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14 Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

What Style Of Yoga Is Taught At Rishikesh Yogpeeth In India

Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training – 200 Hours & 300 Hours -2022

At Yoga School Rishikesh Yogpeeth we strictly follow the fundamentals of Traditional Hatha Yoga with modern perspective to it. Our approach to Yoga practice is comprehensive enough to accommodate various contradictory ideas about this ancient art in a complementary manner. Where staying still in a posture is as important as the flow. The objectives behind these practices are not just to gain the Physical strength or flexibility but the complete transformation of personality.

Scholarships For People From Black Asian And Minority Ethnic Backgrounds

Newly launched for our Spring 2022 programme.The Yoga Edge is committed to doing our part in making our studio and the entire London yoga community more inclusive and accessible to people from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds.

We acknowledge a gross under-representation of people from these backgrounds in the yoga world, and are committed to doing our bit to change this. We believe it is of key importance in making yoga inclusive to encourage yogis from these backgrounds to become teachers and studio owners.

We’ve therefore developed a partial scholarship for prospective applicants. We have 2 of these partial scholarship places available for our Spring 2022 programme.

Requirements for application:

Self-identify as Black, Asian or minority ethnic Have a consistent yoga practice Otherwise unable to self-fund the full cost of the training Be able to attend all the dates of the training Intend to teach yoga after completing the training

The scholarship is intended for those who would otherwise find the full fee prohibitive, however, this is done on a trust basis, and no intrusive financial questions will be asked.

Next steps:

Complete the TT application form, noting your scholarship interest in the comments section. Applications will be reviewed and an interview may be required.

Find The Best Yoga Teacher Training In Mexico

Mexico is a diverse and beautiful country.

A changing landscape of mountains, jungle, deserts and beaches.

On its two coastlines, the Pacific Ocean and on the Caribbean sea, you will find big yoga communities.

Mexico has been a top yoga training destination for some time with its chilled-out beaches and affordable prices.

Here’s three great examples for you –

2022 Dates – February, May, November

The foundation of this method is based on the study of functional asana, human alignment and the nuances that happen within the transitions.

Whether you want to learn more about yoga asana, deepen your yoga practice or become a yoga teacher, the training immersions will take you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Renew Yourself and learn many new things about yourself. Gain knowledge and skills to teach a Sivananda Hatha or Vinyasa class.

You will share what you have learned within a loving, non judgmental space. Your theory classes will be well balanced with your asana classes.

It’s quite an attractive idea to certify in Meixco as a yoga teacher here if you are based in North America.

The flights are cheap, quick and conveniently direct from most places.

Puerto Vallarta

This busy resort town on Mexico’s Pacific coast is near to many yoga retreat centers.


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Discover The Best 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses 2022


This is where the journey starts for your yoga education.

Whether you are interested in learning to be a teacher or to just deepen your practice this is the first stage of development where everybody starts.

Yoga Alliance along with the yoga community created the standard for the 200-hour yoga certification foundational-level.

All schools are different in their approach and style in their yoga classes with the basic curriculum requirements remaining the same.

Search for the experience that speaks to you, and the yoga style mix that you are interested in.

There are teacher trainings in 2021 and 2022 in all style combinations and with different focus.

Hatha and/or Vinyasa is popular Ashtanga Vinyasa is of really big interest now.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the certification standards.

This certification offers an intensive experience to expand your knowledge and yoga practice.

Contact hours in these yoga trainings will include the following parts –

Typical areas of practice & teaching skills will be-

Asana practice

The physical anatomy & bodily systems, applying this knowledge to yoga.

Energy body works, the study of the chakras and nadis .

Study of traditional texts revealing yoga philosophies.

The yoga lifestyle, the concepts of dharma and karma.

Service .

Practice teaching as the lead instructor without feedback.

Observing others doing the same and sharing feedback afterwards.

Enhanced Standards


There are so many different options these days.


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Ancient Teachings For The 21st Century

In the process of discovering yourself, you just dont cut corners. Whether youre dipping your toes into this ancient practice for the first time, or want to unlock higher potential, our established yoga teacher training courses honour the true philosophies of yoga to make sure you discover your potential.

Aireal Assist: Spotting Advanced Assisting And Confident Touch

A 15 hour immersion to enhance your practice and help build confidence when offering assists. Learn safe spotting techniques, basic and advanced assisting and hands on adjustments. This immersion will deepen your knowledge of partner assisted postural release in the hammock and introduce you to the concept of therapeutic touch and release orientated movement, helping to further expand the AIReal Yoga experience for you and your students.

