emanating serenity and kindness. Our world-renowned yoga school is situated in this beautiful city with mountains of 10000 feet will give you the best gift to your life.

Its an excellent method to gain a thorough knowledge of yoga techniques and become a licenced yoga instructor. To become a motivated yoga instructor, you should enrol in a 200-hour Ayurvedic teacher training course. With the help of this Yoga Alliance-accredited course, aspiring yoga instructors can enhance their understanding of Yoga and meditation.

Allow yourself to register in this 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Los Angeles California, which will help you on your way to becoming a yogi.

Hr Yoga Teacher Training Los Angeles

It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.
The Bhagavad Gita

At $2495, our Los Angeles 200 hour yoga teacher training program is the most affordable in Los Angeles! Karma Yoga was created to make the practice of yoga accessible to everyone.

Regardless if you are an aspiring to become a yoga teacher or grow personally this program will enlighten you and give you the tools to become a solid yoga teacher.

All of our faculty are certified and highly experienced and respected. Training with our faculty will give you the knowledge and understanding to excel as a yoga teacher, as well as to help you make a positive impact on your students and your communities.

Our 200 Hour Los Angeles Yoga Teacher Training meets and exceeds the industry requirements set forth. A unique feature of the program is you get to choose a concentration of yoga in which all your assignments and certification class in the program will focus on. Upon successful completion of our program, students will receive a graduation certificate at the 200 hour level.

We welcome you to our supportive and inspiring community of teachers, guest faculty and awesome fellow students to dive deep into the study of yoga.

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What Makes This Retreat Special

This training will empower you to create a life you love. One that feels good on the inside. You will develop your authentic voice and learn how to integrate all of you into your life and teaching practice.

Develop confidence, poise, professionalism and your authentic teaching style and voice. Gain clarity and focus as you learn how to integrate all of YOU into your yoga teaching practice. Surrounded by pristine natural beauty our stunning settings allow you to reconnect with your own natural rhythms, recharge and get clear and focused.You will have the space to tune in to your intuition, listen to your heart and rediscover what is truly important to you.The small group environment allows for individualized attention, depth of instruction and the cultivation of your own unique teaching style that suits your goals. Our Yoga Teacher Trainings are open to yoga students who feel the inspiration to transform their lives and the desire to deepen their knowledge of yoga, spirituality and soulful living in a safe and nurturing community. We welcome students of all levels, ages and body types who have practiced yoga and desire to learn more.

Everything You Love About Yoga From Aaaaah To Zzzzzz

Akasha Yoga Academy Online 200-Hour Teacher Training

Shana Meyerson has a unique skill for breaking down even the most complex yoga poses in an intelligent and accessible way. She will demystify the practice for you and open the path for a lifetime of incredible possibilities. She will always challenge you and always, always leave a smile on your face.

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Extended Format Weekend Schedule: August 2021

*Dates and times are subject to change. Weve taken care to schedule outside of major holidays.

12 full weekends, 8am to 5pm with a one hour lunch break each day.

Tentative Teacher Training Dates 2021 – 2022

2021-2022 Dates:

**Due to Covid-19, dates are subject to change. Our aim is to keep these dates and have our sessions in person, unless Illinois guidelines force us to shift some meetings online or to a later date in person for the safety of all**

Prerequisite: At least one year of yoga practice

Please Note: This Teacher Training Program Is Approved With Yoga Alliance And Graduates Are Eligible To Register With Ya As A Registered Yoga Teacher At The 200

Certification as a RYT-200 with Yoga AllianceA solid foundation in classical Hatha Yoga including alignment based vinyasa flow and restorative yoga within a therapeutic framework.An anatomy and biomechanically informed alignment system that helps to address common misalignments and keeps your students safeModifications and adaptations for all bodies, including special populations such as seniors, pregnancy, and those with injuriesGain insights into your nature through the wisdom of Yoga and its philosophy

Explore breath work, mantra and meditation as tools to create vibrant health and wellbeing in your lifeLearn the art of sequencing yoga classes that honors your authentic voice and meets the needs of your student populationBusiness of Yoga & How to Build Your Yoga CommunityLearn to share the practices with others in a safe and powerful wayBuild self-confidence and tap into your amazing potential in a supportive, nurturing environmentTrain with highly experienced, knowledgeable and passionate teacher

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Advanced 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course In Los Angeles

  • Read Terms & Conditions Before Join RYT300
  • Yoga is your key to finding your zen and Los Angeles , California is where you will find it! Himalayan Yoga Association, the leading yoga school in Los Angeles and other parts of the globe, is ready to guide you through your yogic journey and carry it on to the next level.

    Yoga 108 Namaste Studios La

    Yoga Teacher Training

    Yoga 108s teacher training program focuses on educating their students on the meaning of the tradition of yoga, celebrating the lineage of past gurus, and growing their physical practice while honing the skills needed to become the best teacher you can.

    This program aims to blend the philosophy, theory, and technique of the yoga tradition while fostering a very meaningful and dedicated practice. Yoga 108s extensive curriculum covers the body aspect learning, teaching, and adjusting asanas with focus on correct foundation and alignment, and a variety of breathing and meditation techniques.

    The course will take place over 10 weekends allowing you to have the time to get deeper in this science.

    • Price: $ 2300 $2500

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