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Hour Teacher Training Program

Want to lead powerfully and teach impactful classes?

Our 200 hour certification program is more than learning Sanskrit and reciting yoga poses. It’s one breakthrough after another. We have led over 28 of these 200 hour programs, so we know our stuff. Whether or not you want to teach yoga at the front of the room, or deepen your current practice, our program is a Slip-n-Slide of philosophy, meditation, asana, anatomy, self inquiry and practicum. We help you to give up whats keeping you stuck and stopped in your life, and help you access the tools to playing BIG. If it sounds scary, its because it is.

But dont all amazing things sound scary at first?

Accommodation At Olive Retreat Center

Divine Yoga School in Rishikesh ! 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

Olive3 offers different accommodation options. There are double/twin rooms, single rooms, a studio and an apartment for 3 people and 2 shared rooms with 6 beds each.

Most of the rooms, except for the studio and the apartment, share bathrooms. Theres one mixed bathroom , one male and one female, plus an additional separate toilette in the house and one in the garden.

Room Booking

You can book your bed in one of the shared rooms directly through us. Its 25 per night and includes breakfast. If you prefer your private room, we recommend to reserve it directly via

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Learn To Fly This Course Provides You With All You Need To Become A Skilled Aerial Practitioner And Confident Instructor Ulu Aerial Yoga Mixes Traditional Yoga With Physical Therapy And Acrobatics To Create A Challenging And Fun Practice For Beginners And Advanced Practitioners Included Are Video Modules Daily Live Classes Course Manual Teaching Assessments And Certificate

General DetailsYou will receive 15 hours of videos including guided aerial vinyasa and aerial restorative classes, a technical analysis of over 70 poses, plus workshops on aerial acrobatics, aerial massage, aerial choreography, and more.

Live ClassesStudents may join ULU Yogas live classes free for 1 month. There are two classes a day at various times. Classes are a mix of q& a and practice. Topics including hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, pranayama, meditation, philosophy and anatomy.

AssessmentYou will record your self-practice, review it and submit written assessments. Will will also design and teach a complete aerial class, which an instructor will evaluate.

Course ManualThe manual contains over 100 pictures and detailed descriptions for 70 poses. Also included are sections on safety, rigging, history, anatomy, lesson plans and evaluation.

CertificateUpon completing this course you will receive a certificate of completion. RYT can log this as additional training hours and receive a Yoga Alliance Certificate of Continuing Education. ULU Yoga has led over 100 aerial yoga teacher trainings and is a RYS-500 Registered Yoga School and Continuing Education Provider with Yoga Alliance.

We Would Love To Meet You On Zoom For A Live Information Session And Q& a

We are so certain that you will love this training that we are offering you atwo-week risk-free guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the material afterthe first two weeks of the course, we will refund 100% of your money – justemail us by 14 days after the start of the program and complete an exitinterview so we can learn how to improve our educational programs for thefuture. After this 14 day from your official program start date window, there will be no refunds issued.

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Teaching You To Teach


We believe that the best way to learn how to teach, is, to teach! Byron Yoga Centre courses have a strong emphasis on the practical, so that you leave us not only knowing more about the art and science of yoga, but also with the vital experience behind you to go out there, and start teaching!

A key element to our courses is the practical experience we offer with ample opportunity to teach the public real, live students not just practising on your fellow trainees.

Trainees receive their first experience of teaching the public just a short way into the course, and by the end of the course, have been involved in teaching at least 12 hours of open public classes.

Within this context of this practical experience, a big focus for us at Byron Yoga Centre, is teaching you to teach safely.

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Do I Need A Visa To Enter Portugal

Visas are required by all for stays of up to 90 days, except for:

  • The European Union nationals listed above.
  • Nationals of Andorra, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Hungary, Israel, Korea , Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Poland, San Marino, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, United States, Uruguay, Vatican City, and Venezuela.

Please check the Portuguese Immigration website for more detailed information.

Welcome To Munay Sonqo Retreat & Yoga Center

Munay Sonqo Yoga Retreat Center is located in the Andes of South America in the village of Arin, near the town of Calca in Peru. Its between the base of the sacred mountains of Pitisuray and Sawasiray, underneath a beautiful waterfall nestled in the sacred valley of the Incas. Here you will see the native cultures working the land as they have for centuries, with love and simplicity.

At Munay Sonqo, we are a family that likes to practice yoga and live in harmony with nature, welcoming every type of visitor that likes to share our dream. Munay Sonqo has been designed to have the least possible impact on the surrounding ecosystem, maintaining a virtual nonpolluting operation. The center is eco-friendly providing you with personal privacy and solitude ideal for your own spiritual growth.

Our Yoga Teacher Training Peru courses are created for those who are called to become a yoga teacher and experience healing medicine of the Andes and Amazon, and are limited to a 15 person maximum. It is within this sacred course you will experience daily meditation, yoga, spiritual lessons, Kirtan, Temescal, and ceremonies with Andean shamans .

Munays mission is to learn from, nurture, and preserve the existing wisdom, traditions, and lands of the world while co-creating a way forth that meets the challenges of the present. .

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Why Fear Is A Great Motivator

It can be intimidating to make this kind of commitment. A 14-day yoga teacher training in Costa Rica means dropping your life at home to head to a foreign location, share space with total strangers, and learn an entirely new skill. But something this big should make you a little scared. Its natural to have fear of the unknown, but hopefully your fear is mixed with excitement and a bit of a rush for whats ahead.

Thats how youll know youre ready for this plunge. If you cant wait to get on your mat every day, if youre so excited about yoga and what it means in your life that you cant stop talking about it, if youre ready to be transformed by yoga and meditation, then its time to do the scary thing. You wont regret this decision!

The decision to jump into a 14-day yoga teacher training can be a big one. There are many questions that will be left unanswered until you actually get here and see for yourself. But as long as you have a love for yoga, and a desire to see just how positively it can affect you and your students, this is the right place for you. If youre ready for a truly transformative adventure in Costa Rica, check out our upcoming trainings to find the right fit for you. We cant wait for you to join us!

Hr Yoga Teacher Training In Portugal

Shakti Soul 200hr Yoga Teacher Training – February 12th, 2022 | Ventura, CA

Our 200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher training in Portugal will deepen your yoga practice and offer plenty of inspiration in this idyllic setting. Over 23 days, you will build the strong foundations needed to safely teach yoga with confidence. On completion of the course, you will be receiving a Yoga Alliance accredited certification. Read more about our 200hr yoga teacher training course curriculum here.


In order to ensure personal guidance and hands-on support for each student, the Portugal yoga teacher training course is limited to 16 students only. Please note that there is now only 4 spots left. Visit our application page to reserve your place now.

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Will I Able To Teach Yoga In My Community With Your Certification

In most states and countries, there is no licensure program in place currently that requires you to get a certain certification or license to teach yoga. Some studios may ask for the Yoga Alliance RYT 200 designation and others will not. You will be given a certificate that indicates you completed a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and if you complete this course by December 31, 2023 you will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT 200. You are also able to rent space in your community centers and lead your own classes independent of another organization. Our business yoga teaching section will give you all the tools you need to get started and build a career as a yoga teacher. Please check with your specific state about their regulations for Yoga Teachers as some may require a license.

What Do All These Initials Mean Anyway What Is A Ryt

There are two primary organizations to become familiar with. Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists Yoga Alliance is a registry that registers Yoga Teachers with the following designations RYT 200, E-RYT 200, RYT 500 and E-RYT 500. The RYT stands for Registered Yoga Teacher. The 200 indicates that you have completed a 200 hour yoga training that meets their curriculum requirements. The E indicates that at the 200 level the teacher has instructed over 1000 hours of classes. The E-RYT 500 indicates that the yoga teacher has completed 200 + 300 hours of study in a program that meets their curriculum requirements and has instructed over 2000 hours. This is the highest designation that Yoga Alliance recognizes. Please note that Yoga Alliance is not a certifying body but just a registration. All of Soma Yoga Institute’s teachers are E-RYT 500 registered.C-IAYT is a designation authorized by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. This organization is a certifying body. The path to becoming a Yoga Therapist is much more in-depth and requires 1000 hours of study as well as a mentored practicum. Many of the faculty at Soma Yoga Institute are C-IAYT certified.

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Our Yoga Teacher Trainers In Portugal

Meet our international yoga instructors who are here to expertly guide you through your 200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher training in Portugal. Their combined years of experience and intuitive teaching approach provide an in-depth understanding of the ancient wisdom of yoga as well as practical teaching techniques.

Experience That Makes The Difference


When you make the pivotal decision to embark on yoga teacher training, you know youre in safe hands with Byron Yoga Centre. As one of the longest running yoga schools in the country, as well as operating as an RTO since 2009, offering the premium qualifications in yoga teaching, you can feel confident youve chosen well.

Our yoga teacher trainers are all well-trained, experienced, and passionate about supporting you on your professional and personal journey.

Byron Yoga has a solid foundation they KNOW what they are doing and yet still have a flexible, human, relaxed, as well as disciplined attitude, Level 1 Graduate, India

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